Challenger to Mike Simpson gets encouragement from Tea Party Boise, but no endorsement

Tea Party Boise, which is working hard to elect Republican nominee Raul Labrador in the 1st Congressional District, is saying nice things about independent Brian Schad's challenge to six-term 2nd District GOP Rep. Mike Simpson.

But rather than providing an endorsement, Tea Party Boise has issued Schad a "Letter of Recommendation."

The group's spokesman, Russ Smerz, said in an e-mail, "While Mr. Schad may lack some of the 'polish' many politicians have, we find him to be sincere and refreshing as well as a legitimate candidate to represent people in Idaho."

Schad, 45, of Idaho Falls, is running a more active campaign than the Democratic nominee, Mike Crawford, 52, of Mountain Home. Simpson, 60, skipped the traditional Idaho Public TV debate and has a huge advantage in fundraising, with $726,000 raised and $167,000 on hand as of Sept. 30.

Schad has a campaign Facebook page, but has not raised the $5,000 necessary to file with the Federal Election Commission. Crawford has no website and also hasn't met the $5,000 threshold.

Tea Party Boise endorsed Labrador over Vaughn Ward in the May 25 GOP primary and is hosting public forums to help him unseat
freshman Democratic Rep. Walt Minnick.

The group's letter regarding Schad follows:

Please be advised that Brian Schad has distinguished himself with Tea Party Boise and the Citizens of Idaho during his campaign for the U.S. House of Representatives in District 2. Without going into detail of his personal commitment to our country while serving as a United States Navy SEAL nor his professional background as a small businessman we would like to commend him on the following:

1. Written participation in the Tea Party Boise report card in response to pointed/conservative questions in a timely and accurate manner. With few exceptions Brian was in direct agreement with our principles and the values of our membership. (this is posted on our web site at

2. Personal participation in the U.S. Congressional Forum conducted on May 1, 2010. Once again he made the personal commitment to attend (neither incumbent chose to participate) While Brian, by his own admission, states he is not “a public speaker” did an outstanding job in answering both prepared and audience questions in an unflappable manner. There were no right or wrong answers to the questions --- simply put we wanted to elicit replies to basic questions which are meaningful to our citizens.

3. He has been unselfish in both his personal time and expenses in supporting civic events such as Constitution Day, Constitution Ride Across America or any other event to further patriotism in our State. This is often done with little or no recognition to his campaign or efforts.

While we as Tea Party Boise have not “formally” endorsed Brian Schad because our Board of Directors has not discussed this in session, we feel confident he would represent the citizens of District 2 in a professional and up-standing manner.

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Tea party wishes

Originally, I thought the Tea Party had some fairly good ideas, and they may still, BUT, it seems they're turning into more of a political agenda party! First, they endorse Raool, a lawyer that has a track record for aiding and abetting illegals, now they're not endorsing a proven candidate in Simpson, who was voted in office and done a fairly good job! Seems the Tea Party credibility is tumbling!

Does anybody think Simpson cares?

He will get 65% w/ or w/o the endorsement of angry white peoples.

angry white peoples??

You are most certainly the most angry person to write on this board.

What is all this always about angry white peoples?

Care to explain or must you always come back with insults?

I'm sure other angry peoples will join them.

He didn't call you anything.


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Proven Candidate?

What exactly has Simpson done to be a proven candidate? Win? If that's all you need then just rubber-stamp the incu_mbents. Maybe Schadd isn't polished like Simpson but Simpson has only proven that he will vote the party-line. He votes for Bush's stimulus and defends it to this day and yet brags about voting against Obama's. He votes for the largest increase in Federal spending ever under Bush and then claims to be a fiscal conservative for voting against Obama's massive debt agenda.

more Tea Party wishes

I've always associated "tea party" with the size of the government and budget. I don't know if they should have a dog in the immigration fight (or abortion, or guns, etc.), except where it affects government spending. And based on that definition, I consider myself a Tea Partier. (Small government is good government!)

I appreciate this info about Mr. Schad - I'll have to research more thoroughly between now and November 2.

With regards to Mr. Simpson... I've voted for him before, and like RedRooster, I feel he's done a "fairly good job." HOWEVER... every election cycle he's moving away from "citizen legislator" and toward "career politician." If a good alternative came along who could replace our career politician, I'd vote for the alternative every time.

One other point... if Simpson has raised $726K and has spent all but $167K - spending $559,000 on THIS election??? - that's some WASTEFUL spending!!

Schad is a good man

Would definitally be an upgrade over Stimulus Simpson

Which tea party

The tea party express endorsed Minnick. My group, the instant tea party with lemon, says a says no endorsement till you deliver the pork.

I'm not sure.

A Pepsi party running on a diet platform would suit me.


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