5A and 4A boys basketball team capsules

These capsules were compiled using information provided to me by Treasure Valley coaches. If your team is missing categories, please let your coach know he can still e-mail me team information at jzentz@idahostatesman.com and I will add it. Read the girls capsules here.


Boise Braves
Coach: Jeff Ulrickson
2009-10 record: 7-16
2009-10 state results: Did not qualify.
Player to watch: Alex Duncan, 6-2, senior, guard (2010 all-5A SIC second team)
Team tidbit: The Braves haven’t qualified for the state tournament since the turn of the century.
Other information not provided.

Borah Lions
Coach: Cary Cada, 17th season, 236-169
2009-10 record: 16-12
2009-10 state results: Defeated Lake City 52-46 in first round, lost to Eagle 45-42 in semifinals, defeated Madison 54-50 in third place game.
Returning starters: Ben Tucakovic, 6-6, junior, wing (11 points); Braden Corpus, 6-2, junior, guard (8 points).
Returning lettermen: Tucakovic; Corpus; Jeremy Jones, 5-8, senior, guard; Brett McCutchen, 6-4, senior, forward; Nathan Lorona, 5-11, senior, guard.
Newcomers to watch: Austin Scott, 6-1, senior, wing; Isaiah Wright, 6-0, freshman, guard (West Junior); Jordan Wright, 5-10, senior, guard; Kevin Shepard, 6-0, senior, wing.
Team tidbit: According to Cada, Isaiah Wright is the first freshman to ever play varsity basketball at borah.
Coach’s comment: “No overwhelming favorite, which is great for us all. I think all teams will be scrambling to piece everything together by tournament time for a shot at the state tournament. … Hard to replace Craig (Spjute). However, I think we are possibly more talented than last year, but whether we can finish with the resolve last year’s team had is yet to be seen.”

Caldwell Cougars
Coach: Rob Kielman
2009-10 record: 2-19
2009-10 state results: Did not qualify.
Team tidbit: Caldwell last won a state championship in 1967.
Other information not provided.

Capital Eagles
Coach: Paul Rush, first season
2009-10 record: 7-14
2009-10 state results: Did not qualify.
Returning starters: Greg Jensen, 5-10, senior, point guard; Jordan Feeney, 6-5, senior, wing.
Returning lettermen: Jensen; Feeney.
Newcomers to watch: Justin Mills, 5-6, senior, guard; Timofey Rezanovich, 6-1, senior, post.
Team tidbit: Jensen is back at full strength after missing the second half of last season because of a health complication.
Coach’s comment: “It will be a challenge to keep up with some of the top individual performers in the league this year. It appears that we have numerous teams with players who have the ability to put up big numbers on any given night.”

Centennial Patriots
Coach: Tom Aipperspach, 24th season, 355-170
2009-10 record: 16-7
2009-10 state results: Lost to Madison 59-54 in first round, lost to Vallivue 65-61 in consolation semifinals.
Returning starters: Patrick Manning, 5-11, senior, point guard; Faruk Huskic, 6-6, senior, forward; Andre Sanor, 6-3, senior, forward.
Returning lettermen: Manning; Huskic; Sanor; Nick Saras, 6-3, forward; Tate Sanders, 5-6, guard; Aaron Maffey, 6-3, forward; Adam Ingersoll, 6-6, post.
Newcomers to watch: Landon Kissinger, 6-2, junior, forward; Zack Gutches, 6-2, junior, forward; EJ Leitzinger, 6-6, junior; Trevor Atkinson, 6-3, junior, forward/post; Daryl Robertson, 5-11, sophomore, guard.
Team tidbit: Many of Centennial’s players suited up for the 5A state runner-up football team.
Coach’s comment: “Challenge ourselves to play hard every game. Each night will be a battle.”

Eagle Mustangs
Coach: Tom Seifert, sixth season; 90-33
2009-10 record: 24-2
2009-10 state results: Defeated Rocky Mountain 76-58 in first round, defeated Borah 45-42 in semifinals, lost to Post Falls 68-60 in final.
Returning starters: David Gillmor, 6-5, senior, post/forward; Jon Van Dyk, 6-4, senior, guard/forward.
Returning lettermen: Gillmor; Van Dyk.
Newcomers to watch: CJ Darling, 5-11, senior; DJ Dean, 6-2, junior; Tanner Mangum, 6-3, junior; Connor Kent, 5-11, junior; Ryan Patton, 6-4, junior; Braiden Shaw, 6-7, sophomore; John Glazier, 6-3, junior; Dillon Lukehart, 6-1, senior.
Team tidbit: After graduating the bulk of last year’s state runner-up team, the Mustangs will rely heavily on a group of players that won the District Three JV tournament last winter.
Coach’s comment: “We love our kids, their talent and ‘how good we could be.’ From Day 1, there will be no excuses and there won’t be any time for feeling sorry for ourselves.”

Meridian Warriors
Coach: Curt Clark, second season, 5-16
2009-10 record: 5-16
2009-10 state results: Did not qualify.
Returning starters: Brady Gormley, 6-2, senior, guard; Torrmall Thomas, 6-0, senior, guard.
Returning lettermen: Gormley; Thomas; Boe Gunderson, 6-0, senior, guard.
Newcomers to watch: AJ Sedillo, 6-0, junior, guard; Conner Bird, 5-11, junior, guard; Gregg Slattery, 6-3, junior, forward.
Team tidbit: Meridian hasn’t qualified for the state tournament since the 2002-03 season, the year before the opening of Mountain View, which resulted in an enrollment split. Meridian’s enrollment also was affected by the introduction of Rocky Mountain in 2008.

Mountain View Mavericks
Coach: Jon Nettleton, sixth season, 81-42
2009-10 record: 10-13
2009-10 state results: Did not qualify.
Returning starters: Tyson Percifield, 6-1, senior, guard (20 points, 8 rebounds, 4 assists, 2 steals); Zach Cooper, 6-3, senior, guard (8 points); Tanner Percifield, 6-0, sophomore, guard (8 points); Jesse Endicott, 6-4, senior, post; Brock Rule, senior, guard (5 points).
Returning lettermen: Tyson Percifield; Cooper; Tanner Percifield; Endicott; Dylan Williams, 6-0, senior, guard; Chase Rowley, 6-0, senior, guard.
Newcomers to watch: Brandon Luedtke, 6-3, junior, post; Alex Stewart, 6-3, senior, guard; Randall Robinson, 6-1, sophomore, guard.
Team tidbit: Tyson Percifield signed with NAIA Carroll College (Helena, Mont.) in November and should crack the 1,000-point barrier this season.
Coach’s comment: “I am excited about the season and we have some senior leadership. We are a pretty good defensive team, which should help us win some games, and the players work really hard. All the players put in a lot of work this offseason and I think it will show during the season.”

Rocky Mountain Grizzlies
Coach: Todd Morrison, third season, 19-29
2009-10 record: 17-10
2009-10 state results: Lost to Eagle 76-58 in first round, defeated Lake City 72-52 in consolation semifinals, defeated Vallivue 61-44 in consolation final.
Returning starters: Ryan Skurdal, 5-10, senior guard; Riley Bruneel, 6-1, senior, forward.
Returning lettermen: Skurdal; Bruneel; Levi Altringer, 6-4, senior, forward; David Trompke, 6-1, junior, guard; Bryson Rogers, 6-3, senior, guard; Jim Bagley, 6-5, senior, post.
Newcomers to watch: Bryce Feist, 6-1, junior, guard.
Team tidbit: The consolation championship trophy last winter was the first hardware the Grizzlies have collected on the hardwood.
Coach’s comment: “There is no clear-cut leader of the pack. There are a number of teams who will contend for the district title and many who will contend for a berth to state.”

Timberline Wolves
Coach: Josh Downey, second season, 16-8
2009-10 record: 16-8
2009-10 state results: Did not qualify.
Returning starters: Jarid Downey, 6-0, junior, point guard; Marcus Graham, 6-3, senior, guard; Jackson Reed, 6-4, junior, forward; Ryan Tate, 6-3, senior, center.
Returning lettermen: Downey; Graham; Reed; Tate; Jordan Hall, 6-3, junior, forward.
Newcomers to watch: Not provided.
Team tidbit: Coach Josh Downey’s brother is starting point guard Jarid Downey.

Vallivue Falcons
Coach: Scott Moore, first season
2009-10 record: 19-7
2009-10 state results: Lost to Post Falls 55-53 in first round, defeated Centennial 65-61 in consolation semifinals, lost to Rocky Mountain 61-44 in consolation final.
Returning starters: Drew Osburn, 6-1, senior, guard; Dexter Barnes, 6-0, senior, guard.
Returning lettermen: Osburn; Barnes; Jacob Betancourt, 5-8, junior, guard.
Newcomers to watch: Jacob Doty, 5-11, junior, guard; Gabe Vasquez-Ramirez, 6-7, junior, post; Craig Parks, 6-4, junior, guard.
Team tidbit: Dexter Barnes is the third member of his family to play for a new coach during their season seasons.
Coach’s comment: “It’s going to be a great year and I’m excited to watch our team get better every day.”


Bishop Kelly Knights
Coach: Larry Crump
2009-10 record: 18-8
2009-10 state results: Defeated Jerome 60-59 in first round, lost to Moscow 56-40 in semifinal, lost to Hillcrest 77-62 in third-place game.
Team tidbit: Crump was named 4A SIC coach of the year last season.
Other information not provided.

Columbia Wildcats
Coach: Reggie Guerrero
2009-10 record: 3-20
2009-10 state results: Did not qualify.
Team tidbit: The Wildcats are aiming for their first trip to the state tournament.
Other information not provided.

Emmett Huskies
Coach: Cliff Lyter
2009-10 record: 3-20
2009-10 state results: Did not qualify.
Team tidbit: Emmett last won a state title as a 3A school in 1965.
Other information not provided.

Kuna Kavemen
Coach: Randy Brothers, sixth season, 61-53
2009-10 record: 12-11
2009-10 state results: Did not qualify.
Returning starters: Tyler Dubowsky, 6-6, junior, post; Michael Gordon, 5-10, senior, point guard; Braden Andrus, 6-0, senior, guard; Seth Raver, 6-4, senior, forward.
Returning lettermen: Dubowsky; Gordon; Andrus; Raver; Nick Wilkerson, 6-6, senior, post; Kyle Hoch, 5-9, junior, guard.
Newcomers to watch: Hunter Young, 6-3, freshman, guard; Kenny Berger, 6-2, junior, guard.
Team tidbit: Dubowsky has started for the Kavemen since his freshman season, but will be out because of an injury until next month.
Coach’s comment: “Expectations are high this year with the number of returning lettermen. We have a veteran group that can help some of the newcomers get accustomed to the style and play of a varsity game.”

Middleton Vikings
Coach: Bruce Logsdon, third season, 30-18
2009-10 record: 17-8
2009-10 state results: Did not qualify.
Returning starters: Mason Foote, 6-0, senior, guard; Chance Bennett, 6-4, senior, forward (6 rebounds); Ben Shuey, 6-7, senior, forward (6 rebounds); Dakota Mortensen, 6-0, senior, guard (13 points); Trevor Maughan, 6-1, junior, guard (4 assists).
Returning lettermen: Foote; Bennett; Shuey; Mortensen; Maughan.
Newcomers to watch: Jared Crossman, 6-6, senior, center; Ben Bennett, 6-0, senior, guard; Dylan Hunihan, 5-9, senior, guard; Porter Bennett, 6-0, junior, guard; Karson Schrader, 6-2, senior, forward; Nathan Kisner, 6-1, senior, center.
Team tidbit: Chance Bennett suffered a season-ending knee injury at last year’s district tournament.
Coach’s comment: “The conference’s balance of power has continued to even out over the last three years.”

Mountain Home Tigers
Coach: Tony Kerfoot, 12th season, 83-170
2009-10 record: 6-15
2009-10 state results: Did not qualify.
Returning starters: Anthony Castillo, 5-10, senior, guard (3.7 assists, 2 steals); Tyler Wright, 6-5, senior, center (7.7 points, 6.4 rebounds).
Returning lettermen: Castillo; Wright; Aaron Hobbs, 6-4, senior, forward; J.T. Cristobal, 5-10, junior, guard.
Newcomers to watch: Anthony Barboza, 6-1, senior, guard; Tyler Casey, 6-4, sophomore, forward; Ricky Castillo, 5-11, junior, guard; Brent Sexauer, 6-0, junior, guard.
Team tidbit: Mountain has never won a state championship in boys basketball.
Coach’s comment: “Should be a very close and highly competitive conference this year.”

Nampa Bulldogs
Coach: Jeff Rhode
2009-10 record: 4-18
2009-10 state results: Did not qualify.
Team tidbit: The Bulldogs last won a state title in 1950.
Other information not provided.

Skyview Hawks
Coach: Aaron Sanders, second season, 21-5
2009-10 record: 21-5
2009-10 state results: Lost to Hillcrest 81-74 in first round, defeated Century 63-56 in consolation semifinal, defeated Jerome 72-67 (OT) in consolation final.
Returning starters: Kyle Dranginis, 6-5, senior, point guard.
Returning lettermen: Dranginis; Matt Rudder, 6-2, senior, forward; Mike Iordanescu, 5-10, senior, guard; Andrew Timmons, 6-5, senior, forward; Alez Donaca, 6-1, senior, guard.
Newcomers to watch: Daniel Slemmer, 5-11, sophomore, guard; Sheldon Field, 6-1, sophomore, forward; Zac Salois, 6-2, senior, forward; Hunter Hyde, 6-1, senior, guard.
Team tidbit: Kyle Dranginis is a two-time 4A All-Idaho Player of the Year and also won Idaho’s Gatorade Player of the Year award last season. He signed with Gonzaga last month.
Coach’s comment: “We have a lot of seniors and some talented sophomores who are getting their first chance at significant playing time at the varsity level. As they get more experience throughout the season, our team should get better and better, and we should be a contender to win the district championship at the end of the season.”