Labrador wins endorsement of 'World's Toughest Sheriff' Joe Arpaio

Arpaio was in Coeur d'Alene Monday for a fundraising speech for the Kootenai County Republican Women. The Raul Labrador congressional campaign issued a news release announcing the endorsement Monday night.

“Congress needs a conservative Republican who understands immigration law; Raul Labrador will help America solve the problem of illegal immigration,” Arpaio said in the news release.

Arpaio, sheriff of sprawling Maricopa County, Ariz., which includes Phoenix, has been sheriff for 18 years. He's famous for setting up tent city jails in the desert heat, making inmates wear pink and getting sued for alleged civil rights violations by the U.S. Department of Justice.

Labrador, an immigration lawyer who has been accused of being soft on illegal immigration by Democratic Rep. Walt Minnick, welcomed the stamp of approval from an iconic figure among foes of illegal immigration.

“I am honored to receive the endorsement of a man who has spent his life fighting the drug trade and enforcing the laws of the United States," Labrador said in the release. "Joe Arpaio understands the seriousness of the subject of illegal immigration and once elected I too will put my energies into enforcing federal laws on immigration that the Democrat-controlled Congress has chosen to ignore.”

Said Minnick Campaign Manager John Foster: "When the sheriff learns more about Raul's troubling record and background, I'm sure there will be second thoughts."

The Coeur d'Alene Press published a story this morning on Arpaio's visit. Make sure you check out the sheriff's cool tie pin.

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“Congress needs a conservative Republican who understands immigration law; Raul Labrador will help America solve the problem of illegal immigration,” Arpaio said in the news release

Huh? Because you say so, Sheriff? How will he do this? Labrador has campaigned so far on nothing but talking points. If you are in the know of how he'll solve the illegal immigration problem then by all means please let us in on it. I'd love to know. Otherwise, your statement means nothing.

You are so correct, IO!

I would disagree, however, that Raul has campaigned on even talking points.
Near as I can see, he has been confusing rw tired old sound bites and tail chasing with actual campaigning.

Please google "America's Worst Sheriff"

and see who comes up. Really, the headline should read "controversial" if anything. Also you should look at this.

This endorsement has backfire written all over it. Could be worse than $arah's endorsement of Ward.


Arpaio is among the worst.

Then why

does he keep betting re-elected with 84-86% of the vote? Yeah, he must be horrible.

Probably the same reason

People keep blindly voting in do nothing Republicans in Idaho.

Do-nothing Republicans

IO, isn't that their job? I mean to "do nothing?" Republicans do not want change. They are happy with the status quo, or more correctly would be happier if we would revert back to days past. Remember, the word "progressive" is derived from the word "progress" which is a concept that true Republicans vehemently reject. Call a Republican "progressive" here in Idaho, and you'd better be ready for a fight. Republicans=Regressive. It's the simple truth.

Unfortunately, you are correct.

And yet the citizenry of this state continues this path.
All the while, sucking off the teat of progressive states.

Has Flo reported this?


"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne

Controversial sells up there

And getting investigated by the feds is a badge of honor


Come on, they are shooting for a Ruby Ridge.

Thanks for the link.

I guess laws don't apply to him.
I think that says much about those candidates who seek and embrace his support.

Next up...

Raul Labrador wins endorsement of Kim Jong-il.



I agree that Arpaio's endorsement means diddly!


Darth Vadar should be flying in soon to lend his endorsement


Pink jumpsuits and tent living for everybody.

Nothin' but a Hound Dog

Labrador ain't nothin' but a hound dog, cryin' all the time. Arpaio, like Labrador, is a sadistic immigrant who wants to close the door on other immigrants. "Get yourself in and then slam the door shut!" is their motto.

Point in fact

Labrador is not an immigrant.

I'm not a fan of his, but let's at least TRY to come CLOSE to reality when we discuss politics? Otherwise we end up behaving just like the politicians; making stuff up to support our position and then passing it off as fact.

You are right. He is not an

You are right. He is not an immigrant in the legal sense because he was born in a U.S. Territory. He is, however an "immigrant" to Idaho, and now he goes back to Puerto Rico to raise funds. What a fake. I stand behind what I wrote. He wants to slam the door on other Spanish-speaking people who want to come to Idaho. He should reject Arpaio's endorsement.

Wrong again

He wants to slam the door on other immigrants (Spanish-speaking or not) who come here ILLEGALLY. Why is it so hard for so many of you to understand this?


Cuz I only hear that he wants all illegals to voluntarily leave this country, then hire him so they can find a loophole under which to return.

I hear no hard line tactics at all by Raul.
I know many people who have gained entrance as legal immigrants to this country without ever consulting a lawyer.
One wonders why an immigrant would actually need an immigration lawyer, instead of just applying via the USI&C department?

Racist thug

How will this help Labrador?

What part of ILLEGAL dont you understand??

A sheriff enforce the laws of this great county??
How dare he!


while he is busy rounding up brown people, his department has an alarming amount of un-served felony warrants. Crime has actually gone up in Phoenix while it has gone down in every other city in the border states. He's a bad sheriff using political gimmicks to keep people from looking at his record.

A sheriff...

round up innocent people just because they are brown? How dare he!

the race card will only last...

As long as America can support free loaders.

This ISN'T about the color of skin. Arizona has only steped up because they know the big picture of the ridiculous costs they are paying for something America is against.
Most of us are smart enought to know that 'Free health care' comes with a hefty price tag, not to mention education, basic services, etc.
Immigration laws were not created to image racism, that much is only a figment of the liberal imagination.

What does this have to do with this sheriff?

What free health care?
You mean the indigent health care funding that is derived from our property taxes for American citizens?

did that go over your head

Did I not just imply there was a hefty price tag for health care?
That's great, I'm in support of property taxes for health care for AMERICANS, as you said.
I'm Sooo glad our economy is well enough off to pick up the tab for the billions spent on supporting the ILLEGALS.
As for the relation of health care and this sheriff, that too went over you head.
He's against supporting something America isn't. Period.

You are in deep...

Illegals aren't getting free health care.
Even FauxNews corrects this statement. Well, at least one infotainment headliner.

But why in the world are you in favor of a health tax disguised as a property tax?
Why would we only make those who own property responsible for indigent care?
And what is wrong with calling it what it is?

how about emergency care

And the other billions of dollars in public aid/service.
The liberal media repeatedly does not hide that fact, also adding estimated figures spent. Can you just cover up a problem or hide from reality..a.k.a make them 'legal'

You are confusing issues...

1. Emergency medical care for illegals is approved via Medicaid for a one time episode of care, not 'free health care'.
This is to defray hospital costs for providing illegal health care for a single episode of care - not ongoing care or health insurance.

2. Illegals are not eligible to receive welfare, etc.

"Illegal immigrants can get emergency care through Medicaid, the federal-state program for the poor and people with disabilities. But they can't get non-emergency care unless they pay. They are ineligible for most other public benefits."

BTW - there is no such thing as 'the liberal media', unless maybe you are referring specifically to Olberman and Maddow.
There is way more rw media bias.
Starting here with this rw rag.

glad we cleared one thing up...

The Illegals are receiving medical benefits. (even if you package it up with a bow and call it 'one time' benefit care.)
You taken a family member to the ER lately.. its not cheap and someons gotta pay.

Why don't you take a few injured locals north and see how well that goes over. Do you think the Canadians will mind?

What bow?

The facts speak for themselves.
Illegals only receive a benefit for an episode of care, if they qualify.
Why do you despise actual facts?

I don't need to pay out of pocket for an ER visit, I am overly insured.
I have no copay, no deductible, no anything for an ER visit, because of my private policies.
Hopefully nobody in either my or your family will require an ER visit this or any other year.

Why would I care what Canada does?
I care what America does.
Which is why I support health care reform, and want even more reform, so that all Americans have equal access and reimbursement for health care.
I don't believe employer sponsored health care is the long term health care solution for America, even if that means I must pay more, or at all.

Only a matter of time before somebody threw out the race card

Why am I not surprised it was you?

Race is inherent to his "accomplishments".

Why are you trying to deflect from actual facts about this sheriff?

It's sad that we have to denote the possibility of FAKE FACTS.


"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne

Well you had a choice

Either you are to agree the sheriff is a racist or these liberals will blame it on George Bush?


You said Bush.

The conservatives...

...sure do like to bring up their heroes.

Please explain,

how race is not inherent to his "platform" and cited "accomplishments".

I am guessing this sheriff has never actually met Raul.

Oh, I had an answer...


"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne

It's only a county, not a nation.


"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne

god I hate the way the 'tree' works with this platform.


"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne

So Labrador

gets an endorsement from a high profile Arizona Sheriff just days after a trip to Puerto Rico to raise campaign money. I thought he was running to represent the State of Idaho. I am sooooooooo confused....Sunny...

It's easy Sunny

It's simple. I'll explain it.

You see, Labrador is ummm... a man of... um... stuff... or something. So he does all these other things to go out to show us that he means business!

(What business he means I have no idea. But I'm pretty sure he means it. Probably. I think.)

See? It's easy!

It's obvious

What do Puerto Rico, Joe Arpaio, and Idaho all have in common? They end in O. Therefore, they are all united. Against stuff. Or something.


That was a good one!! LOL

Labrador has raised over 80% of his money in Idaho

Minnick only 53% ($10,000 from Goldman Sachs, $10,000 from American Bankers among other $10,000 outside contributors), but he does have Idaho Blue Cross supporting him.

Yeah, so what?

All is fair now that corporations are equal to private citizens in elections.
It was Mitch McConnell and other rw republicans who took the fight to the SCOTUS to allow all corporate influences to infringe upon elections.
Obviously you all believed it would tilt in the rw favor - in other words, you guys made the fatal mistake of believing your own press, instead of reality.

Why are you complaining now?

Sheriff Joe

It seems unlikely that Sheriff Joe's endorsement will sway many voters in either direction.

Say what you want about Sheriff Joe... he serves at the behest of the voters of Maricopa County. They have reelected him several times over the years, so there must be some satisfaction with how he's takin' care of business.

(While I may not always agree with his methods, I very much like the notion of making jail a place that violators will NOT want to return to! In many jurisdictions, the inmates have better conditions in da joint, than they do when they're outside. No wonder they don't seem to mind that Revolving Door of Justice.)