Boise State football team regains No. 3 spot in AP, USA Today polls; Broncos also No. 3 in first Harris poll

By Chadd Cripe
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The Boise State football team moved up one spot to No. 3 in The Associated Press Top 25 and the USA Today Coaches’ Poll on Sunday because of the loss by then-No. 1 Alabama on Saturday.

Boise State received eight first-place votes in the AP poll and one in the coaches’ poll. The No. 1 vote in the Coaches’ Poll is a first for the Broncos. The AP first-place votes match the Broncos’ total from Sept. 7.

The AP Top 5 is Ohio State, Oregon, Boise State, TCU and Nebraska. Alabama fell to No. 8. Broncos opponents Nevada (19), Oregon State (24) and Virginia Tech (29) are helping Boise State’s schedule strength.

The coaches’ Top 5 is Ohio State, Oregon, Boise State, Nebraska and TCU. Alabama fell to No. 8. Nevada is No. 21, Oregon State is 29th and Virginia Tech is 30th.

Boise State had been No. 3 until Oregon jumped the Broncos last week.

Meanwhile, the first Harris poll of the year was released and the Broncos are No. 3 in that one, too. They received 10 of the 114 first-place votes. The Harris and USA Today polls are part of the Bowl Championship Series formula.

The BCS standings debut next week.

This week’s complete polls are posted below.


Here are my day-after-game notes:


Remember last year’s games against UC Davis and Tulsa? Those are the kinds of performances that can happen in the unpredictable world of college football, where teams can play at far different levels from week to week. So far this year, the Broncos seem immune to such fluctuations. They have played intense, emotional football throughout the first five games. Next week at San Jose State will be another test of this team’s maturity — it would be easy to mail it in, as it appears Nevada may have last night.


“We want to show new stuff. We want the next team to put the film on and go, ‘They’ve got all this stuff? How do we practice against all this stuff?’ Next game, we’ll have some new stuff, too.” — Boise State coach Chris Petersen, on the variety of plays his offense ran against Toledo


Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore said last week that he’s aware that the coaches would like him to run more but sometimes he forgets he has that option. He prefers to hold the ball as long as possible to throw downfield. On Saturday, he took off for a 6-yard run. He only had 2 positive rushing yards in the first four games. Petersen said he “loved” the scramble. “We had more reaction out of our entire team and coaching staff because he actually ran once in practice,” Petersen said. “I ran out there and tried to chest-bump him and almost fell on my face because he ran by me. That’s how excited I was.”


Boise State slipped to No. 2 in the nation in total defense but has taken the national leads in pass efficiency and sacks allowed. The Broncos also are in the top five in scoring offense, total offense and rushing defense.

Meanwhile, Moore moved into the No. 1 spot in pass efficiency. He finished No. 2 last year.


My game story.

Brian Murphy’s column on Jeremy Avery.

Jesse Zentz’s sidebar on turnovers.

My notebook leading with the tribute to Emil Smith.

Our photo gallery.

At, you can vote in our poll and visit the Kellen Moore Watch page for his updated stats.

And go here to listen to Murphy’s take on the game and coach and player interviews.


Here’s the AP poll:

1. Ohio St. (34) 6-0 1,453 2
2. Oregon (15) 6-0 1,427 3
3. Boise St. (8) 5-0 1,395 4
4. TCU (1) 6-0 1,304 5
5. Nebraska 5-0 1,236 7
6. Oklahoma (2) 5-0 1,225 6
7. Auburn 6-0 1,104 8
8. Alabama 5-1 1,021 1
9. LSU 6-0 999 12
10. South Carolina 4-1 978 19
11. Utah 5-0 926 10
12. Arkansas 4-1 813 11
13. Michigan St. 6-0 806 17
14. Stanford 5-1 732 16
15. Iowa 4-1 648 15
16. Florida St. 5-1 547 23
17. Arizona 4-1 472 9
18. Wisconsin 5-1 410 20
19. Nevada 6-0 376 21
20. Oklahoma St. 5-0 348 22
21. Missouri 5-0 298 24
22. Florida 4-2 209 14
23. Air Force 5-1 187 25
24. Oregon St. 3-2 186 —
25. West Virginia 4-1 141 —
Others receiving votes: Michigan 137, Miami 63, N.C. State 31, Virginia Tech 17, Northwestern 5, Texas 5, Kansas St. 1.


Here’s the Coaches’ Poll:

The USA Today Top 25 football coaches poll, with first-place votes in parentheses, records through Oct. 9, total points based on 25 points for first place through one point for 25th, and previous ranking:
Record Pts Pvs
1. Ohio State (49) 6-0 1455 2
2. Oregon (6) 6-0 1388 3
3. Boise State (1) 5-0 1335 4
4. Nebraska (2) 5-0 1272 6
5. TCU (1) 6-0 1213 5
6. Oklahoma 5-0 1193 7
7. Auburn 6-0 1060 8
8. Alabama 5-1 1029 1
9. LSU 6-0 1021 9
10. Utah 5-0 940 10
11. Michigan State 6-0 838 16
12. South Carolina 4-1 835 20
13. Arkansas 4-1 780 13
14. Iowa 4-1 710 15
15. Stanford 5-1 618 18
16. Wisconsin 5-1 542 19
17. Florida State 5-1 496 24
18. Oklahoma State 5-0 478 21
19. Missouri 5-0 434 22
20. Arizona 4-1 367 11
21. Nevada 6-0 329 23
22. Florida 4-2 242 12
23. Air Force 5-1 151 —
24. Michigan 5-1 137 17
25. West Virginia 4-1 88 —
Others receiving votes: Miami 66, N.C. State 41, Texas 31, Oregon State 30, Virginia Tech 24, Northwestern 23, Mississippi State 7, Maryland 2.


Filling out my AP ballot was difficult. I slid Boise State into the No. 1 slot because I’ve had the Broncos in the top two all year. The challenge was how to handle the SEC teams. I felt like I needed to put Auburn ahead of South Carolina and South Carolina ahead of Alabama because of head-to-head results. That dropped Alabama to No. 10. SEC fans probably won’t like that, but whoever comes out of the SEC West is going to figure into the national-title race — where they are today doesn’t matter much.

Here’s my ballot:

1 Boise State
2 Ohio State
3 Oregon
4 Oklahoma
7 Nebraska
8 Auburn
9 S. Carolina
10 Alabama
11 Michigan St.
12 Arkansas
13 Stanford
14 Utah
15 Florida State
16 Arizona
17 Iowa
18 Nevada
19 Okla State
20 Missouri
21 Air Force
22 Oregon State
23 Florida
24 Wisconsin
25 Michigan

Dropped out: Miami
Also considered: West Virginia, N.C. State, Virginia Tech

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RE: new things ....

You had to wonder for the past two years when the Chris Potter show was gonna show up in the Bronco O. He was the QB at Oaks Christian after Jimmy Clausen and they threw the ball 25X a game ...

To me, the only frustrating thing is nearly halfway in the season Hiwat and Burks are getting a lot of playing time but not catching many balls ... WE NEED those guys to step up next year ...

As much fun as it is to watch the Broncos it has to be so much fun to play for Coach Pete ...

You can see how he does things ... against hapless NMSU he kills the final minute of the first half for mercy ... v. Toledo ... he lets Kellen practice the 2-minute drill against a team that showed a little life ...

If Shea McClellin isnt 1st Team All-WAC then the BCS voters have a hand in it !!!

8 first place votes in the AP

Those writers are getting hate mail. thesavior has already started the mailing process.

Socalspud Im with you. I wish we would get Hiwat and Burks more touches. We cant rely heavily on 5 ft 8 wide receivers next year and expect to be a great team.

McClellin is a stud as is our entire defensive line. Hawaii might be interesting here in Boise because they continue to wing it all around the field and I still think our secondary is suspect. I dont know how teams think they can run on us. Love the play also of Hout Tevis and Percy.

Anyone know what "bacon" did to get suspended the rest of the year?

Rotten Smoked Bacon - even the dogs won't eat it

JLandon: Put a fork in him - he's done!!

Whatever it was, it must have been very serious. Coach Pete, apparently sez Atkinson is supsended 'indefinately' and isn't sure what indefinately is, but it is at least the rest of this season:

By Coach Pete saying 'indefinately', leads me to believe it must have something to do with a possible future outcome that has not been decided yet, by either the schol administration or a Judge. To me, that means something to do with a Court.

It apparently, happened very suddenly; possibly an arrest for a second DUI or something alcohol related, violative of team rules and/or some school policy for athletes on scholarships. I think getting locked up would fit that category for 'seriousness'.

I don't think not being able to diagonal park park doubles or tripples at the Flying J, would qualify for such a harsh sanction.

Regardlesss of what happened, I think it fair to say his days as a Bronco are over. He will join the ranks of hundreds of college football players, nationwide, who do not cherish the free college education they have been given for just playing; and throw that free education away for immature and bone haded actions. Idaho Players do it. Oregon playrs do it. Miami players do it. And BSU players do it, too. However, interestingly you do not read about walk-ons doing it, as it appears, they want to be on the team more, and follow the tream and school rules, more than the highly recruited and touted scholarship 'babies'

Part of CFB and the immaturity of some 18-22 year olds, I guess.



Spot on per usual.

My bet is another DUI arrest that just hasnt been made public. I havent been able to find any arrests for Atkinson. Immaturity is the biggest reason. Kids as talented as "bacon" have every reason to play by the rules. Some just refuse to. Someone knows the reason, if it matters, and we will find out soon enough.

If it were another DUI

he would have appeared in the ADA county blog already. If it has something to do with the law, then it is "only" currently being investigated. Remember Robinson was suspended a week or so prior to being arrested.

I met the kid once and from what I hear he is a good kid, so whether he plays for BSU again or not, I hope he can learn from his mistake(s) and be successful in life.

Actually, we may never know the real reason

tfunk: Lololol, you assume all DUI's happen in Ada County.

It really does not matter what the reason is, or if we ever find out what it was. If Coach Pete made the decsion to suspend him for the rest of the season, if not indefinately, then Coach Pete had his reason(s). Coach Pete does not strike me as the type of person who would over react and treat Bacon unfairly. Whatever Bacon did, I am believing, he deserved it, and Coach Pete handled it correctly.

Who knows, maybe he didn't want to drink his milk after practice like all the others.

If Bacon stays with the team, in time, and maybe comes back next year or the year after that; BSU might get 7-9 quality games out of him before his eligibility is done.

Talk about a dismal ROI !!

Possibly. Bacon can avail himself of the student counseling that is offered at BSU. I would think it is all part of the 'package deal' he gets with his scholly.


PS - Maybe, he was doing jello shots off the Prancing Percherons and got busted for having 'Poor Taste'.

PPS - What if Bacon was really TBK and P2's investigation ratted him out? Should be a Knutt Kuttin' Krime, in that case.

vndl get a life

rudee person




How can you put Boise State over Ohio State? Both teams are UD and Ohio State looked better against Oregon last year in a BCS bowl. Your biased and should have your vote taken away.


Ohio St. is a joke. They are the most overrated team in America after Oregon. Sorry hater savior, but your bias is showing through. A hobby should be your avenue to happiness. Try puppets.


I'm the biased one and I live in Boise and go to school at Boise STate??? Cmon! The Savior has no bias. He is the Savior.

So savior

I like the sense of humor at least.

Have you watched Ohio State play? In your opinion, do you think Pryor can lead the Buckeyes to a win against the Broncos on a neutral field? They have a great OLine and defense, but Pryors decisions are average at best. Ive seen them play 3 times this year and dont come away impressed at all. Sweater Vest is too conservative. I still think Alabama is the best "TEAM" in the country and had a bad day yesterday. I think Saban is the devil in disguise and kryptonite to all thats good.

salvation in text below

I have watched one full Ohio State game....Sorry I just think that you have to give them the nod after smacking down Oregon last year and still not having a loss. I cant say that I have watched them and done a play by play comparison to BSU. Yes, Pryor is no Moore but Ohio State is just PROBABLY a better all around team than BSU. They PROBABLY get better players. Yes, BSU is pretty much no longer a mid-major and up with the big dogs but I just dont think we can put them above OSU right now.

Savior....Step back and look...

at what you just posted....

"Sorry I just think that you have to give them the nod after smacking down Oregon last year and still not having a loss."

LOL...You can say the same about BSU... Right???

PROBABLY? In what way are they better? Certainly not Defense, BSU # 2 in the nation. BSU has more sacks and tackles for loss as well

Wide receiver? NO WAY.

You already said BSU better at QB.

Running back??

Kicker?...Uh no...

So please explain your PROBABLY in specific terms since you've done play by play comparisons on both teams...

the savior? To whom?

You call YOURSELF "the savior" and you actually think ANYONE is going to take YOU seriously?

Get a clue....clearly you need one (or two or three or four)


the polls are more about who they think is better. Chadd (and seven others) felt that bsu is better than tOSU. if you've seen them play this year, they've played very blah. i mean, the toughest competition so far is Miami. and Illinois threw away their game. up to this point with both resumes considered, bsu has played the tougher schedule. despite VT's loss to James Madison. That same VT could very well win the ACC title.

so boo-hoo

This is how

Ohio State SOS: 117
Boise State: 28

Sagarin's computer rankings have OSU at 23 for BCS purposes, Boise state # 1 for BCS purposes.

Who is biased??

The WAC leapfrogged the

Mountain West Conference in the Sagarin rankings too. Did you notice that event some of the lower tiered WAC teams elevated past many of the mid level MWC teams too.


Team Record Consen SE

1 Boise St 5-0 3.44 1
2 TCU 6-0 4.18 2
3 Oregon 6-0 6.09 4
4 LSU 6-0 6.60 8
5 Alabama 5-1 7.62 17
6 Oklahoma 5-0 8.43 3
7 Ohio St 6-0 8.51 22
8 Nebraska 5-0 8.78 10
9 Auburn 6-0 11.46 9
10 Stanford 5-1 12.12 7

Four of the other five computer services have not yet been posted to the site I use (Massey). It is possible that BSU could be either #1 or #2 this week when the computer averages are complete. One of those other four (Billingsley) is below.

2 Boise State
3 Alabama
5 Oklahoma
6 Ohio State
7 Oregon
9 Florida
9 Utah
10 Iowa

Maybe you should read it again

His explanation was pretty clear. He had BSU #2 and the #1 team lost. Makes sense to me....

You need a new career

So you can retire from McDonalds and get a job where you actually have a vote.

They didn't look better at all. BSU stuffed the schmucks

BSU deserves the first place votes over Oregon for sure, and Probably tOSU...tOSU v Oregon was not decided until the 3rd late...BSU v Oregon was never in doubt from Q1

Come on!

Seriously? I agree 100% on Ohio st. being the most overrated team. I dont even know how the BCS pole smoking, chimps can put OS that high in the polls. They have played 1 ranked team, (we have played 2.) Their performance has been mediocre. Their SOS is WEAK. #1...unbelievable. This is the most evident example yet of just how flawed the BcS is...

Please explain

How was it that you were so much more impressed by Ohio State's 9 point win over Oregon last year than Boise State's 11 point win? Was it that Ohio State scored 60% of the points in their game, while Boise State scored 70% of the points in theirs? Maybe it was that Ohio State allowed Oregon 10 first half points, while Boise State allowed no first half points or even first downs? Please explain. This should be good.


Two Hispanic quarterbacks (Garcia and Martinez) have their teams in the top 20 and in the middle of redneck country! Garcia beat the biggest 'neck state, Alabama.

Whoa dude...

Im all for equality and all for QB's of all races but I dont see how this is awesome. Nebraska isnt considered redneck country, is it? Whats the difference if the QB is anything other than an alien or female (sorry bosslady)? Sanchez was a great QB for USC. Montana for Notre Dame. Timmy Chang for Hawaii. Dont get the race thing at all.

Gloating in order

This is what BDuck posted yesterday:

"No way Boise goes to #3...
Submitted by BDuck2009 on Sat, 10/09/2010 - 5:23pm.

...Nebraska and TCU should both leapfrog the mules...nice to see you free fall in the rankings, thank you AD for the always weaka** schedule.


Wrong, wrong, and wrong. Oh, and wrong, again.

Waiting for your excuses BQuack. Like that beatdown by one of your own, voltaire?

Duck up

Maybe you didn't notice that Oregon still ranks higher than the Broncos. Guess Boise State will have to be content with going to the Rose Bowl in the Ducks' place. While Oregon heads to the championship game.


Your ducks better get a defense or you may not make it to the Rose bowl let alone the NC game.

Little factoid, of the last 18 teams to play in the NC game, only 2 did not rank in the top 20 in total defense. Oregon is currently 45th and you have no more Portland States, New Mexico's, or Washington States left on your schedule.

How is Oregon gonna do that....

when they lose to Oregon St?

Chadd, you need to quit

Chadd, you need to quit being biased. You always put BSU above where they belong. I'm a BSU fan but they shouldn't be put at #1 right now. I must say I'm not surprised with your poll, you always make a terrible one.

So 8 others need to quit too?

Get real. You are not a fan of the Broncos. Youve never posted anything positive. You are a pretender. Chadd, while I dont always agree with him, has broad college football knowledge. Trust me, if he even had the slightest idea how to rank someone else #1 he would have. He tries everything to stay "neutral".


I didn't fill in the subject so it took the first part of my comment. It said he needs to quit being biased, read the comment man. So you know, I have hardly posted anything and this is one of my first recently. I've been a fan of BSU for a long time, attended BSU, and work the games every week. Even going back to last year he would always put BSU way up there. If you agree that BSU has been playing much better than Oregon that go with Chadd. If I remember right, he put BSU at #1 or 2 last week too. Thought they have won big, you can't just put them at #1 for them. I hope to see them at #1 sometime but they haven't earned it yet. At the end of the year is the time to be at the top.

Alright puscifer

Kinda scared to say your name. Sounds tricky when I say it out loud.

Its easy to say "quit being biased" but give reasons. Just like I asked thesavior guy. What happens on a neutral field? Which team do you put #1 and why? Why not the Broncos now? They have a better SOS than Oregon up to this point. Give us more than Chadd should just quit being biased.


Come on man, if the #1 team in the country loses how could you not make the then #2 team the new #1. It's how these polls work. But now that BSU is up there it should be different? Based on who Ohio St and Oregon have played so far there really isn't a reason for them to leap frog us.

His poll is based on logic.

So that makes him terrible.


Nevada rolled over San Jose last night 35-13, but did not look as good on offense as they have, especially against Cal. They had three TD's called back for holding. It was the defense that shined last night. They will have to play better than that to beat BSU. One overlooked stat, Kaepernick scored his 49th and 50th rushing TD's. His 51st was called back for a holding call. He needs 10 more to set a new NCAA all time record for rushing TD's by a QB. The record is 59. Nevada has 7 regular season games left and presumably a bowl game, so he has 8 games left to score 10 rushing TD's to be the best rushing QB in NCAA history.


Wasnt it a home game for Nevada? Kap is an awesome talent and I hope he gets the record. Hes an incredible athlete. Nothing I saw last night led me to believe the game against the Broncos will be any different than the last 10 years. The Broncos only throw 2 2nd half last night and Toledo is a much better team than SJS. Cant wait for that game Thanksgiving weekend for lots of reasons.

Cant use the word p.a.s.s? Geezus.

defense is vastly improved

yes. a home game. passing is improved. running game is unchanged. the biggest difference from past years is a totally new defense that has been quite competent, even smothering at times. nevada has not had problems scoring against BSU. 135 points in the past three games. they dont lose games on offense. its their defense that has been porous, especially the secondary. not so this year. very much improved defense. could be a problem.


What did Atkinson do this time???


Watch out if they manhandle Texas next week, guys...

the same texas team that got ruined by ucla?

you are suggesting they have a good team?

I'm suggesting

That a win over Texas probably moves them ahead of Boise State.

They already have more first place votes in the coaches poll than BSU.

probably a good possibility

which further illus-trates the folly of the polls. boise state would beat either of them like a drum. it is widely accepted that we would need a lot of help to get to the nc. i believe the vast majority of boise state fans would be happy with a rose bowl bid. unfortunately, if nebraska plays an sec foe for the nc, that is out the window. a sage recently told me he sees boise state in the fiesta vs utah. only in the corrupt bcs does this happen. depriving boise state and utah from facing aq teams in a bcs bowl.

Beat Oregon and Nebraska

like a drum?

Oregon and Nebraska both look a lot better than VT (and WAY better than VT early). IIRC BSU barely beat VT.

Perhaps some perspective is in order?


if Oregon does not come up with a defense they will be playing in the Poinsettia bowl.

And before you start touting that prolific offense, 3 of your 6 games have been against the 97th or worse ranked defenses..............

like a drum

texas gets beaten soundly by ucla at home. we did much better against our common opponent. we will have a common opponent with nebraska and i'm suggesting we will lay a much bigger hurt on them than nebraska did at home. like a drum. iirc?

Nebraska like a drum?

Oh yeah. Look at their strength of schedule so far: South Dakota State? They beat SDS 17-3. Even Deleware beat South Dakota 26-3! The Huskers biggest point spread was against #120 Western Kentucky 49-10. They beat #79 Idaho and #68 Washington, though. And the highest ranked team they have faced so far is #31 Kansas State?

I would think that Nebraska is an ear of corn to be husked and just right for a Bronco meal.

Huskers don't want to see us

If BSU were allowed to play nebraska they wuld faint for fear as thoughts of millions lost swirled in their heads, never happen under these archaic BCS rules.

Watching BSU Fans

strut around like this is amusing. You guys don't have a clue. In a way it would almost be nice to see BSU in a real league for a few seasons to give you guys a little perspective.

Btw, I know Oregon is more than likely going to lose this year. They play too many tough teams, and the injury bug that comes along with the weekly grind is already starting to take a toll. It is HARD to have to play up every week and Oregon will have to do just that the rest of the way. There will be a slip-up.

Good luck next weekend against...San Jose?