On 'Bill of Rights Day,' group urges Americans to read the first 10 amendments, sign pledge

The Bill of Rights Institute has an online pledge form and other material to help celebrate on what's been the federal day of observance since 1941.

Says the nonprofit organization: "The amendments in the Bill of Rights do not 'give' anyone anything. However, the Bill of Rights protections do stop the government from doing certain things. This kind of limited government is the essence of liberty: the freedom to act without unauthorized restraint."

The institute asks Americans to take 10 minutes to read the Bill of Rights today, either on their own or with co-workers. The site also includes landmark Supreme Court cases and other resources. Employers are encouraged to give workers the time for the review.

"The celebration of Bill of Rights Day encourages Americans to think about how vital the Bill of Rights is to the future of our country," said Bill of Rights Institute Board of Directors member Todd Zywicki in a news release. "By thinking about how our rights are evident in our Founding documents, Americans will begin to see how their own lives are affected by the Bill of Rights and how their actions are important in supporting the experiment in self-government started by our Founders."

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Keep and Bear

In Idaho, we worship the Second Amendment first.

A bit strong?

It is more than a bit strong to say we worship the second Ammendment.

Besides, I must have read it wrong. After reading it again I guess I was in error.

I thought it was saying that "We reserve the rights to arm bears!"

Whew,.... I feel better now, my mistake.

We also support the other nine amendments.

Too bad some states don't. I'm guessing the state you come from doesn't.


You would never know that Amendments like the 4th, 5th, 6th & 8th even existed in Idaho.

So Jesus is second and God in Pocatello?

You had your left eye open on the mashed taters at grace, didn't you?


Happy Jesus Thing and a Chinese New Year


Somebody forgot to tell the cops about #4.

Amendments, not wishes.


Happy Jesus Thing and a Chinese New Year

So How Does This Group Feel About....


I won't wear an adult diaper unless I'm dating Madonna!


Happy Jesus Thing and a Chinese New Year

I remember the forth Ammendment

Now the government can group you, take nekid pictures of you, monitor your phone calls & e-mails, search your car for the heck of it; "the drug dog alerted" and seize your property and make you prove your property is innocent of being the result of or involved with criminal activity using Civil Forfeiture. Lets all goose step around the breakfast table!

But you have a Peugeot FIXIE with flashing LEDs, right?


Happy Jesus Thing and a Chinese New Year

'Better Late Than Never'.......

Bill of Rights Day = 12/15
Story date = 12/15
Publish the story 2 days past??

Seems The Statesman ignores the calendar when publishing notices for participation of their readers. Open houses, public meetings, etc., readers too frequently notified the day of or after the significant date. Discouraging.