UPDATE: Labrador 'not taking a position' on 14th Amendment in Idaho's 1st CD

GOP congressional nominee Raul Labrador is "not taking a position" on whether the U.S. Constitution should no longer grant native-born children of illegal immigrants citizenship, his campaign said Thursday morning.

Wednesday's blog said Labrador's position was "unknown."

"Raul is not in favor of repealing the 14th amendment but feels there are other options to look at within it for refinement," said campaign spokesman Phil Hardy in an e-mail this morning. "Therefore the not taking a position."

Democratic Rep. Walt Minnick said he opposed ending citizenship rights for the native born, which are guaranteed by the 14th Amendment. It was the only question on the 12-item survey on which the two candidates disagreed. Both were rated by the group as "true reformers."

Minnick received a 'B' grade because he has a voting record as an incumbent. Labrador was not eligible for a letter grade because he has never been in Congress, according to an e-mail to the Labrador campaign from NumbersUSA.

Labrador submitted his answers after NumbersUSA published its report and an inquiry to the campaign from the Statesman Wednesday morning. Labrador was originally listed as having not completed the survey.

To see results from all 12 questions visit the NumbersUSA website.

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Of course, sneaking into America, and getting FREE CITIZENSHIP via the misused 14th Amendment is one of the cornerstones of the Mexican invasion. How else can Maria (or maybe her real name is Esmeralda? Criminal record in Mexico -- who knows?) give her kids an unexamined, unquestioned, right to everything the Americans have built up here? This is the apotheosis of the "playing the Gringoes for suckers" movement that's been going on since Reagan's Amnesty Disaster of 1986. And let's face it, folks, Mr. Labrador is an IMMIGRATION ATTORNEY -- and a Hispanic one at that. Do you expect him to oppose a law that creates more clients for his future business? This guy is a traitor through and through and will only act in his own best self-interest -- forget about the fact that America is lessened and harmed every time an unpaid-for anchor baby shows up in one of our maternity wards.

So all those individuals...

serving in the military but lack citizenship should be deported immediately? It seems that you only look at the negative aspect of illegal immigration, but fail to look for positives like military service. Perhaps your bigotry is blocking your ability to think and you have just decided to believe in Fox News.

Speaking of FOX news.....

I saw the Sec of Homeland Security and the ICE guy on FOX last nite bragging about the number of deportations the Obama administration had carried out. 393,000 deported in the last 12 months -- up by 3,000 from last year. Let's hope it's 500,000 in the next 12 months. Way to go Pres. Obama -- now there's Change We Can Believe In -- Yes We Can!


Is there any ethnic minority you don't have a problem with?

Either it's their own or we're in trouble!


"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne

No Opinion Equates to

no support. There is no such thing as not taking an position. This is one of those times when you are either in favor or not. Refusing to say one way or another is just like saying he is not in favor. It has the same affect. We know why he thinks this way: he is in favor of admitting all those Democrat Puerto Ricans into the Union. It is his thing. It is Labrador working for "his people" rather than looking out for us, the American taxpayer and all the others who work to produce the wealth that created and maintains this country. We can only provide for a limited number of people. The Labrasdors of the world want to open the doors and usher in all those other poor unfortunates whose native countries have locked millions into poverty. But, rather than work to teach them how to become wealthier and be more self sustaining in their own right, they want to come here to stand in line for handouts and a diminishing number of minimum wage jobs. That means a greater burden on the school systems, medical benefits and other governemnt programs. The back door to accomplishing this is the 14th Amendment. It says that if someone can sneak into the country just in time to delver a baby, the kid automatically becomes a citizen and his parents can stay here.

Then the Labradors of the country shout that those who want to close that loop hole are racists. What he should realize by now is that the so called racist accusation has lost so much of its power to intimidate and limit debate that they really ought to rethink using the term. In this case, the discussion is purely economic. It has become a national security issue.

Of course not!

He's not going to hinder his business and income! He IS the problem this country has!

Labrador must come forward with a position on this issue

Raul Labrador must come forward with a position on this issue. Why? Immigration and immigration reform is a pertinent issue in this campaign. Why should he have a position? He's an attorney specializing in the field of immigration law. Are you trying to tell me that he doesn't have a position on this after spending his working career on immigration? This is a topic that he should be thinking about, 24/7. To take a pass and simply state "unknown" is to be disingenuous. We need to have politicians display a little more courage and honesty about who they are and what they really think about things. Walt Minnick has lost my vote since he campaigned as a Democrat, then voted more like a Republican. Now, if Labrador wants to earn my vote, he needs to step forward with integrity and character. He needs to address this issue. Politicians, let's start being more honest and upfront with the voters. Please?

I Am Like You...to a point

I just voted absentee and I tell you I was ready to not vote for 1st Dist Congressman. I changed my mind. I voted for Labrador but you can tell from my comments above I am not one of his supporters. Call me whatever you like, but Labrador is not what our country needs. The only way I could justify it was that he was a Republican and better than having another Democrat who supports Obama, Pelosi, Reid and all the rest and that is the only reason. At least with a Republican the Conservatives will have some control over him versus having little or no control over Minnick although Minnick is a better man on many issues - just not the critical ones. It was a matter of two really bad choices. I chose to have the seat in the hands of Republicans. I trust most of the current Republican leadership. Even if the seat holder is bad for our country on some important issues, his views are not in sync with the party's on Puerto Rico.

I'm glad that we can have a civil discussion

Politicians really need to stop looking at elected positions as little more than a career paycheck - for themselves! They need to start thinking about what the job is really about - to best serve the people in a manner that has vision for a truly better and greater America and the world. I take offense to politicians, political parties, and PACs who use hot-button issues to rile up the electorate. Remember Terry Schiavo? That's a private medical matter! The proposed mosque in Manhattan? That's a local zoning ordinance issue! Do I have personal opinions on these type of issues? Yes. But what does that really have to do with running the Federal, State or our local governments? Politicians need to focus on truly important issues including government spending and the deficit, military matters, the crumbling infrastructure of America, climate change (whether man-made or cyclical, it's real), alternative energy, Federal and State land management, education, healthcare, immigration reform, etc. Wake up, politicians. The Tea Party may not have all the right ideas (I disagree with most of their positions and feel that their candidates are horribly incompetent), but at least they recognize that the current political parties have run into a stalemate that - if not resolved - will drive America into shockingly bleak future.

He wants it both ways....

He wants to make a living helping illegals (which is totally fine by me, I support amnesty), but then he wants to act like he's against it in order to be elected. Doesn't work that way, Raul.

This Is Lame

"Raul is not in favor of repealing the 14th amendment but feels there are other options to look at within it for refinement …" And those are?

Across the political landscape we have this equivocatory rhetoric that says absolutely nothing. Not that Labrador stands alone here, but he does have above average insight into the area of immigration; and to evade such a serious question tells me he's not leadership material.

"... OPTIONS to look at for REFINEMENT..." ??

Is that anything like 'scouring for loopholes' then twisting anything found that's questionable??

Lot of hatred this morning.

Not a surprise. But it sure seems hateful this morning. I wonder where all these haters came from? How can one become a 'real' American? Is it by keeping everyone else out? Seems un-Christian to me to take the position 'I got mine, too bad for you'. But since all these haters have lived here as 'real' Americans for hundreds of years, I guess they are entitled.

Why the crap do I have to look up all these amendments???

How do they feel about stray pets?


"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne

Why do I have to look up all these crappy surveys?

ANYBODY can make up junk questions.

Tabloid politics, written by politards.

We must be RUBES.


"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne