Idaho politics: Now, it's Labrador's serve in the immigration brouhaha

A day after Rep. Walt Minnick issued a guest opinion defending his TV ad on immigration — and released another TV ad blasting his Republican opponent's work as an immigration lawyer — Raul Labrador fired back.

Labrador issued a guest opinion today, accusing the incumbent of dodging the immigration issue.

"It is surprising my opponent, Democrat Walt Minnick, continues to intentionally distort my record on illegal immigration and profession as an attorney while at the same time avoids explaining his own position on illegal immigration," said Labrador.

The full Labrador guest opinion follows:

As an immigration attorney of Hispanic descent, it is understandable that I would be asked a lot of questions regarding my position on the crisis of illegal immigration that our nation faces. I have always answered these questions clearly and precisely.

So it is surprising my opponent, Democrat Walt Minnick, continues to intentionally distort my record on illegal immigration and profession as an attorney while at the same time avoids explaining his own position on illegal immigration.

Apparently, he believes that “if you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

My position on illegal immigration has always been consistent and could not be clearer:

First and foremost, amnesty and a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens are out of the question.

Illegal is illegal! The federal government must enforce the existing laws already in the books.

Second, we must secure our borders.

This means troops on the borders and the use of the latest technology to conduct surveillance and prevent illegal incursions.

Third, we must have a guest worker program that actually works. Many people from all over the world want to live or work here. But they must do it legally.

For 10 years I have tried to have a rational discussion on immigration. I have asked members of my own party to tone down the rhetoric. I have addressed the need of a guest worker program when some in my party have attacked me on this issue.

Ironically, instead of being attacked by the far right for trying to honestly address this complex issue, I am being attacked by a Democratic politician who is willing to say and do anything to get elected.

Walt Minnick is following the divisive national Democrats’ strategy to avoid any discussion of literally any issue in this campaign. I want to have a true debate on issues that Walt is trying to avoid: Illegal immigration, horrendous unemployment, our faltering economy, the unconstitutional Obamacare and our crippling national debt.

To create jobs we need less government interference, lower taxes, the repeal of Obamacare and an end to the insanity of uncontrolled deficit spending the Democrats have brought us.

Walt Minnick isn’t willing to talk about the issues because he knows Idahoans are responding to my positive message to lead us out of this financial crisis. We need to create jobs in this country.

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So true!

Minnick has avoided discussing the immigration issue and only makes his position known through attack ads.

Undecided voter...

I was undecided in this race until a few days ago and Mr. Labrador's article just reinforces my decision to give him my vote. Walt Minnick is hiding from the real issues and trying to scare voters to vote for him. Where does he stand on this issue? Where does he stand on any issue for that matter? Minnick continues to dodge questions and debates and not be straight forward and honest with the voters.

I was not aware Walt was an immigrant.

Doesn't anyone actually have any real topics to discuss, whether politician or journalist or citizen?

Why would I be stupid enough to believe there was.

It's a waste of time to survey any of it.


"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne

If you really feel this way

than I suggest you explore finding another site that better stimulates your mind.

I hope he doesn't grunt when he serves!

Love it, or love it anyway and pipe down.

You're really doing a dead guy a disservice.


"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne

I have seen Minnick's campaign signs everywhere, but.......

none of them identify him with a particular political party. Is he running as a Democrat, or running away from the Democrat party?

You just used one of my favorite republican strategies..

I love it almost as much as the "tie everyone with a D behind their name to Nancy Pelosi" strategy.

I believe its a good thing when candidates express more loyalty to the people they serve than the party that should serve them. These days things are so backward. However I have been happy to see so many Dems leave the party position on the Bush tax cuts and support renewing them (Walt Minnick is one of them). Thats one good example of repping your people over your party.

We need politicians for the people, not for the parties.

But isn't

Minnick showing loyalty only to himself? What do he need to do to get a second term -- for him to stay on his personal gravy train.

Minnick current stands for nothing, and that is what he is giving us, a whole lot of nothing!

Well, Minnick's first vote

was for Nancy Pelosi and he refuses to say if he would or wouldn't vote for her again. He has continuously avoided ANY commitment on ANY issue. "Bob and weave" isn't a campaign strategy, it's only a defensive move for someone that doesn't have a plan.

Don't be fooled by ANY democrat

Congressmen on both sides of the aisle play this game to fool the public- the Whip counts the votes, then allows the party's more vulnerable members to "act independently" on controversial votes, and yet, somehow, the bills that we hate still pass by one vote. Modern politics is about voting blocs. The fact that Nancy Pelosi gave Walt a kitchen pass on a few votes does not impress me at all. His presence in congress enables the democrat agenda. He may vote against his party every once in a while, but he will never try to convince his colleagues to vote against Obamacare or Tarp. In the end, he is the well-disguised establishment candidate.