Boise State, Idaho athletic directors respond to Hawaii's move to Mountain West in football

By Brian Murphy

Boise State athletic director Gene Bleymaier called the addition of Hawaii's football program to the Mountain West a "good move" on Friday, but he made it clear he was not in favor of adding the Warriors' entire athletic department to the league.

"Not having a burden of sending all of our other sports over there is a real plus. I think that was what made this very attractive. We're able to strengthen the football in our league without costing us an arm and a leg with the other sports," Bleymaier said.

Hawaii, Bleymaier said, should help the Mountain West's bargaining power with its television partners. Boise State should be able to make money off the addition of Hawaii. It costs close to $150,000 to send the football team to Hawaii. But Boise State makes much more than that off the extra football game it is allowed to schedule in years that the Broncos play at Hawaii.

"As far as the Mountain West is concerned it's going to settle down and I think we can get down to business and get some things put in place," Bleymaier said.

The move leaves the WAC with seven football schools (and eight overall) beginning in 2012: continuing members Idaho, Louisiana Tech, New Mexico State, San Jose State and Utah State, new all-sport members Texas State and UT-San Antonio and new non-football member Denver.

"I am continuing to work with the WAC membership committee on identifying future membership options. At the same time we are internally discussing the landscape and evaluating multiple scenarios based on the information we are gathering," Idaho athletic director Rob Spear wrote in a text message to the Idaho Statesman.

Spear said maintaining the Vandals' place in the Football Bowl Subdivision is paramount.

"Staying in the FBS is a priority," Spear said.

• San Diego State's president said the league may not be done adding teams.

Original post

Hawaii will join the Mountain West Conference in football and the Big West Conference in all sports in 2012, the school and leagues announced Friday.

"The changes we are making provide a great fit for our university and our teams and the many fans who support those athletes," Hawaii chancellor Virginia Hinshaw said.

No other programs are going to be invited to the Mountain West on Friday.

M.R.C. Greenwood, the president of the University of Hawaii system, said Mountain West commissioner Craig Thompson called her Friday morning with the official invitation.

“The Mountain West Conference is very pleased to gain the University of Hawaii as a Football-only member beginning with the 2012 season,” Thompson said in a release.

“Hawaii’s outstanding football program and television value fit perfectly with the MWC’s strategic initiatives for the future direction of the Conference. We look forward to adding the Warriors to the MWC family.”

Mountain West in 2012

Air Force
Boise State
Colorado State
Fresno State
Hawaii (football only)
New Mexico
San Diego State

The addition of Hawaii means that Boise State will be able to schedule a 13th game in years that the Broncos visit Honolulu. That game is usually a money-making home game for Boise State. And it does free up some room on the schedule.

Associated Press story

HONOLULU — The University of Hawaii is joining the Mountain West Conference for football and the Big West in other sports, abandoning the Western Athletic Conference after 32 years.

School President M.R.C. Greenwood said Friday that Hawaii will make the move in 2012, following Boise State, Nevada and Fresno State to the MWC.

The four schools represent the top football programs in the WAC, which is adding Texas-San Antonio, Texas State and the University of Denver on July 1, 2012. Denver doesn't have a football team.

School leaders at the MWC and Big West voted unanimously in favor of inviting Hawaii, which has been in the WAC since 1979.

"We're headed in a new direction and this is a really a historic and great day for the University of Hawaii," athletics director Jim Donovan said. "This is what our coaches and our fans want and we delivered."

Hawaii will become the 10th member of the MWC and will renew rivalries with former WAC schools. MWC Commissioner Craig Thompson welcomed the Warriors.

"Hawaii's outstanding football program and television value fit perfectly with the MWC's strategic initiatives for the future direction of the conference," Thompson said in a statement.

The Warriors are the WAC's longest-running member and shared the conference football title with Boise State and Nevada this year. The remaining WAC members are San Jose State, Idaho, New Mexico State, Louisiana Tech and Utah State.

WAC Commissioner Karl Benson had no response to the announcement.

Donovan expressed concern that the WAC was moving toward the Central Time Zone with the addition of the Texas schools, which would've increased travel costs for Hawaii along with student-athletes spending more time away from school.
He said the TV agreements still need to be worked out. Other financial details weren't disclosed, but Donovan said, "We couldn't afford not to do it."

As for the Big West, Hawaii Chancellor Virginia Hinshaw said the conference fits so well, "academically, competitively, philosophically and geographically."

Hawaii women's teams were members of the Big West from 1984 to 1996.

"The thing we bring is aloha," Greenwood said. "We're also going to bring one heck of a set of teams and they should not expect the aloha to go to far while we are playing their teams."

The president also would not go into the financial details.

"I don't think we can make projections about winning or losing financially right now," she said. "Consider though, this is a critical investment for the state and the citizens and the university to move forward and get the recognition that we deserve."

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coach pete

this link takes you to info on Coach Pete meeting with Florida>


More PeteMS


Happy Jesus Thing and a Chinese New Year

Wac 2.0

Wac 2.0 Go Broncos!!

More like

WAC Lite.


MWC is still a better move than staying in the WAC. It's not as strong as when we initially joined, but still clearly better than U St, NMSU, SJSU and Moosecow. Clearly.

Better move?

If Boise stayed in the WAC I am pretty sure Hawaii, Nevada, and Fresno would have stayed as well. Keep telling yourself it's a better move, but I wouldn't trade the ESPN coverage with the WAC just to snub Utah St, NMSU Idaho and SJSU. Enjoy the Mountain channel.

What Channel is are the Big sky

games on coolhandluke....... Stay down.

Reality is

media coverage will be worse for the new WAC I'm sure! How often do teams drop from FBS to FCS? Sounds like I struck a reality nerve!


lets focus on what we probably agree on. The WAC is going to lose ESPN coverage in 2012, perhaps all together. It is a D#mn shame that the BCS has created an environment where we are killing each other for survival. FCS is a financial and realistic option in the near future that schools WILL have to consider. YOu are correct that it doesn't happen very often, but then again we have never had this kind of situation before, and in this economy with money and resources being scrutinized especially at the educational level... well, it could get pretty ugly for those who want to "try to ride out the storm" that dont really have the position to do so. To put it another way, If you are in a storm cellar, (BSU) and have supplies for a week and are equipped to handle it you can go ahead and stay put in the tornado of D1 football right now. But if you are UI, out in middle of a potato field, you best run like he!l

Pretty sure Hawaii Fresno and

Nevada would stay? like you are pretty sure that Utah, TCU, and BYU would have stayed in the MWC? Change of conference is a staple of CF. It happens all the time. Sit back, watch, learn, and see what the CF landscape looks like for BSU in the future, then compare it to UI.... This is the nature of the beast, you might not understand it, agree with it, or even speak intelligently about it but you will have to ACCEPT it. the Future is one of viability for BSU, not so for the conference known as the WAC or the likes of UI, But seeing as UI people aren't very good at business, you might not understand the idea of a free market and competition. Maybe some UI lawyer could crawl out of his bottle long enough to file some kind of lawsuit that the commie 9th circuit just might like.

Watch and learn?

I hate to entertain an argument with you, but the college football landscape is built around one primary fixation, MONEY. Who has the power of the purse? ESPN! The central reason those teams bolted from the Mountain West, which I predicted from the beginning, is largely due to the poor coverage from the Mountain Channel contract. As long as that contract holds, BSU will experience the same snub from the national media in football. The ESPN contract through the WAC was a huge catalysis to the national recognition and ultimate success of BSU. Should Gene and Bob have known that the MW was crumbling…probably, but hindsight is 20-20 and I won’t hold that against them. The issue I have is the continual patting on the back by coach Pete, Dr. Kustra and Gene!! It’s an attempt at self assurance but the obvious reality is BSU is walking away from the very thing that expedited their recent success…ESPN! Hopefully the MW conference can get a handle on the situation in the next few years, but I think fans will initially be disappointed by the move! Hey, Boise will continue to be successful in football, but the MW move will certainly slow their momentum! Just sayin!


None of the TV contracts that these two conferences have are going to look the same, so who knows what teams will be "happy" with TV money or exposure, But I can guarantee that ESPN is not going to "fund" the WAC.

You are wrong, only ONE team bolted the MWC for TV reasons and that team is taking a HUGE gamble. The rest bolted for BCS money. Do you even follow the CF world? or do you just regurgitate stuff your crazy uncle says.

The biggest thing that expedited BSU's success was winning. TCU enjoyed just as much "attention" if not more and NOBODY saw them play.
CHl says:
"The central reason those teams bolted from the Mountain West, which I predicted from the beginning, is largely due to the poor coverage from the Mountain Channel contract."

Aside from BYU..... the other scools had invites to BCS conferences.... oh great predictor.

CHL says:
"As long as that contract holds, ".... there is the rub my friend.

Who's watching MWC

Not people on the west coast. If you go into a bar or an athletic club on a weeknight to have a few beers or exercise then you will see TV's on ESPN. On Saturdays the football parties around the TV sets are only going to be tuned into Versus when there's PAC-12 teams playing.

The reality is that when going into a bar or health club people won't be seeing Boise State on weeknights. Now since the PAC 12 has expanded into Salt Lake and Denver I suspect that most Saturday football parties will only be tuned into TV when PAC 12 teams are playing.

Now that TCU has handed over the Texas TV market to the Big East I don't see much revenue gain for the MWC.

Free markets?

Are you saying that the WAC is dying due to natural forces of a free market? The BCS and resulting artificial incentives for conference alignment is what is killing the WAC. And that's about as un-free market as you can get.

No boise AG

I completely agree about what the BCS has done to the WAC. However, the Comish has expedited that fall. And the free market and rules of business are what will kill UI football. they have foolishly tried to play in a league where they could not hold their own on or off the field, they have been a taker a leach and a virus. In the business world when you throw good money after bad opportunities you are punished, in the collegiate world, you are lauded as a "premier academic institution" The UI would have been better suited taking its rightful place all along.


Saw your comments below along those lines after I posted. I guess we can all agree that the BCS blows.

P2 - Maybe one of your Carroll College football players . . .

. . . could use a good Vandal criminal defense lawyer, right about now (and the probability a Vandal is doing it, is high):

Just a thought.


PS - Lolol. Guess you got kicked in in the knuts two times, as a Bronco needs one too, huh?

PPS - Who woulda thunk, I would ever be able to see the Great Vandal Hater - Mister P2 himself - get smacked like this, considering your two faves (the Carroll College Fighting Saints and the BSU Broncos would be needing Vandal criminal defense attorneys). Simply precious. Prolly bad karma for your outlandish Vandal hatred. ROFLMAO.

PPPS - I just can't make stuff like this up.

B.S. VNDL...They Won't Need A Slick Tie Lawyer......

These kids have already enrolled for transfer to ORE. Nike legal team will handle it from here. This will plea bargain down to a petty crime. My guess is Petting/Disturbing The PIECE....

Wiz - Don't think so - Prosecutor is gonna make an example

These are very serious charges. Prolly won't get pled down to lesser charges. The charges fit into that gray area known to laypersons as 'sex crimes'. Not much tolerence for that sort of stuff in Eastern Idaho (especially a small town) and elected County Prosecutors, know it and will be less likely to agree to plea bargaining, because of it (as they want to wrap themselves in the Law and Order mantle - and this is a perfect case to do it with - some disposable non-high profile punks - and a good amount of public awareness and local media coverage).

These kids are in big big trouble.

Even a guilty plea isn't gonna significantly reduce the severity of the sentencing phase. Defense counsels know that, too - so I see it going all the way to trail phase, on this one.

I am guessing 5-10 fixed if convicted/guilty plea.

I think there is a high probability that Bubba has Fresh Meat heading his way.

Who knows, though - anything can happen.



I hadn't heard about that..... You know me though, as soon as that stuff comes out, I am done with people like that. they have no business having the opportunity and privilege of playing football in college if they cannot be truly honorable men. See bro, that is the difference, Ui Oregon and the like would excuse it, they would defend it and refuse to believe it. Not me, one strike in this situation. If you are playing college ball on teams that have the skill to play for a NC Like Carroll, or the like, then you better realize that if you screw up once you are done. I dont care what the legal aspect of it is, the privilege that precious few get is gone!

P2 - you are out to lunch

P2 sez, en parte: " . . . If you are playing college ball on teams that have the skill to play for a NC Like Carroll, or the like . . "

Lolol. Carroll College is NAIA ball - one step above high school (kinda) and about two steps below an average JUCO team.

A NC for Carroll College is Big Time Ball in your world, I guess. Lolol


I'm going to sound

like a "stuck in the mud" But WTF were these dudes parents thinking? It some point in their childhood did the parents not point out that it's not cool to take baseball bats to other people, PERIOD.

These "kids" were old enough to know better and will be punished appropriately, and rightfully so. But just once I'd like to see a parent get whacked up side the head.

For the record, my boys were no angels, but they never did harm to another human..........

Honestly VNDL

I think you are out of line here. Nobody said Carroll the best in CF. I am proud of the saints, they are a championship team. they dominate at their level. I played NAIA ball and it was trying, brutal, skillful and competative. I have one friend, from these parts that played NAIA ball against Carroll and then played in the NFL. You can knock it all you want and really I guess I just dont understand the attack coming from a long time poster like you. But the fact is that Carroll gives young men an opportunity to get a quality education for free, play a competitive game for the shot at future success be it on or off the field and that is reserved for those with skill and privilege. Winning a collegiate championship at any level is one thing few athletes ever get to do and the athletes that have played at Carroll or Auburn are far superior to either you or I.

Personally I think you are out of line and just mad that I was picking on your beloved vandies. Back off. You are out of line.

Well P2. Carroll

was Nat Champs NAIA bout 4 or 5 years straight, in the early 2000's ( I think?)

The funny thing about your post, to me, is it seems like it's ok for you to rub his Vandies but heaven forbid he rubs The Fightin Saints??

Just sayin..

wiz has a point


P2 - Bad Boy, Bad Boy, Wat you gonna do when they come for you?

P2, havin' a hard time swallowing a dose of your own medecine, eh?

Lolol, luv it. You said, en parte: " . . . I am proud of the saints . . . "

Well, bully for you. You are proud of the college you graduated from. Hooray.

So what?

You constantly deride the Unversity of Idaho on these boards. Even if a thread is not about the Vandals, and nobody has uttered a word about Idaho or the Vandals, you come out of the blue and make almost every post you author about your hatred of the University of Idaho. I am tired of reading your old worn out crap. Most Vandals are happy to never have anything to do with BSU, in anything, ever again. Same with most Broncos. It's over and not much discussion about it anymore on Vandal and/or Bronco boards/forums. It's over - didn't you get the memo? It is dead and buried - so just move the he1l on.

You also, said en parte: ". . . . the athletes that have played at Carroll or Auburn are far superior to either you or I . . ."


Carroll College. A little blob of a school, nobody outside the Catholic Church in Idaho or Montana, ever heard of, with 900 total students, is now comparable to a major university, composed of many colleges, and over 30,000 total students?

You do know what differentiates a college from a university, don't you?

I am not mad if you libel the Vandies. Go ahead, do it all you want. I don't care.

You even used me as a reference, in one of your idiotic anti-Vandal rants, the other day; as a Vandal that accepts you for who you are: A rabid Vandal Hater.

It is not that I accept you. It is I have made it a policy to ignore most of your stupid posts, as they do not contain any new material - just the same old anti-Vandal crap and rhetoric as you used a year ago. Get some new rant material. You have gotten old and moldy.

And you want me to back off. lolol. Back off or what?

I left a post for you to respond to several days ago. In that post I requested that you, once and for all, explain to us why you hate Idaho so much. The point was not to embarass you, but to be able to better understand your 'fear' of the Vandals. Remember, hate is ALWAYS fear based. You must have a deep seated fear of the Vandies to hate them so much.

To date, you have failed to respond. I know you saw it.

So just roast in your own juices for a little bit.

Maybe next time, you will think about what you are saying before you say it.

Prolly an impossible task for a proud graduate of the world renowned Carroll College, and a former Fighting Saint of NAIA fame and lore.

What say you?

I'll give you the next to the last word.


P2...Ugly agrees with VNDL on this one...


I agree with VNDL on this one....Everyone has their 'take' and opinions on football and college. If VNDL says something offensive, you should not get rabid over it...just state your keep saying you hate the Vandals, but don't say much why? You only state your jelousy of their success in politics and in described it as control.......that is a one controls you unless you let them....

Remember when a Vandie on this post said they disowned Ugly as a Vandie?.....I laughed....You never disown a Vandal because you never owned one in the first place!!!!!! Vandals are independent....every Vandal that I graduated with in my profession are very successful....

Instead of being rabid, you should state your love for Carrol College....I live in Pocy and love the area and love also the area of Dillon Montana.....Many eastern-Idahoans go to Carrol College....

P2 - Are you feelin' kinda like a trapped rat?



our little spat aside... you gotta do something about this ugly guy. It has to be an embarrassment for you as a vandie alum.....


I dont think people are understanding me correctly. Rag on whoever you want. I get that. It is kinda silly to rag on a school that excells. But whatever.

as for you saying CC is nothing and those outside Montana have never heard of it: I refer you to the COVER of SI.

(Remove the period in ill.ustrated)
Where is UI in this conversation? It sounds like little ole CC is just a tad more respected than your garbage dump.

P2 - You're garbage.


Thanks bro.

Now who is gettting personal here?

naw man we're typing


Happy Jesus Thing and a Chinese New Year

P2--Ugly Feels Your Pain.....


I see and feel your pain in your responses....What you suffer is bitterness...Your bitterness has led to a 'inferiority complex'....You can't name any famous Caroll Graduates, so you must attack the thousands of famous Idaho Vandal graduates...Is it a Vandal's fault that they even dominate Boise in legislature, corporate law, business bosses, ranching, and so forth?

Why Carroll college? Down the road aways you could have turned left and went to Bozeman, or turned right and went to Missoula!

You need to work on your negative attitude and get rid of is acid to the stomach!!!! I suggest listening to Earl Nightingdales famous CD he presented back in the is called 'The Strangest Secret'....It is about how you think is also how you are what you change, dude! you can do it!



I am beginning to wonder if BK has not taken over your login..... You just aren't sounding the same.

If it really has been you posting recently then I should have no reason to give all the reasons I have for hating the UI. We have hashed all of that over and over for close to at least 2 pathetic years.
Honestly Ui is so far gone from football respectiveness right now it is a waste of time to talk about this while we still are in football season. (I understand vandies season has ended but there is still football to be played by many 500 or better teams.) We can talk about lawyers, frat boys, alchohol, elitist government officials, wasting maoney, and leaches in the off season.

One other thing VNDL

is a while back we agreed that UI should go big sky. you are all in favor of it and I pointed out that we agree though for different reasons. Bottom line, what do you care why I hate UI. In fact you should be proud of it because at least someone on these boards understands that these two schools have a history that is deeper than the last 12 years. You bragged all the time for a while about how you loved BSu hate week, about how you always participated in it and defended it.
Honestly I have seen a change in you this year, you have become much more a BSU fan than ever, you have been turned more towards the blue and orange consistently for about a year. do you remember TTT and BK and You constantly getting into it. Do you remember that your sign in name used to proudly display your allegiance? do you remember that all the idiot vandies (which far outweigh any other type of idiot posters on these boards were defended by you.) Now you weakly try to set them strait. I think that this last bit of firing at me is you sadly trying to hold onto the last dying pieces of vandie pride you have. With the rivalry gone, the WAC in jeopardy and the vandies in D1 default you should be cheering the fact that anyone gives a flying f to even care to hate the irrelevant vandies.

But I will indulge you a little. Here is why I hate the vandies:

We live in an unjust world, a world where rich athletes can rape and evil seems to be rewarded, where snobby academia is the coffeshop hip. the UI failing and BSU rising is just a little bit of justice in an unjust world. There are those who believe that justice is brutal, and mean, and that mercy is the true and only way to go. I'll leave the mercy to God, the justice is the boosters, and people of the old Boise old boys club are reaping what they sow, the teacher has become the student and the UI is getting what they deserve.

So there it is, the UI to me stands for all that is wrong with the world. Much like the raiders.... It is why we love sports, why we cheer against someone as much as we cheer for someone. each team or school represents something to its fans and detractors. UI represents all that I wish to protect my kids from.

P2 - the rivalry is over - Bronco Bob won

Yes, I used to revel in Hate BSU Week, but don't engage in it anymore. Why?

The rivalry is over. No more BSU/Idaho involvement. Period. It is over. No sense in living in the past. Most Broncos and Vandals get it, and have moved on, in life.

You just can't seem to grasp that part. You are stuck in the past. You simply can't live in the NOW. You insist on living in the past, and rolling around in the mud of former perceived slights, suffered by you or your family, from years of Vandals controlling your life and oppressing your every move.

Admittedly, I am in a uniqe and enviable (to you, possibly) situation, being an alumnus of both Idaho and BSU.

You, however are neither a true Bronco nor a true Vandal. You are just a wannabe Bronco, like probably 90% of the members of Bronco Nation. Nothing wrong with that; just a statistical obeservation. Wannabes can still buy Bronco Gear and contribute money to the BAA, and such. In fact, the BSU AD and the BAA market, precisely, to get wannabes into the fold of Bronco Nation. Wannabes are the life's blood of Bronco football.

From a 'standing' standpoint; all you really are is a fan of a Boise based university football team. You cannot claim a seat, from an experiential perspective, at any table, involving Vandal/Bronco student/graduate historical involvement.

In essence, you are of the same importance to Bronco Nation, as the dairy worker from Tijuana, that buys Bronco Gear at WalMart in Burley, and needs an interpreter to translate the instructions, as how to mount the car flags he just bought on his pickup truck. That is your place, your seat, your table, and a very important one at that, as the royalties generated are contributory to the continuance of the Bronco football program, and much needed by BSU.

Is that what gets your goat? Is it because you have been 'left out'? Are you a man without a true Bronco identity in a sea of True Broncos?

While the reasoning for your hatred of the University of Idaho and Vandals is very obtuse and illogical (bordering on schizophrenic, IMHO), it is yours to have and hold dearly to your heart. Knock yyourself out. Hatred of things in your life keeps you going, It appears. How sad.

While I am beginning to understand your hatred of the University is not healthy; I am equally curious about the converse: Re; your 'love' for the Broncos. Is it really 'love for the Broncos, or is it just that the Broncos are a means to an end (hatred for Vandals) and nothing more than the most convenient vehicle to get to that end? Is your 'love' also, 'fear' based?

Which is the greater for you: Hatred for the Vandals or love for the Broncos?

It is a serious question, begging a serious answer on your part.

What say you.

I will give you the next to the last word.


PS - It must gall you knowing that you cannot legitimately claim Bronco Bob to be your University's President, when I can. You prolly were not even born, when I first set foot on BSC campus and spent a week living in the old BBall gym, sleeping on a cot, during Boys' State. The BSC bookstore, didn't even have blorange Bronco gear, in those days, just books and other academic school stuff to buy. So don't think you can 'outBronco' me. Lolol

P2--Ugly agrees with VNDL Again!


I think VNDL is are only pro-Bronco because you are so anti-Vandal...You see, that system does not work.....someones failure does not make someone successful.....develop your positive attitude and you will see things differently...say hi and shake everyones hands, including a Vandal....Greet people with honesty, including a Vandal....this will help you in life and get rid of that bitterness towards a Vandal...You can do it!!!!!!


Hey Vndl

I heard of Carroll College before I moved to Idaho. (But it was when I lived in Ohio, so maybe Idaho, Montana and Ohio would be more accurate).
And I hate brocholli but I don't fear it. So hatred isn't ALWAYS fear based.
Other than that -you go guy!

Petersen will bolt

Why wouldn't he take an offer from Florida? Stay at BSU where many of his good players will be gone next year, and moving to a MWC that looks a lot like the WAC this year? No way that MWC will get an AQ in the foreseable future. I think he'd be crazy not to take it (or any other job at a major BCS school).


has gotten better and better EVERY year. Were losing 18 seniors but the caliber of recruit is definetley higher then it was 5 years ago. You will see. Bronco domination is here to stay my friend.

Have to agree

It has improved quite a bit.

2011 -

2006 -

Not a super dramatic improvement, but they are rated higher. Team class rankings for this year aren't out yet but I don't believe in past years that BSU has ever had a top 50 rated class. Obviously recruiting isn't an exact science given BSU's success on the field, but for the most part the programs that sign the top 15-20 tend to be programs that are pretty good most years.

Oregon State is another regular outlier with recruiting rankings, though they obviously took a step back this year and never really have elite teams outside of the JC juggernaut they had one season about a decade ago.

18 seniors

And out of the 18 seniors we're losing, Just only half or less were starters. Look at the depth chart roster, even split between Freshman, Sop'smores and Juniors so we're still looking darn good for next year.


Why wouldn't he? I can count on 1 hand the reasons to go. I cannot count the reason to stay on both fingers and toes.

Not saying he won't, but I think the chances are less than 25%. There are several reasons he will want to stay, as money is not a huge priority for him, and he honestly has enough for what he needs (more really). The main reason he goes, if he does, is to improve his assistant coaches salaries and opportunities (IMO). That would be one of the major reasons.

Are you his CPA, maybe his

Are you his CPA, maybe his financial planner? I don't think anyone can say that "money isn't important". Money absolutely is important. Would it be important to you to take a job if you can guarantee your grandkids won't ever have to want for anything? Right now his kids will never have to want. He'll move to florida if offered the job. Triple or quadruple salary and real shot at a NC your first year. No brainer.

why give it to obama

He won't go. Why make more just to give it to obama

Idaho has income tax and Florida does not.

Therefore if has the same contract in Florida that he now has in Boise, he will have more money in his pockets in Florida. Just saying dude. I am an anti-Obama, anti leftist wack kinda guy but Obama or the Government would make more off Pete in Boise than in Florida. I am sure this would have no baring on his decision though, although it did for LeBron.

Peterson will stay

Coach Pete has outlined a number of reasons why he doesn't want to leave Boise State and I don't think that the situation has changed. When you read the stories about why the writers think that he might be interviewing, you end up with a long trail of supposition and conjecture without any facts.

Peterson is in Florida because that's where the college football awards were dished out. Somebody in Boise called somebody in Florida and said that Pete was interviewing. The three university aircraft aren't publicly trackable. The BSU sports information director hasn't returned any calls. What does it add up to? Nothing, unless you're a sports writer who gets paid by the page hit.

Oh, and just to add to the speculation, at least one blog says that Dan Mullen has already accepted the job. I doubt that, too.

Just the usual post-season rambling. Nothing to see here, move along.

Bronco Nation Fo-evah

This football program does not rise and fall on a single person. We have incredible assistant coaches, excellent recruits lined up through 2015, a big expansion plan underway, and the momentum to keep this program kickin'. I would be sad to see Coach Pete leave, but he's going to do what's best for his career. I probably wouldn't stay either ($1.5-$2 million raise, better facilities, AQ conference, Florida weather).

If he leaves, we'll find (or promote) a great replacement. We've gone through three coaches in 10 years (Dirk Koetter, Dan Hawkins, and Chris Peterson), and each has been better than the last.


I understand how you could not comprehend why a coach would stay at a school. After all you are an Idaho fan.