Pushing and shoving, broken dishes interrupt MAACO Bowl's welcome reception for Boise State, Utah

By Chadd Cripe
© 2010 Idaho Statesman

LAS VEGAS — A spat of pushing and shoving broke out between the Boise State and Utah football teams during Sunday’s MAACO Bowl Las Vegas welcome reception — the first of several events involving both teams.

“Some pushing and shoving, some dishes broken,” said Mark Wallington, the media director for the MAACO Bowl.

Utah moved to a lower level of the Hard Rock Café after the incident.

The incident started outside the massage room, where the bowl had provided professional massages for the players, toward the end of the reception.

“They were just mingling and they got into a little shouting match,” Wallington said.

The skirmish was broken up by the bowl staff.

The teams are scheduled to attend most bowl events together — including a Mystere show Sunday night after dinner and a dinner Monday night at the Fremont Street Experience. However, the teams are separated more at those events than the welcome reception.

“(The welcome reception) is the one where they’re the most together,” Wallington said. “… We never had a problem before.”

Here’s some player reaction:

Boise State tailback Doug Martin: “Sitting right next to each other is going to cause some tension. … I was in the middle. I was trying to break it up. The bartender was spraying water over everybody.”

Boise State nickel Winston Venable: “For me, it puts a little more tension on the game for both teams and that’s great. … We were walking up the stairs and you could just feel the vibe, a different vibe. … Maybe now fans know we’re motivated and not just trying to be in Vegas to have fun.”

Utah center Zane Taylor: “I guess some guys wanted to be low brow and start beating their chests. We’re here to play a football game. We’re not going to start fights. … I know it wasn’t any of our players who started it. I can’t expect any of our players to do that. It was just an immature little conflict.”


Boise State coach Chris Petersen said there weren’t any additional suspensions for the bowl trip. Defensive tackle Mike Atkinson and wide receiver Anthony Clarke were previously suspended.


Boise State junior defensive end Tyrone Crawford was surprised to hear he was named an honorable-mention All-American by SI.com.

Crawford, a backup, leads the team with 13 tackles for loss and is second with 6.5 sacks.

“I feel like I played all right,” he said. “I didn’t feel like I played the best I can, but it’s cool that they recognized it.”

Crawford played this year despite an original plan to redshirt him. He didn’t have much time to learn the defense after transferring from Bakersfield College.

“The first half, I felt just kind of disconnected with the playcalling and everything,” Crawford said. “Now when I get the play I don’t really have to think about it before I actually do the play. I can just go off of instinct instead of thinking about the play all the time.”

Crawford relied heavily upon senior starter Ryan Winterswyk this season. He likely will replace Winterswyk next season.

“He’s probably tired of me right now because I ask him so many questions,” Crawford said. “Every time I didn’t know something, he would tell me — even if I didn’t ask. He just helped me become a better player.”


I had a feature in today’s paper on Jeron Johnson, who grew up amid gang violence but became a college football star because of his determination and the strength of his family.

Here are a few leftover notes from my reporting:

— Petersen said he hopes people realize now that Johnson was never a dirty player. He had some trouble with personal foul penalties his sophomore year, including an ejection at Oregon. “That’s so far not Jeron,” Petersen said. “Everybody who knows him, how he practices, how he treats people, that’s completely wrong. There may be some poor judgments when your job is to dislocate the ball from people. … He had a completely bad rap.”

— Sophomore cornerback Jamar Taylor, on Johnson wanting to help his family. “That’s what most of us want to do — put Mom in a big house. … If anything, that’s the person you really want to make happy at the end of the day.”


Utah players have been consistent in saying that Boise State was the bowl opponent the Utes wanted.

“I was hoping when I saw them lose to Nevada we’d get a chance to play Boise State,” linebacker Chaz Walker said. “They’re a great team and I just love the challenge of getting to play this great of a team.”


Rumors have circulated that former Boise State defensive coordinator Justin Wilcox, now at Tennessee, is a target of Texas to replace Will Muschamp. On Monday, Tennessee coach Derek Dooley told The Associated Press that Texas had not offered the job to Wilcox.

Wilcox interviewed with Texas A&M before taking the Tennessee job earlier this year.


Nationalchamps.net predicts Boise State will start next season at No. 14 in the polls.

Pro Football Weekly, which takes into account pro potential, named Boise State QB Kellen Moore and WR Titus Young as honorable-mention All-Americans. The publicaiton only listed a first team and honorable mentions.

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Maybe just a little, they sure looked like they were having fun.


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Las Vegas shoving match

Probably just nasty and inebriated. No, wait, that's Reno. No, come to think of it, that's Moscow. But certainly NEVER in Boise.

You are right!

Never in Boise.

They are in Las Vegas...

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It's the Utah Way

Its the same shtick Utah used at the Sugar Bowl when they played Alabama. I remember the stories of the Utes calling out the Alabama players during these events and then talking trash after the coin flip.

The difference being they had a team to back up their mouths, this bunch of Ute punks that almost lost to BYU by the way, can't back this up on the field.

utah way

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On a positive note

This morning's pic of the two coaches with the strippers was wonderful. Wish I was there. But where was Mike Price?

Dr. Lou

Dr. Lou will not like this! After all he gave BSU a little tongue lashing on national TV already once this year about always running their mouth.

running their mouth they do that undder petey

utah will beat this team down

Coach Pete

Why is it that Coach Pete always seems to get a free pass when classy stuff like this happens? Cheap shots, late hits, late and excessive celebration, and the country still treats this dude like a saint!?

Does he not have control of his team or something?

Let's see if I get this right

The country see's coach Pete as a good coach and a good leader.

You don't..........

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It's just the thuggery of the game


Coach Pete must teach thuggery and harassment.He seems never to have to answer to the nonsense his players perform throughout the season. I won't get in to details, you know the rest of the story. It's BSU, being led by the Kustra mouth of the world and the thug of the BCS.

They received a happy ending.

so no more problems.

Seems to me there is very little information

We don't know what happened, who was involved, or how the coaches reacted. It is sad that there is anything at all to report, but let's keep it in perspective.

BSU instigated it, but who cares

sounds like bsu instigated the situation. seems to be a little more heated than first reported. i hate bsu but i have no problem with this. its just two teams who are pumped and ready to play. you don't have to like everyone you play.

both sides could have backed off but they didn't
not a big deal in my eyes

How do you know who instigated it? Just curious

I don't know how heated it was but it appears it was bad enough that organizers had to stop it. They are all guests at the event and should act appropriately. This was not a football game, but a social event. Some level of control and civility is not too much to ask of these young men.


because i was listening to caves and prater and brian murphy was reporting on what happened.
he asked one of the bsu players if utah had started it and that player said, "i wouldn't say that" with a grin on his face. he then said he pretty much knows that bsu had started it from there.
just going on by what he said.
like i said, i don't care if stuff like this happens.
but i know how bsu fans like to act like other schools and their fans act like fools at times.
all schools have players or fans that act like fools at times. no one is excluded in that category.
i just hope Hout wasn't there cuz you know he would have gotten knocked out

and whos to say.......

it wasnt Utah that started it? Why are you asking why coach pete can't keep his team under control??? The article stated that Utah was moved to a lower level of the hotel after the incident. Hmmmmmmm????? You haters just need to shut your mouths and do something productive with your life.

Pushing and shoving, broken dishes ...

sounds like holiday dinners when I was a kid ....

Pushing and shoving,broken dishes and a happy ending.

sounds like an Italian wedding.

You beat me to it : )


Happy Jesus Thing and a Chinese New Year

BSU Could Lose?

The scuffle probably had something to do with the 17 pt odds...BSU has the arora of arrogance that they are still number one and will be in the BCS next year...This attitude has disturbed me, so I will bet against the odds...Every sports writer has this game a wipe-out by BSU...that probably intimidates the Utah team...

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Pushing and Shoving

Isn't that what football is all about?

Here's the reason

that TCU and Utah now reside in BCS conferences and Boise does not. Dont kid yourselves, its not about $$ or tv markets, though they do factor in. Here it is mules...you all are reading what you know to be the truth...just to embarraASSed to admit it.

1. TCU & Utah have AVERAGED 3+ games against BCS teams since 2000...AND have a winning pertcentage. Boise has played 19 such games, winning 8.

For those mules who say that Boise has kicked it into another gear since Peterson took over...yes 6-1 vs. BCS teams in 5 seasons. Thats 7 games in 5 seasons!!
Absolutely laughable!!

You see mules, its kind of like...no its EXACTLY like winning the batting title in baseball. There is a minimun number of at bats required. Boise doesnt even come close. More like a pinch hitter.

2. TCU was a long standing member of the old SWC and is established in the acedemic community. It also has a fantastic baseball team, among it other athletics. Utah has been a factor in NCAA D1 hoops for decades and have played in the final 4, as well as having a well respected acedemic record. Boise...not so much anywhere to be seen...

...terrible facilities, Juco acedemics, fan base that cannot sell out the high school stadium, blue turf and oh yeah, how could I forget, a national reputation for being the biggest whiner in all of sports, who has now basically been blackballed from any BCS conference and will be fortunate to play the Vegas Bowl in years to come.

So there you have it, straight from BCS Bill's desk, relayed to you by the one and only BDuck, workin for a livin keep em honest and tellin the truth in a world filled with whiny propoganda from Boise and their puny fan base who really have no impact on college football. Thats why Im here, to make sure it stays that way!!

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Happy Jesus Thing and a Chinese New Year


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C'mon Letmesee...

At least spell check when speak down to people.

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