Crapo, Risch both vote to consider extending Bush-era tax cuts

WASHINGTON -- Both of Idaho's senators voted Monday to allow a vote to extend the Bush-era tax cuts for two years, all but assuring the Senate will pass the full measure in the coming days.

The procedural vote, which was held open for several hours so that weather-bound senators could make it back to Washington, gained the more than 60 votes it needed to move to a full vote.

The compromise crafted by President Barack Obama and congressional Republicans would continue benefits for the long-term unemployed for 13 months, reduce the Social Security payroll tax by 2 percentage points next year, set a 35 percent tax on estates of $5 million or more, and extend dozens of special tax breaks for businesses, energy and education interests.



Happy Jesus Thing and a Chinese New Year

And you are suprised?

What other way would they have voted? But at least spare us the crocodile tears over the deficit.


If Obama had called this the Democratic Stimulus Part II, C & R would have voted no.