TCU coach plans media blitz Friday; Winterswyk makes impact at tight end; Idaho's Keo suspended for Coughlin hit

By Chadd Cripe
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TCU football coach Gary Patterson will be in Bristol, Conn., on Friday to make several appearances on ESPN TV and radio programs.

Patterson is scheduled to appear on the Mike & Mike in the Morning radio show, SportsCenter and College Football Live, among others, according to The Dallas Morning News.

The Horned Frogs have a bye this week.

“You won’t see me beat my chest,” Patterson told the newspaper. “I’ll state the case of what TCU has to offer; the culmination of what we’ve done the last six years. Sometimes that gets lost.”

Boise State and TCU are competing for the No. 3 spot in the BCS standings. TCU has the edge now, but Boise State is expected to pass the Horned Frogs if it wins impressively the next two weeks.

The higher-ranked team likely will play in the BCS National Championship Game or Rose Bowl. The lower-ranked team might get left out of the BCS altogether.


Boise State’s two-time All-WAC defensive end has become a difference-maker at tight end.

Senior Ryan Winterswyk took six snaps at tight end last week at Idaho. Tailback Doug Martin ran behind him on consecutive plays in the third quarter, including his 39-yard touchdown run.

Winterswyk had one play the week before against Hawaii.

Winterswyk’s role is one solution to the depth problem presented by the injury to starting tight end Tommy Gallarda, the best blocker in the rotation.

“I think Tommy kind of lobbied for me,” Winterswyk said. “I was joking — ‘I can play tight end. I can get out there and get it done.’ ”

Offensive coordinator Bryan Harsin expects Winterswyk to be a regular on the offense now.

“When you open that door a little bit with Swyk it’s, ‘All right, what else can we do?’ ” Harsin said. “We want to utilize him. … You watch him on defense and he’s physically gifted and plays with such great pad level. You put him on our side and it’s the same thing. Now it’s just maintain the block instead of shed it.”

Said junior tight end Kyle Efaw: “He’s bigger, stronger and more physical than us. He’s caught on pretty quick. He comes off the ball just like he does on defense and just pounds people.”


Idaho safety Shiloh Keo was suspended for a half-game Wednesday for his hit to the head of Boise State quarterback Mike Coughlin in last week’s game.

Keo originally was suspended for a full game but the penalty was reduced to a half-game on appeal, just like Boise State nickel Winston Venable’s suspension earlier in the year.

Keo was flagged on the play.

"After reviewing this play, it was determined that a flagrant personal foul should have been called by the game officials which would have resulted in the player being ejected," WAC commissioner Karl Benson said in release.

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Both teams

will go to a BCS bowl and BSU will be ranked higher. Patterson can chat all he wants that is their style. BSU will just play a football game on friday.

Another Texas Coach whining for attention

Gary must have taken a page out of the Mack Brown Crybaby Media Extravanganza of 2001 for the Rose Bowl.

I guess they really do grow then girly in Texas!

TCU should know

TCU should know that they should be ranked lower than Boise STate....but, thats capitalism- no honesty required.


Maybe we have different definitions of beating one's chest then. Under my definition, planning a media blitz is high up on the examples of beating one's chest.

Looks like someone is playing the game away from the field because his weeks of Running Up The Score didn't make up for winning a close game.

That being said, Bleymaier and/or Benson need to get off their seats and counter with some stats as well. I understand that Benson is still butt hurt, but last I checked he is all about the money...and BSU losing a BCS invite to the team they beat in last years BCS bowl isn't going to heal any wounds.

While I believe

BSU will end the year ranked ahead of TCU anyways, the people that get paid to promote the program and league need to start earning their salaries. Scheduling Fresno State/Nevada and suspending players for legal hits isn't cutting it.

wrong team

Go root for Auburn. They don't care if their QB is a cheater and a thief, and they'll fire an 8-4 coach with no shame if he can't produce a Sugar Bowl team. All that matters to them is winning. They're just your type.

I root for the Broncos because they have a respect for their rivals, and they enjoy the games they play in Fresno and Reno. And they're one of the few teams out there who doesn't believe that it's worth it to break the other players' legs if it means getting another win.

Respect for Rivals? Geezus Bonwell...

till I finished readin your post...I swear I thought you were gonna say the Vandies were our rivals..



Newton, while he may have asked to be paid to play (allegedly) that doesn't necessarily make him a cheater...just trying to work the system. However, yes, it is against the rules. But, it's not like he's cheating on the field. And if we are going based on rumors, then the rumor is that all the big time programs cheat in a similar style. As for being a thief, you should probably check the facts. He purchased a stolen laptop, which was dumb.

BTW...the broncos didn't schedule games with FSU and UNR because they respect the programs, they did it because it was the convenient way to go.

Further, I am perfectly happy with the way Petersen and the team handle things on the field. I'm saying those that work the offices and are in charge of PR needed to step it up. Texas, LSU, and TCU would like to remind us that it actually does make a difference.

Also a Cheater

Actually, there have also been reports that he was caught in a cheating scandal while at Florida. Here's a link:


I had forgotten about not being an ethical student. I guess I was getting caught up in the athlete part of student athlete. Good point. He is a cheater.

It's about Class

I don't think Benson and/or Bleymaier should do anything. I see a lot of comments about BSU being a classy program headed by a classy coach. I agree with those sentiments.

If BSU starts to play the self-promotion game that TCU is playing by having their coach go to ESPN, then I think BSU would lose some of what makes them the team they are. I for one vote that Petersen and his program keep going down the path they are on, playing football and not playing politics. TCU's coach just looks desperate and that's never appealing.

redsoxgirl - Do you want Classy - or - a BCS Championship?

redsoxgirl sez, en parte: ". . . TCU's coach just looks desperate and that's never appealing."

Well, red, you are simply wrong. It is appealing - at least history has shown that it is - and - IT WORKS. It worked to perfection for Les Miles and LSU, back in 2007. It got LSU from a # 7 end of season ranking to playing in and winning the BCS NC game. The same tactics that TCU is now using, were used by Miles and LSU PR types, back then.

It is almost as if TCU has read, Chapter 12 Fooling the Voters (Who Are Often Fools), Pages 121-124, "Death To The BCS". I am sure they have. It is too similar of an approach to human voter manipulation, as the one LSU used, to be a coincidence.

I don't disagree with you that BSU should avoid the aproach, for the reasons you stated. I am just pointing out that the approach has worked in the past by LSU, and the copycat use of that approach by TCU, might just work again.

Don't be shocked if it does.


Maybe Red Just Has Some Steinbrenner In Er...........

sayeth ole George...."Don't talk to me about aesthetics or tradition. Talk to me about what sells and what's good right now. And what the American people like is to think the underdog still has a chance. "

George Steinbrenner

A redsockie outta know.....

I agree with

Redsoxgirl...shameless self promotion will cause Patterson to look desperate and that he's grasping for straws. While this strategy did work for Miles/LSU a few years ago, I think today's voters are more educated and more concerned with performance on the football field. To be successful Patterson would have to be shamelessly self-promoting TCU on a daily basis and this approach might have the opposite effect and draw out the critics.

Self Promotional Tool

Looks like Gary Patterson was a star pupil at the Mack Brown school of 'self-promotional' etiquette...

whateve braddah. BSU still owns TCU


and I should add ... Coach Pete out shines you on-and-off the field!

Win, lose or draw - Coach Pete is a class act.

chest beating

chest beating may be the only edge he thinks he has. It is certainly not team on the field performance.

If he is going to talk about

If he is going to talk about the last 6 years, he might want to point out last year where BSU beat TCU with a team that is not as good as the team this year!
Coach Pete would never do such a thing. Pete is a class act.


their BCS bowl record the last 6 years...oh wait.

RXTASY - How soon they forget

Actually, it was THIS year (JAN 2010) that BSU wasted TCU in the Fiesta Bowl - not last year.

Also, another way to look at it is, it was only 10 months ago, as the Gregorian Calendar, so verifies.


gotta say

Any time you have to cite "the Gregorian Calendar" as a source, you've got a pretty weak argument on your hands.

I suppose that you refer to schoolyears as administratively linked school semesters? So as not to offend the Gregorians...

Bonwell - I made it simple for you to understand

Okay. I will break it down a different way, for you, since you appear to be coprophagous, in your approach to interpersonal communications:

The Broncos kicked the crap outta the Frogs, just a few months ago.


PS - A 'few' is interpreted as, "ten or less".


Not sure how one can be a poo eater in their approach to talking. Now a poo spitter is another thing...


Was just a gentlemanly, soft, and sensitive way to tell him that he "eats poo", was all.

I don't like to take the low road like some posters do.

I like to be 'kinder and gentler'.



Sounds like it. I used to have a lot more respect for Patterson, loosing a lot of it.


I noticed the time stamp is off by an hour or is this blog done in the central time zone?

Get on Your Soap Box BSU

I don't like it any more than Coach Pete but BSU is in a position right now that awareness is going to dictate where they end up at the end of the season. If Pattersen is going to be all over the largest sports media outlet in this country the next week telling everyone how much his Frogs deserve a BCS bearth over BSU, a lack of response by BSU could be devistating.

There is a time and place for everything, and it sounds like time to get on the soap box.

I don't think so.

While Patterson is talking on SC at half time of the BSU/Fresno game, folks will see the score. I'll leave it to coach, he's been right so far.

Last 6 years

Last 6 years (2004-2009)
Boise State: 69-9
TCU: 58-17
BCS bowls:
BSU: 2-0
TCU: 0-1


Bronco faithful should check out Stewart Mandel's Mailbag column in (Sports Illus.). Coach Peterson and BSU are lauded for their ability to find and develop players that other programs either passed on or didn't see their potential. Interesting article that will make you proud. Also a bit about the HUGE gamble Auburn is taking w/ Newton. Required reading for all football junkies.

Chadd, here's your chance!

You mission, should you choose to accept it. Is to go to Bristol on Friday and bird-dog GP everywhere he goes on the ESPN campus, TMZ like. Possibly take Caves with you to carry the camera. You could have Caves yell out "Where's practice" every so often. You goal, get GP to show his famous temper, maybe even go Blount on Caves. Maybe you can start pounding your chest every time GP opens his mouth.

Good luck Chadd

May the force be with you.....



redsoxgirl is right

Chris Petersen would never do the "car wash" thing at ESPN to promote his team. His mantra is "just play hard" each and every game, and his team relates to that and comes up with tremendous effort on a remarkably steady basis. Also, it's so un-Patterson like for Patterson to be doing this, and it does make him appear as being desperate to hold on to the number 3 BCS slot.

I knew a young man from Boston many years ago in the service, and he was a big Red Sox fan as well. Had a funny accent, pronounced girls as "gills."


Would that be due, somehow, to a connection with fish?

Kinda neat link

Some are pretty cool (and who knew, Oregon has the most spots on this list)

Not sure what to think of the adult taking part in faking out little kids......

Patterson & The TSA

If Patterson's attempt to shore up his program over Boise State is successful, I would feel even more violated than if I'd gone though a TSA pat down. His body of work is less than Boise State's due to his competition and (as pointed out earlier in this blog) this year's victory over them. I truly believe with the added maturity of this year's team and how we beat them last year that TCU would lose again by a greater point spread. Add to this our recent bowl experience, makes us the better team than TCU to handle the pressures of another BCS bowl. All I can say is Patterson better not 'touch our junk' with his current ‘look at me’ strategies in order to garner support for his program over BSU.

7 points

Boise beat TCU by 7 points last year. Essentially Boise's offense scored 3 points. The other 7 were gifted to Boise via a fake punt. It would be a great game that could go either way, but in no way did Boise prove their superiority last year. Amazing how many Boise fans keep pointing to that game as some type of proof. That would have some validity if Boise dominated TCU but they didn't.

Iowa Hawkeye

3 points? Gifted by a fake punt? Wow. The 4th quarter drive was "aided" by a 29 yard fake punt play, perfectly executed. The drive was 10 plays and covered 78 yards and consumed 5 minutes of clock time. The result was a rushing touchdown scored by the offense... yes the offense. hardly a "gift"

It was not a dominating game. The total yards were close to the same. Penalties close to the same. The game was won by limiting TCU to 36 yards rushing at 1.7 ypc, creating 3 turnovers, and controlling the clock on offense by 10 mins more than TCU.

Report it..fine..but do it accurately..

Perhaps Duckeye ...

... should be more concerned about what happened against Northwestern (choking away a 17-7 lead) and what might be in store with Ohio State.

Taking potshots at BSU's balls-out win against TCU hardly impresses. Iowa is 7-3 ... stuff it!

like so many before him

he is not on here to promote his team. rather he is on here to disrespect ours. i would love to see boise state in the rose bowl. bring the best of the big 10 and let the chips fall where they may. i offered $100 wager to cah if the badgers make it, oddly, i got no response.

Sorry, never saw the wager

Sorry, never saw the wager proposition. And I'm going to say that, while I bleed cardinal and white, I don't think Wisconsin would beat BSU. I may be a fan, but I'm also a realist.


Really? I had to rub my eyes to really believe what I was seeing. I love the Broncos, am the biggest homer around, and I think a Wisconsin matchup would be very good. Everyone wants to see a SEC matchup but I think right now the Vegas odds have the Broncos beating Auburn by 6 if they played. No defense. But Wisconsin? Very good defensively, can run the football and have big physical players. Dont sell your team short.

I'm not selling them short.

I'm not selling them short. I think it would be a great game. Just don't trust the d-backs enough to throw $100 on the game. Gotta pay for that ticket to Pasadena. Flights to LA aren't cheap around New Years

hats off to cah

nice to see a fan of his own team, and a sometime detractor of ours, admit his belief. next question; would you go to the game?

Are you kidding??

My name is already on the waiting list for season ticket holders should they get the bid. I haven't been to Pasadena since 2000 when I was still a student and I've passed on the past 2 bowl games b/c I was bored with Orlando in January. If we can get by Michigan this week and Ohio State takes down Iowa, I'll start looking for flights.

well then i'll buy you a beer

in pasadena if we make it.

If memory serves, that $100

If memory serves, that $100 might just buy 1 beer

before tip

i read some comments last year from the ohio state fans regarding how they were treated at various establishments while it town for the rose bowl. most said service was poor, rude and condescending. my solution to that is to leave no tip:) anyway, look forward to buying you a beer if it all works out. if vndl goes, we can observe him quaffing manly man vandal beer(aka rainier)as well

I take everything tOSU fans

I take everything tOSU fans say with a grain of truth. Ohio State fans are the biggest bunch of pr!cks you'll ever meet, I can share stories of the aftermath from this years game over that drink. And I'm guessing the LA people just didn't put up with their crap.

Oh yes, let's listen to a Hawkeye

Hawkeye is just like his team: shallow with no detailed perspective about football and very mediocre.
My two cents about TCU and that Fiesta Bowl--When their QB Andy Dalton --their heralded player-- admits publicly that he was confused and didn't know what was going on, that says it all. Boise State controlled the vaunted and favored Frogs like no other. Hawkeye is whiner and complains out of jealousy because of frustrations with his own team. You see he wants his Hawkeyes to be like the Broncos and win with class. But, they just can't get it done and with his lack of insightful examination about football, he can only throw rocks. What a guy.

Didn't Boise hire a PR firm

Didn't Boise hire a PR firm last year? It was actually ESPN, not TCU, that asked Gary Patterson to come to Bristol, CT on Friday. I watched his press conference yesterday and he had nothing but PRAISE for Boise State. He will not chest beat. He believes both teams should and will be in a BCS game. What he will do is defend TCU's win last week and point out that different criteria are used to judge non AQ teams like Boise and TCU when compared to Auburn or Oregon. He's also defending the win by explaining to voters who only looked at the box score exactly what went on in the game. They played from an early 14 point hole, lead 37-14 (while not allowing a first down for nearly 3 quarters), had 9 or 10 starters out, and their line coach had a heart attack on the sideline in the first quarter. Sometimes the way teams respond to adversity shows as much if not more than beating teams by 30 or 40 points every week. Boise will end up in the Rose Bowl, TCU in the Orange Bowl, and you know who will be playing for the mythical National Champtionship.