State Board will not get involved in Boise State-Idaho football scheduling

By Brian Murphy

The Idaho State Board of Education passed a resolution Thursday stating that it will defer to the presidents and athletic directors at Boise State and Idaho on the issue of football scheduling. The rivals have played each year since 1971, but are not scheduled to play in the next two seasons as a result of conference realignment.

Boise State is leaving the Western Athletic Conference to join the Mountain West Conference. Idaho will remain a member of the WAC.

"The motion was to let them know that the board is not going to step down and micro-manage football schedules," said board spokesman Mark Browning.

Browning said the board's position was that "it's a good thing for the state when the two schools play and we hope they can work something out."

It is a reversal of former board policy. In 1999, the board stipulated as part of Boise State moving to the WAC and Idaho moving to the Sun Belt that the teams continue to play.

The state board is meeting in Coeur d'Alene. The motion passed 5-3 with Paul Agidius, Emma Atchley and Don Soltman voting against it.

Idaho president Duane Nellis spoke in favor of the rivals continuing their series. No one from Boise State spoke at the meeting.

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Let the Vandies play Idaho State!

Just like in the Big Sky

If it's good enough for BYU...'s good enough for Idaho!



JLandon - BSU just lost a Whole Big Bunch of Bucks on this one

In the long run, the more Idaho decouples from BSU, the better. Right now, the SBOE dictates Idaho include BSU in many things and this action seems (in my eyes) to take a big step in separating the two schools in many ways beyond football.

Basically, it establishes a 'laisse faire' policy of the SBOE to not get involved in inter-university matters between Idaho and BSU. This is a Blessing in Disguise for the Vandals, I believe.

Now Idaho, as THE Idaho Constitution based, Land Grant university, can begin witholding even more 'mutual cooperation' bennies and bucks from BSU, that were heretofore, SBOE driven (but not necessarily written SBOE policy mandates) intitiatives. Should Idaho begin witholding millions in resarch bucks, I could see BSU going to the SBOE for assistance, and Idaho then arguing that it is simply a matter that should be worked out at the university level, as is the format and SBOE established and official precedent for determining the scheduling of athletic events between the two schools. The SBOE is simply - stuck, at this point - unless they immediately rescinded their 'precedent'. They won't get involved - and - BSU loses millions in the future. Just a matter of time.

At least that is how I see it unfolding.


Only if

like you, the SBOE is unable to make a distinction between academics, in which the SBOE should be involved, and athletic scheduling, in which they should not. However, I'm pretty sure they and everyone but you can easily make that distinction.


Don't mind me, I am just a little 'ol grey haired realist.


I Agree

THE University of Idaho has for way too long supported BSU in their acedemic progress. Let BSU stand on their own without any tie to the UofI. I agree the SBOE has no reason to get involved in trivial football matters. Let BSU grow their school by way of football achievement.


I think they should play. Im with you and Galena on this. My pride at first said no way. But I have heeded your wisdom and think its a good idea. I just dont think the SBOE should try and force a game.


You and I are in complete agreement. It is idiotic the SBOE even had this topic on their agenda to begin with.

With the Idaho Legislature's JFAC session just around the corner, I would think the SBOE has bigger fish to fry regarding funding for public higher education than whether or not to even debate the issue of forcing the issue of the Donkos and Vandies playing a football game or not.



This is the first thing the Ed board has done RIGHT! Next order of business our childrens future!

Why would they get involved?

Why would they get involved? This has nothing to do with education.

Paul Agidius, Emma Atchley and Don Soltman are Vandals?

Was just wondering whether those three members of the board that voted against the resolution are University of Idaho graduates.

As far as it being a good thing for the state when those two schools play each other, am in complete disagreement there as those games are usually 35-point blow-outs by the Broncos.

How could it be good for the state when the Vandals are so clearly inferior on the football field. I would suggest fielding home and away debate teams so as to focus on academic smack. :)

It would be good for the state if Idaho scheduled Idaho State as those two schools would offer a more competitive game inside their respective domes.

Personally, I'd be more excited about playing Air Force on The Blue(tm) than Akey's Army. The erstwhile is the real thing while the latter is a total fabrication.

Grumbler - here is a breakout of SBOE members

Voting against said resolution:

Rod Lewis- Boise (Micron) BYU alum
Tom Luna- Boise (on-line degree, name of school - not disclosed)
Milford Terrell - Boise plumber (no degree)
Richard Westerberg - Preston (no degree)
Ken Edmunds - Twin Falls, BYU alum

Voting for:

Emma Atchley - Ashton, Idaho alum
Don Soltman - Twin Lakes, Air Force Academy alum
Paul Agidius- Moscow, Idaho alum

In a way, it is kinda hard to understand how one fourth (25%) of the composition of the membership of the SBOE (mandated with making policy for Idaho's universities/colleges) have no college/university education. Regardless, if a person agrees with their votes on this issue, or not. Just an aside.


PS - Accuracy of information based on Bios of each, from SBOE web site.

Thank you kindly, sir ...

... appreciated the SBOE membership breakdown.

Grumbler you are completely


If it's good for Idaho to play ISU then it would be good for bsu to play both Idaho and ISU as well.

I notice you want to play Air Force on the blue, but you don't mention playing Air Force on their home turf at over 5,000 feet elevation. Typical bronco mentality.

Third, Akey's Army is no more of a total fabrication than is a "bronco nation"

Fourth, the 35 point blow outs by the broncos are very much like the way Idaho blows out bsu in terms of publications, research dollars brought in by faculty, advanced degree granted, and even undergraduate four-year graduation rates - that 6% figure must really hurt.

Sorry that the BCS buster this year isn't buster bronco - it was probably bsu's last best hope.

Florida needs a coach - maybe Pete should check it out, he wouldn't even have to change colors (except the field).

MacMan the keyboard commando with little man syndrome ...

You are a spineless gormless twit deserving nothing but the profoundest contempt for your delusionally self-important statements that represent nothing more than a coprophagic cloacal parasitic cesspool. Run along now.

Sir Grumbler..I'm Confused....

Pardon my "French", but why didn't you just tell him to F/O rather than burn all those great words in 1 short post?

Thanks in advance...

..great words..

wisdomman, one of my favorite subjects was creative writing. I enjoy indulging myself now and then. :)

Grumbler - There's a reason

I understood what you said. Music to my ears.

But, you gotta understand: Wiz is a Californian.


VNDL...Dumb Down.......

Calif was a mere tweener stop....

(See? I left one WIDE OPEN for ya)...

Cali ...

Cali was also my, as you called it, tweener stop albeit btw BC and ID.

Sorry you had to

Wear out your thesaurus. It doesn't change the fact your post was nonsensical. Have a nice day and try not to always resort to personal attacks in the future.

MacMan ...

Keep in mind that *you* originally mounted a personal attack (Grumbler you are completely idiotic). Attack the post, not the person. Have a decent day, and I'd appreciate it if you refrained from instigating personal attacks from here on.

Yeah, I really hate . . .

. . . personal attacks, too.

Just don't understand why those azzhole morons do it.


PS - Seriouisly, Grumbler - you gotta grow a pair of steel belted gnards and get thicker skin if you are gonna survive around here. You seem kinda effeminate, ghey like, and have a delicate nature about you. Not sure you're gonna last long. There's some real wolverines around here, that would just like to tear you to shreds and splatter your guts all over the place, just because it's kinda fun and 'sumthin' to do'.


you meanie!

tfunky - Fresh Meat

Gotta run him thru the 'process' and see how he does.

See, if he stands up or gets runt over.

You know the drill.

A Code of the Board, thingy.


PS - If it gets too bloody and outta hand - razor or you step in as the refs. This one shouldn't take too long, though. He seems too nice to fight real good. Might be a Charity Bout.

I say, old boy ...

... your ego sucked all the oxygen out of that outhouse of yours while you were taking a load off. Heh-heh.

Ahh, got to love those self-serving assumpations ...

VNDL - how about a dose of reality: one should never take anything posted on the internet too personally nor seriously. Am guillty of being facetious as well as sarcastic on this board although, just for fun and giggles, it might be a bit obtuse.

Incidently, am one of the original Denizens of Doom members aka Flame to Live, Live to Flame from the early days of NG. How very amusing in that you pegged me as an neophyte with delicate sensibilites. Uh...Huh huh...Uh...Huh uh huh huh...Uh...too funny.

Since we're not above making assumpations, one could surmise that you've an OCD with effeminity and ghey mannerisms. Snerk. BTW, your flesh ripping wolverines are nothing more than malodorous maggots feasting on dried-up dingleberries. Bwaahaahaa!!! Thanks for the comicial relief. ;)


Not bad. Actualy pretty good. About a B+.

Could get to an A- or even an A, in time, with a little more creativity and analogous references.

BTW - loved the 'Snerk' thingy. Quite good.


You could be arrested for that opening sentence.

Biology major.


Happy Jesus Thing and a Chinese New Year


foreignoregonian - uh-oh, busted! :(

F/O - The actual meaning of a complete sentence

If you delete the word 'sentence', it applies to Rosie O'Donnell or Rachel Maddow.

I thought vandies were

supposed to be the educated ones.
The article is clearly about not micro managing football. There is zero evidence to lend credence to this being anything other than that. But, with 3 vandies on the board stupidity could happen.

Yes Bronco Nation is real, therefore Akey's Army is real. One is about a school, the other a person. So if that's the case how many fans will the vandies have left when Akey takes a job somewhere else? His army, and if real it should go with him.

Broncos are tired of vandal behavior, deal with it. Be like Nevada, admit there is a problem and work to improve it. But, since the vandies believe there is no historical problem they will fix nothing and we will not feel inclined to indulge "shorter" brother.


You sez: " . . . Broncos are tired of vandal behavior, deal with it . . . "

Wat you gonna do 'bout it, Big Boy - withhold federal Land Grant resarch money and inter-university cooperative ventures from us? Oh, the pain of it all. The Whip - Oh no, not the Whip.

Nope, didn't think so, maroon.


PS - Got your gnards in my hand. Just thinking what I would like to do more: Feed 'em to my cat, or step on 'em to see how far they squish.

you know why the broncos lost to nevada?

let me give you a short summary.

Your have a kicker who's initials are KB. Reverse those initials and you have BK which stands for bob kustra - who is always running his mouth about one thing or another (unless it has to do with academics) - talk about getting tired of one school's behavior.

Note that BK also stands for Bad Karma - something that the broncos generated a lot of during the season by running their mouths about how good they were, how underrated, how the BCS sucks, you name it (just ask Lou Holtz and Mark May). That karma was bound to bite you on the a** sooner or later.

Yup thats why...

Is there any new real posters anymore? All we have is guys who belong on Razor's tard report.

If Tard means

I don't worship the blue turf - then count me in.

Good lord, some people can't take a joke.

Yup thats what it means

Can we get some actual fans in here with some credibility? Not vandals or Ducks. Id rather have SEC homers than these A clowns.


Did I mention I am a Georgia Bulldog? so call me an SEC homer, not a vandal.

I loved the way Z played 'tween the hedges... can't wait till next year. Too bad the broncos are afraid to come back to Athens.

p.s. I can't wait to see Coach Pete in the orange and blue of the Gators!

Sure you are...

You belong to the most delusional fan base there is. You guys have 1 title in 100 years of football. Thats pathetic. And you guys lost to Colorado this year. Colorado? Wow.

1980 was a very good year

and at least we sell out every home game - nothing like watching football with over 92,000 of your closest friends in an AQ conference.

He has a Swivel Head

MacMan sez, en parte: " . . . I loved the way Z played 'tween the hedges... can't wait till next year. . . "

Don't get out much do you?

Maybe you haven't heard, Z isn't there anymore.

You also said you were a 'Georgia Bulldog'. I would have been more comforted if you had said 'Georgia Bulldog Fan'.

Now I am left wondering if you can lick your knuts.


I am a fan as well as

a Georgia Bulldog in the same sense you are an Idaho Vandal or Landon is a bsu bronco.

I know Z isn't there anymore - but it was the last (and only) times the teams have played, so it's the only data point I have. Next year if Moore is still taking snaps he will be in for a rude awakening.

MacMan - So you can't . . .

. . . lick you knuts.



Nope sorry...

And i won't lick yours either.

I knew it MACMAN

Even UI (which I hate) could not spew out an idiot like yourself. We will leave that to Georgia......
Welcome to Boise, Your life will be horrible if you hold all that elitist hatred in, every year, you will read stories about BSU, See car flags with BSU, Get stuck in traffic because of the games, see blue and orange every time your parole officer lets you leave the house. What a great life you will have!

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₫ mad4Idaho - 1
₫ wideright - 1
₫ apoplexynow - 1 ("fo realz" classic)
₫ pioneermouse - 1 ("boise state cannot exist w/o idaho")
₫ ugly - 1 ("Where do we fit? We have produced many legends (Schlereth & Kramer) and others...We are being deliberitely excluded!")
₫ elkbag - 1 ("i know a few real estate agents in gainesville")
MacMan - 1 ("92,000 of your closest friends" ... oh, okay!; inability to lick nuts)



boise vs idaho

my loathing of bob kustra is only equalled by my admiration for coach peterson..people should listen to him more and bob, less..Pete says play the game in boise each year..loads of idaho alums living in treasure valley..make it an idaho home game every other year to help idaho's home attendance requirements..idaho, pre-boise, played a game in boise every year. its not bsu's fault that idaho is stuck with a 15,000 seat stadium..smallest in division 1..we vandals are just wrong on this one..if we want to keep the series then we need to compromise..personally, i am happy not playing boise, but thats just me.

transplant - as I understand it

I gather then, that you want to retain the current BCS sytem for Big Boy college fotball and are adamantly opposed to a playoff system?

Because, you loathe Bob Kustra and admire Coach Petersen.

By application of logical extension.

Did I get that right?