Letter from Reno mayor and Nevada president to Boise State fans

Here is a letter from the Reno mayor and the president of the University of Nevada to the Idaho Statesman. The letter will run in Saturday's editions of the Idaho Statesman in the main section along with other letters to the editor.

The above information has changed since the original post

Here is the letter in PDF form. The full text is below.


Photo credit: Joe Jaszewski, Idaho Statesman
Nevada fans taunt Boise State defensive tackle Billy Winn after the Broncos 34-31 loss to Nevada at Mackay Stadium in Reno on Friday night. Click here, for the complete photo gallery from the game.

December 2, 2010

Dear Boise State Fans,

On behalf of the City of Reno and the University of Nevada, Reno, we would like to thank you for taking the time during the Thanksgiving holiday to travel to Reno for the football game at Mackay Stadium. We were all very fortunate to have an opportunity to witness one of the greatest football games in the history of the Boise State-University of Nevada rivalry. Two nationally ranked football teams battling in front of 30,000+ passionate fans is the magic of college football.

Like Boise State, we encourage our fans to act in the same manner with which our teams compete on the field — with class, dignity and respect. However, we have become aware that some Nevada fans demonstrated inappropriate behavior towards many Boise State fans during your visit. For that we sincerely apologize.

When the University of Nevada competed in the 2006 and 2008 Humanitarian Bowl, it was the Boise fans and community that welcomed us with hospitality and respect. Although many of you have shared that you were welcomed to our community and enjoyed our northern Nevada hospitality, it was deeply disappointing to also learn that a few of our fans did not treat you with the same hospitality and respect that your
community provided us.

The City of Reno and the University of Nevada, Reno have a great deal of respect for all that Boise State University and the Broncos have accomplished. We are excited to visit Boise for next year’s non-conference game and very much look forward to continuing our great rivalry for many years to come in the Mountain West Conference.


Robert A. Cashell, Mayor
City of Reno

Dr. Milton D. Glick, President
University of Nevada, Reno


You are all being comped $25 in free chips and a ticket to the buffet.
Thanks and come again.

Way 2 GO!

I'm all for comps....ALL 4 U Boise Brotz! You deserve SOME comp. for that INCREDIBLE, ONCE IN A LIFETIME, NEVER HAVE THIS OPPORTUNITY AGAIN, GOTTA MAKE THE BEST OF IT season that you had goin' ...well... until,..... uh.... anyone seen Mr. B around? "We got Roses, yes we do,... We got Roses, Boise BLEW!"


This is how you make a public apology, now you should try it!


Kustra has no reason to "apologize"---he spoke the truth, if you cant handle the truth--TUFF


He does owe an apology.


Two years ago I attended the Humanitarian Bowl to watch Nevada and Maryland. I am not a fan of either school but wanted to attend a bowl game. My seats were directly behind the Nevada bench. Sitting near me and my 8 year old son were some Boise State Fans whose only purpose for attending the game was to harass Nevada. They were obviously drunk and proceeded to yell obscenities at the cheerleaders, players, and mascot. This went on for quite some time until they voluntarily left. The point I am trying to make is that there are bad fans everywhere. It doesn't matter if you are a Bronco, Vandal, Wolf Pack, etc fan. The chances are good that when you travel to an away game you are likely to experience some harassment. The more intense the game, the more likely you are to run into some of these "bad" fans.

I hear that

Seeing 3 or 4 people trying to harass the opposing team is a bit different from seeing people getting in the players faces and flipping them off.
Theres no room for that at any game. Had Nevada lost that game they would've went home with their tail between their legs like usual. Theres also no room for the bad calls I saw in that game.
All I can say to Nevada is that I hope Boston College crucifies you 80-zip at the bowl game in San Fran tonight.
You'll get yours next year on the blue and then you'll know how it feels.

We will never forget!!!!!!!!!!!

I heard the Nevada AD the other day

on KTIK say this was coming. Class move, hats off!

Now, about that rematch...........

Nevada fans

A friend of mine said they yelled obcenities at her teenage daughter and made her cry. Too bad. President Kustra, where are you?

I heard her too and she was

I heard her too and she was quite good!

Now another complaint: try de-icing where the Bronco fans sit too, not just where the Reno fans sit!

we heard you...

De-icing wolfpack only seats check!

a class act

are you listening Dr.Kustra


Why would Dr. Kustra be interested in what the mayor of Reno has to say? I suppose you think that since the mayor apologized for their fans bad behavior that Dr. Kustra should do something special for occasion?

You Have It Backwards

Kustra was complaining about the boorish U of I Vandal fans and rightfully so. This is a year after year occurrence. Add to the drunken slob like behavior of the Vandals and the slob-like boorish behavior of the Vandal alumni and you have a legitimately angry and fed up Bob Kustra. But it doesn't surprise me that a Vandal lacks perspective as well as manors, a sense of responsibility or that he doesn't know not to blow his nose on his shirt tails.

JLF - Mobile Kleenex boxes

And here I always thought that it was so handy and nice of the Donkos to wear blorange t-shirts for us to use.


Hey Steve...

an entire nation of college football watchers got to witness what a bunch of doofs Vandals can be. Was that you blowing the whistle in the stands? Is your president going to apologize for the embarrassment and game disruption caused by those knuckleheads?
Kustra did UI a favor-- gave Vandals some choice and true verbiage to think about prior to an ESPN appearance. The result: fewer displays of nasty inebriation. Steve, please write Kustra to thank him from saving your school from more obvious scandals than a few disconcerting fans.

The whistle ...

actually came from a BSU fan. The line of scrimmage was right in front of the visitors section, and the refs were pointing up to the BSU fans there.

The BSU fans also do it at home, but the refs can't hear them because of that big high school track that goes around the football/soccer field, which creates that big distance between the bleachers and the playing field.

Tell Me More

Lying doesn't help your cause. vanduls losers to the end.


As one of the fans that experienced some of the negative behavior it's great to hear that our problems and concerns were responded to. There was quite a bit of bad behavior, and this coming from fellow fans who've experienced Moscow, that night and the next day.
Most of us realize that it was mostly those who aren't in their regular fan base and came to the BIG GAME.
Still don't know where I'll stay and or spend my money in two years, I think it will also take fans taking responsibility for policing their own.
I know Boise St. has some idiots, probably the same ones that have been after Brotz, but it's a really small number and we try to police our own.
Classy move by their AD, President and Mayor over the last couple of days.

Nice try weisberg

Dr. Kustra's comments about Idaho were accurate and decades over due, he also had something to say to Nevada's President to be sure. Kustra single-handedly created a Moscow gameday atmosphere that was actually good, per most fans I spoke to who attended, rather than what Nevada fans were emulating last week. He also recently defended Boise St. and all non-AQ schools, including UI, by not letting Ohio State's Pres. to erroneously make statements.
Show where Kustra was wrong, not whether a Pres. should or shouldn't say it, but where he was wrong. Is there a history of bad behavior in Moscow, YES. Ask Boise St. fans, Washington State fans and some Montana fans and Kustra is affirmed.
Two big differences between Nevada and Idaho fan behavior, one just happened and Idaho's been that way for decades. Be like Nevada, acknowledge there is a problem and then try and fix it.

nice try

are you kidding me Dr. Kustra has nothing to say good about anybody but bronconation he has no class just do what you are paid to do what is it

Wrong Chump

The only thing Dr. Kustra has ever said that didn't sit well with anyone happened to be prior to a game against the Pathetic Vandals. Not after. What he said put a nation-wide spot light on Vandal behavior which in retrospect turned out to be exactly what needed to be said; because most people returned from Moscow with the best experience they had ever had prior to that. The results of what Dr. Kustra said managed to defuse what normally is an extremely volatile and hazardous atmosphere only because Vandals were worried they were going to be exposed to the rest of the nation. Perhaps maybe Dr. Kustra should have said something prior to the game cause this trip turned out pretty bad.

You would think that the idiots in Reno and in Moscow would appreciate the boost that Boise fans give to their economies instead of biting the hand of those that feed it.


Will the holier than thou drivel ever cease from BroncoDenomiNation?

Probably not

The winning looks like its going to continue for quite sometime.

vanduls Clowns & B-obs

Our answer is to stop playing lowlife teams, like the vanduls. What is the difference between BSU, Nevada, & vanduls, BSU trys to keep our fans behaviour clean. Nevada "mans up" and says some of our so called fans blew it, sorry. The vanduls (until this year) supported their fans lowlife behaviour and encouraged it. It took BSU dumping the third rate vanduls for Moscow to try and fix its offensive behaviour. A little too little and a lot too late. vandul fans should have "Manned Up" years ago. Own it and fix it.

Bye Bye vanduls, enjoy the new WAC with your new 1AA buddies. Big Sky looking better everyday for you, better call now.

PS. How's that AD Robbie Spears working out for you?

Nice touch

Also nice to see a story about the positive.

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Lucky young man

I would hope the kid taunting Billy in this picture hit a casino later that night. He obviously was on a lucky streak, seeing that Billy didn't pick him up and show him the proper technic for tackling.

You should see the pic that

You should see the pic that was taken a few seconds later of the guy giving him the finger...

hopefully he just ingored him

I would have.


Leave poor Kustra out of this.

When he chose to speak up against IDAHO everyone criticized him for it!!!!!!

This is why I'm happy we play Nevada next year

I saw the Broncos play in Seattle, I saw them play in Eugene, and it made me sad that Broncos had to choke their pride and play against such classless losers.

There will always be abusive fans (anyone recall Broncos fans throwing projectiles and the Vandals band?) but the standard that Boise State, Fresno State, Idaho, and Nevada officials hold themselves to while still encouraging competitive spirit is something that I wish all football organizations should hold themselves to. I'd rather be an alumni of a MWC school over a Pac-N school any day.

You'll win THAT one for SURE!

Without 17.3 million ridin' on da GAME,... you'd think THAT GAME would be....well.... AUTOMATIC!!! "We got Roses, yes we do,... We got Roses, Boise BLEW!"

you're really going to be bummed...

when you find out how much of that pay-out actually goes to your school.

Murphy - this is the photo from the gallery that you should show

This photo makes my blood boil - regardless of what team it happened to:



PS - The guy was clearly giving the "Double Bird Salute" if you look closely and study the alignment of the fingers.

there it is

the one and only!

Not a good image

for a city whose number 1 commodity is tourism.
Common courtesy just makes good business sense. Of course, this jerk probably doesn't have a job.

Nevada fans classless

Nevada fans like that one and the other not shown photo, just shows how classless they are., I hope they don't come here for the H-bowl, for sure would not support them one bit now. Even the Nevada players were showing poor sportsmanship, as they were taunting moore a lot after hitting him, but never a flag tossed. The other photo shows a face mask that was never called either. Seems the officals were asleep at the wheel for this game all around.


Geez, dude, the city is trying to apologize. Brick? I hope you feel better after finally passing the one that's half way out...of your mouth.

Well Said

I have said the officials won the game for Reno, I seen everything you are talking about and so did the announcers. To bad we couldn't have impartial refs. As for the Reno fans who chose to act like idiots, It's called A CHARITY WIN!!! Won by the casino paid officials!!!

Good going Mayor.

Good for the Reno Mayor. I think his letter showed good character and leadership.

In general the Nevada fans

In general the Nevada fans and especially the staff at the stadium were great to be around. We had an usher pull me over and offer my daughter some thundersticks, "even though they had wolfpack on them she might still enjoy them". The worst was last year at Fresno. My daughter was overcome with heat exhaustion and I was covered in puke. I had all kinds of classless jerks yelling at us even then.We had some loudmouths on the long walk out. We need to reinstate Wolf season here in Idhao.

Fresno Has Some Too

Maybe it is just a bunch of kiddies who are now old enough to buy beer but can't handle it. But getting reamed every year has to have its effect. Usually the fans are good people. Maybe THEY need a counseling committee too.

The city of reno

and the University should have done this. But the real appology should come from the actual fans. the mayor wasn't being unruly (I hope) I actually dont mind Nevada blowing off some steam after beating the best team they have ever played and a team that owns them. I just wish instead of bashing our fans and players they were buying each other drinks and ripping down those horrible goalposts so they could put up some real ones.
Once again vandies make a totally unrelated story about kustras truthful comments.

I can see it now!

next year a one loss Nevada (to BSU) is in position to win the WAC and UI punks them out of a WAC championship, both fanbases kill each other. Less layers and strippers oh well.