How Boise State's Chris Petersen and Idaho's Robb Akey voted

By Brian Murphy

The ballots of the 59 coaches who vote in the USA Today Coaches' Poll were made public Sunday:

Boise State coach Chris Petersen’s ballot:

1. Oregon
2. Auburn
3. TCU
4. Wisconsin
5. Stanford
6. Ohio State
7. Michigan State
8. Arkansas
9. Nevada
10. Boise State
11. Virginia Tech
12. Oklahoma
13. Oklahoma State
14. LSU
15. Nebraska
16. Utah
17. Missouri
18. Texas A&M
19. Mississippi State
20. South Carolina
21. Alabama
22. Hawaii
23. West Virginia
24. Central Florida
25. Florida State

Idaho coach Robb Akey’s ballot:
Note: Akey was the only coach to vote TCU No. 1.

1. TCU
2. Oregon
3. Auburn
4. Wisconsin
5. Ohio State
6. Stanford
7. Michigan State
8. Arkansas
9. Oklahoma
10. Virginia Tech
11. Nebraska
12. Missouri
13. Nevada
14. Boise State
15. South Carolina
16. LSU
17. Texas A&M
18. Oklahoma State
19. Alabama
20. Central Florida
21. Utah
22. Hawaii
23. West Virginia
24. Florida State
25. Miami (Ohio)

How they voted for Boise State:

Ken Niumatalolo, Navy 7
Al Golden, Temple 8
Bill Lynch, Indiana 8
Dan Enos, Central Michigan 8
Larry Porter, Memphis 8
Mike Haywood, Miami (Ohio) 8
Mike Riley, Oregon State 8
Sonny Dykes, Louisiana Tech 8
Tim Beckman, Toledo 8
Art Briles, Baylor 9
Bret Bielema, Wisconsin 9
Charlie Strong, Louisville 9
David Cutcliffe, Duke 9
Frank Beamer, Virginia Tech 9
Larry Fedora, Southern Miss 9
Mike MacIntyre, San Jose State 9
Bo Pelini, Nebraska 10
Butch Jones, Cincinnati 10
Chris Petersen, Boise State 10
Dave Christensen, Wyoming 10
David Bailiff, Rice 10
Doug Marrone, Syracuse 10
Greg Schiano, Rutgers 10
Jeff Quinn, Buffalo 10
Jim Tressel, Ohio State 10
Kevin Sumlin, Houston 10
Kyle Whittingham, Utah 10
Mark Richt, Georgia 10
Mike London, Virginia 10
Mike Sherman, Texas A&M 10
Mike Stoops, Arizona 10
Paul Rhoads, Iowa State 10
Paul Wulff, Washington State 10
Rick Stockstill, Middle Tennessee State 10
Steve Sarkisian, Washington 10
Tommy Tuberville, Texas Tech 10
Howard Schnellenberger, Florida Atlantic 11
Jim Grobe, Wake Forest 11
Jimbo Fisher, Florida State 11
Mark Dantonio, Michigan State 11
Nick Saban, Alabama 11
Rich Rodriguez, Michigan 11
Steve Fairchild, Colorado State 11
Urban Meyer, Florida 11
Brian Kelly, Notre Dame 12
George O'Leary, Central Florida 12
Jerry Kill, Northern Illinois 12
Ron Zook, Illinois 12
Steve Spurrier, South Carolina 12
Todd Dodge, North Texas 12
Tom O'Brien, N.C. State 12
Jim Harbaugh, Stanford 13
Bob Toledo, Tulane 14
Dan Mullen, Mississippi State 14
Gary Pinkel, Missouri 14
Robb Akey, Idaho 14
Todd Berry, Louisiana-Monreo 14
Bobby Petrino, Arkansas 15
Mike Locksley, New Mexico 16

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Nice pay back

by Ackey with his vote..........

To think, I kinda respected the guy..........


You and I are in complete agreement.

Wuz chippy and bush league.



You really need to stop being nice, nobody is going to recognize you if you keep this up. Happy Happy, Merry Merry and all that stuff.


I don't think it's "payback" it looks like he simply voted them below Nevada...which makes sense, considering that Nevada beat them.

And he voted

a 2 loss Virginia Tech 4 spots ahead them because..............oh wait...

What do you Expect??

A respected coach in a respected program??? Enjoy your bowl of cherrios....thats only bowl you will see again. Get used to it and have a blast in the back of the WAC!!!

Actually, they will see another bowl!

The toilet bowl after they get drunk and inebriated in their dorms, just before doing a double gainer out the window!

UI will be home for the

UI will be home for the holidays just like the Broncos. Have fun at the "We choked in Reno Bowl".

akey you are so smart we are the idaho

win them in basketball


I'd wondered who voted Frogs #1... now I know. How contrite can a frog become? BudLight sez "respect is over-rated"... not in my purplebook. If I could , I'd vote Boise best. You guys.


I dont know what point you are trying to make but despite your idocy all year every BSU fan here is rooting for TCU to destroy in the rose. Go Frogs! See ya next year for a clash of top 10 teams!

Pete Had Enough Class to Rank Nevada

who beat us, a slot above.

Akey's poor sportsmanship display is is disgusting.

Care to elaborate?

What poor sporstmanship?

I think his ballot is a little off, particularly at the top, but I don't see how ranking two 1 loss WAC teams 13 and 14 is a sign of poor sportsmanship. Maybe I'm missing something, though.

Figures Idaduck...

You'd say it was off at the top. Golly, what a surprise.

Payback is poor sportsmanship. He's sore b/c his home game with BSU went away and isn't coming back...ever...

Simple logic ill-ustrates this...

To save time, here's tfunks posr..Again...I had looked at this when the story 1st brok. Also, BSU put a worse thumping on them than Neb did. real simple stuff.

BSU common opponent votes

Beamer 9th
Beckman 8th
Chrisitenson 10th
Dykes 8th
Macintyre 9th
Rieley 8th


Nebraska common opponent votes

Pinkle 16th
Roades 15th
Sarkisian 14th
Sherman 16th


Clear enuff for ya now?


Last year Akey was one of 3 coaches in the nation to Rank BSU third, followed by TCU at fourth. I think he definitely pulls for the little schools, whether it be BSU or TCU. This year BSU just didn't earn it.

Robb Akey, Idaho 14

Goes to show this coach doesn't know how to score a better team than his, also shows then that maybe he doesn't know how to coach either. Hey Dan Hawkins is looking for a job

dan hawkins

ruumor from a blog new oc ucla can bring all of his friends from bishopkelley he did it at colorado

Keep trying and

maybe once we will know what the heck you are talking about. Your name should be weisfailburg.

what weisberg?

I cant understand what you are typing.

Pete vs. Robb

I'm not seeing what was wrong with Robb's vote. He put Boise and Nevada where he thought they should be. He ranked Nevada one spot above Boise just like Pete did but since it was 4 whole spots back it is bush league? Some of you need to back away from the ledge and relax.

Classless Akey

Well you can have your Akey. Just shows how much he knows about the game. Look where all the "respected" coaches voted Boise State. Opps another class act from the WAC New Mexico State. There is a reason why they were not given any opportunity to join another conference. Poor.. very POOR programs lead by second class coaches


One coach's opinion does not truly matter in the long run.


It's the fact that Ackey put BSU 4 spots back of 10-2 Virginia Tech, a team that BSU beat.

So yes, bush league is a good description.

He ranked two teams from his own conference that crushed his team (115-31) behind a 3-loss Nebraska team they lost to 31-17 and it would have been closer if it weren't for 5 INT's.

So yes, bush league is a good description.

This was Ackey gettin liquored-up and using his vote for a little pay-back, pure and simple

It wasn't 31-17

It was 38-7 Nebraska and turnovers went both ways - Nebraska should have scored 70 but kept putting the ball on the ground.

Well cherokee

Both Nevada and BSU came real close TO score 70 on them.

If you're trying to say that 3-loss Nebraska team (they lost to 5-7 Texas for Pete's sake) should be ranked ahead of both BSU and Nevada based on Ackey's game observation, just look at the games!

Sorry, this is nothing but Ackey being bush league.

Fair enough.

But can't you at least spell his name right?


Like I said, I used to like to dude.......

from now he's Ackey.....

Nebraska vs. UI...

was 31-17. But thanks for the input Cherokee.

coaches too kind

please not even a top 20 soft schedule weakest conference they think they are unbeatable good job akey


I know you get excited and all but slow down and try again. You'll get there someday fella.

a class act akey

disappointed a little should have ranked blue nation 20

Typical Akey and vandull classlessness!

Akey, you are a joke! We know you think you're a comedian, but there IS a difference!

Poor Broncos

Now all together. "Wide Right" Hahahahahahaha




Now all together again! "Wide LEFT" Hahahahaha. 14 seems about right to me.

Hey Akey

Akey voted Nevada and BSU in the bottom 10% out of all the votes cast for said schools by the 59 coaches. Akey once stated "Are you smoking dope?" We are looking at you with the question.

Also, You voted V-Tech 10? Huh.

Mike Locksley

The 16th ranking will be great motivation next year when we play New Mexico.

food job coach

whip who nation you lose all of yor relevent players new mexixco whillwhip youree behinds swcond sreing bronco qb non fbs player


Take your meds.


He's never been the same since he wrapped his depends around his neck causing the severe brain damage. Most of the other patients in the home just nod politely and get about their business while wessie sits in the corner and sucks his thumb while plunking away at the computer.

I don't see the problem...

with Akey's vote. The BCS standings have Virginia Tech at 13 and Nevada at 15. BSU barely beat Virginia Tech and it could be argued 1)should have lost if Virginia Tech hadn't gone into the stupid prevent defense at the end of the game and 2)would likely win if the game were played today, since it was obvious they weren't playing their best football at that time of year (just ask James Madison). Also, Nevada beat BSU, so why not rank BSU behind them? and if the BCS has Nevada at 15, why shouldn't BSU be at 16? On the plus side for BSU, their bowl game shouldn't come down to a field goal.

using that logic

we should be higher since the bcs has us 11. we beat va tech on the field. we all realize that any team we beat is not the real team so of course the real va tech would beat us.


...where does Hawaii fit into your philosophy? They beat Nevada, BSU beat Hawaii, Nevada beat BSU. Your philosophy cannot not be used in this case.

Good point...

factoring that in, there is the possiblity that you could justify ranking BSU even lower. Maybe Akey was complimenting them afterall. Or maybe, since they all have to share the WAC title they should all be ranked equally as well. That is a difficult one. Now I see why Akey and the other coaches that ranked BSU lower had a hard time. Of course if they just realized that BSU is the greatest college football program of all time then they would know to rank them in the Top 5 at least. Oh well, some day they will all figure it out and bow down to BSU as they should. "All Hail Coach Pete"

Maybe Akey did slight BSU but it isnt a big deal

and by the way he ranked TCU I'll bet that if BSU had just nailed that field goal Akey would have made us proud. geesh I can't believe I am defending a vandal. er a coug in waiting......

A little more bush league proof

BSU common opponent votes

Beamer 9th
Beckman 8th
Chrisitenson 10th
Dykes 8th
Macintyre 9th
Rieley 8th


Nebraska common opponent votes

Pinkle 16th
Roades 15th
Sarkisian 14th
Sherman 16th


Just more evidence that he used his vote for pay back

Great Number Crunching

Can't argue against that folks.

What about

Hey, what about Pete's vote -- I'm offended how he ranked BSU -- 10th; you would have thought he would have shown a little preferntial treatment to the home team. Can you say -- reality -- 10th.

Why not?

They dropped 6 spots after losing in overtime to a 1-loss team. You think they should be ranked behind a team that lost to 1-AA? Also, Nebraska is way too high in Achey's vote. They looked terrible in all three of their losses. I wouldn't be surprised if they lose to Washington.

BCS IS JUST BS....there is no championship

Can anyone explain to me why Wisconsin (11-1) is ranked 6 positions ahead of Boise (11-1) when Wisconsin's strength of schedule is 70th and Boise's is 52nd?

Wisconsin was beat by a #24 ranked Michigan State
Boise was beat by a #19 ranked Nevada

Show me how that works?