Will Boise State's 2011 schedule include Georgia?

By Brian Murphy

Boise State is scheduled to open its 2011 football schedule at Mississippi. But that could be subject to change, according to reports out of Mississippi and Georgia.

Earlier on Thursday, Mississippi AD Pete Boone tweeted: "Will have a big football schedule announcement today."

Several BYU bloggers have speculated that Ole Miss and BYU are working on a game to replace the Ole Miss-Boise State game, thus the big announcement. Mississippi is working with ESPN on the changes.

Further speculation began that Boise State and Georgia would meet in the Chick-Fil-A Kickoff at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. Georgia-based writers spoke with the Bulldogs' new athletic director Greg McGarity and football coach Mark Richt to ask about potentially playing Boise State.

"I just can't comment at this time," McGarity told the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

According to the paper, UGA coach Mark Richt said he couldn't comment on anything regarding a Georgia-Boise State game, even "hypothetically."

Seth Emerson, who covers Georgia for the Macon Telegraph among other papers in the state, reported that Richt said: "I'll tell you Monday."

Note: Georgia is scheduled to play Louisville to open the 2011 season. According to Emerson's story, Georgia has contacted Louisville about moving or canceling their series.

Boise State had no announcement of any kind of Thursday. Athletic director Gene Bleymaier does not discuss future football scheduling.

The announcement from Mississippi never materialized. Boone tweeted: "Sorry about the delay announcing football's future schedule. A lot of moving parts and ESPN has a few loose ends."

Georgia, of course, defeated Boise State 48-13 in the 2005 season opener in Athens, Ga.

Finally, if the Broncos are switching from Mississippi to Georgia for next year's season opener, they stand to make a lot more money. Boise State is to receive $900,000 from Mississippi next season. This year's participants in the Chick-Fil-A Kickoff — LSU and North Carolina — received $2.3 million each. Boise State got $1.25 million and Virginia Tech $2.25 million for playing the season opener in D.C. this year.

It sounds like there are some moving parts, as Boone put it, and we might not know anything until Monday, as Richt said, but I'm sure it will come up tomorrow at the Boise State-Fresno State game.

• What do you think? Do you want to see the Broncos play Georgia again or would you prefer to stick with Mississippi? Would you be as excited for this kind of season opener as you were for Virginia Tech?

Boise State 2011 football schedule

Home: Tusla (Sept. 24), Nevada (Oct. 1), Air Force, San Diego State, Wyoming and New Mexico

Away: Mississippi (Sept. 3), Toledo (Sept. 17), Fresno State (Oct. 8), TCU, UNLV, Colorado State

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would prefer to play both

so we can beat as many sec teams as possible. even then the naysayers would proclaim "you haven't played vanderbilt."

I agree.

I would love to see us drop Toledo, or at least move it to 2012, and play both teams in 2011. I doubt that would be possible though. Either team would give us a good opportunity to smack down the SEC, although it would be nice to repay Georgia for the Zabransky Chunker in 2005.

yeah, yeah...

a good investment with some of that $$$ would be to buy out Toledo or Tulsa. Yeah! 2 SEC teams beaten on their home porch.

Give us Georgia

There has been much derision already of BSU's 2011 schedule. All the naysayers and many of the supporters are saying "get tougher" with the OOC. Well, looks like here might be a good opportunity.

Plus, an opportunity, as well, to silence those who continually bring up the 2005 game when knocking BSU's record against BCS conference opponents.

☒- Georgia

Be carful

Be carful what you ask for Georgia is a lot better team then what they have shown this year and will be looking to take it out on you in the kick off classic.

I'm a little uneasy about this

I definitely want bsu to get revenge on Georgia more than anything. I believe that this year, boise would blow them out. With that being said, I don't know if boise would beat Georgia next year. BSU loses A LOT of starters, especially from the secondary. Georgia has a great quarterback by the name of Aaron Murray that should be even better next year. lets hope this years back ups can step up to the plate in a big way next year.


what do you consider a lot? we're only starting 4 seniors on offense and 4 seniors on defense this year. the broncos have depth and their not a team or a program that has planned to be built to win Right Now. the young players get time in games and coach pete is making sure that we have guys to replace the starting seniors. that's one of the reasons why we haven't seen our starters past the 3rd quarter in all but 2 games. our back-ups [next years starters] are getting the playing time they need. they pull through for us next year. don't worry.

8 starters

I call 8 starters a lot. Young and Pettis will be huge losses, and the secondary, which is very important if you're going against Aaron Murray, I doubt will be very good next year. But I never doubt coach pete and his ability to develop players. I'm just saying that BSU would have a very tough time next year

point taken

8 may be a lot and i agree with you that Young and Pettis are huge players for us but i don't think we'll have as tough as of a time as you think. Moore is a "surgeon" and will be able to build a relationship on the feild with other recievers. his brother is coming off a red shirt year and you can't tell me that won't be cool to see them develop they're QB & WR thing they've probably done for their whole lives here at BSU. [: if our second string wasn't ready to start for us next year, our opponents would be scoring alot more on us than they are in the second half of our games. but yes. our secondary will be hit hard. nothing we can't overcome.

Couple of things

BSU has one of the youngest teams in the top 10.

Georgia loses 7 starters


and a year is a long time in developing the remaining "depth" at BSU now

Smart comment. Good job

Smart comment. Good job

Was looking forward

I really wanted to see the best tailgating and football hospitality in all the country down in Oxford. Classy as it gets. The food, the people, the history.

Georgia is a good substitute. Dont understand the Y's but whatever.

Play em both!!!!!!!!

Play em both!!!!!!!!


I mean, that would be good news if true. Of course, when we beat them, Nick Sabin and his Alabama worshipers will blow it off and point out that one win over an SEC team does not count because we don't play the full schedule with the powerhouses like they do. You know, like the Tide did this year beating up on #118 San Jose State, #89 Duke, #70 Tennessee, and Divison II school Georgia State.

Bring on Georgia

I've been waiting for this for a LONG time. We'll be fine with our depth next year.

how tough could it be?

Seriously, Georgia is a mid-level SEC team right now. Their only wins have come against SEC bottom feeders, Louisiana-Lafayette and Idaho St. These are the teams that we keep hearing BSU couldn't compete with. When BSU wins, we'll be told that any team can win an early season game if they have a month to prepare, as if Virginia Tech and Oregon didn't also have a month to prepare in past season openers, or that Georgia is a much different team in November than September (yawn).

Play whoever will give BSU the most money, get the publicity on ESPN, and keep the quality recruits coming to Idaho (even without $$ to sign on).

Too bad they couldn't schedule a couple Big East power house teams as well.

Will Broncos get home & home

with either team?
Doesn't hurt to ask.


Yes, they will. As soon as you agree to play at the kibbie every year.....make sense?

Of course not. You broncs crack me up. Even when it smacks you in the face(finally) with the UofI situation, you still complain that people won't play you home and home. BSU is the kibbie for SEC schools.

Cept for the Broncs are a Top 5 football team

Huge difference bro. Find a hobby.

Living in the past

and comparing the Vandolt futbol team to Boise State? You crack yourself up. When was the last time College Game Day was broadcast from the kibble hut? For pointing and laughing, you must look in a mirror if you honestly believe UI football has anything to offer BSU. Boise States looks for teams to increase its SOS when playing OOC. That clearly puts UI out of the picture, and is only one reason in a sea of thousands no one wearing blue and orange is interested in playing UI again. Thanks for providing comic relief at your own expense.

This is a neutral site


Will 'neutral' site

translate to BSU traveling thousands of miles while the opponent travels about 100 again? The smart money's on these games being played where clocks are set to Eastern Standard Time.

Saw that this morning

Too lazy to edit it.....

Uh...for an extra million

Uh...for an extra million for the game...that's a no-brainer! And, it's easier to get to Atlanta from Boise...well, a little anyway....

Georgia and yes



will not be awful next year. The argument should never be whether BSU can play someone with an entire offseason and preseason to prepare, it's whether they could compete playing tough b2b2b games like many teams play.

SEC myth

SEC fans and the BCS owned media perpetuate the SEC unchallenged SOS hyperbole. If, if the SEC played 12 games against SEC opponents it'd be true but they don't. They play their Div and a couple other SEC teams for an avg of 8 and not all SEC "don't suck", 2-4 do or come close every year. Miss, Vandy for sure this year followed by TN. For the remaining 4 games some incredible slouches can be found in the some total for SEC team's OOC AND RARELY EVER is one an away game or far from the porch. Add it all together; the amount of patsies played, little or no travel or away OOC games and the SEC's SOS is not all the homers want us to believe.

Ole Miss Isn't Stupid

They want to start their season off with a win and there is little doubt Boise would be the favorite in that match up. BYU, on the other hand, is an easy win for the awkward 4-6 Rebels. At least the SEC wouldn't be humiliated if Boise plays the much better Bulldogs. The score would be closer and who knows, they might even come close to winning. Certainly Mark Richt needs to bolster his future employment prospects and a win against Boise would definitely help his team's national cache'. As far as who I prefer to see us play it would definitely be Georgia. We have unfinished business there. And Kellen Moore wouldn't pee his pants like old whats his name did.

I'd keep mum too if I was...

...handed my head to me by Alabama with the prospects of having my head handed to me by Boise St as well.


Re-match! Re-match!


is smart! Schedule the defending national champion right out of the gate. That is any teams dream.

It doesn't matter

what we think about it. The two teams in question will be the deciders and the money from ESPN will be the motivator. For BSU, either would be good, just don't lose out completely. The Chik-a people want to make money, BSU would again be a top pull on ratings just like VT was.

Georgia is an upgrade.

I think even though Georgia is not doing stellar this year they have had more recent success than Missippi. I am sure our last game down there has been on the minds of some SEC voters. It would be nice to erase some of that perception. (Not to mention Hawaii's performance in '07.) They might not be willing to vote us in the top three after proving ourselves, but at least they wouldn't be casting votes like 7-10th. (Like some were doing earlier this year.)
I would have to agree with everyone else though that a win will just get discredited in the same manner as Oregon/Virginia Tech. We need to replace Toledo or Tulsa with one more mid -level or higher BCS opponent. This would almost ensure Boise State would have a shot at a BCS Bowl next year and Kellen Moore a shot at Heisman. (I think next year could be a lock for him unless he completely collapses.)

Just a thought for revamping the BCS in case life support keeps it alive until it is re-upped in 2012(?).
They should make a rule that requires teams to negotiate two home-and-home series each season or be disqualified from receiving an automatic berth.
If more than 25% of the conference fails to comply than the entire conference loses AQ status.


1 BSU is a lock for a BCS bowl next year no matter who we play. As long as we go undefeated. Lest you forget that TCU and BSU will play each other next year and the rest of the WAC is not going to crack the top 12 that is for sure.

2 Kellen's best shot at the heisman is this year. The two best recivers to ever play at BSU are seniors.
(that isnt to say he wont be stellar just not willing to roll the dice on a new year with new contenders for the heisman.)

3Mandating 2 home and homes is ludicrous. The whole problem with the BCS stems from mandates and silly rules and yet you want more.... what are you some sort of Obama socialist? BSU would have less of a shot of a BCS team as they do now. the likes of bama would do a home and home with a BCS school say a pac ten way before a wac school. so virtuously no BCS teams would schedule non BCS teams. You are giving the non BCS teams less opportunities to schedule a game.

Please think your posts through before you post them.....

Latest Sagarin Conference ratings...

...Pac 10 #1

Schedule strength
Top 8 = Pac 10 teams
#8 Stanford 1 loss
#11 Alabama 2 losses
#22 Oregon 0 losses
#27 LSU 1 loss
#37 Auburn 0 losses
#28 Notre Dame
#62 Va Tech 2 losses
#69 TCU 0 losses
#79 Nevada 1 loss
#82 Boise St 0 losses
#83 Wisconsin 1 loss
#85 Ohio St 1 loss

Not sure how these are calculated. Not sure how the Big ten can be the #4 conference when its top 2 teams are 83 and 85 in schedule strength. Maybe its number of wins against quality opponents conference wide.

Clearly Ohio St and Wisconsin have nothing to brag about, but my opinion is that they still have to be ranked ahead of Boise and TCU based on the toughness of the conference.

One cannot just say that TCU and Boise look really good against their conference and based on that they would do really well in the Pac 10 or Big 12, hence rewarding them for what they do not do, which is play and win 9+ games against BCS conferences which are all rated ahead of the WAC.

Thoughts from Bronco Nation on this day of possible snow and a challenging game on the Blue Turf...


How many wins did it take for Oregon to become a "BCS" team?


...zero, we have always been a part of the Pac 10, Pac 8...Boise on the other hand has only been 1A for 15 seasons AND plays in the WAC/MWC, conferences that have always been considered weaker conferences.

Go back before the BCS, WAC games were just always considered wild, high scoring affairs that never had any impact on the season. Ever hear of any team from the WAC ever playing in a BCS caliber bowl prior to the BCS...answer is no because it never happened.

tfunk, as a fan I would be agitated as well if my team had gone undefeated 2 straight seasons and was told they didnt deserve to play for the NC. As I stated earlier, however, Boise wants to get rewarded the same as say Oregon, while not doing what Oregon does, which in itself is just as unfair as Boise fans say the BCS is for not giving them the chance to play for the NC when they have or are about to go 27-0!!

My point being

Constantly singing "play BCS teams every week" is pretty weak. The PAC2 has WSU, Washington, OSU, ASU, CAL which are all mediocre "football" teams at best. Yet because their "BCS" we are all suppose to believe that they are just so tough. By the end of the year Oregon will have played one ranked team period. In "football" reality, Oregon played one really good team and 2 very competitive teams this year. The rest of their schedule, from a football standpoint, was at best weak.

You need to understand, "BCS" has absolutely nothing to do with "quality" football


...until Boise plays 9 weeks consecutively against BCS teams, your claim has no merit at all. We live in the real world, not speculation world. Because some say Boise would do well in the Pac 10 or Big 12 doesnt mean that they would win those conferences or go undefeated. Its all just speculation.

In the real world, Washington State beat Oregon State in Corvallis by 17, Boise beat them in Boise by 13. So much for weak teams in the Pac 10, where every week is a playoff game!!

In the real world, Oregon plays the #22 toughest schedule and the top 8 toughest schedules belong to Pac 10 teams. Boise plays then #82 toughest schedule. Once again, they dont do the work, yet want to be rewarded.

In the real world, Notre Dame, Navy and Army are considered stronger together than the WAC conference. The real world does not allow for speculation, nor does it reward speculation.


Been reading your stuff a long time. Sometimes you make some very valid points.

And sometimes you sound like you don't have depth of knowledge.

I have concluded that your knowledge of the BCS and how FBS really works, could be greatly enhanced by your reading and understanding the book "Death To The BCS".

Until you do, by all means, continue posting and demonstrating your lack of knowledge.


PS - You are fond of citing your version of the Real World. Well, "Death To The BCS" is about the Real World of the BCS and the FBS. Until you read it, you will never appreciably understand the Real World you are so enamored with. Your lack of credibility will be even more greatly exposed, as more and more readers of this blog, read the book and become knowledgeable and educated about the Real World of the BCS and the FBS. You and your opinions will be left in the rear view mirror of your fellow posters.

✔ Correction VNDL

It's "Ø - BDuck1917".

As in, go win something besides the "excuse list" and then come back to talk.

aqfunk...you really are in a funk...

...I as well have been reading your posts for quite a while as I monitor my blog. I am continually amazed at the lack of vision by you and the rest of Boise fans. All you non AQ's see is that because you are AQ, the BCS is unfair.

I used to be in favor of a playoff and in some ways still am, however, because of all of the whining and cries of unfairness from non AQ's i do not want a playoff. Non AQ's dont earn anything yet want the same rewards...it simply does not work that way in the real world.

Anytime someone refers to the real world you non AQ's cry about PR firms and unfairness yet nothing changes in non AQ world...you all still play no one, your conference is still rated so low it cant beat out ND, Army and Navy and you claim Pac 10 teams are weak...but we dont live in speculation world.

We all live in the real world...where Boise is 9-16 against BCS teams, beat OSU at home by 13 while WSU beat them by 17 on the road yet WSU is weak according to Boise fan.

I have read Death to the BCS, as well as the SI article last week and anything else I can find because I am a college football fan, but all of these writings are negative and biased. Negative propoganda and the myth that Boise would do well in a BCS conference is just speculation much like a playoff would be better than the BCS...

Real world is what I deal in and live in and my advice to Boise fan is spend your money on stadium upgrades not PR firms. Lure some Big boys to your house and beat them on a regular basis. Sell out your own stadium and establish your program on a national level before making wild boasts about nobody will play us and our record is 70-2 at home or whatever it is...yes thats great but its still against 98% WAC teams...and that once again is real world...

Meh - tepid - uninspiring - bland

Apparently, you have not read anything that I have posted recently. I am assuming you have a standard canned post for many of your responses to posters, most of whom you have not reallly read nor comprehend what they have written. Why break your pattern now and actually read another posters thoughts. Standard RoboPoster drill. Just throw out a canned post - no thinking involved on your part.

I am gonna go watch the game now.

Prolly won't read your stuff anymore, as it is just stale toast boring and mostly 'out of date' stuff. And it regurgitates the same premise, over and over and over.

I am guessing you wear kahki pleated Dockers, a pink tab collar button down shirt, a navy blue blazer, oxblood wing tips, and black socks. Standard look for a mid-level guy. Real predictable and passe.

Good luck the rest of the season.

Nice knowing you.


You guy's got to play a

You guy's got to play a tougher schedule in order to be taken serious. I hope you do get a chance to play in a big bowl game maybe against TCU, I don't think you really want to play LSU or Auburn.

playing Georgia

Are you guy's that crazy to think you can even play with Georgia? You better hope you do play Mississippi instead of the Dawgs or it's going to end up the same as 2005. And what's up with that sissy blue field?