Report: Mountain West Conference considering going to 12 teams

By Brian Murphy

San Diego State president Stephen Weber said the Mountain West Conference is considering additional expansion to bring Boise State's new league to 12 members, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune.

The Mountain West and Hawaii have acknowledged discussions about adding the Warriors' football team to the conference. If Hawaii does join the Mountain West, the league would have 11 teams.

“Hawaii is not the only school that we’re interested in and have had informal conversations with,” Weber told the newspaper. “It’s the first one that’s gone far enough that we’re willing to literally authorize the commissioner to begin to talk seriously.”

In the story, Weber sheds some insight into the pros and cons of adding Hawaii.

Weber said the league presidents would meet in January and he expects the topic of a 12th member to come up at those meetings.

“There is certainly some interest in getting to 12 if we could and contemplating perhaps a divisional setup where you’d have two six-team divisions,” Weber said. “But we’re a long way form that. There’s going to be a meeting in January. It’s been scheduled for a long time, and we’ll probably be making some advances in nailing this stuff down.”

Expect the typical names to be batted around on this: Houston, UTEP, SMU and Utah State for starters.

A spokesman for Mountain West commissioner Craig Thompson told the Statesman on Friday that there is "no definitive timeline" for making a decision about or officially inviting Hawaii.

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Then do it!


Not like I can help them.

some good choices

All those mentioned sound good. Maybe even BYU (with their little tail tucked) would be possible.

I think the University of

I think the University of Colorado, University of Idaho or University of Utah State should go to the Mountain West.

First off, CU is already

First off, CU is already headed to the soon to be Pac12 and it is Utah State University. UofI is not a good choice for the MWC for a couple of reasons, stadium size limitations and lack of athletic program performance in all sports. It is going to be tough for the MWC to find a decent 12th school for football, whether its a football only or full invitation. Everything aside, the MWC needs to get on the conference championship game bandwagon in a hurry to avoid becoming obsolete with the loss of BYU and Utah.

are you joking?

kinda seems like it.


is NO WAY MWC would consider adding UI as the final member. Anyone who even thinks that is pretty ignorant of college football. You can like UI because it is in Idaho but at some point UI needs to be held accountable for its situation.
Houston would be a good fit and might keep TCU interested. But I also like the idea of adding Montana. They may have said no to the WAC because of some writing on the wall. Montana would come into D1 as a competitive football school and in 5 years has real potential. Houston has real appeal too. the rest of the WAC however should really consider the feasibility of trying to keep up in a league where the financial responsibility is more than they should really ever bear as a responsible public entity.

houston gets my vote

montana has enjoyed huge success in DI-AA but the transition would not be smooth.


I thought BSU going to the MWC was to get rid of that over seas trip to the Islands every other year. Tell you the truth though of the teams in the WAC the three I would pick to follow BSU to the MWC is FSU, UNR, and UH.

Traveling there for football

Traveling there for football isn't an issue, in fact its a benefit as it gives teams an additional home game (in theory) to schedule and make money off of each year. The real burden is sending the non revenue sports there, something that won't be an issue anymore.


The football team going to Hawaii gets another game to help pay expenses so I don't think it was football travel that was a problem, but traveling that far in the other sports was. Hense, Hawaii coming in only for football makes sense.

Do it quickly

Houston and SMU have good programs, and are a nice fit geographically--plus it would bring June Jones back as a great competitor. And it may be necessary to add both anyway if TCU leaves for the Big "Least".

Bad News for Benson

If the Mountain West takes a C USA team Houston,UTEP, SMU, or Tulsa, C USA probably takes La Tech. Where in the Hell does the WAC go from There?

Utah State
San Jose State
New Mexico State
Texas State
Not to mention IF TCU leaves, the Mountain West Might target Utah State. Yikes!!!!!!!


is thinking about 12 teams... The WAC is thinking about surviving...... I think in 2012 we will be very happy about the switch....

P2 - do you really believe everything you read in a newspaper ?


A visionary - No.

A noob - Yes.

Love ya.



PS - You hatred for the University of Idaho and the WAC is holding you back from seeing what is right in front of your eyes.

Wrong P2




Once we work through this little problem of ours things are going to be fun on these boards.
1) You know I hate the vandies, you know I think the situation they are in is funny, and as a part time vandie it bothers you. BUT, you and I agree on the vandies going to the big sky. You think it is best for them, I think it is funny. Instead of focusing on the motive for our positions maybe we can just agree to the final result.
2) the WAC is an easy one. After this year I have no interest in the WAC whatsoever. You do. It is home to a sentimental favorite of yours. However just like your clear as a bell logic with UI football you must see the truth of the WAC. It is a conference that during fluidity got caught with its pants down. its leadership and lower tier members should be held accountable for the failings. The commissioner was sneaky and incompetent and it backfired and now the spin coming from the office is so transparent that it is silly.
If you know one thing about me it is that while I am biased and love kool aide, I also like justice and people reaping what they sow. So excuse me for relishing just a little for a league and some schools that have made poor decisions based on pride. I know that you cant feel that way for a couple of years until all this mess is behind us and the vandies are competing for a conference championship.

Super Conference

After Boise, Fresno, Nevada disappear into the network of The Mtn and have to compete with the PAC-12 for TV airtime on Versus they might rethink their venture. They might really start rethinking after they have some experience working with a commissioner who has a dismal track record for handling BYU's grievances. At the end of the day there might be a couple of commissioners sent packing along with an acknowledgement small TV market schools have to work together an even bigger conference shakeup might bring everybody full circle. VNDL's prophecy of their being a super conference might become a reality.

SIF - They can make fun of me all they want to

But, I really believe a Superconference, melding what is now the WAC, the MWC, and C-USA (or parts of it), is in the works, and will be a reality, with a new name, in 2012.

Go ahead tfunky, P2, 81, razor, et. al., throw bananas, tomatoes, or whatever ya got.

That is my honest opinion on the matter.


Hey ya got it all wrong

I respect your opinion and you could be right. I have a different feel for it. I am not making fun of you I just disagree.


I would never make fun of your opinion, no matter what it is. To be honest, your postings have changed some of my opinions (which is not easy to do).

Anyhow, here's an interesting read about the failings of Benson's first go around with a 16 team conference.

(gotta take the "-" out)

Question for you VNDL. What is the true purpose of your "super" conference?


As I see it, the true purpose of a Superconference, would be to reduce the amount of nonAQ conferences down from the current 5 to 3 or 4. By folding the current WAC and MWC together gets rid of two, pesky nonAQ's and results in only 1 nonAQ remaining. Adding a few CUSA teams into the new Super conference weakens the CUSA and moves the remaining CUSA teams to other nonAQ conferences. So could be either 4 nonAQ conferences left or just 3 nonAQ conferences.

A reduction of nonAQ conferences for the BCS would result in less 'public perception management' problems for the Cartel.

This line of thinking is NOT from the book.

This is simply my opinion, based upon a close reading of the book, an applicatiopn of its principles, and my vision of the future.


Ok I dont think it will

be that dramatic but if it is what is the superconference going to be made of. By the time Nev and fres have this epiphany We are talking 2014 or so... The schools that are in the WAC until then will not be able to have viable programs.... some of them dont even now.
LAST year NMstate had a bake sale for the football team. (I am not making this up) and other schools are struggling. take away the leagues three biggest cash cows and add new members and well.... curtains.


Superconference = two 10 team divisions. Old MWC/WAC/some CUSA teams = total 20 teams.

9 conference games and 3 OOC games per year, per team.

Humanitarian Bowl is one of several bowls for the Superconference.

2012, not 2014.

Benson is not Superconference commissioner. He moves back to Boise and becomes the full time head of the H-Bowl, and semi-retires.

That's my prophecy.

Moses and the Hebrewites have destroyed my league!


Let it be noted my armies shall restore my name across the land!

So shall it be written

So shall it be done!

Future of the WAC

It's hard to project the future. Ultimately, the WAC conference may become the home for the colleges that desire to field FBS teams. I'm perfectly happy to see Idaho be part of a conference of members who have that desire and goal. I want to see the conference with membership that is also committed to the long haul and not see the grass greener on the other side of the fence. The current WAC membership will also survive financially.

I'm not so sure that over the long haul the MWC will meet their financial goals. The TV schools, hence the BCS schools has a monopoly over the revenues generated by TV and the bowls. They will continue to throw peanuts at the rest of us to keep us happy and that included the MWC. Now, no BYU and the Salt Lake and Denver consolidated metropolotan statistical areas part of the PAC-12 TV market the value of the MWC TV contracts will be weaker.

Therefore, VNDL's theory that a major shakeup could be on the horizon. I personally think (my own opinion) is eventually the smaller TV markets such as El Paso, San Diego, Fresno, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Boise, San Antonio, Houston, Memphis, etc will have to band together and reorganize in order financially survive. The amount of revenue generated by the large TV schools is enormous and beyond our comprehension and with money comes power.

If Fresno were such a cash cow then why did Pat Hill take a paycut to balance the budget?


Yep. Exactly.