Boise State's Bob Kustra says Ohio State president's comments 'wrong ... ridiculous'

By Chadd Cripe

Boise State president Bob Kustra, in an interview with the Idaho Statesman, blasted Ohio State president E. Gordon Gee for his comments about the national championship hopes of Boise State and TCU.

Here are the highlights:

— “He claims that in the SEC, Big Ten and Big 12 it’s murderer’s row every week and there’s absolutely little substance to that claim. … The BCS has finally found someone to stand up and defend the indefensible and Gordon Gee proved it — he not just proved that it’s indefensible but he did so with facts that are simply wrong. … Everyone in intercollegiate football knows that athletic directors of those large power conferences are scheduling more and more teams who are I-AA, who are teams at the weaker end of the non-AQ conferences, and for Gee to stand up and talk about murderer’s row every week is just the height of folly. It’s ridiculous. I think he’s going to set off a firestorm he probably has no interest in creating. To say that he overstated his case is an understatement.”

— “I just hope that when he speaks about his research profile or the quality of his university he’s a little more believable than he is about athletics, because he’s just so wrong on this one. … If anything, ridiculous and inaccurate presentations like this from a major university president will go further to make our case. … It makes the point I’ve been making all along that this fundamentally must be about presidents and not athletic directors and not conference commissioners. Presidents who stand up and talk about values and truth and fairness and access and equity speak with forked tongue when it comes to athletics — and it makes no sense to me how they can be so absolutely wrong and know it and yet stand up as the pillars of moral rectitude.”

— On Boise State’s chances to play in the title game this year: “I’d like to see a little better position in the polls after this weekend but generally speaking I’m very impressed with the reaction that the objective sports media, reporters and analysts have of us across the nation.”

— “Everyone understands this system needs overhauling, needs reform. We probably need to sit down and think about a playoff system. The only outliers are the presidents of the schools in the large conferences. … They’re like puppets on a string for their conference commissioners. Once they are brought out into the open for their inaccuracies and falsehoods in their thinking, in Gee’s case, the sooner I think the system falls on its own. … In the meantime, they did allow for these rare moments where a university runs the table. It still isn’t fair — all we have to do is lose one and we’re left out and Virginia Tech is still going — but I do think we’re on the trajectory here that can get us in that national championship game.”

— On a playoff system: “I was going to leave that to the experts. Then on my trip last week out to Washington (D.C.) I read the Yahoo! Sports guys’ book, ‘Death to the BCS.’ I thought their playoff system made pretty good sense. There might have to be some fine-tuning of the bowl games. … I like their four-week playoff scheme and I think that would work.”

Ohio State (10-1) is No. 8 in the BCS standings. Boise State (10-0) is No. 4. The Buckeyes have played two BCS Top 30 teams — No. 7 Wisconsin (loss) and No. 24 Iowa (win). The Broncos also have played two — No. 16 Virginia Tech (win) and No. 30 Hawaii (win). The Broncos also face No. 19 Nevada on Friday.


In case you missed it earlier, here's the AP story on Gee:

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Even if TCU and Boise State run the table, they still don't deserve to be in the Bowl Championship Series title game, Ohio State president E. Gordon Gee said Wednesday.

In an interview with The Associated Press, the president at the university with the largest athletic program in the country said that TCU and Boise State do not face a difficult enough schedule to play in the national championship game.

"Well, I don't know enough about the Xs and Os of college football," said Gee, formerly the president at West Virginia, Colorado, Brown and Vanderbilt universities. "I do know, having been both a Southeastern Conference president and a Big Ten president, that it's like murderer's row every week for these schools. We do not play the Little Sisters of the Poor. We play very fine schools on any given day.

"So I think until a university runs through that gantlet that there's some reason to believe that they not be the best teams to [be] in the big ballgame."

Gee, long an admirer of the BCS and the current bowl system, said he was against a playoff in the Football Bowl Subdivision.

"If you put a gun to my head and said, 'What are you going to do about a playoff system [if] the BCS system as it now exists goes away?' I would vote immediately to go back to the bowl system," he said.

He said the current system is better for the student-athletes.

"It's not about this incessant drive to have a national championship because I think that's a slippery slope to professionalism," he said. "I'm a fan of the bowl system and I think that by and large it's worked very, very well."

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Does something to redeem himself. Good move.


may just be trying to get BSU the notoriety and press it deserves.

Is that Larry King

across from Kustra in the picture or does Gee look half dead???


CONFIRMED, Kustra is a clown.

Sounds about right

I love Bobby! Finally a President that stands up for the Broncos.

He only stands up for football

Too bad that Kustra does not "fight" for academic standards and funding the way he advocates for football.

That was the whole point of his rant 4 months ago

That HE does stand up for academics. Sheesh. What a noob.

What in god's name gives you that idea?


His brain's a pocket rocket and he wrecked it on Broadway Ave.

Dr. Howard Gardner

Dr. Howard Gardner would be able to answer that question and make you to be the fool that you are. Try accepting intelligences as they are not as you think they should be.

When I figure out who you're talking about...


I still do not care and your mother found your dirty magazines again.

I made sugarfree apple-peach pies last night, first time in more than 10 your veggies!

why sugar free?

i prefer sugary.

Because I've been a Type II diabetic since 1996.


You must remove foot from mouth before inserting ice cream

Kustra does put academics first

while leaving the Bronco's fund raising to the the A.D. for the most part, and he fights for health insurance and fair pay for even the lowest members of the university staff.

I applaud

Bronco Bob publicly taking a stand today. For that reason I have more respect for the man. Its a start.

Gee is Nasty and Inebriated

Let me guess, Kustard called Gee "Nasty and Inebriated." I guess this means that if BSU ever plays OSU in Columbus Kustard isn't going.

Feelings hurt still?


Not really

But bronco bob's must be.


idiotic reply from an already tanked Scandal.


There is a difference between the President of OSU making stupid comments and the lowlife behavior of a very large number of vandul fans. This year (finally), the vanduls tried to clean up some of the "Nasty and Inebriated" behavior. I applaud that, but is a little too little and a lot too late, like 30 years too late. Goodbye and good riddens to the 1AA bound vanduls.

PS. How's that AD Robbie Spears working out for you?


Rob Spear is working out great! He is a statesman and gentleman and twice the man that Gene is. He is so much better than that insecure moronic idiot of a president that you have over there at that football program you call a school! I will not even lower myself to speak that slick grease ball's name! He is classless and a whiner. Get over it Bob! BSU does not belong with the big boys! I like how he has already written off Nevada as he mentions better place in the polls next week. It may not be an issue next week if Nevada has anything to say about it!

You can think that all you want

but spear is at the helm when UI is staring down teh longest blackest hole they have ever seen. I will submit that UIs situation may not be spears doing but you cannot defend the captain of a ship that just hit an iceberg.


Funny how even UofI folks were trying to get rid of Robbie Spears. There was a get rid of Spears website, till they were forced to take it down. He is a slimeball.


I hope your post was just a joke. Spears is an arrogant phony loser. Akey has won me over with his aw schucks approach. Reminds me of the crazy uncle who everyone has. Tells great stories that are mostly fabricated but tells it in a way thats almost believable. Swears a lot. And has a junk load of fricken words that sound like swear words but are not. Hes kinda a funny lovable loudmouth dude. Mom tells you to stay away from him, but hes mostly harmless. Spears on the other hand is the relative always bragging about his new toys but later asks to borrow money. Hes too busy to attend Thanksgiving because "hes making money". He owes everyone favors, doesnt make good on promises or bets and you feel like taking a cold shower in the middle of winter OUTSIDE just to feel clean again after associating with him.

dead on landon

spears is a loser. vandal fans that think they are on the right track like finishing 6-6. "we didn't have a losing season."

tale of the tape

quisnos constitution:. OSU president GEE has tried to distance himself from the coming problems of the College football scene '.Economics'. one word but in this case the explanation for the lessening of moneys usually needed to keep powerfull football empires powerfull. Northern, Eastern, Western, and southern Powers hit by dollar devaluation and a unemployed figure nation wide of over 24%. this is not condusive to strength as States are needing money for basic needs not football. the economy in any sense of the word is very bad in this country. Taxes are increasing services being cut. To college football this relates to less money . Players from states acrossed the nation staying home because money is tight. So universities like BSU and TCU who are close to good high school football programs get more looks from their aspiring area athletes. The creme which used to flow to the major universities cut off by' ecomomics'. University presidents like GEE who spent over 30+ million dollars per year to maintain their bloated systems ripe with payoffs and gifts, while schools like BSU somewhere, Idaho reap the rewards and have the prescense of mind to put their money in just the necessities. BSU 7 million dollas as opposed to Ohio States 42 million. thats not including the back door deals. Im an Alabama Alumni I love my team and its history.,but for it as others to keep at the top of the structure, much money is needed. And when the moneys dry up each state will have to pull on its own. And with out it how are the power brokers going to maintain their volumuous systems when lesser schools give just as good of instruction to the art of gentlemens football? most are blind for TCU,s Toledos, BSU's and many other smaller schools are the benefactors of this 'economy'. As In the early 1900's the schools most likely to get the best talents will be those of our armed forces, which by the way are seeing a resurgence for the government has deep pockets. But most schools with less economic problems, may well get the better players. And schools who have needed in the past to reach acrossed many state lines,see their abilities to maintain this practice stopped, for there will be no money for it. And most of you will be oblivious to its happening For TV has created a society of welfare inspired couch potatoes with the big team W stamped on their foreheads.

People who are 'nasty and inebriated'

get called on it. Gee is just mentally incompetent/unstable. There's a difference. You'd recognize it if you had an edjummakation.

No chucky boy

That would be the "soon to be" last of the WAC....the Vandals. If you could read the article with your "land-grant college degree" if you made it that far you would know...!!! Dr. Kustra called out Gee and all the rest of those idiots!! But, hey OSU might be needing a "weak sister" opponent they can pound on. We will give them your number.


Kustra has the nutz to call out another university president for making "ridiculous and inaccurate presentations"? Nice...


Whats ridiculous and inaccurate about your nasty and inebriated culture? You guys proudly embrace it. Or at least your fans do. I saw hundreds of fans wearing those tshirts in the Kibbie for that beat down 2 weeks ago.


...mocking the ridiculous loudmouth, yes. I had mine just days after.

Gee's Contact info

Dr Gordon Gee
205 Bricker Hall
190 N Oval Mall
Columbus, OH 43210

Phone: (614) 292-2424


Get your phones out Bronco Nation!

Everyone call him NOW. Its 4:44 his time so the office is about to close. I got ahold of a very nice admin assistant who said she'd pass on my message, that President Gee's argument STINKS! Really nice lady so don't give her a hard time but I think lighting up his phone lines would get our message across


Thanks for the info busnation. My letter sent to Mr Gee.

Mr. Gee,

I'll keep this short as I am sure you are getting tons of email and phone calls about your idiotic comment and your non-BCS hatred. It is obvious that you are past retirement age; I'm not a young kid either. However the statements you have must be coming from a man that is clearly going senile. Maybe it is time for you to step down. Or at the very least realize that the BCS is not full of Gods. Non-BCS teams have to win EVERY game or they do not have a chance of even coming close to a BCS game. If that is not pressure I'm not sure what is. Also your SOS is really not all that impressive either.

But a simple way to prove this would be to schedule a game against either BSU or TCU. Make it the first game so your team will be rested up and not exhausted from there "murderer's row". And we would hate to play you when one of your players has a hang nail and another one has a tummy ache.

Put you team where you mouth is or just plain shut up and realize your precious BCS is made to make money, not good teams. The BCS could care less who the best team is in the nation.

Have a great Holiday; See you on the Blue if your team is not chicken,

(name removed)

Gee Wiz

Build yourself a real stadium with enough seating to hold the OSU faithful and we will gladly come west. In another fifty years when you have a long history of excellence like OSU, and tens of thousands of fans that will travel anywhere to see their team, then you will play in BCS bowls. OSU has more fans that travel to watch them in a bowl than BSU has fans period.


I get it. Your team is 'entitled' to be an AQ school, because your school is older and has a larger fan base, than BSU?

Interesting to note how you seem to believe the size of the stadium is somehow proportional to the 'right' to compete for a BCS National Championship. A bigger football stadium inherently makes your football team better?

I know, I know - the ancient 'size matters' arguement. You have ignored the most important aspect of the arguement - the 'satisfaction' component. When you factor that in, 'size' is of no consequence; and can sometimes, be just a 'drag'.

There is truth to the old saying: "People with a little brain, have little thought."


buckeye fans

would get see a quality team in action if "the" ohio state university played boise state. boise state would expose them and any other big 10 team as the old fashioned, game has passed us by program that they truly are.

that really isnt your argument is it?

We have a big stadium and used to win before you were born? Honestly.?

You want a date pretty dang bad!


The Spud Stalker!

Pistols at dawn.

Pistols at dawn.


Kustra = Hypocrite


stay out of sports do what you are pad to do oops i forgot you do not do what you are paid to do


does this make up for the boycott you had going?



I still want an apology from Bronco Bob.

Until then, BSU will never see another penny of my Vandal money.


Here is an Idea

Take those pennies and start a fund to build a "football" facility. The kibble dome and its new "face lift" is a joke. You can put an nice napkin over a turd, but it is still a turd!!

forsportn - bummer - so it didn't . . .

. . . work for ya as a Haloween mask?


I heart Kustra


I've been here wel over 3 years.


Even when I was cranky


paid to do sorry nation

ohio state president

great for giving your opinion i agree they the nation plays cupcakes they will never beat a good team

Zip it Weisberg

Give us your USC, Oregon and Auburn and we'll give you a loss on your record...