Boise State to play Georgia in 2011 and Ole Miss in 2014 — both in Atlanta

By Chadd Cripe
© 2010 Idaho Statesman

The Boise State football team will open the 2011 and 2014 seasons at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. Here are the details:

— Boise State will face Georgia on Sept. 3, 2011, at 6 p.m. MDT in the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game. The game will air on ESPN or ABC.

The Broncos will receive about $1.4 million, the largest payout for a regular-season game in school history. Georgia will receive about $1.7 million. Georgia likely would have received more but game organizers and ESPN are paying Louisville $600,000 to get Georgia out of a home-and-home series with the Cardinals.

Boise State has 7,500 tickets reserved for the game but doesn’t have to sell them all. The rest go to Georgia, Georgia Dome ticket holders and the Chick-fil-A Bowl.

— Boise State will face Ole Miss on Thursday, Aug. 28, 2014, in the first of two Chick-fil-A games. Alabama will play that Saturday, likely against an ACC team.

The Ole Miss matchup was moved from 2011 in Oxford, Miss. Boise State will get $1.1 million, $200,000 more than it was scheduled to receive in Oxford. Mississippi gets $2 million. Chick-fil-A is contributing $50,000 to each school’s general scholarship fund, as well.

On the Friday night between the two games, the new college football hall of fame in Atlanta will holds its enshrinement ceremony.

Boise State still is working on ticket details for 2014.


My earlier post:

Boise State will play in the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta in 2011 and 2014.

The Broncos will face Georgia in 2011 and Mississippi in 2014. The Mississippi game will be on a Thursday night with Alabama playing a second Chick-fil-A game on Saturday.

Boise State originally was scheduled to play at Ole Miss in 2011.

Boise State athletic director Gene Bleymaier is not available to comment today. The Broncos play Fresno State at 7:30 tonight at Bronco Stadium.

Boise State and Georgia met in the 2005 season opener in Athens, Ga. The Bulldogs won 48-13.

The Broncos’ other non-conference games in 2011 are at Toledo, at Fresno State, vs. Tulsa and vs. Nevada.


About 400 tickets remain for tonight's game. They're still on sale at half-price because they were unused student tickets. About 1,000 have sold since yesterday.

That's the last straw

we need to fire Bleymaier NOW!


I don't understand why you want to fire him over this. All we hear is that we can't keep up with SEC teams. So let's see if we can. After we thump Alabama in the Sugar Bowl. Then open next year thumping Georgia in Georgia.
Bleymaier is a doink. But not for that. Try getting $5 for the baseball team, or any other sport that he doesn't care about.

Actually bbq

BSU spent $4,995,272 on non-football/Basketball sports last year. That is roughly 20% of their total athletic budget, which is the norm among most programs.


He was just being sarcastic.

He is a sly one and bears close watching.


PS - Loved the 'doink'. I know 'dweeb' and 'dork', but 'doink' is a new d-word for me.

✔ Beats ...

... close bears watching.


Heheh, nice one.

OK To Can Gene...

but not over this. In fact, because there is not a groundswell to do so, I think we should hire someone else to do the OOC scheduling and keep him. The Georgia game is a good match up.

last straw

what did the former ucla tutor do to be fired

tfunk, You are an idiot!

The football budget is $7.8M. This away game pays for 18% of the season's total budget. College football is a business. You need to go back to cleaning toilets and leave Bleymaier to the business end of football.

✔ Confirmation, tfunk ... if you please.

When did you become an idjit? If you can provide an approximate date, I will take that to the "committee" and perhaps award you an additional flag.


been an idjit

But I can tell the difference between "football" budget and "athletic" budget.

tfunky - you are a great role model and teacher

See what ultimate sarcasm on the first post of a thread can do? All chaos breaks out.

But it looks like fun.

I think I will do it too, sometime; then just to sit back and watch the dogs chase their tales.

I think we are on to something here.


It's HOTLANTA, oh chilly willy!


Sounds like you ain't never swabbed the deck before!

I'd love to go to 'Ol Miss but...

Payback will be sweet.

That'l be

a darn good game.

Why not Ole Miss

in the Chick Fil A kickoff game? Anyway we can get out of the Fresno or Toledo game and keep the Ole Miss matchup too?


Not sure, but wasn't there a report yesterday about BYU and Ole' Miss trying to work out the same date of the current Ole' Miss/BSU game. Kinda looks like an Oregon/Michigan State type scenario.


I don't understand why you'd be calling for his job. This seems like a game that will have a huge "story-line" for next season because of what happened in 2005. I think this type of game will bring a ton of media hype and attention to Boise St. Even if the Broncos lose the game brings exposure and hype. I think Blaymeir understands what he's doing.

Payback is right!

Good job on this one Gene. Now if you can get rid of the Toledo match-up, I think everyone will be happy.

tfunky - you da man

Wow - I never realized how much controversy your sarcasm could stir up.

You got the POWER.


Ditch Toledo!

Ditch Toledo!

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He's actually RIGHT this time.



fresno state

bsu weak against the running game pat hill team will take it too them and stop all the talk about boise state and guess what the h bowl


Good one. But seriously, I don't think we will win by 30+ as Hill and the Dogs are a class act and the mutual respect and determination on both sides will keep it within reason.

Rouse is only 1 good RB

Might I remind you that BSU has the best run defense (yards) and already shut-down the running backs for VT and Oregon State. BSU will push-around the Fresno line and bottle-up Rouse making Fresno 1-dimensional.

run defense

what are you smoking geek they will be tested tonight h bowl

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Answer: smoking... some... STATS!!!

Boise State Run "D" against BCS running backs and QBs:

Darren Evans 16 yds on 4 carries
Tyrod Taylor 73 yds on 16 carries (scrambles)
Ryan Williams 44 yds on 21 carries
Quizz Rodgers 46 yds on 18 carries

Creer was the only back with over 100 yds but he had 35 carries to get there.

Prediction: Rouse 75 yds on 25 carries = 3.0 yds / carry or less.

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a rumor coach petie going to you know where what do you think of that geeks


Pray tell; where, when, why, and how do you know it?

The answer must be on the script you have been handed.

I know you can form an intelligent sentence when you need to.

Now is the time for you to come to the aid of your employer, and let us know 'what you know'.


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BSU is doing great things for the State and for Boise. Not sure if they are as BIG TIME AS SOME FANS THINK!!??? Number one they don't play in a BIG TIME STADIUM (33,500) AND NOW I AM READING THAT IT ISN'T EVEN SOLD OUT!!! COME ON ALL YOU SUPPORTERS AND FANS CRYING FOR A SHOT! GET YOUR BUTTS IN THOSE SEATS!!

Ok in my opinion they will move up if they win out, but what BSU DOESN'T HAVE IS HISTORY!! THEY ARE MAKING IT!! So just give them time, but they are not there just yet! The schools that some compare BSU with have Heisman trophy winners and National Champion Trophies, some have several of them. Again in my opinion and I played Division 1 college ball, BSU is doing Great things. I hope they continue and was disappointed when the Mtn West lost key teams that would have giving BSU supporters teeth in they argument that they belong. The Pac 10 would have been better off taking BSU than Colorado, but that being said, where would they sit? Big time programs fill 2 and 3 times what the max is at BSU, NO MATTER WHO THEY PLAY.


would not take the local jc academics enough said geek


Nice post. I enjoy these.

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Tag! You're IT

Georgia Dome

Another great matchup at a "neutral" site. How far is the Georgia Dome from Athens?

mapquest has it at

65 miles. a home game for them. even better. we'll go in and stomp on their balls and show em how it's done.

Amen to that!

Wow, thats not even as "neutral" as the VT game lol

this is what you have to do

Listen, I'm sure BSU fans would much prefer a home-and-home arrangement. That is understandable.

BUT, getting SEC schools more than a 4 hour bus ride is next to impossible. Oregon plays LSU in Dallas to open the season in 2011. You think LSU is ever going to Eugene? It ain't gonna happen.

Just check the SEC schedules and see how many home games they play, and how little they travel west of the Mississippi River. Florida is especially notorious.

The money salves the wound, but really it is dang near impossible to get these teams west. Their bowl games are basically a bus ride away too unless they play in the BCS game in Phoenix or L.A.

We all would prefer big time opponents in Boise, but there are just too many schools interested in maintaining their own home schedules in front of 80,000 paying fans. It isn't the blue field, it's the green in the wallet.

Give Gene a little bit of credit. He got us games in a quasi-neutral field and his athletic department a bunch of money.

No, I don't want to pay to travel to Atlanta, but it is the price we're going to have to pay to get respect.

LSU played @ UW last year...

... so the SEC does *occasionally* travel West of the Rockies. But it sure doesn't happen often.

And oh, um, there's also the issue that Husky Stadium holds 70,000+ so they actually have $ to throw at a big-time opponent like that. With Bronco Stadium, Gene's fighting the scheduling dragon with one hand behind his back. Hey Bronco Fan- Put your $ where your mouth is! Quit complaining about the bad home schedule, and throw $ at the stadium fund. That stadium is the biggest thing holding back the BSU program right now. Yeah, we give U of I a lot of junk over their football garage (deserved, btw), but let's get real- compared to real big-boy football programs, BSU's stadium is only about half the size it needs to be.

Question about payoffs

Why is BSU always on the short end of the payments? They are scheduling these big games, and always get the small payment.


I was wondering the same thing. I think it might be that way since the other school has a bigger stadium and the difference in payout might be to offset the home ticket sales they would have for the home game they are giving up. As I understand it, this game is to be on a "neutral" site.

no cred to former ucla tutor

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