Idaho politics: With Republican's help, Minnick runs another ad on immigration issue (W/VIDEO)

Rep. Walt Minnick has launched another TV ad criticizing Raul Labrador on the immigration issue.

And this time, the Democratic incumbent solicits help from a Republican, who does the narration on Minnick's behalf.

Mike Johnson — a former Ada County coroner and commissioner and U.S. Marshal — takes a turn criticizing Labrador's work in immigration law, and says this work is inconsistent with his support of enforcing immigration law.

"Trying to have it both ways on immigration sure makes Raul Labrador wrong for Idaho," said Johnson.

Here's the video:

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It's OK to work together sometimes.

The D's and R's DO work together on policies that are bad for America, like deregulation, tax cuts for the rich and "free trade." They keep the public occupied and divided with trivial wedge issues, like gay marriage.

Miscalculation by Minnick

Minnick's campaign hasn't yet realized that people care less about illegal immigration right now and more about overturning the carnage that the Democrats are responsible for.


Because Sheriff Arpaio spoke to the KootCo Republican women last night to a sell out crowd.

Please doc-u-ment the "carnage". Methinks you have the vapors. Get dukem some smelling salts. He looks faint.

Who is that guy Johnson?

I googled Mike Johnson this morning.

Mike Johnson RETIRED as a US Marshall before Raul Labrador even lived in Idaho. How can he even pretend to have a professional opinion of the man and his record in Idaho?

The Minnick campaign continues to make me sick for ever having voted for him.

How much did they PAY Mike Johnson to read that statement--he couldn't even read it well.

I am totally staying home on Election Day.

staying home is not the right option

If you don't like either candidate, write one in or just don't vote for that office. IT DOES NOT INVALIDATE YOUR BALLOT. There are other offices and amendments that are important and deserve every voters attention...


We can't become alienated voters

In a time where so many everyday folks are remaining apathetic and extremists from both parties become more involved and active we the common people cannot afford to become alienated. We're fighting a battle that one day we will have to live up to. One day in the distant future I expect to look into my grandchildren's eyes and know I've done all I could to provide them with a wonderful life. Make it to those polls Dan.

Don't Stay Home!

I can not tell you how disappointed I am that Walt Minnick used an inept, Bush politically appointed, nut job of an unfortunate excuse for a US Marshall in a political ad. But - this is not about Walt, he will continue to be a self-serving DINO. Do you think Labrador will be better? How about Boehner as the Speaker of the House? Can you think of a single progressive agenda that will be benefited by not electing Walt? I can't - so I will vote for him. ...and then go home to vomit.


Wasn't Mike Johnson one of the Government thugs attacking US citizens at Ruby Ridge? And wasn't he the one that ushered Randy Weaver through the court house? This should make Minnick look tough.

Ruby Ridge

I just heard on the radio that it is that guy! They played audio of him defining the rules of engagement at Ruby Ridge and he couldn't even remember them! Is this for real? This is the guy Walt Minnick is using to smear Raul Labrador? He was in charge for what happened at Ruby Ridge?