Idaho politics: Why Rex Rammell is (still) a story

I took some grief Wednesday from a caller who didn't like my decision to run Rex Rammell's Reader's View.

This is the one where the former U.S. Senate and gubernatorial candidate calls Idaho Department of Fish and Game wardens "Nazis" and explains away a poaching charge by saying he was only hunting where a clerk at Sportsman's Warehouse told him he could. When told to turn over his quarry, here's what Rammell says he told the warden: "You better get your gun out, because you’re going to have to shoot me if you want this elk.”

Anyway, the caller says, everybody knows what Rex Rammell is all about, so why give him space on the opinion page? Her theory was that I ran the piece simply to stir up some controversy.

Not so. First, since Rammell's arrest was a high-profile story, I thought it only fair to give him his say. Second, since Rammell has run for statewide office (and might quite possibly run again), I think it's important for voters to see Rammell as he presents himself. Including his weak "big-box retailer" defense, and his over-the-top tasteless Nazi analogy.

Perhaps this is all old news to the Idahoans who have long since pegged Rammell as a wingnut and a blowhard. I do know this much: 42,436 Idahoans voted for this guy in the May Republican primary. The media has a responsibility to help voters know what they're doing.

And that's also why it's news when Rammell shows up at a Grangeville High School cafeteria and tries to whip the crowd into a vigilante wolf hunt — to robust applause. "Do you realize how famous we will become?" Rammell said, according to the Lewiston Tribune. "Idaho County is going to be the place where the citizens stood up to the federal government. I don't want to go to jail over this. But I am willing to lead the way. It's going to be Idaho County people that are going to save this country."

I know some Idahoans are weary of Rammell's bombastic antics, and I'm sure many Republicans are just embarrassed by them. But as long as this guy continues to thrust himself into the spotlight, he will (and should) get news coverage.

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Keep shining the light...

...on the wing nuts.

"The media has a responsibility to help voters know what .......

they are doing." Really? Then, I guess I have a responsibility to help media know what it is doing. I'll get right to work on that.


granted, taking an animal as evidence is questionable.

Are they going to bring it to court to stink up the courthouse in 3 months?

None the less, allowing someone to keep a poached animal is obviously not good.

And what IF a warden makes a mistake in the field. But it's usually pretty obvious.

It sounds like the warden did the right thing in this case by following and getting assistance.

This is classic though!:
"I don't want to go to jail over this. But I am willing to lead the way."

That must be what the imaginary Sportsman Warehouse clerk said too.


It's hard to be embarassed by an individual like Rammell when the party convention voted for a Loyalty Oath, a Bisterfelt Letter, a new State Militia, and to repeal the 17th Amendment. Proposing to pay taxes in silver or gold and Rep. Phil Hart have got to top the list though.


Rammell has gone beyond the pale on this -- he is dangerous and is going to get someone killed or injured in his quest to beat the federal government on any issue but especially this one and especially in Idaho County where red-neck hot heads seem to thrive, including on that list the sheriff and commissioner Brandt. This isn't even funny; this is just plain dangerous. He has evidently already rented a place down on the middle fork of the Clearwater River among the like minded populace. I even wonder if this isn't an item for the FBI or some such federal law enforcement agency. This guy is just plain looney and going to get someone killed while out eradicating wolves.

42,436 Votes?

That's a lot of relatives!

Rammels Rap Sheet

Kevin was right to post the story and since he was a candidate for Governor and thankfully defeated he will probably try again for public office. No he is not worth the print but it is important to post his antics so others will be aware of what a liability he is and not vote for him. Mr Rammel doesnt need wolves to be famous he alrrady is in the Hall of Fools.

He's a story because some listen to his calls for lawbreaking

THis guy just doesn't seem to think the law applies to him, whether it is how to legally farm elk or hunt wild elk.

He has a gift for demagoguery, and he must think that he will get the changes dropped by causing trouble for the authorities among those who have a mind to follow someone like him. Causing trouble is a news story.

If ram had shot the warden

no doubt Rancher and his ilk would say it was justified.



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