Eagle quarterback Mangum high on Boise State, BYU for college choice

By Brian Murphy

Eagle High junior quarterback Tanner Mangum said Boise State and BYU are his top two college choices.

Mangum, who has missed much of the season with a broken right (throwing arm) collarbone, has an offer from the Broncos.

“BYU is showing some major interest,” he said. “I’m very confident they’ll offer me soon.”

Mangum said his shoulder injury may have pushed away some potential suitors. Boise State is the only offer Mangum has in hand, he said. In five quarters this season, Mangum completed 23-of-29 passes for 417 yards and five touchdowns.

“It didn’t scare Boise State away and I’m grateful for that,” Mangum said. “The process is still open. I have a lot of time to worry about that.”

Mangum is expected to play a limited role in Friday’s divisional playoff game against Vallivue, his first action since injuring the shoulder in September. Here is the column I wrote about Mangum for Sunday’s paper.

Oregon, Stanford and Washington have also shown some interest in the 6-foot-3, 185-pounder. Mangum plans to commit before his senior season, perhaps as early as the summer. He will take a two-year LDS mission before enrolling in the school of his choice.

“I made that decision at an early age. I’m sticking to my faith and I know it’s the right thing for me to do. Maybe it’s tempting to stay there right away. But I’ll be blessed to stick to my faith and in doing what I know is right even if there is a two-year interruption,” Mangum said.

Mangum will be on his mission during the 2012 and 2013 football season.

Mangum said Boise State offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach Bryan Harsin has played a major role in his commitment.

“I couldn’t say enough about those guys. The program they have is top-notch. I’d be lucky to be a part of that,” Mangum said.

He said the Broncos “haven’t been pressuring me at all. They’ve been really good about the whole process.”

“It’d be awesome (to play at home),” Mangum said. “It’s every kid’s dream to play in front of their hometown, play in front of their family. It’ll play into the decision.”

Boise State's success in recent years has helped influence high school programs across the Valley, Eagle coach Paul Peterson said.

"Living in a town that has the Boise State influence in it, not only him, but everyone has learned by (the Broncos) model. Because Kellen Moore is such a gym rat, if you will, I think Tanner realized that he wants to be that and in order to succeed at that level, you bring a notebook to all the meetings, you watch film over and over and over again," Peterson said. "That's what Tanner wants to be. He wants to be the next Kellen Moore."

But BYU also has deep ties for Mangum. His parents attended the Provo, Utah school. His oldest brother Parker graduated from BYU and played on the football team after walking on. His brother Madison attends the school and is a walk-on on the football team, but is currently serving his mission.

“We’ve grown up BYU fans,” said Mangum, who has visited the coaches in Provo.

Mangum said the Cougars’ recent move to football independence was a positive in his eyes.

“It’s a definite plus. It allows for some scheduling with big-name opponents. They should be able to turn it around. They’ll get on the map with some tough opponents in the future. It’s a definitive positive for anyone that wants to go there and play against good quality programs,” he said.

But Mangum said the “glamour side” of programs will not have that big of an impact on his final decision.

“It’s about finding the best fit for you as a person,” he said. “They’re all good programs, good universities, good schools. It’s about the best fit for me, not just football, but the school and campus, the overall feel of it. … It’s definitely going to be a tough decision to make.”

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You go Tyler!

It's a shame that the kid got his arm-cannon injured when he did. But Boise State has done pretty well with prospects that other schools wrote off.

That 2-year LDS mission will only help him gain maturity and perspective... sounds like either Boise State or BYU will work with that schedule in mind. He'd likely be a good addition to either program. (BYU could use some help THIS year, huh??)

Any bets?

Looks rather obvious that he's just waiting for the BYU offer to come in! Oh well!

Waiting is the Hardest Part

Of course he is waiting. He is only a Jr. It is in every f-ball recruits interest to keep stringing along a school. You want them to hold that scholarship spot as long as possible. Keep in mind they can't sign the letter of intent until Feb. All these stories about verbal commitment from this recruit or that recruit MEAN NOTHING!

BTW going on an LDS mission is smart from a football standpoint. My brother (a "good Catholic kid") played on the BYU Nat'l Championship team and saw lots of his team mates go on missions and come back 2 years later, 40-50 pounds bigger and 2/10s of sec faster in the 40.

The LDS mission is one of the best "scams" (and its 2 year extension of eligibility) going for the BYU football program, I just don't know why the NCAA hasn't caught on. If the football players are TRULY committed to their faith they would go on their mission and not mind that the eligibility clock continues to run. But then I GUARANTEE you'd have NO football players so dedicated to taking their LDS mission.

Hes going to BYU

It might as well be written in stone. His whole family has gone to the LDS school and his entire family are die hard Cougars. BYU will get a great QB. The kid is a good kid and comes from a good family, but these articles are a waste of a time. Yes, theres a lot of time between now and when the kid returns from his mission. But he wants to make a decision by summer so he can focus on his Senior year of High School. When BYU offers he will choose the Cougars. Good for him and I wish him well.

seems as though

our cupboard is nearly full anyway. moore is a junior. southwick will be ready to roll when his day comes. laughrea is a senior in hs. we have 5 qbs on the roster now. i realize he is a junior in hs but we clearly have time to find a replacement for this kid if he does decide to pursue the book of mormon.

Southwick rules!!

I'd take Southwick over this mormon kid any day... Go Broncos.


Except Southwick graduates from the Broncos before this kid even steps on a college campus to play football.

Mormon kid?

Kind of like, black kid? Gay kid? Catholic kid? What's with the labels?


Im not sure he was being derogatory. And yet, Im not sure he wasnt.

When my ND buddies talk about recruiting they will say someone is a "good Catholic kid." I guess labels, while sometimes helping to clarify, can also be demeaning. Im not sure what gmans intention was.

Yes.. Mormon kid

I just think he belongs with his Mormon buddies at BYU... Let them have him. We are fine here. Truly.. Thank you.

Better go to BSU kid. You

Better go to BSU kid. You can run up your stats playing the nobodys and then be considered a great QB.

Right rodney

Or you can go to BYU and not play in a BCS game ever and lose as many games as you win never win a conference championship, lose to BSU and have zero chance of playing in a NC game..............
Lets see be a winner, or not...... We know which one rodney is.

He should not go to either

He should not go to either one, but if you have to choose because like all BSU players BCS schools wont pick you up so choose the one that the voters are using to break the BCS sytem. Why not be a big fish in a little pond and think you are great.....

tell us oh great rodney

what school should he go to? You sir, are an idiot.

rott knee

it is time for you to step up and identify the team you actually support? dux, vangals, cougars?

It's a slam dunk for

It's a slam dunk for BYU,,it's mecca for these people & BYU deserves him. Here's a kid that moved from TL to Eagle because they have a better team to showcase him.Took the QB job away from a senior who had worked hard for it. Parents who didn't see anything wrong with this or that at TL the coach had him start as a FR., again displacing kids who worked hard and had some loyalty to their team.TL coach is at fault here. Hope BYU likes his mom as asst,coach like she thought she was in Optimist football. Not that anyone cares but if he goes to BSU it will be hard for me to watch..also can't understand why any coach would tie up a position for 2 years while a kid goes off th SA to sign up come iliterate indians.


You must not know much about the Mormon church. They have missionaries in just about every country on the planet. Oh, and you might want to check your dictionary on the word "illiterate" there....chief.

The last time I checked, the

The last time I checked, the coaches job is to put the best players on the field-no matter how hard the kids he displaced worked. That's sports.

Wow bitter much?

These people?
Of course the mom is overbearing.... you really think colleges have never dealt with that before? I dont know how long you have been posting on these boards but we like to talk football, not cry like a baby that got beat out for a position.......

Wake up Tanner

this is not your Daddy's BYU. Bronco Mendenhal is no Lavell Edwards and until BYU ponies up a big contract (which the church does not believe they have to...they currently pay Mendenhal approximately $750K per year) they will never get a coach to bring them to the old glory days...similar to Alabama and Bear Bryant...until Bama decided to pay big bucks for Saban they were an average team at best.


You make some very good points. I had no idea Bronco Men. at BYU was getting paid so little (in terms of top college football programs). Very interesting. My understanding, from BYU fans that I know, is that theres also some internal strife among players and coaches. Wish we had a Cougar perspective on these threads to tell us what exactly is going on in Provo.


Actually makes $2.475M, he just gives $1.79M back to the church........

sorry, couldn't pass it up.....

tfunk.....10-percent is...

$247,500 dollars; not 1.79 million....



Keep him GROUNDED, he won't get in high...


Happy Jesus Thing and a Chinese New Year