Boise State kicker Kyle Brotzman tells ESPN, 'It was devastating'

By Chadd Cripe

ESPN aired part of its interview with Boise State kicker Kyle Brotzman on Tuesday. The rest is scheduled to air during the 4 p.m. “SportsCenter” on Wednesday.

Brotzman has turned down all interview requests except for the one with ESPN’s Tom Rinaldi.

Brotzman missed two field goals Friday — he pushed wide right the 26-yarder that would have won the game on the last play of regulation and hooked wide left a 29-yarder in overtime. Nevada won 34-31 when its kicker made an overtime field goal.

“It was devastating,” Brotzman told ESPN. “It was a pretty sick feeling just knowing you could have ended it 15 minutes before that and it would have been a whole different outcome.”

The all-time leading scorer in WAC and Boise State history said he overcorrected on the second kick.

“I think I thought about that last kick a little bit too much,” he said. “To be honest, I think that was still in the back of my mind and I think I overcorrected too much. I didn’t want to fail again so I think I tried to do too much with everything instead of just keeping with the same routine I’ve been doing all season long.”

Humble Pie

Sorry it happened to you, Kyle, but it was Karma. The kick would have sailed through if the Broncos would have scheduled future Vandal games.

WOW thats delusional

Typical vandal pride. Think everything has something to do with them.


One of us has a broken funny detector - I thought it was humor/sarcasm - wishful thinking on my part?

Old Dog...

Can't remember seeing you around here much. Answer: Yes, wishful thinking.....Stick'll see..

I know -

I know it's bound to get plumb ugly - guess my cynicism doesn't kick in until I see 'em all herding together...
Maybe reading a page or 2 of the Facebook thing (32,000+ now!)must've softened me up tonite.

Ω Checking out

Wiz and friends. Have to leave for a while and don't know how long. Necessity, not choice. Keep it going.

ps - Go Broncos!

Wishing You Well Razor...

You ok man?

Ω Yeah, okay

It's my mother at 90 and in the hospital in Seattle. Could be a tough one.

Prayers with

you and your family safe..

razor - Ditto

with my prayers!


You got mine too

Sorry to hear that.

Were with you Razor... give mom a hug from each of us.

My prayers too!

Take care


Ω Thanks all

You guys are great. Kinda doing a last minute scramble to get outta here. My ex-BSU footballer friend is taking me the to the jet in the morning.

This basically sucks. She's tough and she's Irish ... maybe, just maybe, we can help her get through this.

ps - go Kyle!

Prayers for your mom, razor,

and for you.

Ω Thank you, a.l.

Scraped enough gear together in time for another read. Probably won't sleep anyway.

You all please carry on until I get back. Thanks for the intellect and the compassion.

ps - Here's to yet another bowl game!

good luck razor

let us know if we can help. i'll monitor the tard report & the troll roster and turn the updated version back to you upon your return.

It was both

He tried to be funny/sarcastic at the same time believing its true karma. Some vandals try anything to make themselves feel relevant when talking about the Broncos. Why would any vandals think in their right mind that Brotz missing those FGs would have anything to do with them? I mean, really? When Brotz missed those FGs the last thing on my mind and Bronco Nations mind was the Idaho Vandals. Not for them tho.

JLandon - was just a 'delayed . . .

. . . hang-fire reaction' from Marie Laveau's patented "Demoralizin' and Runnin' Outta Energy" spell, meant for half-time 12 November. She is real old now, and coming back to life from the dead sapps a lot of energy. She tried her best, but it looks like she 'mis-fired' on that one, and it took effect at half-time on 26 November, instead.

You just can't expect a 127 year old Voodoo Queen of New Orleans, to do the same stuff that she did when she was 35.

Give her a break. So she missed it by a couple of weeks. Big deal.


PS - Her spell didn't affect Brotz, at all - it affected the entire Bronco team. Wish she had of been on her game on 12 November. Oh well, at least she tried. I think she is gonna retire after this, as it is obvious she isn't near the Voodoo Queen she used to be.

Well Then..That Settles It...

Not even VooDoo can help the Vandies....

Wiz - Bald Bob

Yep, it appears that way.

She is kinda embarrased, though. She has another one out there, still waiting to happen (shoulda happened on 11 November, the day before the game, according to her plan) but, it hasn't yet. Another misfire - delayed action thingy. This one is her patented "You Are Gonna Go Bald, Just Cuz It's Fun To Do, And Cuz I Can Do It" spell she designed specifically for Bronco Bob.

Don't know when it's gonna happen, but it will, according to Marie Laveau, Voodoo Queen of New Orleans. If we see him, in the future, wearing a blorange Bronco clown wig, we'll all know it happened.



You always make me laugh. We do need her to retire, fast. I cant have anymore losses like that one. Heaven help the curse she puts on Auburn or Oregon this week. Praying she used up all her Voodoo magic. I think my gut would feel like needles are stuck in them if TCU plays for and wins the National Championship.

How Else, JL, Would...

they get into any conversation? Truly Laughable...


Where have you been man? Someone said you were outta town swinging hammers. That loss hurt on Friday. You should of seen the UNR fans down there. I thought the State of Nevada would declare Martial Law.


Rebuilt a deck for my momma...Trex..Shes in No Calif.

81 told me they were kinda rowdy.

I'm like you..couldn't sleep. DVR'd the game..watched the 1st kick about 15 times. Told my wife it was a miss instantly with the snap. Brotzy, after the time reset "ice", stepped it off...then just prior to snap, readjusted slightly...Thats death on a kick. Just too bad...bound to happen, I'm ready for another 30 or so now..Finally..

Nicely Done

Quite possibly the best Vandal comment I've seen all season.

Can't wait to see Kyle playing on Sundays next year!

hahaha good one.

Brotzman is not an NFL-caliber kicker. I feel bad for the kid, but there's no way to sugar-coat the fact that he won't be playing on Sundays.

Hey Closet Donk Lover

Why doesn't your dam(n)ed team just rent Martin Stadium for the games? It has a capacity 2.5 times that of the Kibbie Done.

I am part of the DONKEY PRIDE!!! GO ORANGE!!! GO BIG BLUE!!! FIGHT!!! FIGHT!!! B.S.U.!!!

Humble and yet a Winner

Speaking about pie, what will the Vandals be eating for the bowl season??? Just dust from the Kibble dome. See Ya

He is a good kicker

i won't rule him out. He has done so much in the time he has been at BSU and I know he will continue doing great no matter what he does or where he goes. I really believe he will make it in the NFL and can't wait to watch him. Have fun on seniors day and we will miss not seeing you guys play on the blue turf.
Don't forget to vote for Kellen
and Coach Pete

GO BRONCOS!!!!!!! BLEED BLUE!!!!!!!!!!

We love you, Kyle!

You have done completed so many incredible feats as Boise State's kicker. In addition, you do so much important community work with our young folks, and are well known on campus as a smart and respected individual. S**t happens, and I feel bad that you felt devastated. I hope you can focus on the tremendous good you have done this program, the city of Boise, Boise State and the state of Idaho.

Go Broncos!

There is One Thing Vandie Fans Never....

throw at BSU..

We see it all... academics, thugs, smurf blue, grad rates, dirty play...On and On and On..

But there's one thing they stay away from...

Anyone guess what it is??

Wiz - I know the answer

Prolly, whose cheerleaders are the cutest?


PS - It's not like either one has anything to brag about in that area.

PPS - What did I win - an autographed pic of the Oregon Cheerleaders?

Reject Button....

No prize for you the pizza contest, unlimited entries !


Wiz - another stab at it

The fact that the land the BSU campus sits on is actually owned by University of Idaho Endowment Land Trust, per the Idaho State Constitution, and BSU makes an annual payment to the UofI Endowment Land Trust Fund, for use of that land, with those funds benefiting only the University of Idaho and not BSU?


Money sweet Money

You might "ear mark" that money to build a Division I football facility. Hummmm, no that would be the smart thing to do. Funny how even the teams in the big sky have better No wonder why they wont join the WAC of Jackoffs


But thats a good one..Can't recall being jabbed on that...

You get half a pizza...There's another...


Gee wiz

I cant think of it. Honest Ive tried.

Wiz - UoI is a football training ground/factory for BSU coaches?

The fact that the Two Most Revered Bronco Coaching Greats: Lyle Smith and Tony Knap, were really Vandals, as both, played on the '35-'38 Vandal football team (with Stanko Pavkov and Johnny Cooper of future pro football fame) and cut their gridiron teeth on the grassy fields in Moscow? Basically, the fact that what built Bronco football is nothing more than a practical extension of the pragmatic educational experience provided to future BSU football coaching legends, by the University of Idaho. BSU football would, in reality, have been nothing and just a mere shadow of insignificance, today; without the University of Idaho's superlative involvement in ensuring that the original Great BSU Football Coaches - knew what they were doing - did it right - and, were thoroughly inculcated in Vandalhoodism.


Ding Ding Ding We Have a Winner...AQFUNK

Wow VNDL...cant believe you got that. I had noooo clue...a neighbor buddy told me that. Said there's been a couple assistant coaches along the way as well. Bravo! win the all you can eat pizza..payable in FL or AZ (sorry, forgot to mention that)...


It was a whole team collapse. Defense giving up 300+ yards in the second half. Titus and Austin dropping huge pas$es in regulation and overtime. You will get over this and move on to bigger, and better things. It is what it is.

Truely, "What does not kill you; will only make you stronger!"

If I ever run into you in a bar, please let me buy you a drink... only after your eligibility runs out though.

Keep your head up!!!


Totally disappointed that he has a tribal-band tattoo. You are a great kicker and will go down as one the best for BSU, but no more tribal band styled tattoos. See you Saturday as I will stand up a cheer for you on Senior Day.


When the TV camara panned across the crowd did anybody notice the person dressed in a hamster costume wearing a jersey with Martin's number? I thought that was priceless! I still smile about it and I want to say "hat's off" to the person who took the time to do that. It was great!

I remember that

It was funny at the time. But now whenever I think of it, I think of BSU losing.....

Muscle Hampster costume is awesome!

I met that guy the week before at the Fresno State game. He was trying to get into a porta potty but couldn't fit. I think he was playing around but it gave us a good laugh! His support seemed to help Dougie, he had monster performance. How did he get the nickname the muscle hampster anyways?

Muscle Hamster

Hes pretty small for a running back, but he can squat over 500 pounds. He got the nickname because he's very strong despite his size

Can't imagine...

How terrible that must feel, knowing that you could be the hero and not quite getting there. That said, Kyle, so many of those who are putting you down are never going to risk putting themselves out there weekly with the pressure you deal with so well 99.9% of the time. Don't forget that for each person putting you down for an error there are hundreds just waiting to see you redeem that error. Do something fun for Senior Day...let's see a touchdown from you...that's worth 2 FG's =) Those of us who know what a class act you are don't blame you for is part of the game, because you are human. Those who do try to place blame don't deserve to call themselves part of Bronco Nation.


He's been at a couple of games. We will have to watch and see if he is at more.

GO BRONCOS!!!!!!!!!

Vote for Kellen, right bashful?



for Kellen everyday
amd Coach Pete