Idaho coach Akey voted Boise State No. 1 this week

By Brian Murphy

Idaho coach Robb Akey was one of 11 coaches to vote Boise State No. 1 in the latest USA Today Coaches Poll, he confirmed in an interview with Jeff Caves of 1350 AM KTIK.

Boise State was ranked No. 2 in the coaches poll released Sunday.

Akey does a taped interview each Wednesday that runs during "Idaho Sports Talk with Caves and Prater" from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. on KTIK. Listen here to Akey's short answer on voting Boise State No. 1.

Akey's full interview is scheduled to run at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday on KTIK.

Last week, Akey hinted that he did not vote Boise State No. 1. He called Boise State "one of the top teams in the country," but said I was "reading too much into that quote" when I asked if that meant he voted Boise State No. 1.

Akey said he does not want the coaches' weekly ballots to be made public, saying he didn't want to be forced to defend his ballot each week — even from Vandal fans who might object to him voting Boise State too high.

Boise State coach Chris Petersen said last week he did not vote the Broncos No. 1.

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Thanks Coach....

Great and supportive vote for BSU and all of Idaho.

I heard Akey say

I heard Akey say "thats one heckuva darn football team down there in Boise" last week.

Thanks Akey, but I dont think this is going to save you from yourself November 12th. Too many sharpened sticks sticking in the Broncos gut over the last few months. Poked the sleeping bear for no reason at all but create more animosity. Better get that crazy voodoo lady out of VNDL's basement and start on the magic. I forget all the ingredients she needs for the spell but I think VNDL has them written down on his left hand.

Rob Spears has put a stop to all of Akeys paychecks until Coach Pete votes the Vandals #1 in the Coaches Poll.

Get over yourself, JLandon

Is it possible for you to say something about the Vandals that's not completely negative? Obviously not, hater. The sharpened sticks go both ways, and don't pretend for a second that they don't!!! Jerk.

Dead Monkey

You are keepn it classy as always bro. Its called a rivalry. And its classic that your loyal coach put the Broncos #1. Hence the Statesman blasted it all over its front page.

Is it possible for you to not always cry about everything?

And how many times

have I had to remind babies like you that it's a rivalry? I guess it finally sank in, and now you're popping off about it like you invented the concept.
You'd have just as much of a problem if Akey DIDN'T put BSU #1. Like I said, you can't say anything positive and I find it pitiful. I know, "what's pitiful is the Vandull's football team." There, I saved you the trouble of typing up a predictable and non-creative response.


Dead Monkey, you are the pitiful one. You have no sense of humor and look for every reason to throw a tantrum like a two year old. Maybe its time to be more like your football team. Rise above low-life status a little bit. The vandal football team is much improved thanks to Akey and his staff. Most of us have been on record saying this exact thing. That will change when he goes to WSU in 60-90 days. Then you can still be the disgruntled crybaby fan you've always been.

Wait... what?

You're repeating all the things I say to fools like you who cry about how rude Vandal fans are to BSU. I have a great sense of humor. The problem I have is the hypocrites that whine and scream that we're not playing nice and then turn around and do the same f-ing thing, then have the nerve to repeat the things we've been saying all along, like "it's a rivalry, get over it," and "get a sense of humor."
By the way, I'm not just a fan. This might be a surprise to you, but some of us actually went to college and support our college through good and bad.
Don't bother responding - you've already proven you can't contribute anything of substance.

Still crying? Geezus dude

You argue like a 3rd grader. I hope you dont actually represent the University of Idaho. Theres better ambassadors to your proud school than the "I wrote something first" and "some of us support our college through good and bad'' stuff. You obviously are really insecure. No worries. You can always use the academic argument. For another year or two. Maybe.


Go back and read my post, loser. I'm not basing my entire statement on "I wrote something first." I'm pointing out the hypocrisy in every one of your posts. You need to learn some reading comprehension. It's not my fault you label anything over your small head as crying. Keep it up, meathead - it only shows your lack of education.

Classy guy monkey

Looking a little upset I guess. Im sorry your day turned out so bad. Maybe tomorrow, huh?

Like I said

you have to have the last word, even if you've got nothing to say. I'll let you have it this time, loser. Have at it, but don't expect me to respond. I'm done with you.

Tears bro


Tag - I'm It

Okay, now I got the last word. and I didn't even get your permission. Just sneaked it in.

Do I win anything?


No, you gave up $800 for a ZONK. (Let's Make A Deal)


Celebrating my 3rd year posting 10/10/10

do you win anything?

yep a date with scrubby and all the ice cream you can eat!

I gotta admit

Kid, it was kinda funny. A tip of my Vandal stocking hat to ya.


Rivalry...... WHAT? No Way!

It is not a rivalry; it is a yearly blow out by a vastly superior team. I know you are one of those closet vandul/Bronco fans. You wear the orange and blue for the weekly Broncos games, except at the annual vandul beat down when you wear the vandul gear. It is ok, you can come out of the closet.

Score BSU vs UofI
2000 - BSU 66 uofi 24
2001 - BSU 45 uofi 13
2002 - BSU 38 uofi 21
2003 - BSU 24 uofi 10
2004 - BSU 65 uofi 7
2005 - BSU 70 uofi 35
2006 - BSU 42 uofi 26
2007 - BSU 58 uofi 14
2008 - BSU 45 uofi 10
2009 - BSU 63 uofi 25
2010 - BSU uofi (BSU will beatdown the vandul cupcakes)
In the last 10 years vs the vanduls, BSU has scored 516 total points to the uofi vanduls 185 pathic points
BSU beat vanduls by a total of 331 points or a 33.1 point win average

Hey - Rock For Brains

BSU_Broncos_Rock: Yep, you are right. BSU has beaten Idaho 10 times in a row. And if the Broncos beat Idaho on 12 November that will make it 11 games in a row.

I bow down to your having 'a brain like a rock'.


PS - Actually you are a moron, and don't know chit about BSU/Idaho fotball. I am guessing Wiz, JL, razor, 81, Omilkey, and Pache will scope in on this like little lazers. I don't expect it will take long for them to correct you and agree with me that you are a moron.

It's OK

Yes, you too can come out of the closet.....just say "Go Broncos"! Pull that blue & orange gear out of the closet, stand up, be a man, and admit you are a closet Bronco fan.

VNDL...Hes no Tom Scott

This reminds me we need a little history lesson from you. But please leave out the late 90s will ya? I dont need the shivers and drools and the head banging.

I wish we had the one post you made awhile back about this hate/hate between the Broncos and Vandals.


JL: He left out the part about the late 90s - not me. That's why he is a moron and doesn't know the history of The Streak.

You know the 1999 part.


PS - hint, hint, hint

PPS - That's the part that makes him a moron. For Christ's sake, do I gotta draw a picture?


And it better not be what a "kid" would draw.

Im just sayn, I dont need any reminders of Joel Thomas running in a 2 pt conversion.

Why is this so hard?

JL: that was '98.

You didn't guess it yet?

Kinda dissapointed in ya.

Remember the first year the Donkos started the blorange Streak? Hello, anybody home????



You need to help JL out here. He's having a hard time breaking this one.


99er Over and out..........

The Blue...sat Nov 21...ring any bells?

strange it's the recerse numbers of this years game...21.....12...

It was the last of 17 (?) ina row..a longer streak.. HaHa I've seen you quote 13 to 17 in a row and get away with it...LOLOL

Yes, Im with you

I remember the years exactly like they were yesterday. Cant get it out of my noggn. I feel like that fellow, Ray Finkel, without the junk tucking.

It started in 99, I thought we already got that!

Am I Awake?

so then you agree with 'RockForBrains' that the blorange Streak is 10 years?

Calculating on my fingers tell me .....

no, I dont agree. This year ties it.

Halleluiaiala (or however the heck it is spelled)

Yes - By jove you've got it.

RockForBrains said it was 10 years and it is really 11. He forgot 1999 in his list of Donko wins. That's why I said he was a moron and other Donkos would think he was one too.




No we got it, but we were ashamed to claim him as our own. Im only half messn with you ROCK.

And....that game was played in Martin Stadium

on the WSU campus.

VNDL Jealous of the Broncos

Duh, guess you need some reading practice. I was only reporting a ten year span, 2000 forward. I didn’t say anything about our streak, just pointing out the record since 2000. I know we beat the vanduls in 1999, but I was just reporting the facts since the year 2000. I included 2010, because that is the next time that the cupcakes get a Bronco beat down. Please dispute any of my facts.

Will see you "Classless Folks up at the "Pity Dome", for another Bronco victory.

Idaho vandul's: Impressing people every ten years or so (but this isn't the year).

I seriously doubt few, if

I seriously doubt few, if any, are jealous of the Broncos

BSU vs Idaho - BSU has 21 wins, 17 losses, and 1 tie

Oh contraire mon amie! The Boise State University Broncos hold the edge for the most wins. It is:
BSU vs Idaho - BSU has 21 wins, 17 losses, and 1 tie.

But we were not talking about that

Pleez try to keep up with the thread.

Thanx for trying, though.


PS - It is all just useless information unless it is directly topical to the thread.

The Tie....

they wuz gonna play an OT but a few things happened...

1) they ran out of allotted TV commercial breaks..
2) VNDL and Galena got caught tapin a new kegger of Manly Vandal Beer..and the Dulls team fled to the scene..
3) One of the Vandalettes split the crotch out of her suitie and the Donks fled the field (they'd been ther before, all of em)..

So it ended a Tie in the books..

I am no closet BSU fan.

You won't catch me dead wearing your hideous colors. Thanks for your response that contributes NOTHING. Go read a story about what "your" team ate for breakfast, troll.

You sound way too emotional

bro. Time to go grab a beer, chase some tail and watch some rainbows.

JLamdon....You need to get the...

Monkey off your back....LOLOL...

Hey BSU Broncos Rock Dummasss 12 in a row

1982 Oct-30 BSU 17 Idaho 24
1983 Nov-19 BSU 24 Idaho 45
1984 Nov-17 BSU 0 Idaho 37
1985 Nov-23 BSU 27 Idaho 44
1986 Nov-22 BSU 14 Idaho 21
1987 Nov-21 BSU 34 Idaho 40
1988 Nov-19 BSU 20 Idaho 26
1989 Nov-18 BSU 26 Idaho 31
1990 Nov-17 BSU 14 Idaho 21
1991 Nov-23 BSU 24 Idaho 28
1992 Nov-21 BSU 16 Idaho 62
1993 Nov-20 BSU 16 Idaho 49

Very interesting

In UofI's 12 win streak, U of I scored 428 points to Boise State's 232 points. Avg margin of victory for U of I was 16.33 points.

In Boise State current streak of 10 wins, Boise State has scored 516 points to U of I's 185 points. Avg margin of victory for Boise State is 32.70 points.

Go Broncos.....

GoBroncos is wise

GoBroncos: Yep, you nailed it. The UoI is ahead of BSU by two games, it looks like. The Vandal Streak is 12 and the BSU Streak is only 10.

If the Broncos beat the Vandals on 12 Nov, then BSU will have 11 and Idaho will have 12.

Good analysis.

Bring Akey

on board for the Cougs. I always thought Wulff over Akey was a mistake from the get go...

I agree...

I've been saying all summer my money's on him winding up there. His wife said that the team always considered the whiskey kids (no offense, Jack and Daniel) family around the program...

funny JL.....

king of the bronco cry babies chiding Monkey for crying. and how is it 'classic' that Idaho's 'loyal coach' voted the Broncos #1? sounds to me like evidence of his like he sees it. i have a great amount of respect for coaches Pete and Akey.....nothing alike personality wise but both great guys and huge assets to their respective programs.


Im sorry your feelings are hurt too. Why dont you round up all your vandal buddies who have sensitive feelings and we can do a blanket apology? You clowns have stomach aches with the success the Broncos are having. I love every minute of it.


not sure where you got the idea that my feelings were hurt......but whatever. and my stomach is fine....I am a big enough boy to root for my alma mater and still thoroughly enjoy the success the broncos are having and watching how is gets the BCS good ol' boys club all riled up. just saying....this article was a chance for you to toss a little love in the Vandals direction....and as passed

No I didnt pass

Akey runs his mouth about the Broncos. Spears runs his mouth about the Broncos. The vandals laugh and think its all in good fun. Then, if anyone says anything remotely negative about the vandals, even if its true, everyone in Bronco Nation owes the vandals an apology. Sorry dudes. The medicine may taste bad, but you have to swallow.

A blast from the past - swallows are for the birds

JLandon: Sort of reminds me of an old BSU HAte Week T-shirt I had years ago:

'Vandals Suck But Donkos Swallow'.

Always loved that shirt.

I was crushed to find out, years later that it was only partially true, and that the Vandals didn't suck.



These cats must not know you. They took offense to the voodoo lady whos mostly dead you are hiding away until the week of the 12th.

Why dont Bronco fans have hate t shirts like that? Seems like a good business idea. Wheres tater2?

And dont use a sense of humor in here man, some of these guys are wearing them panties too tight.

And it doesnt pain to me say this in the least. As much as Ive always said Akeys a hick, hes really been a great coach up there. Hes handled adversity and seems to, by all accounts, do things the right way.