Minnick gets an 'A' from Iraq & Afghanistan veterans group; Crapo, Risch, Simpson get 'Ds'

Idaho Democratic Rep. Walt Minnick was the lone Idahoan with a good grade from the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America for his voting record the last two years.

Republican Sens. Mike Crapo and Jim Risch, and GOP Rep. Mike Crapo were among about 150 lawmakers receiving "Ds" and "Fs" for votes on issues including disability reform, veterans' affairs budgets, employment and education benefits for veterans, homelessness issues, health care and other issues.

Minnick earned 16 out of a possible 18 points; Simpson's votes earned him 11 points.

In the Senate, where 12 points were possible, Crapo and Risch both got 5 points.

Crapo's grade fell from a "B" in 2007-2008. Simpson had an "A" in 2007-2008.

Minnick and Risch are serving their first two years in Congress and were not rated for 2007-2008.

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Apparently they're good at sending the troops to war...

not so good at taking care of them after they have done their master's bidding.

"No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government." Neil Peart

So true

The GOP delegation has a dismal record in fighting for our country.

Now the tea baggers want to outsource the V.A. further screwing our military.

They just love those corporations.

Remind me

which president from which party proposed that soldiers wounded in combat be forced to use their personal health care to pay the costs for their recovery. Here's a hint - it wasn't anyone from the GOP. Hypocritical much? That's a rhetorical question.

while people can argue about Minnick in some areas

I don't think anyone will argue that he does a good job taking care of those people who served our country.

Minnick's military record

Like many young men who came of age in the Viet Nam era, Minnick worked to avoid the draft by staying in school, but when that was no longer working, he joined the R.O.T.C. while at Harvard (the school that now forbids any military presence on its campus). After graduating with a law degree Minnick landed a nice desk job at the Pentagon to avoid combat duty. Between Harvard and the Pentagon he made connections that led him to the job in the Nixon White House.

Of course, today Minnick loves to tout his status as a veteran and down play his role in the Nixon administration. I read on one liberal blog (I think it was Mountaingoat, but I'm not sure about that) that Minnick had even stated on his Facebook page that he had served "in Vietnam" which would make him Idaho's own version of Richard, "served in Vietnam," Blumenthal. I'm guessing by now Minnick has corrected that honest mistake just like all his other honest mistakes such as working with the Plumbers or calling for a middle-class tax increase when he meant to say tax cut.

Idaho hasn't often elected candidates who were born with a silver spoon in their mouth, or ones who successfully exploit their liabilities as assets and manage to fool even our true veterans who must not have looked at his record very carefully. They had better hope Minnick continues to fund their post-service needs using borrowed money, because the Obama administration which Minnick serves with is doing everything possible to reduce every other aspect of military and defense spending.

It surely won't be Crapo's or Simpson's fault when the borrowed money runs out for providing our veterans with benefits, but the only thing that matters to Minnick is getting re-elected this year. He'll probably be retired with a nice government pension by the time the poop hits the fan.

Bytheway is Factless

So he went to school at that means he was avoiding the draft. He joined the ROTC and he got a job, also proof that he was avoiding the draft. You know this because Minnick personally told you or did you just pull this out of your......

Let get to your second FACT. You THINK you read on a blog that Minnick said he served in Vietnam. Nothing like good solid facts to support your argument. If you THINK it, it has to be a FACT. Bytheway, I THINK I read on a blog somewhere that you said you were Nancy Pelosi jilted lover. Personally, I like to see facts, not make up my own, you should try that....you know, real facts, not just made up facts.

You said that "the Obama administration which Minnick serves". Congressman Minnick serves the Obama administration, WHAT… guess you forgot to actually look at his voting record and how often he has voted against his own party.

We need representatives who do not just vote along party lines, R or D. Congressman Minnick is that person and he is a sound fiscal conservative.

Bytheway get a CLUE. Stop making up your facts.

Bronco boy, can't read

You don't read well do you? I said I read on "a" blog and thought it might have been Mountain Goat, but I read a lot of blogs, so I wasn't positive if that was the one that contained the served-in Vietnam/Facebook accusation. Upon further research, I'm still not sure if it was Mountain Goat, because it has several scathing articles about Minnick, one of which is pretty long, and I don't have time this evening to re-read every word on all of them. Maybe over the weekend I will find time to do that and let you know.

Is everything published on a blog factual? Of course not, but Mountain Goat does seem to doc-u-ment their material quite well if you are intelligent enough to distinguish between facts and editorializing. Quickly scanning through one item entitled, "The Walt Minnick You Don't Know," I did find this little gem, which appears to be easily verifiable. You can read the whole thing at: http://mountaingoatreport.typepad.com if you're interested.

"...when asked in Native Home of Hope if he ever thought about going into government service again, Walt Minnick replied:

“Well, I really prefer the private sector. I couldn't put up with the phony lifestyle required of an elected public official. I'm a bit too outspoken and too inflexible to make the necessary, politically expedient compromises on the issues. I don't suffer fools lightly, and you have to do that.

“As a very young man, it was something that looked very glamorous and attractive. Now I might consider an administration position, on a short-term basis, where you didn't have to go through all the baloney associated with elections. But I've been there once. I've been at the very center of the government of the United States during a very exciting period of time, and I don't really have a desire to go back and start over in that world. Basically, I'm able to control my enthusiasm for the public sector.”

Now tell us, BSU Bronco, does that sound like the Walt Minnick you know, the one who just a week ago bragged in a debate about his ability to reach across the aisle and compromise?

This confirms it was MountainGoat

...but I still don't have time to re-read everything there. Maybe it is time for you to do your own research, and I would recommend you do some before November 2. I found this on Huckleberries Online, but it is clearly quoting MountainGoat. There is also a response from Foster.

"When does Idaho Congressman Walt Minnick plan to quit lying about his military service? It’s been a week since it was first pointed out that Walt had been misrepresenting his service on his campaign Facebook page and, as shown below, still no change. Today that lie was repeated nationally by KIDO radio’s Austin Hill. Walt Minnick never served in Vietnam. In fact as pointed out here, he tried desperately to avoid being drafted and did so by joining the Army Reserve. He said so in his own words in The Native Home of Hope: People & the Northern Rockies, published in 1986/MountainGoat Report."


Mike Crapo must have been one busy boy, casting votes in both chambers - Rep. Mike Simpson, maybe?


there's this thing called a budget that sometimes gets in the way of unlimited spending for even more important programs like military.
a true conservative has to learn to say no, and cut spending across the board to balance a budget.
see realminnick.com
3 minute video


I know quite a few people who avoided the draft but still served. I joined the Air Force to avoid the draft. I did not want to be a combat soldier, but I served in military intel to protect our troops on the ground. At least he served. I have a brother who joined the Navy to avoid combat, but he needed up being a medic along the DMZ. He did his duty, such as Walt. If Walt had been ordered, he would of gone to Vietnam. You fools who did not serve have no right to critize a veteran. The Republicans want to gut our commitment to veterans. Cut VA benfits, medical, etc. They want to privatize medical care for veterans, when profits are first, veterans are last. I support our VETS 100% and feel we need to pay the price for our protection.

Question for Mikin re service

Thanks for serving! But would you publicly claim you had served in Vietnam (or any other theater of war) when in fact you had never left the safety of the U.S.? I don't get the impression that you would and that's the difference.

Minnick claims he traveled to Viet Nam for the Nixon administration (something having to do with drug trafficing), but by then he was no longer in uniform. I would call that stretching the truth to put it mildly. I would also call it exploiting the honor and valor of those who did serve in harm's way - taking credit for something you didn't do and for no better purpose than to garner votes?

As for your belief that Republicans want to gut our commitment to veterans, I would point out that on March 24, 2010, Republican Senator Orrin Hatch introduced an amendment that would have prevented veterans from being taxed for medical devices including prosthetic limbs, wheel chairs, pacemakers, and other devices our wounded and aging veterans often need. Democrats soundly defeated this amendment, and the tax went into effect in July. The tax applies to everyone who purchases medical devices and is expected to raise $20 billion over the next 10 years, but Democrats refused to exempt veterans.

yes and no

I guess the problem with elections is that No one really knows the truth. Both sides will stretch the truth to help themselves. What was done in the past in some cases was the right thing, but now it can be used against a person. Yes, you can claim you served in Vietnam without actually being in country. President Johnson ran the war from the White House. I did not serve in Country, but all my intel work was in direct support of our pilots and ground troops. I was close by. As far as Vet benefits. You proved that both sides play the political game with our veterans. The only thing I can say is, Idaho beliefs in politics, do not necessary reflect the beliefs of everyone. I have been doing alot traveling on the East Coast. The President is well liked, his agenda is the problem. So, will be an interesting next 2 years.

Big difference between a tax exemption, and not funding basic

VA services. If you research the votes over the last 4 years, you will see a difference in who wants to fund services for veterens, versus who wants to diminish services or outsource them to the private market, where profit, not repaying service to our country, will be the only motivator for the providers.

"No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government." Neil Peart


Nice. Of course in those "Defense" bills were amnesty for illegals, pork for Big Union, more and more Big Government regulations on everything from Health Care to Farms. Informed voters know why they voted no. And why Dems put non defense spending, and regulations in the bills. Just for this.

And look and the lemmings. You guys are not smart.