Boise State, Idaho athletic directors hope to 'find a way to make this game happen' in future

By Chadd Cripe
© 2010 Idaho Statesman

The athletic directors at Boise State and Idaho said this week that the rivalry football game between the schools is on hiatus because it couldn’t be worked into the 2011 and 2012 schedules.

Both say they’re hopeful the game will return, possibly in 2013. With the WAC expansion apparently complete at eight football members, Idaho should have openings on its 2013 and 2014 schedules.

Boise State has two openings in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

“There’s been a lot of discussion out there and some of it is inaccurate,” Idaho athletic director Rob Spear said. “The reason we’re not playing in the next two years is simply because of scheduling. We already had ours filled up.”

Idaho may have an opening in 2012. Boise State, however, has games at Michigan State and at home against BYU and Miami (Ohio). Idaho might fit in as a replacement for TCU if the Horned Frogs leave the Mountain West, Spear said.

Spear and Boise State athletic director Gene Bleymaier haven’t talked beyond 2012 yet, Spear said.

“Gene and I have talked and we’ll continue to talk,” he said. “I think there’s interest on both sides to find a way to make this game happen.”

Said Bleymaier: “I would like to see it continued. We’re going to talk about various scenarios and see what we can work out.”

And the “scenarios” are where the negotiations are going to get interesting.

Boise State coach Chris Petersen doesn’t want to play in Moscow. Idaho coach Robb Akey says the rivalry should feature home-and-home scheduling or be scrapped.

Spear falls somewhere in between.

“Ideally it needs to be a home-and-home,” Spear said. “When you have two institutions in a state that play Bowl Subdivision football, they need to play that game every so often on the respective campuses. I say ideally — it’s obviously going to be subject to negotiations.

“… I do understand the importance of playing a football game in Boise every so often. I think I’d be foolish to absolutely draw a line in the sand of home-and-home or nothing, but I would lean toward that. It’s important to do a home-and-home if it’s a true rivalry game.”

One reason the rivalry likely will continue in some form is the crowd support. It’s the only game that sells out in Moscow and it’s a guaranteed sellout at Bronco Stadium.

Idaho can make more money playing elsewhere, but reduced travel costs and the chance to play in front of its largest alumni base could justify playing in Boise frequently.

Boise State might want home-and-homes with higher-profile teams, but a deal with Idaho makes more financial sense than the current arrangements with schools like Tulsa and Toledo.

“Certainly on the face of it, you could say that,” Bleymaier said.

In tomorrow’s paper, I’ll have a look at a bunch of rivalries that have gone through challenges like this — some have survived, some have not.


Bleymaier said the agreement for a home-and-home with Michigan State in 2022 (Boise) and 2023 (East Lansing) was so far in the future because that was the first availability the Spartans had for a home-and-home deal.

“Although that seems like a long way off right now, it comes faster than we’d think,” Bleymaier said. “The sooner we can get in a position where we have home-and-home series with everybody, the better off we’re going to be as a program.”

The deal stemmed from Oregon State’s request to move the 2012 game in Corvallis to 2016, Bleymaier said. He discovered Michigan State was looking for a home game — and ESPN showed interest in televising the game, which will be a Friday night opener in 2012.

“(ESPN) helped pique Michigan State’s interest and our interest,” Bleymaier said.

As for 2011, Bleymaier said he made arrangements early on with Nevada and Fresno State to play if those schools were not allowed to leave the WAC. That protected all three schools from having a late hole to fill on the schedule.

Bleymaier said he might have been able to find a road game other than Fresno State, but he didn’t want another long trip. The Broncos already play at Mississippi, Toledo and TCU next year.

Bleymaier also said it’s a priority to get some Pac-10 teams on the schedule. The Broncos have played a Pac-10 team in eight straight seasons but don’t have one on the schedule again until 2016.


I asked Spear if the Vandals would do anything this week to promote sportsmanship in light of Boise State president Bob Kustra’s comments and the likely fan backlash.

“We always promote sportsmanship and we expect our fans and student body to behave appropriately,” he said. “It’s not different for this game.”

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Why? Both teams stink when

Why? Both teams stink when they have a little competition thrown their way. BSU moves to the MWC...whoa! Big move! Until you can play good schools week in and week are no good. Get over it and quit sniffing glue or whatever else you people snort/sniff!!

You got a good camera???

Do yourself a favor and take a nice picture of the "sold-out" Kibble Dome. It will be a very long time (if ever) before it is full like it will be this weekend. Dont let the good door hit ya-- Where the Broncos Kicked Ya!!!


Why don't you go back into the kitchen or go take care of the kiddies. because when you post c r a p like that your going to get blasted right back.



Yes, but.....

This is exactly the attitude that perhaps should end this rivalry (which no longer is a rivalry on the field).
I am in favor of continuing the games, but they should place in Boise only. There are more Idaho alums here that up in Moscow.
If this is the very last time the Broncos play the Vandals I will not shed a tear, but would prefer to see the Vandies down here occasionally.

Idiot alert

As a public service I think it's important to notify everyone when there is a complete IDIOT posting messages here. Mission accomplished.

Why is it that Broncos cant

Why is it that Broncos cant let the Oregon win go?? That's in the past. Do the Vandals need to bring up how they used to wipe the turf with you? No. Oregon is a much different team than last year. I would love to see the Ducks play the Broncos in Boise right now. It would be hilarious!! Boise wouldn't know what hit them...but they would be saying wait...what about the fiesta bowl? we are the best in the country!! I bet Moore gets sacked more times than not tomorrow night and will be lucky to finish the game. Don't whine about cheap shots either....Boise is the king of cheap shots.

Oregon would lose

Hands down if Oregon played Boise in Boise today. BSU would hold Oregon to -100 yards in the first half like last time. Oregon hasn't seen a defense like Boise State's all year. That being said, Oregon hasn't seen the athletes being thrown at them on offense either by the Broncos. I hope Boise State and Oregon can play in Glendale, but I have a feeling the Ducks will lose 1-2 times before the year is over. They always implode but they still think they have won 15 national championships.

Moore will be awkwardly high stepping into the end zone all night long tomorrow night, that's how bad the Vandal (hurt feelings) defense is.


"Oregon hasn't seen the athletes being thrown at them on offense either by the Broncos."

You're kidding, right?

U$C still has a lot better athletes than BSU. Obviously their team isn't as good as BSU this year, but if you're just taking raw athletes on the field they've got BSU beat and it isn't close.

Really Duck?

How So?

USC D Line AVG. 291 BSU 287
USC LB's AVG 231 BSU 229
USC CB's 185-165- bSU CB's 177-174
USC Safety 195-205 BSU 209-220

USC RB;s 225 -230 BSU 174 212
USC WR 185 - 185 BSU 175 - 203
USC TE 245 BSU 232

So it isn't size...No major Diff's at all

If you claim speed, then you have not watched closely...BSU D is FASTER than USC. Olines, same deal..BSU pulls quicker. There is a difference in having quickness to go with speed vs raw speed.

I watched Hawaii USC...and Ore USC and BSU Hawaii....there are not better athletes on USC...

So what is it? Agility? I don't think so at all. Our OLine pulls and gets out better, our D line is much quicker and more agile..

Receivers? LOL..No Way...

Backers? HaHa

Nice try...


"Athleticism" isn't just boil down to size. You know as well as I do it involves a bunch of stuff - size, speed, agility, explosiveness, etc. Go to an NFL combine sometime. Notice how many more Trojans are there versus Broncos. "LOL"

In terms of raw athletes USC takes a back seat to nobody, and certainly not BSU.

I would love to see BSU play USC. Even this year it would be an interesting contest.

Dinner time now, so until another day...


Yeah run off LOL.. had no answer so you run off.

WE are not discussing the selected players at a combine, we're discussing 2 entire school teams...

Yep, someone Ore beats he picks to place vs us.. Get over it..

I'm pretty full now

So I'm a little sleepy.

No, we're not discussing "entire teams" - we're discussing whether Oregon has faced an offense with as many good athletes as BSU has on offense. Go back and look at the original contention.

I absolutely think USC has more raw athletic talent on offense than BSU, and I don't think it is that close. They have more raw athletic talent on offense than Oregon, too (although I don't think they have anybody individually as good as James).

If you'll go back and look, you'll note that I did say I thought BSU had a better team this year.

Try to keep up.

Wow idaduck

From the sounds of it, you have not only seen every USC game this year but every practice as well. I would be willing to bet that you've seen one, maybe two, SC games on TV and no practices. My bet is that you are making these statements because in your "football" heart says SC "must" have more talent than BSU. I mean they are USC, there is just no way that little ole' BSU could possibly have more talent, Right?

I do understand, this is the PAC2 mentality. You cannot even see a mediocre USC team as having mediocre talent, it must be great talent, just not meshing. Right?

You said earlier that you thought a USC/BSU game would be an "interesting" contest.

In all condor, you need to clean your pool. There is nothing to indicate that this game would be anything but a blow-out. You might make an argument that USC is 22nd in pa$$ing offense, until you realize that Hawaii came into Boise with the #1 ranked pa$$ing team (the same offense that pa$$ed for 459 yards against USC). You might hang your hat on USC's 6th ranked punt return team, until you realize that Boise State punts less than ANY in FBS team and has not punted more than 3 times in a single game all year.

You see idaduck (and I've said this before) it's all perception with you PAC2'ers. You will never change, and I wouldn't expect you to.

The Vegas line on a SC/BSU matchup would be a minimum of 2 touchdowns, probably more.

by default, idaduck feels lame kiffin

is a very poor coach. all that talent and no production. so how is it that arguably the best football school in the mighty pac 2 failed to hire a decent coach? they have the best talent in the entire western united states and can't field a decent team. how is that idaduck?

I Don't Know What Ur Smokin' When Watchin

the 2 teams, but..both sides of the ball, USC is not. They are mediocre speed, athleticism, and talent. Their PLAY and record indicate that.

You whanged that one from your "drain" and it's truly laughable..even the comparable competition ill=ustrated it.

Shezz usually have better stuff than that... got a hangover?

Later dude, this one's closed..


Give the Broncos the money that USC and Oregon has and we will be right there with them. Kind of funny how little BSU doesnt come close to their budgets and yet we have proven it year in and out how good we are!!! Yeah, now attack our schedule....USC will not play BSU, instead they take on the Vandals for a whipping boy. Given the Chance we would love a shot at USC and better yet the Ducks. Since when did you attend a "combine" lol Puck-Off duck boy


I have a question..

How many USC or BSU players from this years squads have attended an NFL combine? Offense or Defense, or both?


Oregon Su*cks

Get a life...Oregon s8ucks...great, you beat Stanford at big win. Your no huddle fast break, "chip Kelly invention" has been used by Boise State since Peterson started here...I love how you now get credit for it. The Bears will eat you this weekend and you will blow your NC chance like you have every year in the past...go poke your smot in Eugene loser! BTW looks like you brought up the OU win and it wasn't one win...what is UO's record against BSU? I thought so...How many BCS wins do you have? Conference titles in the last 10 years...Oregon is a decent team with a lot of about small market.

Idiot alert

As a public service I think it's important to notify everyone when there is a complete IDIOT posting messages here. Mission accomplished.

Shame on Bleymaier

For trying to find a way to make that game work. The fans don't want it, the coach doesn't want it, and Bleymaier's boss doesn't want it. If Bleymaier wants to go rogue, he should go rogue on fundraising and try to bring more money into the program.


No one wants the game up there. Having it it in Boise makes all kinds of sense for both schools. Need to check your facts.

The Only People Who Want This Game

seem to be the Vandals. No Bronco alum I talk to cares whether we ever play them again. I am not taking gratuitous shots at the football team. It is just a matter of them not being in our league any longer. We out grew them. And when you couple that with the boorish, if not childish, behavior of their students and alums, why should we? The U of I seems to be stuck in the past when they actually were competitive with us. We must move on. Sorry but that is just the way it worked out. No offense but we have to think of our future and Idaho isn't in it.

Whoa now!!!

He is just trying to smooth over the fact that Kustra said it like we all feel!!! By the way, Speaking of money .... where is your donation???? Oh, that's right times are tough and you hadn't gotten to it yet.

Way in the past

lamebrain since Chip Kelly said that he would never schedule Boise State again. Why risk another embarrassing loss when you can simply let the pollsters defeat Boise State every year. And, since you obviously haven't looked at personnel for both teams, they are pretty much the same as last year with the Broncos probably more improved than the Ducks. If they played this year, the result would be the same which makes Chip Kelley a lot smarter than you.

Link Please

I seriously doubt Kelly ever said that...

Chip Kelly ...

I don't recall Chip Kelly saying that, either, and am BSU fan. I do know that Blount said that they will never have a game like that again. That's completely different from saying both teams will never play again.

Former AD and Coach Mike Belotti said it

I've heard him say it numerous times before resigning. I dont need a stupid link as I heard it with my own ears. I've only heard the Chipster say he doesnt want to talk about the Broncos when asked by pundits.

"Not Likely"

Is exactly the words out of Belotti's mouth when ask about playing Boise State again.

It seems the reasons it made sense to schedule BSU to a home and home in the first place are no longer there.

Thats Correct....

MB said it would have to make financial sense...LOL..Everyone knows how H & H works and it's not like BSU is a BIG TRAVEL Trip so all it was is an excuse..Made sense when scheduled the 1st time, but not after 2 beatings? LOL..I can see where some duckies get their excuse profiles...LOL

Links, Gentlemen


Thank you.

Here's The Financial Cop Out Link...

You're welcome.

Google Jimmy Dean


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We need to get rid of the cupcake!

Why, all of a sudden, the talk of strength of schedule factor is forgotten? We need to quit with these sandbox teams and move on up! Let Idawho stay in the WAC and dry up and blow away, or go back to the big sky! It's no wonder we don't get any respect!

Who is y'all, y'all?


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It's tough to admit, but the Vandals stopped being BSU's big football rival years ago. In BSU's attempt to join the big boys in football they've lost a part of their own identity along the way. It's inevitable.

For several years the Broncos biggest rival was really Fresno State - then that got more and more lopsided. Now you could make a small case for either Oregon or Oregon State. And, a terrific rivalry with TCU could take shape if TCU doesn't bolt from the MWC.

At least for the time being, this game should continue. It matters to far too many Idahoans.

I agree about all that but one thing

It should only continue if played in Boise. The vandals only give out 1000 tickets to visitors. Thats a freakn joke. I know sportsisfunin1960 doesnt agree but to bad. Donate some money to get added seats and maybe its a true rivalry game with more seats for the visiting team.

Spears isnt setting anything in stone because hes setting you vandals up. Theres not going to be a Home and Home. Akey will be gone and so will 6-6 seasons.

Chadd can you verify?

As I recall Chip Kelly made the statement that he would not schedule Boise State again in 2009 following the beat-down delivered by the Broncos.

In any case, I would love to hear if Gene Bleymaier is having any luck in scheduling the Ducks again. Also, Idaduck, those great athletes from USC beat Hawaii 49-36 in their opening game this year. I believe that Hawaii had 400-500 yards or so in offensive output with a lot of long plays.

All IdaDuck will do tell you how awesome the Ducks are..over and over and over and over and over. He pretty much sings the same tune everyday. Dont upset him tho, he will call you a Bronco honk. Nothing worse than loving the Broncos in his eyes.

Quack Quack Quack Ducks Suck

So ducky ducky, lets talk about the ducks record. 1) How many years have the ducks been playing football? 2) The Mighty Ducks have won how many Rose Bowls? 3) How many National Championships has the ducks played in? 4) How many National Championships has the ducks won?

March 24, 1894
One, in other than 1917
ZERO (even BYU has won a National Championship)

Pathetic Record for a team that has played football since 1894

1) Now what team has only been playing D1 Football since 1996? 2) What team has only been playing D1 football for 15 years? 3) What team owns the ducks?
Answers for 1-3 The Boise State Broncos..... Go Broncos!!!

Actually Rock...You're Wrong

on 1 count.....

Ohio Dtate also owns the Ducks, 7-0 vs them....