Nevada accepts Kraft invite; Boise State likely to get Las Vegas invite Sunday

By Chadd Cripe
© 2010 Idaho Statesman

The Boise State football team appears set to accept an invitation from the Maaco Bowl Las Vegas on Sunday.

Nevada accepted an invite from the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl in San Francisco on Saturday. The bowl was able to choose between Nevada and Boise State, but the Broncos and their fans made it clear they preferred to go to Las Vegas.

"With the No. 1 pick in the WAC, we were fortunate to have two very attractive options — Nevada and Boise State,” executive director Gary Cavalli said in the press release. “These are two exciting, high-scoring teams, both ranked in the top 15 in the country. But Nevada won it on the field, and they were clearly more excited about coming to San Francisco.”

Boise State can’t accept a bowl berth until the Bowl Championship Series releases the Broncos on Sunday. The Las Vegas game has said it expects Boise State or Nevada to fill its opening opposite No. 21 Utah. A Utes player tweeted Saturday that they had been informed that Boise State would be the opponent.

The Maaco Bowl Las Vegas is Dec. 22. The Kraft bowl is Jan. 9.

“The San Francisco bowl sounds awesome and I think San Francisco is a great city,” Boise State defensive end Ryan Winterswyk said. “But we already know who’s in the Las Vegas bowl — they’ll be a good team to play, and an earlier game. I’m not a huge fan of waiting around for the bowl. Jan. 9 — that’s a long time.

“I’d love to play Utah. That would be awesome.”

Wow, they actually did

something that made sense. Kudos to Kraft for stepping up.

Congrats K-R-A-F-T

Kraft Bowl, that's K-R-A-F-T, or Kiss Ravingingly A Frog Today, has brought the best of choices to Pelosi-ville. And Good for THEM! The yellow tears of cryin' Brotz fans mixed with discarded china-made paraphanalia of BLUE poms littering the field afta' a season-ending symnoptic CHOKE-of-an-excuse-of-an-automatic would leave awful green SLIME to clean up. Perfectly understandable, the thought process. Good GO! purple glow.

ichfrog, Better luck in the Rose

ichfrog, Better luck in the Rose

than you had in the Fiesta last year.


won't have your kicker to beat us,.... or TREAT us. Confusing times, these back-2-back BCS's, pay'n da same for winning AND losing. btw, will be watchin' the stadium implosion tomorrow at 7 A.M. your time, 8 A.M real time. Hopin' for a new purple carpet brighter in color and future than smurfturf. Of course, would wish the best for both smurfturf AND purplepasture,.... but no denial here. That "kick" sealed our fate,... future view with a lavender hue. luv u! (really do!)

ESPN Goofs

Cripe call ESPN -- They are calling Kellen Moore a Senior and ranting about what a great loss he will be to Boise State. Idiots !!!

This is such BS... Why not

This is such BS... Why not the Broncos in the Kraft bowl? Who cares about LV and what? Playing Utah? Who cares about them..

Umm gman1

Really? you want to play a 7-5 ACC team on Jan. 9th?? Get a clue

We need to focus on the BCS

We need to focus on the BCS teams... A Utah win doesn't look good in the eyes of the BCS.

Here we go again

So you somehow think beating a ranked Utah, 20th by the BCS (yes the BCS), would mean less than beating a middle of the pack ACC team that is un-ranked by ANY poll?

Either opponent that plays in the Kraft was crushed by Virginia Tech this year......and who did Boise State beat?

Come on dude, think a little.......

Of course it will

Utah is officially a BCS team beginning next year. And all the pundits have been talking about how well they are going to fit into the PAC 10 or whatever they decide to call it. So yes beating their brains out will be good for our soul and for our rep. Go Bronco's -- get some.

The issue is the competition

I'd play Ohio State in the "At least it's a Bowl Game" Bowl if it was a chance to play an 11-1 Big Ten team.

Play the Best Team

Utah is 10-2 overall and 7-1 in the MWC and ranked 20 in the BCS. So it is clear that your choice should be to play the best team and that is Utah. The Kraft Bowl will have probibly #54 ranked Boston College vs Nevada. It is a no brainer that we play Utah. Glad someone worked this out so we go to LV Bowl.

Seems to me, that all they

Seems to me, that all they did was ask the kids where they want to go for their final game- Vegas or San Fransisco?
I would have picked Vegas also, based just on location alone. I really doubt the opponent mattered a whole lot.

Who we finish against this

Who we finish against this year is irrelevant. Due to the fact that we're losing 18-19 Seniors, BSU will more than likely drop to around 20th for next years pre-season rank. (Which of course means nothing)


I can see you are definately not a Top Notch Prognosticator.

Do you get your football knowledge from reading the Farmers Almanac?

Just curious.


This makes a lot more sense

I am a BSU alumna and life long fan of the Broncos. As such, I would like to thank the U of Nevada for helping Bronco Nation avoid SF. Not that there is anything wrong with the city, or the bowl game venue, however, it just makes more sense for the Broncos to head to Las Vegas to play Utah.

This bowl match up between Utah and the Broncos really is both Utah's farewell to the MWC and BSU welcome to the MWC. Also, I find it amusing that, earlier this year the Utes paid BSU several hundred thousand dollars to AVOID having to play them in future years, only to finish out this season by playing them any way.


Are you really that dumb?

Utah had to cancel the Boise State games to keep their instate rivalries alive with BYU and Utah State. With the Utes going to the PAC12 next year they didn't have room for us. Enough said. You're one of the delusional Boise State fans.

Anyways, this is perfect. I'd much rather have Boise State play a good Utah team in the Vegas Bowl over an average 6th, 7th or 8th place ACC team in the Kraft Bowl. Thank you Nevada fans for showing interest with the Kraft Bowl reps so Boise State didn't get stuck in it.

Congrats to Wolfpack and Kraft

Heart-touching to see such surgeance of power at the end of the season so outwardly rewarded. As touching, the consistency of an entire season, with the glories thereof... roses, roses, 17.3 million of 'em. After all said and dun,...rose-lavender pedals left on da turf,... won't be sad, won't be blue (thank God), Purple clad at #2

WTH are you babbling about?

You have some serious issues, man.


Me thinks this is a TCU fan. Hope he/she sobers up enough to watch the game!

Your funny

Or your whanged out of your skull; I'll hope your just full of joy and good cheer -- and safely at home - not out driving with that load on.
Have fun and please, don't share any of whatever it was with anyone underage.

Get a clue, my web-toed friend...

... TCU will be lucky to clear $1.5 million for their game. That's the way it works for non-AQ teams. If they make it again in two years, it will be a different story, but not this year. BTW, with the move the the Big Least, they will no longer ever have an opportunity to play in the Rose Bowl, so you'd better enjoy it this year. Meanwhile, Boise State will have a realistic shot at it every four years. Enjoy all those trips to the East Coast!

Boise Blue

"We got Roses, yes we do,... We got Roses, Boise BLEW!"

ichfrog, Better luck in the Rose

than you had in the Fiesta last year.

Not Really a Frog

If you have been reading this clowns postings, you will see he doesn't know a lot about TCU. He is a vandul clown and a poser. His team suck so bad that he has to cry and strike out at others because he blames us for his crappy third rate team.

Winning in overtime against San Jose State

'Nuff said!

Winning in overtime against San Jose State

After what Boise state has done to San Jose State in the past and your in over time What did you say Ahhh Nuff Said LMAO

One would think that nevada

One would think that nevada would want to play a challenging team, not a 7-5 ACC wanna-be. Hope they get whacked.

It came down to

butts-n-seats. Nevada will travel real well to San Francisco.

I, for one will be rooting for them.

I agree, TFunk

Nevada has already stated that they prefer the closer venue of San Francisco to Las Vegas. I think it was the Nevada AD, who was on the radio a few days ago, who said that the fans in Reno are more likely to travel the shorter distance.

Medical Emergency

Richfrog, this is Dr. Apollos. You're off your medications again. Call me ASAP.

Sacrificing for another's betterment....

Obamacare causing major shortage of medications. Kyle Brotzman in greater need of these prescripts than I. Although not near potent enough to cover ALL his recently diagnosed lifelasting prognoses of traumatic syndromic disorders, resulting in his needs far greater than even my meager donation will provide for.... I give. As my gift to Boise Mulehood, I am proud to do all I can to help this one with whom you still identify and love, for very applaudable and commendable reasonings that only sufferers as you all could express, and... well,... just know that, I care,.... care. Yes,.... I.... care.

Hmmm...Mac and Cheese or Vegas...

...not that it matters. Minor bowl for a minor team. Goodbye 15 minutes. No one cares anymore...oh yeah, they never did!!

Better hope to go to vegas and play a non AQ team because you have no chance against an ACC Power!!


How soon we forget!! Boise has already beaten an ACC power. Remember Virginia Tech?

Yes, I see and......

what is Oregon's overall record against Boise?

I forgot.....oh wait....0-2

aabbb I uhh aadd bbbab buh shhhhhhhhh....hush

0-2. After you're done trying to contain Cam Newton, why don't you boys pony up for another series?


Fair destination based on the body of work.

Fun destination for fans, too.

Guess You are Happy

Since BSU totally owns the quaking quacking ducks, good thing we don't play you again, it would be 3-0.


You guys looked awesome versus Nevada (!!).

Sure thing BSU would handle Oregon this year.

(I'm rolling my eyes)

Please compare...

... Oregon State versus Boise State this year to Oregon State wersus Oregon this year. And keep in mind, Oregon State had James Rogers when the Broncos played them, and the Broncos took a knee in the red zone to end the game. Oregon 0-2 all time versus the Broncos.

Conference Champions Boise State has beaten in the last five seasons:

2007 Big XII champion Oklahoma
2009 Pac 10 champion Oregon
2010 MWC champion TCU
2010 ACC champion Virginia Tech

How many conference champions has Oregon beaten in the last five seasons?




(Yes, I said NEVADA)




(Yes, I said NEVADA)


Oregon has not beaten Nevada as a conference champion in the past 5 years. Try again.

Well idaduck,

Before you roll those eyes too much.

Oregon's opponents this year compiled a 54-61 record. Do you realize that this is a first in BCS history. No NC participating team has ever had opponents compile a losing record. All of those great conferences that have been represented in the NC game, yet teams always had opponents that had a winning records.

So before you roll your eyes too much, think about your dubious mark in history..................


Fair? Well, ok. Oregons body of work isn't much better, SOS numbers are only about 8-10 slots apart. How many winning records did your Ducks play? How many ranked teams?

I watched about 7 of the Duck games. I watched 4 Auburn games. Auburns "body of work/sos" is 6 times better than Oregons.

I hate the SEC...but I think you guys get your fannies handed to you. I hope not, want a west team to win, but not going to happen.

What are you so butt hurt about BSU? You can't make a post witout some kind of dig or snide comment or on the edge/cutting comment?

I kinda enjoyed having some decent convo's with you but your motive always leaks out..

In short, your a conceited PHUC when it comes to your beloved weak azz PAC 10. Yes, the WAC is a joke, especially the bottom feeders. But we don't pretend it's something it isn't, like you.



In the Pac-10...first time that has ever happened for any team. Wow.

Auburn may win, but it won't be easy for them.

I still have a hard time believing I am seeing Oregon in this position.

Not Wow...Sorry....

6 of the 10 teams had .500 or losing records. Outside of Stan and Ore, the other 2 only had 7 wins and were a few points away from being .500 as well. No wonder it happened for a 1st time.

Wouldn't puff your feathers too much.


all you want.

It is the Pac 10.

It is historic, and (for this Duck alum) unreal.

Tedford got the bowl he deserves (none). Hopefully BSU can land somewhere good.

Well IdaDuck

Phil Knight has been she*ling out money to the ducks for years. Its about time they actually had a great season. I'd love to see what BSU could do with that kinda cash

It's a good record, but...

9-0 in the conference is a pretty good record, I certainly grant that. But it's telling that the Pac-10 can't fill all of its bowl commitments because of poor records and NCAA violations. 9-0 would look much better if the conference sent as many teams as it has bowl tie-ins.

But, yes, the Ducks are very good this year.

bcluck! been looking forward to your post

Guess what? the Mac and Cheese bowl is a PAC2 bowl! But you know what? The PAC2 didn't have enough teams qualify to take their rightful spot in the Mac and Cheese bowl.

Oh, and

Utah, the "non AQ" team BSU will play, is ranked ahead (way ahead) of 8 (EIGHT) of your PAC2 teams.

Oh and

You never answered the PAC2 vs the MWC/WAC question......any reason why?

wait for it......wait for it.........RACK THAT!