State board approves first phase of Bronco Stadium expansion project

By Brian Murphy and Associated Press

BOISE, Idaho — The state Board of Education has authorized Boise State University to move ahead with the first phase of a project to expand and upgrade Bronco Stadium.

The board Thursday voted to allow the university to start formal planning for the initial phase of the project, which would add 5,000 new stadium seats and cost between $33 million to $40 million.

The university has raised $8.8 million for the project, according to documents submitted to the board.

Boise State athletic officials unveiled plans in August to upgrade the stadium, its facilities and add more seats. The venue now holds 33,500. The first phase consists of "constructing new track and field facilities for bot men's and women's sports at Dona Larson Park, as well as building a new football complex and additional seating at Bronco Stadium."

Among the details of initial phase:

— Dona Larsen Park: running track and throwing areas, football field (synthetic turf), bleachers for spectators, restrooms and press box and parking

— Football complex: locker room and team room, training room, equipment room and weight room, coaches offices and meeting rooms, academic area

— Bronco Stadium: add up to 5,000 new seats in the stadium

This phase also includes moving the track and field facilities to Dona Larson Park. The cost of that project is estimated at $500,000.

University officials say the expansion is critical to keeping the football team competitive as they prepare to move into The Mountain West Conference next season.


They have a whopping 8% of the money needed.....The expansion plan shouldn't take long at all! (sarcasm)

check your math

try 22% down payment.

for the 1st phase.

22% down for the 1st phase. They'll keep raising more funds for further expansions. I'm no banker but thats probably enough to get a loan for the rest.

That is the problem!

Some people have to go to BSU for math to comment on math.


Happy Jesus Thing and a Chinese New Year


I'm talking about the FULL expansion plan, which is $100,000,000.

LOL, what a

LOL, what a sarcastic...........well................idiot!

Between 33 million and 40

Between 33 million and 40 million for 5,000 seats? Those are some expensive seats...between $6600 and $8000 a piece. Sign me up for 4 of those.....

What perfect timing!!

For Bronco Bob to stir up the hornets nest about the BCS, only a day or so before the SBOE meeting to discuss approval of the Bronco Stadium expansion project.

Wow - I hadn't thought about it this way, before. Bronco Bob gets all this renewed interest and enthusiasm among the members of Bronco Nation, and at almost the same time the SBOE approves plans for Bronco Stadium expansion.

What's next - a requeat for the good members of Bronco Nation to contribute what they can to make the Bronco Stadium expansion project a reality?

What will Bronco Bob fool us with, next.

He has our best interests in mind. Bless his little heart.


nice Attitude

With that kind of "Progressive" thinking the stadium will be .... well will be just the same as the Kibble dome. I see what all your "donations" have done for that facility. Don't worry, we won't be calling you for a donation.

forsportn If you put your but to your ear you can hear the ocean

Lolol, you must be a new guy, to not know my history.

No big deal, really. I love to crush the knuts of new guys. You wearing any?

Can't say as I've ever seen your name on here before.

You must be a new guy.


PS - BTW - Just out of curiosity, how many shares of Bronco Stock do YOU own, hmmmm? Prolly not more than me.

New Guy

So, you know all the "regulars" on here aqfunk? Clearly you need to get a life and find something to fill your free time. I can already feel the brain cells being lost in the short time I decided to read this crap and reply to your sorry behind.

New Guy

So, you know all the "regulars" on here aqfunk? Clearly you need to get a life and find something to fill your free time. I can already feel the brain cells being lost in the short time I decided to read this crap and reply to your sorry behind.

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And am I not worthy of at least mention. I created BroTCUman (pronounced "broTZman"), and hammer relentlessly the FACT that 18 Million glorious BlueBacks are now redeemable as PurplePackaged FrogBucks, enough to keep Texas CHRISTIAN in da dough for YEARS to come, instead of funding that pagan state smurf-turfed debacle in Boise. Big East membership, Auto-FrogQualifiers,.... the KICK (gift) that keeps on giving and giving and giving,... remember? Moi!



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can't even match the format. bascomb gon' beat U up Rich :-p


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razor - Why Me?

Why am I on the lesser list - the Chamelion Corps?

I can see Wiz being on it, but certainly not me. He chose to have 2 different user IDs (at least 2, hehehehe).

I was forced to, under duress, after the Statesman, kilt off VNDL, due to no fault of my own. I was forced to come back to these boards, to be with my buds, under a new user name. I had absolutely no choice in the matter.

I even use both names on every post I make, to make full disclosure and to be an 'upfront guy'.

I am getting framed and getting the proverbial 'shaft'.

I am being railroaded, here, and it stinks!!


Ω Don't holler at me!

Wiz was the one who put me up to it. That's why I denoted your entry: "special dispensation".

I think Wiz (and the rest of us) were impressed that you magically returned with nary a delay.

Look at it this way ... how many appear on more than one list? You and Wiz are it! Now, I can pull it if you wish. However, I'm thinking the Chameleon Corps just might take over as more is discovered about some of these current and former posters.

Why am I
I can
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I am

Time for a brew and an alt ID, too!

razor - Yeah

It's all good. Let it stand.

Speaking of Wiz - are you sure you have all of his user IDs accounted for?

I know he is a computer hacker whiz and has about 24 computers at his house.

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Maybe he is running a 'steam room', hmmm?


PS - I came back so fast, cuz I really missed my friends.

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Steam room CPUs? No thanks.

Oh You Whiney Lil Beatch......

"No fault of my own"

You clearly broke the Statesman TOS or they would have just suspended and fined you...not executed...


What you sayin?

TOS is Tired o' "Stuff"...bust it

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Wow, Razor... you're one pathetic loser

For what it's worth, I have one screen name, not that it matters.

What matters is that you're crazy enough to play "detective" on a stupid comment section of the Idaho Statesman. You seriously spend that much time monitoring the comments of random strangers? I don't mean this rudely, but do you have a mental disorder? You might want to seek some professional help.


I understand you are new around here and don't really know how it works, yet.

I don't recall seeing your name before.

It's something we do for a little fun.

You wanna be my next Little Project?


Ω VNDL: professional helper

Perhaps the subtle nature and implicit humor in the listings proves elusive to some.

If one doesn't know the history, one simply cannot know the intent and is relegated to the "wonder what happened" group.

VNDL...This Is Some Guy...

He;s the only poster on this blog that uses "WAC2.0" and "PI"...Could be coincidence, doubt it..

Wiz - Yeah, he is

Just reviewed the site.

Here is an eerily similar posting:

Vandal Faithful
3799 posts this site
12/06/2010 3:00 PM


Enjoy the WAC 2.0.

From national contender to average bowler, from WAC to WAC (the sequel). One massive move back in bowls and one lateral conference move. Yes, everything is wine and roses at BJC. What about your hopes and dreams . . . oh yea, never mind.


Prolly the same guy.

Doesn't have the knuts to tell us, straight up who his team is.

He also, has a reay ghey looking avatar pic of some Famous Fruit talking on a cell phone.

I thought it was P2, at first glance.


PS - I been reading his stuff for awhile on He was an Alternate Woodwinder (oboe, I believe), for the Marching Band. Never saw real half-time game action, though; just did alot of practicin' and prancin' around and looking 'pretty'. Currently lives somewhere in the COU, and models Snuggies for the More Rotund.

some loser

you are out of touch. this is illus-trated by your posts. as such, the regulars like to use people like yourself for our own humerous entertainment. it's not personal. it's just the way we treat some guy(s). we all have disorders. no one is perfect, not even some guy.


You dont' qualify as a Troll.

As a humorous moron that gives us a good laugh, yes.

But as a Troll, no.

Sorry, to disapoint.


itchy richfrog

you are on the tard report.

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Slept well last night,... now know why. To be "mentioned", affirmed, acknowledged, luv'd.

Maybe they should use that

Maybe they should use that same money to buy some fans to fill the current stadium!

Rockmysocks must be using

Rockmysocks must be using Vandal math. 8.8 million/33 million is 8%. Funny I came up with almost 27%.....DAV


8 million is 8% of the 100,000,000 needed for the FULL expansion project. I wouldn't know how vandal math works, seeing as how I am not a vandal.

Congratulations to Boise State

The Broncos seem to have momentum on their side. The additional money will come in sooner now that the Ed board has given it a green light.

They tore down an old ladies' pad for shotput and discus?

Elderly abuse.


Happy Jesus Thing and a Chinese New Year



Yo aptiva must be buggin now see?


Happy Jesus Thing and a Chinese New Year

Wonder if the State could

Wonder if the State could cough up some of those
"life safety funds", I hear you can use those in
stadium remodel.

This must be the childrens

This must be the childrens section of the store. Oh my, how did I get so lost? I really have nothing to say here.

For those who follow FBS stuff - BSU is loaded with Big Bucks

FYI. Here is an interesting read about CFB revenue and how each college compares:


No wonder the AQ's hate us

It is no wonder the AQ's hate BSU. They are #96 on the list and yet they are consistently in the Top 10-15 over the last few years. The big boys have to justify their hundreds of millions of dollars. How can a little school with no money be kicking our butts? It must be because they play nothing but cupcakes. It can't be that they just work hard. Money buys championships, right?

Power to the little people! All hail the little sisters of the poor! I love it!

Interesting Stat...

Did you notice BSU's % of increase?

Stuck in the past - Stadiums are like - so yesterday

Sports bars make money off of football games. It's a fact.


Cuz, most of the customers like to watch the games in 'real time', and be among their fellow supporters/friends, have beverages, eats, instant replays, be able to view the play of the game 'close up', and enjoy a climate controled environment. Not all Bronco fans like going to Bronco Stadium. It's a fact.

BuffaloWildWings in Twin made a killing ths year off of BSU games, alone. The Canyon Crest, did the same with Vandal games.

While BSU is investing millions in new stadium construction, sports bars are investing thousands in new cabling, hardware, big screens, and more chairs and tables and beer mugs, for their customers to watch college football, and increase their gross revenue.

Can't BSU learn from this example. Doesn't BSU know how to make money from the 'Hospitality Industry'?

Is the future of revenue generation for CFB, really an expansion of the actual football stadiums - or an expansion of smaller virtual venues that are attractive to an ever growing Bronco Nation?

I think the latter.

It is time for BSU to think 'outside the box' and apply the current and future levels of technology toward the creation of 'virtual venues' to watch/participate in Broncos athletics. Not expand current stadium capacity.

I hear the term 'Watch Parties' more amd more, every year.

Can't BSU see that there is a way to capitalize off of that term?

I can.


I see one way, and it may not be too far off

The parking lot. There are studies underway at many Universities on how to take over pre-game tailgating to maximize revenue opportunities.

Also, Alcohol

Check out this article from the Wall Street Journal

tfunky - there's more to Bronco Country than the Boise Campus

A good read.

Yes, that would be a start. The LDS/BYU/Eastern Idaho influence on the SBOE might be an uphill battle, though.

One thing to consider is many members of Bronco Nation do not live close to Boise. Magic Valley is but one example. It is a two to three hour drive to Boise for most. You add in the travel time, both ways, parking time, and game time; and you have shot an entire day.

If the BAA or other 'nonprofit' Bronco friendly and 'tied-in' corporation (i.e., Bronco Stock, Inc.) (or even incorporate a new one to do it) owned a 'virtual venue' in Twin, that served food, beverages, was climate controlled, and charged a modest admission; I am guessing (and no, I haven't run any real numbers about it, just an 'off the top of my head' thing at this point) might work great.

This 'virtual venue' could also, ensure a year round Bronco marketing presence in Magic Valley, if played well. The possibilities are almost endless for royalty generation (maybe even a smaller version of the Bronco gear sales operation in the SUB bookstore). Why give the sales solely to Costco, WalMart, Fred Meyers, et. al.?

I think, one way to crack this nut is for the establishment of a 'nonprofit' corporation' married at the hip with BSU (similar to the BAA), to carry the water, as the SBOE would have no authority over it's operation, at location(s) off of state owned university/college property - thereby making the question of alcohol sales a moot point.

Just a thought.


PS - Is it possible to envision and capitalize from attendance at Bronco games - OUTSIDE the confines of Bronco Stadium and its parking lot? That is the entire point of my concept of 'virtual venues'. Instead of spending hundreds of milllions for expansion of a stadium, why not spend a few million on the creation of a few 'virtual venues' to reach members of Bronco Nation who aren't even going to go to the expanded stadium, to begin with? You just can't fill a new expanded stadium with members of Bronco Nation that live in Ada county. Think outside the box. If you want Bronco Nation to grow even more - take the game to them - many just can't go to the new expanded stadium, but want to go to a 'watch party' at a 'virtual venue', instead.

PPS - Think ten - twenty years ahead.

PPPS - Has the BSU AD or the BAA conducted any feasability studies re: 'virtual venues' so far - or - even given any consideration to a similar concept? If not, then maybe they should.

Interesting concept

Does BSU currently "officially" sponsor or otherwise have close relationships with any Boise venues?