WAC commish: League will survive

By Nick Jezierny

WAC commissioner Karl Benson held a teleconference Monday, aiming to "eliminate any of the reports that we aren’t going to survive. This is a very strong statement that the WAC is prepared to move forward and do whatever it takes to continue our operations.”

The conference is losing Boise State to the Mountain West Conference after this season. Nevada and Fresno State will depart the WAC after the 2011-12 school year for the MWC. And now Hawaii is in discussions with the MWC to depart the WAC.

Texas State and UT-San Antonio are set to join the WAC for the 2012-13 season. Denver will also join at that time as a non-football playing member.

The highlights of the call:

• Benson has reached out to North Texas and TCU about membership in the conference and will meet with Hawaii athletic director Jim Donovan Thursday in Las Vegas about the Warriors remaining in the WAC as a football-only member. Hawaii announced it is negotiating with the Mountain West Conference for a football-only model and would move its other sports to the Big West Conference.

North Texas’ invitation would be for all sports, while TCU’s would be for non-football teams if the Horned Frogs jump to the Big East in football.

• If the WAC were to lose Hawaii or another member, Benson said the conference would not lose its automatic bids to NCAA championships. He cited new legislation that is expected to be approved in January.
“There have been reports that our automatics are in jeopardy,” Benson said, adding that it has led to “negative recruiting” by schools outside the WAC. “None of our automatic qualifiers will be threatened.”

• If the WAC doesn’t add an eighth football school by 2012, the conference would lose its FBS status. The seven schools — Idaho, Louisiana Tech, New Mexico State, San Jose State, Texas-San Antonio, Texas State and Utah State — retain their FBS status. The WAC still would collect money from the BCS and be eligible for bowl games. The only thing the WAC would lose is its voice on certain FBS committees, Benson said.

• Regarding the WAC's bowl tie-ins, Benson said the league has "an understanding" with the Boise-based Humanitarian Bowl for 2013-14. The league has a tie-in with the bowl through the 2012 season. Benson said he envisions a partnership with the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl in San Francisco and the Poinsettia Bowl in San Diego, but likely as secondary partners.

The Hawaii Bowl will likely remain affiliated with whatever conference the Hawaii football team is in. The New Mexico Bowl will end its ties with the WAC after the 2011 season.

BYU and MWC TV deal

• Here is very an interesting story from the Salt Lake Tribune about BYU and its problems with the Mountain West Conference's television partners.

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Apparently no one is paying attention

The TCU AD has allready said he's not splitting his teams:


He sounds desperate

The Bensonator needs to give it up and start looking for a new job......


This makes me wonder if the MWC is all its cracked up to be. Just wondering and I'm wondering why Thompson chose not to comment? Is there more to the story other than he just wants to focus on future membership?


This makes me wonder if the MWC is all its cracked up to be. Just wondering and I'm wondering why Thompson chose not to comment? Is there more to the story other than he just wants to focus on future membership?

Thats a lot of wondering 1960

I know your stance on the Broncos and the MWC. But why would Nevada and Fresno pay millions to get out of the WAC if the MWC isnt all its cracked up to be? And why is Hawaii wanting into the MWC?

Utah State

And why did the Utah State president want to beat himself up after he declined the invitation and fresno/nevada ended up jumping ship?

Landon, do you suppose

the grass just looks greener on the other side of the fence? I wonder if the leaders of the WAC schools leaving the conference fully understood the grievances. Have they been hood-winked? Maybe Thompson's not that great of leader. I don't know. He refused to comment to the Salt Lake Tribune. He had an opportunity to tell his side of the story. Who was responsible for brokering the TV deal...was it Thompson? Why did he not address BYU's grievances? Isn't that his job as commissioner? At any rate I still think there's more to the story that hasn't yet unfolded. Today may have been the beginning of more information coming to light. I'm going to be interested if they follow up with Utah regarding the statement they and BYU were virtually forced out of the conference. I just have lots of questions and I'm curious to see what happens next.

We are in agreement

The TV contract is an absolute joke. I hate it. HATE! But I like games against Air Force and TCU every year. Tho not sure if thats still going to happen.

I think Thompson did a poor job of trying to keep BYU. I think he tried to bluff them and the Cougars called it and went Indy. I will say this. I think both Benson and Thompson are mediocre leaders at best and you are right, it will be interesting to see what happens.

sportsisfun1960 - A new Big Baby is growing

What we are witnessing is a merging of the WAC into the MWC and a few C-USA teams to create a new two division Superconference.

Lots of not commenting going on.

Lots of jockeying for position.

Lots of machinations behind the scenes.

We will learn of this new Superconference after the next season 2011 is played out.

Just my personal and very humble opinion.


A new Big Baby may indeed be growing

I get the sense you may be onto something. I'm wondering exactly who is not talking and who's doing the jockeying. After the season plays out it'll be interesting to see who's the first to show their hand. I kinda feel that BYU started the ball rolling and Salt Lake Tribune article put a "brighter" spotlight onto the core issues for me to better understand.

The statement made that BYU and Utah were forced out of the MWC is profound. I wonder if the WAC teams scheduled to join the MWC understood the depth of all of these grievances that BYU and possibly Utah had? I can understand the issue because I RARELY get to see MWC games televised on the west coast. If Boise's TV schedule is that restricted I won't get to watch them. I don't know how many households follow BSU over here but you can be garanteed there will be fewer households watching them.

I hadn't thought about CUSA being part of a coalition but you are right because they have a few teams that would fit nicely into western conferences and they have the non AQ status in common with the WAC and MWC. There would probably be no room for Air Force in a super conference...if they went down the same road as Navy and Army would they have AQ status as an independent?

SIF - That's your new nickname now

SIF, the only independent that has AQ status is Notre Dame, provided they finish in the top 15 of the final BCS rankings.

No other independents really have a doable hot at a BCS post sason bowl.

Notre Dame is the only independent to also, have membership on the 35 member BCS Committee, as an AQ Conference Equal.

Notre Dame is a Charter Member of the Cartel. The have two icons; one that can be seen - Touchdown Jesus. And one that can only be accessed with a bank vault combination - Greenback Jesus.


PS - It is pronounced like syph.

Complete truth about Notre Dame

Good work VNDL. Pegged that one absolutely correct.

Good stuff

nothing like praying to two Gods.

The H-Bowl will always exist to be of benefit to BSU

To whatever conference the BSU Broncos go - so goes the Humanitarian Bowl. Technically, BSU does not own the Humanitarian Bowl. However, the H-Bowl is played in a facility (Bronco Stadium) that is owned by BSU. Also, ticket distribution for the bowl is handled thru BSU Athletic Department ticket outlet. I am assuming the H-Bowl 'leases' Bronco Stadium for the one game a year. I don't really know how much actual monetary benefit the H-Bowl provides the BSU Athletic Department in the form of revenue, though - as I have never seen those figures.

Also, a review of the names of the Directors of the various State of Idaho Corporations, will lend credence to the probability that whatever conference BSU goes to, the H-Bowl will go with them to the gaining conference. It is interesting to note Mr. Karl Benson's name as a Director of the H-Bowl. Possibly, this is what he is referring to when he says he has "an understainding" with the H-Bowl - as he is a Director of it in the first place?

A. Bronco State Broncos, Inc.:


B. Bronco Athletic Association, Inc.:


C. Humanitarian Bowl, Inc.:



The WAC is

sure changing its position. A couple months ago it was "we will thrive and be better" now it is we will survive? I dont think a merger is coming but it doesnt matter if there is a merger or not there are some teams in 2012 that will be desperate for survival. If VNDL is right and there is a merger teams will be left out If I am right and the WAC dies then teams will have no home. either way the lower tier teams both competitively and financially will have to be prepared to think about not having a future in D1.


Your ignorance about the BCS is showing again. You really have to get the book, "Death To The BCS" and read it, Oh Silly One.

Here is a thought - th BCS exists to make big money, for themselves the conferences, the 120 teams, and the 35 post season bowls.

The BCS has 35 post season bowls, so that means 70 teams can play in them. Basically, the BCS needs all 35 of the post season bowls so 58% of the FBS teams can play in them and make even more money. It would not be good to have 35 post season bowls and less than 120 FBS teams (which is status quo at this time); because - it would cheapen the idea (and reduce viewership) of a team with a losing record, playing in a post season bowl. There is already consternation that 6-6 teams will likely be playing in some of these bowls with BCS waivers. Fans don't want to go to post season bowls and pay money to see 5-7 teams play in them.

So the BCS NEEDS at least 120 teams (even a few more would be nice). They are gonna make sure the current teams have 'homes' (conferences) to go to. That's a given. No current FBS team is gonna get 'left out'. Just wishful thinking on your part, cuz of your inordinate and bizarre hatred of the University of Idaho.

Also, Mr. Never Think Things Thru, you keep saying Idaho is not a 'good team'. Well the current Week 12 BCS rankings of all 120 FBS teams are out. Here's something to rub in your face:

# 78 - Idaho
# 79 - Houston - * CUSA
# 86 - UTEP - * CUSA
# 87 - Utah State - * CUSA

I put an asterik by those CUSA teams that the MWC is currently courting. Funny isn't it that Idaho is higher BCS ranked than the three the MWC wants to bring on board.

Why, you ask isn't Idaho being courted. Well, it is mostly because of potential fan base and TV market share. But also, because the WAC is gonna be folded into a new Superconference.

I believe both the BCS Committee and the WAC and MWC commissioners know all about it; but they are being very careful about dribbling out the mechanics of it all, and are working in concert and tandem.

Of course this is all just my humble opinion, to do with what you want.


PS - The BCS and all the conferences need cupcakes. Don't you get that part yet?

VNDL and the book

According to my math, the combined payouts for "all" bowls last year was $225,300,000 give or take a mil.

The combined TV contract payouts for the big 6 conferences for last year was $730,899,000 give or take a couple of mil.

If you were a big 6 conference big shot, what would you be more concerned about?

The BCS bowl system (the small pot of gold) exists to keep the real pot of gold safe.

tfunky - Help me out here - I don't understand your point - ?

I do not understand your point.

It seems to me you are mixing apples and oranges.

Apple - Regular Season: The $731Mil you are referring to is for TV contract payouts as a result of regular season games. Correct?

Orange - Post Season: The $225Mil you are referring to is for combined payouts for post season bowls. Correct?

The BCS controls the post season and the revenue it generates. Correct?

The book does not discuss the amount of regular season combined TV contracts for the big 6 conferences, as the book does not focus on the regular season, business wise, as there is no BCS payout involvement for regular season play. That is left up to the Conference Commissioners, University Presidents, ADs, and coaches, to handle 'in house'. The BCS is not involved with those matters.

But - the book does point out, that; "Formally, the Cartel doesn't exist. Neither, for that matter, does the BCS. It is not a legal construct, just a series of contracts among various entities. . . ", Page 3, "Death To The BCS".

However, those series of contracts are between the Big 6 Conference Commissioners, University Presidents of those 6 conferences and the President of Notre Dame. Who are in essence the original 'incorporators' of the BCS and Automatic Qualifiers to the BCS games.

Your figures for last year's bowls are somewhat accurate. The book sez; ". . . Currently, the payouts for the thiry-five bowl games are worth about $220 million to college teams. This is the total gross revenue the postseason produces for the schools. About $80 million of that is spent on travel, unsold tickets, and bonuses. It's the cost of doing business in the BCS system, the money that keeps the smaller bowls alive. . .", Ibid, p. 76.

However, the payouts for the BCS bowls comprised $155.2 million of that $220million; "While the big six conferences hogged 82.3 percent of the $155.2 million paid out by BCS games last year, the Mountain West Conference, Western Athletic Conference, Mid-American Conference, Conference USA and Sun Belt Conference scraped along with the leftovers.", Ibid, p. 3.


PS - In essence, the BCS was created and exists to protect the post season playoff slots/chances/probablilities and almost virtually guarantee a National Championship Title for the Big 6 Conferences (AQs) and Notre Dame (AQ Indy). The nonAQers are motivated to get their slice of the regular season TV contracts from their conferences and post season slice of the pie from the 'lesser' bowls. The Presidents, ADs, and coaches, of the nonAQers are motivated to get bonuses to get their teams to the 'lesser' bowls, regardless if they are profitable or not. Basically, everybody makes money in the deal. The more post season bowls, the better. The more FBS teams - the more 'cupcakes are needed proportionately. The cupcakes are happy. Their fans don't know the difference. The Big 6 and Notre Dame make more money. The nonAQers make more money. Life is good to be a FBS team President, AD, or coach - win or lose. A head to head playoff for a NC would ruin it for everybody. It is just the silly fans that want a head to head playoff for a NC. Stupid fans.

PPS - RE; your seminal question; "If you were a big 6 conference big shot, what would you be more concerned about?" My answer - Considering the hypothetical construct that I was both a Big 6 conference big shot AND a BCS big shot, I would be concerned about both, as they are both, mutually supporting. I would fight tooth and nail against ever having a head to head playoff system to determine a NC, AND I would gladly welcome the creation of a non-AQ Superconference with two divisions, as it would reduce the number of AQ conferences from five to four or five to three, and lessen the high tenor of outcrys against the BCS system by non-AQ conferences (making it easier to control three or four rather than five).

"In essence, the BCS was

"In essence, the BCS was created and exists to protect the post season playoff slots/chances/probablilities and almost virtually guarantee a National Championship Title for the Big 6 Conferences (AQs) and Notre Dame (AQ Indy)."

You see, this could not be further from the truth. First it must be understood that:

1.) The BCS IS the big six conferences, they are one in the same.

2.) The single most threat to the regular season TV contracts is a playoff system.

The bowls and the corresponding $220,000,000 are a way to placate the natives. Consider this the BCS insurance premium (which is a sweet deal since they rake half of this amount back in). For the non-AQ programs, the bowls represent THE pot of gold. Look at the MWC, each program will get about $1M from the conference TV deal. A BCS bowl bid will generate 3 times that amount plus a nice little check for the other conference programs. Now, compare the to the SEC, their pot of gold is their TV deal that generates about $18M per program. A BCS bowl will not generate a 5th of that amount. I've said this before and I'll stick by it, at the end of the day Alabama would rather have that $17M each year than a BCS bowl bid each year.

"The book does not discuss the amount of regular season combined TV contracts for the big 6 conferences, as the book does not focus on the regular season, business wise, as there is no BCS payout involvement for regular season play. That is left up to the Conference Commissioners, University Presidents, ADs, and coaches, to handle 'in house'. The BCS is not involved with those matters."

Once you realize that the BCS is the big 6, you understand how wrong this assumption is. This is where I have the most problem with the book, it does not address the single most important reason the BCS exists.

If I were a conspiracy type of person, I would bet money that the BCS itself is behind this book.

Just my 2 cents........

tfunky - no the Cartel is not behind the book, lolol

You really need to read Page 7 and Page 15, "Death To The BCS", to see the fallacy of your arguement. It will be glaringly apparent, per a close reading.

Here is a little tickler from Page 3: "Suggesting a playoff to the Cartel is futile because it doesn't care how big the postseason revenue pie gets or even if its slice would grow. It simply wants to ensure that no one else holds the knife."



PS - Judgement of anything, prior to a close inspection of the relevant evidence and facts, only increases the possibility of reaching a false conclusion - Wun Hung Low - Chinese Peasant and Organ Donor.


1) Im sure if they had less bowls they could find something to do with the money and to make up for the loss of a few bowls (like the H bowl and NM bowl)........ The argument that 35 bowls must exist to generate money is silly (though I havent read the book)
2) Idaho may have that ranking this year and even last but they aren't going bowling, have peaked and the pertinent history of the program and the potential future is not attractive to ANY conference.

now you and I both agree on one thing. UI would be better off in the big sky.
Dont let your fixation on the BCS blind you from reality.
IF BSU wins a NC this year and IF the MWC is an AQ conference in 2012 then no matter how unfair the BCS is as a bronco fan you would have to be a fan of the current system. (I know those ifs are HUGE but if the BCS were the entity that launched BSU into the history books and the money round..... well it would be a hard sell in these parts that the BCS is evil.
Remember haliburton is the devil.... unless you are an exec there.



Beelzebub/Old Scratch/Lucifer/Satan would marinate then the fry them in kerosene with lemon butter and Jack Daniels'. NEXT!


RE: Your 1). Yep, you haven't read the book. It is glaringly obvious.

Nothing more to say, really. Other than Chapter 4. Lies, Damn Lies, and Bowl Payouts, and Chapter 7. Myth of the Dead Bowls; "Death To The BCS", should not be read by you. You would not be interested in what it has to say, as you already know everything about the BCS.

BSU will win the NC this year.

The MWC will never be an AQ conference in 2012.

Until you read the book and can conduct a reasoned and well rounded and cited debate, I really don't think I have any more to discuss with you.

Good Day, Sir.


I cannot tell if you are serious. Have not read the book you are pimping not going to, not because I dont want to it just is sooooooo far down on my list that I wont..... THAT IS WHY WE HAVE YOU TO POST ON HERE!
You are worse than a JW at my door. I will not read your stupid book and join your "cult"!
If the book has some information in it we could benefit from, please tell us but if you are just getting paid by Barnes and Nobel then back off.....
Put some windows in your house, read my no soliciting sign, and get off my front porch!

P2 - you won't read the book

Prolly cuz, it doesn't have any pictures in it, and uses too many polysylabic words.


PS - That a boy - the old P2 is back!! Kind of missed ya.

Now that's funny

anyone else and you get flagged..........

It took all the strength I had not to fall apart...


Oh, no not I...I will survive



No theories of machinations really matter and it's not a "Happy Meal" but college sports.


Well, it's my opinion, and I am sticking to it.


PS - Did you ever get to eat pie at Maude's in Payette? Haven't been there in about 30 years. Wonder if it is still open. Best pie I ever had. Even better than Manley's in Boise (not as big of pieces though, but better quality than Manley's).

Nope. It's been gone a while as far as I know...

TIPS as well, the Paddock bar moved down the street as Jacob's Well, V Club is V-Twin (Charlie Nelson sold it). Mandarin Restaurant is a great place. Sizzler is tops here, also Romio's, Fiesta Guadalajara.


You must remove your post before it will be posted.

FO - maybe you can remember the name

There used to be a roadhouse type cafe/tavern/dancing place right along the Snake River, a couple miles off the main road, halfway between Payette and Weiser. When I was in high school me and another kid hauled 3 wire tied bales from Fairfield to Midvale on an old Rio 18 gear semi with two trailers. We used to stop there and buy beer on the way back, cuz they would sell it to us at age 14 and 15. Can't think of the name of that place. I think it had a 'green' in it or something like that. Maybe you remember it?

We would just pull up and park in front and go inside and show our money and walk out with a case of Coors in 11 ounce cans. Each case came with a metal can opener, called a 'church key'. We would drink beer all the way back to Fairfield, catch a few hours sleep on the hay field ground in our sleeping bags, and then load the semi trailers up again at first light and hit the road for somewhere else in Idaho, Oregon, or Nevada. I was the older of the two, so the boss made me drive.

Couldn't do that sort of stuff these days, though. Too many laws.


PS - Was good money for each of us. A penny a bale for each, once delivered and stacked. Each trailer had 300 bales. We each made $6.00 a day. Big money for a high school kid back then

Palisades Junction? That's at the freeway exit at Fruitland?

Nichols Steak House is on the main drag near Campos fueling station, next to the new FMTC, the Post Office

Apple Bin was on that street.

I haven't driven over to Weiser in over five years. I'm not sure I know.

OH! The place next to Hanigans was torn down and TKO/Roadrunner Tavern burned down a few years ago. There's a car lot there now. That's how I met "Lindalou" Madigan more or less. She was one of their "---holes Of The Month" and from her picture, I knew it was a joke and had to meet her.

God I'm happy I did. One of my favorite people I ever met in Payette. Simply adore her : )


Boy, the way Glenn Miller played...

VNDL should I read anything

Into the fact that you do not have any reference to the vandies in your screen name...... just been meaning to ask you that for a while....

P2 Where you been - under a rock?

You haven't been paying attention as to what goes on, on these blogs, is all.

BSU/TBK kilt off the VNDL screen name, a while back.


I know that!

but the VNDL could have been VNDL2 or nastyandineibriated1 or Bigskyfan. But instead VNDL just disapeared...... sad. Anyway, new guy, what the heck does AQfunk mean. are you a vandal fan? I cant tell your affiliation by your screen name. I was wondering if it is because you are slowly coming over to the blue and orange side even more than before..... thats all.

P2 - Again - you are asleep a switch - maybe not same person?

I have explained the aqfunk screen name.

You were either passed out or elk hunting.

Don't play dumb - you know my background.


PS - You are asking questions like somebody that doesn't know who I am. Is there another person reading the script that is different than the person reading it last year and up until September?

PPS - Gonna keep my eye on you now.

PPPS - You don't seem as sharp or witty as you did last year? Possibly, not the same person doing the typing but having the same acreen name and access?

PPPPS - another pool boy possibly? I always thought it odd that you go to such great lengths to throw a hissy fit, whenever several posters of this blog want to get together for lunch. Is it because, you are afraid they might compare notes and question your authenticity? Why would you care if posters choose to have lunch together.

PPPPS - And, you seemed to be gone along time from this blog, at about the same time all the stuff went down with TBK. Then you came back and wanted to 'Save The Day' with your supposed connections with Bronco Bob's office. Supposedly yo succeeded, as you announced to this board; yet he returned and just morphed into another user. Now you come back and don't even know me. Lolol - I think I need to shift the emphasis of some research, a bit; to accomodate new possibilities.


Im hurt. I may not have been on my game of late but I have been busy. No, you never explained the AQfunk to me so...... if you did I didn't see it.
Cut me some slack bro

You admit you were slacking and yet want more of it?


No government jobs for this cat?


It is an old frat nickname - from 40 years ago.

Has nothing to do with tfunky or anything on this board. Just a coincidence, is all.

The Statesman blocked VNDL as a login, as my punishment, for 'outing' the Kid.


PS - Archibald Quintilias Funk was an early financial benefactor of our national fraternity in the late 1800s. One Sophomore, per year, is chosen from among over 300 chapters, nationwide, as the recipient of the 'AQFunk Sholarship Award'. I got it - hence the nickname. Can't tell you anymore about it, though; as it is 'secret Greek stuff' that I have taken a bloood oath to defend to the grave; and I assume, you are a GDI, as I haven't seen any relevant fraternity/sorority listings for Carroll College in Helena, MT. Sorry.

Gotta have that Funk, Y'all!


You missed the mothership Tater