Former BSU star Ian Johnson added to Detroit Lions practice squad

By Brian Murphy

Former Boise State star running back Ian Johnson is getting another shot in the NFL. Johnson has joined the Detroit Lions practice squad. Johnson was with Minnesota and Arizona earlier this season.

He recently returned to Boise and was working as a motivational speaker.

Practice squad players are ineligible to play in games, but practice with the team each week.

• Also, former Boise State and Eagle High standout Derek Schouman has signed with the St. Louis Rams. Schouman is on the active roster and eligible to play Sunday.

Budget shopping

Would you believe that Boise State spends less on its football program than New Mexico? Or three times less than TCU? Or five times less than Ohio State?

According to this AOL Fanhouse story and data it obtained from the U.S. Department of Education, the Broncos spent $6.85 million in 2009-10 on football.

New Mexico, one of the worst football programs in the Mountain West Conference and all of FBS, spent $7.01 million on football in 2009-10.

TCU — the program that Boise State is competing with most directly for a spot in the BCS — spent $20.6 million on football in 2009-10.

Ohio State leads the way with a football budget of $31.76 million in 2009-10.

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Well, it beats living in a

Well, it beats living in a van down by the river!

It beats being you as well

Get a life.

Easy there B754

Settle down! My comment was a play on Chris Farley's character as a motivational speaker. I like Ian and I wish him the best. You need to relax a little and learn to enjoy life.

I love it!

That was one of my favorite characters on SNL. Anyways, good luck Ian. With as bad as the running has been of late for the Lions, there is a good chance he could make the team.


didn't patterson also do something akin to that? like he was joking saying something similar to that?

Wooo Hooo!!

Go, Ian!

We are so proud of you! Trust me...being a Lion is awesome!

Good Luck and Lots o' Love!


always nice to see a good guy get chances to live his of luck to him.

Keep Fighting

Keep fighting Ian you'll do awesome. Boss Lady must be Gerald Alexanders mom huh!

Great news

I'm now a Detroit Lions fan!!! Gooooo Ian!!


You're also a fan of losing all the time! YEAH!!!!!!!!

Congrats Ian

Saw him at Cheerleaders on Sunday watching football with the wife and friends. Must have gotten the call right after that. Good luck!

the lions blow

but this is great news for ian. i keep hoping he will get picked up by the niners(who are only slightly better)as gore can't last forever getting slammed into the line on 60% of their plays.


Don't have any other backs either..

they are hapless

singletary's gotta go. no creativity on offense. maybe he can recruit cr8harmony to flag all of their bad plays?

Hey - back off my niners

Singletary is one of the best things to happen to our team in a long time. Hard to be creative when you have a hit/miss quarterback. Was hoping a new O-line would give QB more time. Maybe the new and improved Smith will take over the old and injured Smith. However, I do WISH they would quit sending Gore up the middle. Those little shovel pa sses to the outside last week gave us much better running plays than Gore up the middle.


any time the niners are in the red zone you know first down is gonna be gore between the tackles. he is one of the premier backs in the nfl and the guy will be out of the game in 3 years because of the beating he absorbs every sunday. singletary blows. you gotta switch things up, create some misdirection and keep the defense honest. of course, having a legit qb would make a huge difference. we should have grabbed michael vick. or drafted aaron rodgers. the future is dim from my vantage point. and why do they continue to have problems with the play clock? completely ridiculous.


I agree - time management sucks. And variety would be nice - like I said, sick of Gore up the middle. But Alex is/was not our answer. Yes - we need a better QB. We haven't had a decent QB in YEARS (and I HATED Garcia). I don't know the answer (if I did, I'd certainly have a better job and lots more money!). But I do like Singletary. All those years of idiots like Nolan, Erickson, et al - who couldn't coach their way out of a wet paper towel. We had the #3 defense last season - and I credit most of that to Singletary and his defensive mindset. Just find us a good QB and teach those rookie OL guys to QUIT HOLDING. For heavens sake - we had 3 TDs overturned last week on penalties - plus the turnover, overturned. TOO MANY PENALTIES.


is a D Coord. No way he's a good head coach. I am a fan too but it is what it is. The most predicatble offense in the league. My comment wasn't a diss...just a fact since Coffee chickened out after 2 seasons.


He would be a great D Coord, but is not a Head Coach. Love him and love the team, but a head coach he is not. Reminds me of Coach Smith at Chicago. When they had a Super Bowl level D, but he would not get a decent QB, so the years they should have been going to the Super Bowl and won, they didn't. Coach S should have gotten a QB last year or the year before, but he kept sticking with Alex Smith. Alex sucks as a QB.

I read that 81 - the flags would be a flying! Good one. No flags here.

Uh-huh - We'll see . . .

. . . you are on the board today - the day is young. We'll review the Leaderboard tonight and see if any flags were thrown all day.

Too early to tell yet.


✔ Flag Leaderboard

11/19/2010 (unchanged as of Cre8's first appearance today; please stand by)

♚ VNDL/aqfunk - 10
♛ Wiz - 5
♜ P2 - 4
♝ 81 - 3
♞ JL - 2
♞ razor - 2
♞ vandalsrulebjc - 2
♟ apache64 - 1
♟ IdahoJoe - 1
♟ Omikey - 1
♟ tfunk - 1
♟ rodney - 1
☢ BDuck1917 - 0
Ø IdaDuck - 0

am i a bishop?

is that what those little guys ar? chess pieces? nice.

Don't tell Wiz ...

... that he's a queen.

Yep, a bishop for now anyway.

Promotion should come soon, then

Given the hapless state of the Lions, he shouldn't be on the practice squad for too long.

iam back

ian you will last a week good luc look into canadian football


Just like clockwork, always a negative and vicious posts. I feel sorry for you and the people you know.

iam back

ian you will last a week good luc look into canadian football

Welcome back!

Welcome back little buddy! We were running short on trolls around here so it is good that you were able to join us. I see Ian's motivational speaking helped you to start typing on the computer again. Good for you!

Work hard, and may a little luck bouce your way

Keep working towards your dreams, Ian & Chrissy. There's a lot of people pulling for you.

(even Vandals)



Wisdom is speechless?

I didn't know you were such a sensitive guy. Nice to see the BSU fans too choked up to even finish a comment!

Yes, even some of us Idaho fans are cheering for Ian. Practice squad pays over $5k a week. Not a bad wage. I'll root for anyone who is actually getting paid to live out the rest of our dreams.

He's just . . .

. . . posting in Braille.

He said, basically: "Go" and "Ian"

Wiz is a man of few dots.


PS - You ought to see him with Morse Code, though. He just won't shut up. Itchy Fingers is his code name on boards that use that stuff.

PPS - ...---... is the arguement always used by those antiBronco pundits.

Din't Need to Say Nuttin Boyz...

Just pinned a Vandal talkin about them dryer know BOUCE...I knew more vandals would line up too...see? You did..and Vndl did...

All in a days work when she's slow on the blog...

I just assumed that as a Vandal,

he would be so uber-educated that he was sub consciously lapsing into French, where we all know "bouce" is the proper word for "bounce."

Why all the hype about this guy

he is not a very good football player. Maybe he should try another publicity stunt to get some attention.

iam back

he is a terrible football player good publicity stunt he will last one week woth the practice squad go fresno state

You probably wouldn't know about this

but Ian is a good footballer (maybe not great, but good) but he is an even better human being. And when you are a good person, other good people pull for you to get the right breaks to allow your dreams to blossom. He may make it (God knows the Lions could use ANY help), or he may not, but he's already accomplished more than those who troll here and try to put people down. He is beloved. You, on the other hand, maybe not so much.


Ian is a class act and a good person.

He has already made it, in my book.


BCS Resistence Group started by BSU student

For those that believe the BCS should be toppled; this is pretty cool stuff:

He is gearing it to start in Bronco Stadium with the Fresno/BSU game on Friday.

Who knows, maybe some of the readers of this blog, going to the game, will get involved, too.

Going to be interesting to see if this catches on.

I have my doubts.


PS - Bronco Bob and Saint BlahBlah, prolly got this guy kicked outta school, as soon as it hit the Arbiter - as - BSU is a net beneficiary of the BCS.

Did You Notice, VNDL......lolol

dude is wearing a camo shirt??

Wiz - I got the BCS Resistence logo copied

I took his advice to use the BCS Resistence logo:

I just got done silk screening.

I have two pugs. One is a Vandal and the other is a Bronco. They each have their dog coats for going outside in the snow. One is silver and gold (actually yellow with black lettering) and the other is orange with blue lettering. Each coat NOW has the BCS Resistence logo, printed boldly on each side.

I did my part.

Have you done yours?


Negative VNDL. Just Like That Boner Party....

crossin the mountains in the snow, there's a lot at STEAK... Can't risk strappin on the BCS right now. Got the applications in for the Horse Pea Bowl yesterday. Gotta git er approved... Then we can take em on, like the book sez..Once yer in, she'll never wilt. I gotta watch all the if Larry Scott wuz at the game, scoutin future PAC cash cow recipients, he might see me, wearin blorange silkscreened wiffa fist, and that'd be the end of Horse Pea in the Kibbie up north...

Holy Cr@p!

Did you really just drop the term "boner party" in a post?!

I'm dying right now, dude. Nice one.


He's being a copycat and he knows it.

A real Vandal does all the heavy lifting around here.


PS - He needs to fess up. Shame on him for plagarizing. Why WOODY do it? I just, dunno.

Joe It Was Just a .....

typo. I meant Donor party....Thaz all...

VNDL used Boner party on the other blog. He likes testin the sensor police. Typical Vandal tho..don't know when he can't win........

Sure it was just a typo....

Mr. Freud, your slip is showing.

Wiz - was just getting ready . . .

. . . to create a new addition to the way the BCS system does its rankings.

He has identified a statistical method of weighing several categories of on-field football performance for FBS teams. It incorporates Midfield position, Extra attempts to get first downs, After first contact rushing yards, and Touchdowns gained while no opponent ever touched the guy. In essence it is the MEAT measure. Wiz has incorporated that into the poleing process.

He has created a huge MEAT POLE of sorts.

Now all the BCS Committee has to do is to just put it into the their process.


Joe, crap isn't censored...


Or I'd be gone a long time ago.

kraft bowl

yes yes nation you will go there v tech loses baylor wins you lose to reno and fresno state whips you