TCU extends lead over No. 4 Boise State in the BCS

By Chadd Cripe
© 2010 Idaho Statesman

The top four in the Bowl Championship Series standings remained the same this week — Oregon, Auburn, TCU and Boise State.

Boise State, however, has fallen well behind TCU.

ESPN's Brad Edwards said on the BCS Countdown show that Boise State will need a blowout of Nevada, and Virginia Tech to win the ACC, to have a chance to get in front of the Horned Frogs.

"I don't think Boise has any chance of passing TCU in the BCS unless they can jump back over them in the polls," Edwards said.


The Boise State football team’s national championship hopes took a hit Sunday when TCU jumped the Broncos for the No. 3 spot in the USA Today Coaches’ Poll and Harris poll. Boise State is No. 4.

The Horned Frogs already were ahead of the Broncos in the computers, so they likely have nudged in front of the Broncos in the pecking order for a spot in the title game.

Oregon remains No. 1 and Auburn is No. 2.

TCU got a boost from beating No. 6 Utah 47-7 in Salt Lake City. Boise State beat Hawaii, which was one spot out of the Top 25, 42-7.

The Broncos had been ahead of the Horned Frogs in the human polls all year.

TCU trailed Boise State by 69 points in the coaches’ poll last week. The Horned Frogs now lead by 10 points, a razor-thin margin that could change if the Broncos take advantage of the showcase provided by playing three straight Friday night games on ESPN2. TCU doesn’t have a spotlight game remaining.

Boise State still has three first-place votes from the coaches. TCU has two.

Four Boise State opponents received points in the coaches’ poll this week — No. 17 Virginia Tech, No. 21 Nevada, No. 32 Fresno State and No. 40 Hawaii.

In Harris, Boise State’s 106-point lead became a 35-point deficit. The Broncos have nine first-place votes, down three from last week. Virginia Tech is No. 17 and Nevada is No. 21.

Meanwhile, in The Associated Press Top 25, Boise State tumbled from No. 2 to No. 4. TCU is No. 3 — just five points behind No. 2 Auburn.

Boise State, which led TCU by 53 points last week, is now 25 points behind the Horned Frogs.

In AP, Virginia Tech is No. 16 and Nevada is No. 21.

The AP and USA Today polls are below. Here’s the Harris poll.


Here are my day-after-game notes:

It might end up hurting Boise State that they didn’t beat Hawaii as badly as they should have. A 3-0 turnover deficit prevented the 42-7 win from being more like 63-7. That might have been the Broncos’ most dominant performance ever against a capable team. They outgained the Warriors 737-196 — and when you put those numbers in context (most yards in BSU history, fewest yards for the Warriors in the run-and-shoot) that’s an incredible accomplishment. But voters won’t see all of that. Many of them will just see the score. Interesting that TCU starting quarterback Andy Dalton was still throwing passes midway through the fourth quarter of a 40-7 game against Utah; Boise State didn’t throw a single fourth-quarter pass in a 42-7 game against Hawaii.

“It’s very important for him. It’s very important for us just to realize life and the situation we’re in. We’re fortunate we’re playing this wonderful game. At the same time, there’s Stephen and different kids working through life battles. … It’s kind of something inspirational to look at.” — Boise State QB Kellen Moore, on 12-year-old Stephen Kinsey

Moore has thrown more than one interception in a game twice in his career. He has thrown for 400 yards in a game twice in his career. Those are the same games. He threw for 414 yards, three touchdowns and three interceptions against Nevada in 2008. He threw for 507 yards, three touchdowns and two interceptions Saturday. In both cases, he was completely torching the opponent before the interceptions started. “It felt like we were rolling pretty good,” Moore said. “At times, maybe you’re a little too confident that you’re going to make some throws.”


My story on Stephen Kinsey’s wish.

My game story.

Brian Murphy’s column.

Nick Jezierny’s sidebar on the no-huddle offense.

Our notebook leading with the record-breaking performances.

Our photo gallery.

At, you can vote in our poll and visit the Kellen Moore Watch page for his updated stats.

And here’s the column by’s Pat Forde, who was at Saturday’s game.


Here’s the AP poll:

Record Pts Pv
1. Oregon (49) 9-0 1,484 1
2. Auburn (2) 10-0 1,396 3
3. TCU (2) 10-0 1,391 4
4. Boise St. (7) 8-0 1,366 2
5. LSU 8-1 1,196 12
6. Wisconsin 8-1 1,182 7
7. Stanford 8-1 1,143 10
8. Ohio St. 8-1 1,087 8
9. Nebraska 8-1 1,055 9
10. Michigan St. 9-1 868 16
11. Alabama 7-2 861 5
12. Oklahoma St. 8-1 821 19
13. Iowa 7-2 807 15
14. Arkansas 7-2 775 17
15. Utah 8-1 657 6
16. Virginia Tech 7-2 540 20
17. Mississippi St. 7-2 501 21
18. Arizona 7-2 481 13
19. Oklahoma 7-2 436 11
20. Missouri 7-2 420 14
21. Nevada 8-1 304 25
22. South Carolina 6-3 170 18
23. Texas A&M 6-3 130 —
24. Florida 6-3 94 —
25. UCF 7-2 74 —
Others receiving votes: Southern Cal 51, San Diego St. 42, Miami 39, Penn St. 29, Baylor 23, North Carolina 20, Kansas St. 18, Pittsburgh 14, N. Illinois 9, Florida St. 6, Temple 4, Navy 3, Syracuse 2, Delaware 1.


Here’s the USA Today Coaches’ Poll:

Record Pts Pvs
1. Oregon (50) 9-0 1,463 1
2. Auburn (4) 10-0 1,389 2
3. TCU (2) 10-0 1,340 4
4. Boise State (3) 8-0 1,330 3
5. Wisconsin 8-1 1,184 7
6. LSU 8-1 1,153 11
7. Ohio State 8-1 1,123 8
8. Nebraska 8-1 1,067 10
9. Stanford 8-1 1,058 12
10. Michigan State 9-1 876 15
11. Oklahoma State 8-1 832 18
12. Alabama 7-2 791 5
13. Iowa 7-2 779 16
14. Arkansas 7-2 696 19
15. Utah 8-1 659 6
16. Oklahoma 7-2 569 9
17. Virginia Tech 7-2 563 20
18. Mississippi State 7-2 477 21
19. Arizona 7-2 403 13
20. Missouri 7-2 395 14
21. Nevada 8-1 328 23
22. South Carolina 6-3 151 17
23. Central Florida 7-2 99 NR
24. Florida 6-3 85 NR
25. Texas A&M 6-3 79 NR
Others receiving votes: Miami (Fla.) 67; San Diego State 44; Kansas State 36; Baylor 30; Penn State 28; Michigan 15; Fresno State 11; Temple 11; Florida State 8; North Carolina 8; Northern Illinois 8; Navy 5; North Carolina State 5; Pittsburgh 5; Hawaii 3; Southern Mississippi 2.


Here’s my AP ballot. I still have Boise State No. 1 — I still think the Broncos are the most complete team in the country. I’m not so sure TCU isn’t the No. 2 in the country, but I’ll wait and see how Auburn and Oregon finish against tough opponents before making a move there.

1 Boise State
2 Oregon
3 Auburn
5 Stanford
7 Wisconsin
8 Nebraska
9 Ohio State
10 Alabama
11 Arkansas
12 Okla State
13 Iowa
14 Michigan St.
15 Miss St
16 Virginia Tech
17 Utah
18 Arizona
19 Missouri
20 Oklahoma
21 S. Carolina
22 USC
23 Nevada
24 Penn State
25 Florida

Dropped out: Baylor, N.C. State, Florida State

For now...Broncos have 4 games to play and TCU just 2

We'll see what happens. It would be very interesting to have TCU and an Oregon national title game. Would love to hear the pundits twist this mess.

With a month left in the season I dont count the Broncos out of anything.

Just more BCS'n BS

That was an amazingly one-sided game...

The Broncos rode the Bows like rented mules from start to finish. 700 plus yards and they pulled several starters in the forth quarter including Kellen Moore.

Hawaii never had a chance. They were clearly over-matched in every facet of the game. And they were rated just out of the top 25 until yesterdays undressing. Bet the Bows are real glad there's no more visits to Boise Idaho left on their schedule.

Ladies and gentleman, BroncoNation is FO-REAL and anyone who doubts that is living in a fantasy world fueled by tainted BCS kool-aide.

The illegal BCS monopoly must get dumped for a fair-minded play off system and it will take an act of congress to get that accomplished.

In the meantime, we get shafted!


I have been thinking the same for a couple weeks now....TCU is minascule points ahead of BSU and they have played 2 more games....I also find it interesting that BSU has more AP first place votes than Auburn and TCU combined and more Coaches first place ballots than TCU....if the Broncos play the rest of the schedule like yesterday they will pass TCU before all is said and done.

Uh, No They Won't

Until Boise State stops playing "powerhouses" like San Jose State and Miami (of Ohio) they will never get the respect they say they deserve, flat out.

UH Passmore

San Jose St is a conference opponent. You cant not play them. Boise St. hasnt played and wont play Miami of Ohio this year. Get some facts right before posting.


My reply still stands. I wasn't just talking about this year. Stop trying to read minds Landon.

Sure it Stands...

He pinned it so you can't edit or erase. Made you look....well...mindless..


Great reply, wow, you showed me.


alabama scheduled san jose willingly, we are forced to play them. alabama also gets duke & georgia st(a team that would lose, seriously, to a quality hs team.
miami of ohio plays florida, missouri and cincinnati. the same lack of respect to them?
you are new here. are you just here to bash or do you actually have a team you support?

Not bashing

Not bashing at all (ps- disagreeing is not bashing). I have no dog in the fight it the fact still remains, BSU will NEVER get a title game without a tougher schedule. You can blame the schedule on or against anyone you like. It's a fact that Moore would be getting sacked and hunted a tad more playing higher ranked teams. Same goes for the O-line. Knee blow outs and such are facts of life when you play tough teams week after week. BSU gets a tough team once or twice a year. What about the year that say, USC won the title with their QB and Reggie Bush. All I ever heard was how USC would get crushed by BSU that year. Joke, pure fiction.

passmore again

you won't find many bronco fans saying we deserve the nc game. anyone who says boise state should not be in the bcs against a bcs team is not a true fan of cfb.

Bowl Game

They deserve a BCS bowl game, my say is that somehow the BCS has to be changed, their system of sorts sucks, and teams like BSU can go against big name teams and see what they are made of.

This is how I know you're an oaf

No Boise St. fan thought the Broncos were beating a team from Troy that many college experts rank as one of the all time greats. What some 7 year old kid wearing a Bronco tshirt told you so you believe all Broncos thought that.

And dude. The QB that played with Reggie Bush was Matt Lienart. Another part of Troy lore. Hes also an experts pick as a Top 5 college QB of all time.

And last is my favorite. You think the BCS has to be changed, their system of sorts sucks? Get out?! No way.

Yeah We Need Big Game Tests.

After all, VT, Ore, OK, OSU, TCU..none of them qualify...

No they don't

No they don't because BSU does not play these teams consistently year after year, week after week.

I'm sure you'll

get it from all sides per Donk nation with that comment. It's the same ol' argument every week and I truly believe the nation isn't sold on BSU, because they play in the WAC. Period. Their Sagarin rankings, as a team, are below TCU, Oregon, Auburn, and Stanford and based on the complete picture year to date, probably a good spot for them.

The MWC and WAC are #8 and #8 in the Sagarin conference rankings, so neither BSU or TCU is getting any love from beating up on their brethren week and week out. BSU games are absolutely boring, when's the last time they actually had a compelling game this year? VA Tech, the rest, outside of the Oregon St. game are all complete snoozers. I think the rest of the world looks at what a Oregon, or Auburn, would do in a league like the WAC and that's where the snub comes from. BSU can't help it, it's the league they play in. But noboby is going to truly respect them, until they play in a league where 45-0 and 50-7 games are the norm.


#8 and #8 and 45-0 and 50-7 games aren't the norm.


Throughout this entire harangue there's one missing fact. Regardless of how conferences match up ALL the polls put BSU in the top 5. That itself infers respect, no matter who Boise plays. If the SEC and other conferences are so grand why are they ranked below BSU? Either give Boise their due or rank them well down the list, if that's where they belong.

And I'll respect...

And I'll respect Auburn when they stop playing "mini-powerhouses" like Chattanooga - oh, and that's in the midst of that tough, week-in-and-week-out SEC schedule.

Nice try!

Auburn's schedule also has the likes of:
#12 South Carolina
#12 Arkansas
#6 LSU
#6 Alabama
The SEC championship game against another ranked opponent.
Their bowl game.

That is 6 ranked teams in the top 12.

BSU has two ranked teams in the top 20.
#10 Virginia Tech
Their bowl game

What would be easier, playing two or playing six opponents that are highly ranked?

joke doc failed math

nevada is in the top 25 & oregon st was when we played them. and no boise state fans will argue that the wac is equal to the sec. nevertheless, the sec does include vanderbilt, kentucky, miss st & oh miss. none of those teams would finish higher than third in the wac.

Look again, kiddo. What was

Look again, kiddo. What was written is "top 20".

I hate to tell you, but all conferences have teams at the top and others at the bottom.
What I can tell you is the bottom of the WAC is much lower than the bottom of the SEC. In fact, ESPN's listing of the worst teams in college football list three of BSU opponents: New Mexico State, San Jose State, and Utah State.

What that means is BSU plays one team in the top 20 and three in the bottom 120's!

What a small world

JocDoc: I see you are also a kayaker and white water enthusiast and an active poster to a boater blog;

Possibly this is not you. I don't know. Just thought it was interesting.

Prolly lots of JocDocs out there in the bloggersphere.


PS - Do you happen to know another kayaker, TheBroncoKid, per chance?

LOL...Not Even Dusk......

and the Crickets Are Suddenly Out.......

funny funny funny

easy to say when you can't prove it. nice work vndl.

have we seen the last of joke doc?

funny how that works.

Sorry, aqfunk.

I am not much of a paddler. I tried for a while, but my shoulder would not agree with it so I had to give it up before I even got started years ago.

Now I just work on those kayakers that have bad shoulder.

So no, I am not on any other boards/blogs etc.

I do know plenty of physicians that do paddle, however. The best known in our community is Dr. Paul Collins.

What's up Doc?

Okay - so was a coincidence. No big deal.

Now I am curious.

What team(s) do you support?

With all due respect intended,


I've mentioned it before,

I've mentioned it before, but I will again. I grew up mostly in the the Midwest watching Big Ten football.
I have been to several different cities/stadiums and nothing matches up to The Big House or the Horseshoe for watching a game. I have also been to a couple of other stadiums for games, but they were nothing to speak of.

I still cheer for the Big Ten teams, and mine especially. However, I think that some teams, like Ohio State, tend to get ranked for their tradition more than their current accomplishments.

Doc - just curious

Why not spend your time on those boards, then? You know the boards of the Big Ten teams you like so much.

Seems to me like you are wasting your time here on a Bronco/WAC board.

Few people listen to what you have to say and/or are impressed with you. So why be here on a Sunday afternoon?

You are a busy man during the week and not retired - so why not spend your precious free time going to the Big Ten team boards, where you will find kindred spirits, instead of coming to this board.

It really doesn't make any sense Doc to put yourself thru coming here, where you are wasting your time and not changing any minds and/or opinions, of a fan base of a team you don't really care much about, in the first place.

See what I mean?



It is because I have now lived in Boise for quite a long time. I love football and attend some of the games each year.

The biggest reason I follow some of these stories and conversations is because I get a kick out of the local bias. This is a story in a newspaper, not a BSU fan blog. If I were to go to the "Bronco nation" blog I would expect it to be vastly pro BSU. This is a newspaper article and should be more objective.

I don't blame people for liking their team, but I think it is ridiculous at times and easy to see for somebody with an outside perspective. People like myself tend to balance out conversations and make them more objective.

On the same token, most people outside of Boise do not hate BSU, they just want to see BSU play the same level of competition to prove that they belong. If my team plays a gauntlet of a schedule and finishes with 1-2 losses while missing a big bowl, then I would be mad if another team like BSU went to my bowl of choice because that team played a very weak schedule and finished undefeated.

From my perspective there is little to no bias from the outside world. We are just asking for teams like BSU to prove that they belong by playing the same quality of schedule, not the typical BSU schedule. Next year is a perfect example. Rather than lining up a more challenging schedule to prove the critics wrong, BSU plays an even easier schedule. Who cares if you lose a million dollars in immediate revenue by not playing a home game against the likes of UC Davis when you could play a ranked BCS school at their home on the way to a better SOS and NC game that will pay much more.

true, this is a newspaper blog....

but is the "hometown" paper for the Broncos. Do you think the hometown paper, or fans that frequent the blogs for those papers, are any less biased toward their teams? Surely you're smarter than this post of yours indicates!?!
How should "teams like BSU" prove they belong? They were ranked #4 in the nation before the season and AFTER the schedules were released. Have they done anything to disprove they deserved that ranking? In past years it was all about starting the season with a high enough ranking that you didn't have to move up past as many others. But when the same team (remember we lost only one starter) that finished last year in the top 5, plays every game on their schedule convincingly and gets passed by a team that plays a 1AA team and DOESN"T drop a spot, are we to rejoice about how fair the system is? We could play four BCS AQ-conference teams as our non-conference games and we wouldn't get any more 'respect' becuase we played this one "before they were good" and that one "after they were all beat up".

Stop it frog99g

You make entirely too much sense. These dynamics have been in play since before some of these posters were born.

As you stated, "... ranked #4 in the nation before the season and AFTER the schedules were released ...". Where was all the complaining about the schedule then? Nowhere is where. We all knew the concerns and also knew there wasn't a thing that could be done about it this season.

All these losers now coming on the scene seem to be in wonderment why they get pushback. They can string subject, verb, and object together ... and then forget that logic and sensibility are even more integral in building a position. Then, they get blasted and begin howling even louder. Frankly, it's repetitive and boring.


of whatever happens this year, I still want a playoff, even if by miracle, one of our teams makes it to the BCS championship game.

frogman1: "Eff off outsiders"

Four go undefeated and two get left out. Two who went undefeated in the prior regular season.

If that doesn't violate the sensibilities of the "American sportsman", I don't know what would.

BCSnobs: "What was your record, TCU?"
BCSnobs: "Last year?"
BCSnobs: "What about yours, BSU?"
"12-0 and 13-0"

"You mean your teams went a collective 49-0 in the regular seasons the past two years?"
TCU and BSU: "Yes"

BCSnobs: "Well, you still can't play in the big game. Eff off."

Oh Just Wait Till The Larger Question Hits....

It just seems like destiny that when Ore drops one at Cal or OrSt and when Al beats the Computer Whiz from Aub... Then there are only 2 undefeated's in the nation...

Think about it. It's entriely possible with all these "weekly" wars.

--We've seen humans and puters drop teams 7-8 spots for that 1st loss.

What will the BCS selection committee do then? That's the IED question.....

Reply post, Wiz, at the end ...

... of this thread.

Begins with: "Plight"

Does Doc

Does Doc really believe "people like myself tend to balance out conversations and make them more objective"?

Wow, thats the most delusional self obsessed post Ive read in awhile. Oh ya, and not true whatsoever.

Quick recovery and Split Personalities

So you haven't paddled in years? I know how that is - to give up sports you love, because of injuries, from years ago, that don't heal up.

What is your definition of years. as I see you paddled down some river in the Yukon a little over a year ago, or at least you said you did:

I also, see you sell/advocate/arrange/coordinate guided trips/events with lunches, breakfasts, dinner, river permits included, and etc. Or maybe I am wrong, and that was somebody else using your name on that blog. I have been wrong before, so please excuse me if I am.

I guess you do all this out of some office, with a phone and an answering machine and/or call forwarding, to possibly another number in another state or so?

It is easy to be two people at once, in different states, if you know how to use modern technology. I have even heard of people who make up a false name, have a 'dummy phone number' listed for another area code with call forwarding to another area code, a dummy mail box/dump, and conduct business in one state, while pretending to be in another. But this is just all boring and insignificant information, as it does not apply to you, in any way. I am sure. Don't know why I even brought it up, really. Bored I guess.

Just a thought.

Either way, welcome to this blog. Your presnce certainly provides excellent and in depth analysis of CFB. It is always refreshing to hear how the SEC is better than the WAC, how the Broncos are not a top tier team, and other Bronco bashing stuff. We don't hear that slant very much around here.


PS - football is fun

Sorry to disappoint, again.

Sorry to disappoint, again. I have never been on a kayaking board nor do I own any such business. I attempted kayaking around 6 years ago and haven't done any since.

Also, thank you for the potential complement, but I am by no means a computer whiz to allow the running of an out-of-state business.

Sorry Doc

I guess I got you mixed up with somebody else that lives in Colorado. Sorry. Ooops.

You prolly don't live in Colorado and are not a DC that is into sports medecine in Colorado.

Sorry, about the confusion.

I thought you were a sports medecine guru guy from Colorado that is also into kayaking.

Lolol, you prolly are in Iowa or Missouri or one of them Flat Land states, where you can't even see any mountains. I went to Mount Rushmore as a kid and was so dissapointed. Turned out to just be some big rocks with some carvings of faces on it. Counld not understand where the mountains were.

My mistake.


I hope that you are a

I hope that you are a kayaker, yourself, because that would be a lot of investigation just to figure out who I may be and where I potentially live, which by the way, is Boise.

Not a biggie Doc

I got the North End wired.

Actually, I don't really care who you are or where you live or if you are a CNA or a LPN or a physical therapist.

I am only interested in which college football team is your favorite. You have never informed this board, as to which team you support.

I never tried kayaking as it seemed too dangerous. I have a lot of respect for those that do though. Seems like a hard sport to master.


Who'd a thunk . . .

. . . there are so darn many kayakers out there that worship the SEC and believe the BSU Broncos are never going to be at the level of the SEC teams.

They seem to be everywhere these days.

My gosh, maybe that is a requirement to be a kayaker.

And who would of thought, that so many kayakers who worship the SEC and believe the BSU Broncos are never going to be at the level of the SEC teams, go to kayak/boater blogs?

Astounding, really.

Possibly a coincidence; or a requirement to have a kayak?


PS - Or maybe some kid has access to a computer on Sundays?

well if you search a bit more

you get a dc in colorado.

They are everywhere

Even under your pillow.

JOC. quick. JocDoc. Hurry up. Pass the

paddle to me. Hurry, I'll take over now.

BrocnoKid - Be Careful - the other one is lurking

It is very interesting. If even one post discusses kayaking, the SEC, and Bronco football - it gets flagged.

Mine did (above post).


How did my post violate the Statesman's TOS?

Somebody is out and about today - that is for sure. Maybe some kid playing with his new toy on a Sunday afternoon?

well seein' as they play one game at a time

They're probably both pretty tough. You answer this:
How can a team be the best in the Nation if they're not even the best in their conference? Before you answer with "Auburn is undefeated" remember, they may not be by season's end.

Throw me

an argument where BSU deserves more respect than Oregon or Auburn, when factoring in:

a. their entire scope of work, year to date


b. no argument using the fact that BSU beat TCU last year and UO the last two. Facts are facts, everybody plays patsies...BSU's just happen to be their week in and week out opponents for the most part.