A little peace and quiet, courtesy of Congress

Somewhere, someplace, there is a mute button on a TV remote control that will live a longer and happier life — all thanks to Congress.

Not to be upstaged by such trifles as addressing the deficit, the House found time on the calendar to pass a bill to stamp out loud commercials, or, more accurately, ads that try to grab the viewer's attention with a sudden increase in volume.

If nothing else, the legislation has the requisite catchy title: the Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act, or CALM Act.

Who could possibly vote against calm? No one, evidently. On Thursday, the House passed this bill on a voice vote (sotto voce, I hope). The Senate passed this bill by unanimous consent.

Nikki Watts, a spokeswoman for Rep. Mike Simpson, R-Idaho, says the office has heard from constituents who don't like loud commercials.

Who'd have guessed? Personally, that gratingly over-the-top pitchwoman for Progressive insurance never fails to set my teeth on edge. I just never would have thought to call my congressional representative.

But I can only conclude that constituents are getting the Congress they've asked for.

Now, can we mute that debate over the Bush tax cuts? Don't count on it.

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The incompetance of the 111th Congress smoothed over by Flo.

Nice cover though. But its you job.

All this and then the editor sez,

KR gotta do a national Congressional story. Lets see, did unemployment, did tax cuts, hmmm. Let's see how 'bout Flo "the insurance gal" lowering the sound during commercials. Hit Me Bartender! democrat charlie rangle slipped out the back door, historically censored, and enabled by your media. Congratulations with your bias it will be the talk of future revolutionaries.

Well, complain if you must about the Statesman,

but I'm delighted to see someone in authority - anyone - weighing in on the commercials that are so loud compared to background programs that they are painful. At last, something going on in Congress I can applaud.

I'm listening to a JVC KD-A5!

Not listening to that.


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We are two different people, but thank you for the compliment.

Been tired of the crap, swill,the media outlets serve out as their premises on a dailey basis. Turns one to concern. One's like yourself, lap it up like dogs. Now, if it tastes good please enjoy.
Sorry I gotta go, Alanis is on.

Nope and I got vintage Beta tapes in this week as well.

Super Beta HiFi isn't bad.


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