Minnick, Labrador spar over business credentials at Meridian Chamber of Commerce forum

Democratic Rep. Walt Minnick said Tuesday that his centrist record and 30 years of business experience put him in the best spot to help restore America’s financial health.

The former Trus Joist CEO touted endorsements from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, National Federation of Independent Business, Associated General Contractors and associations for Realtors and bankers.

“I ask each of you to help me to continue to use those skills to decrease government spending, balance the budget and reform out-of- control entitlements,” he said.

GOP nominee Raul Labrador, who has operated a small law firm for 10 years, countered by saying Minnick disrespects small businesses. Last week, he told Labrador in a radio debate that “running a three or four or five person law firm is not a small business. Let’s be forthright: you’re a lawyer, you’re not a businessman.”

"He attacked each and every one of you who are small businessmen,” Labrador told the crowd of 100. “The problem with Washington, D.C., is we don’t have enough people looking out for small business.”

Labrador, 42, credited Minnick for running a Fortune 1000 company, but said, “He doesn’t understand what small businesses have to go through like I do.”

Minnick, 68, didn’t back down, saying Labrador’s “total business experience has been limited to running an immigration law firm.”

For more on the forum, read Wednesday's Idaho Statesman.

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Sounds testy!!!

But exciting!

I voted for Minnick....

I voted for Bieter. Two of the biggest regrets of my voting history.
No more. It's over.
I look forward to voting for Labardor, and aggressively campaigning against Bieter in 12.

There is no way you can regret it more than my

votes for Kempthornes or Batt.
I even raised funds for Kempthorne and chatted him up with our many commonalities in a small town fundraiser.

Imagine how much I still look forward to a vote against him at every chance, if only in kind.
All I can say is, I am not alone.

Minnick knows business?

Minnick is the guy who puffed up his chest a couple months ago saying that the banks need to lend more money for commercial real estate construction. The Statesman gave him a free pass on it. His suggestion showed how little he really understands about small and medium sized business in this country. There's a glut of commercial real estate just about everywhere.

Based on what I've seen over the last few months, I don't think Minnick knows business any more than he knows fighting fairly.

And Raul knows limiting pork?

Yeah, didn't think so. Figures.

What about MSG and glutens?


Celebrating my 3rd year posting 10/10/10

Neither candidate gets it

Global wage arbitrage and an economy based on debt expansion are ruining the United States. Everything else is just noise.

Until the severe wage imbalances between developed and third world countries are reconciled, Americans will continue to feel enormous economic pain!

Yes, but...

The US, thanks to the lobbying of corporate interests, bought into 'free trade' and opened our borders to imports from just about everywhere. Meanwhile, the countries where we sent our manufacturing and outsourced our services to, China and India, kept much of their protections in place. That free trade we were sold on is pretty much one way. The consumer (and Walmart) benefitted with cheap crap from China, but the American worker has paid the price.

"No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government." Neil Peart

They ARE credible at giving you the business though,


Celebrating my 3rd year posting 10/10/10


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