More poll speak: One coach is voting Boise State No. 10

By Brian Murphy

There are been a lot of talk today about Boise State's new ranking (No. 4) and what it might mean for the Broncos going forward, specifically in terms of positioning for a national championship run.

Here are some of some of the more interesting tidbits we've rounded up today:

From the Twitter feed of USA Today college football reporter Kelly Whiteside (@WhitesideUSAT): "In coaches poll, Boise’s votes ranged from No. 2 to 10. One 10th, one 8th, everything else 7th or higher. Oregon had no votes lower than 7"

The weekly ballots from the 59 coaches in the USA Today poll are not made public throughout the season. Only the final ballots of the season are made public by the newspaper. This week's ballot contained just 58 voters since Arizona coach Mike Stoops did not submit his poll.

New Mexico State coach DeWayne Walker is not one of the 59 voters. But he wasn't sure about his status this morning when asked if he had a vote.

"I believe I do. My assistant normally looks over that for me to be honest with you," Walker said.

WAC commissioner Karl Benson predicted as much during the league's weekly teleconference Monday.

"My guess is there are still coaches this week that have voted Boise State in double digits," Benson said. "... There are coaches out there today that don't have Boise State in the top 10, I would assume."

Benson said the sport is in desperate need of "poll reform."

"The coaches poll needs to be public and it needs to be public every week," Benson said.

Even Idaho coach Robb Akey, a voter in the coaches' poll, defended the Vandals' biggest rival.

"I bet there are some people in Boise wondering how they beat somebody 59-0 and fall in the polls," Akey said.

As usual, Boise State coach Chris Petersen refused to get involved in the rankings flap.

"I don't want to talk about them. Sometimes it's ridiculous that teams who don't play move up in the rankings and teams that win move down. It's not worth talking about," Petersen said.

Petersen also downplayed using the lower ranking as motivation.

"Put a chip on our shoulder that we're only No. 4?" Petersen said.

Who votes?

Here are the coaches:

The USA TODAY Board of Coaches is made up of 59 head coaches at Division I-A institutions. All are members of the American Football Coaches Association. The board for the 2010 season: Robb Akey, Idaho; David Bailiff, Rice; Frank Beamer, Virginia Tech; Tim Beckman, Toledo; Todd Berry, Louisiana-Monroe; Bret Bielema, Wisconsin; Art Briles, Baylor; Dave Christensen, Wyoming; David Cutcliffe, Duke; Mark Dantonio, Michigan State; Todd Dodge, North Texas; Sonny Dykes, Louisiana Tech; Dan Enos, Central Michigan; Steve Fairchild, Colorado State; Larry Fedora, Southern Miss; Jimbo Fisher, Florida State; Al Golden, Temple; Jim Grobe, Wake Forest; Jim Harbaugh, Stanford; Mike Haywood, Miami (Ohio); Butch Jones, Cincinnati; Brian Kelly, Notre Dame; Jerry Kill, Northern Illinois; Mike Locksley, New Mexico; Mike London, Virginia; Bill Lynch, Indiana; Mike MacIntyre, San Jose State; Doug Marrone, Syracuse; Urban Meyer, Florida; Dan Mullen, Mississippi State; Ken Niumatalolo, Navy; Tom O'Brien, North Carolina State; George O'Leary, Central Florida; Bo Pelini, Nebraska; Chris Petersen, Boise State; Bobby Petrino, Arkansas; Gary Pinkel, Missouri; Larry Porter, Memphis; Jeff Quinn, Buffalo; Paul Rhoads, Iowa State; Mark Richt, Georgia; Mike Riley, Oregon State; Rich Rodriguez, Michigan; Nick Saban, Alabama; Steve Sarkisian, Washington; Greg Schiano, Rutgers; Howard Schnellenberger, Florida Atlantic; Mike Sherman, Texas A&M; Steve Spurrier, South Carolina; Rick Stockstill, Middle Tennessee; Mike Stoops, Arizona; Charlie Strong, Louisville; Kevin Sumlin, Houston; Bob Toledo, Tulane; Jim Tressel, Ohio State; Tommy Tuberville, Texas Tech; Kyle Whittingham, Utah; Paul Wulff, Washington State; Ron Zook, Illinois.

Because it is serving an NCAA-imposed bowl ban, Southern California is not eligible to receive votes this season under AFCA policy.

Original post: Sunday
Boise State (4-0) is now No. 4 in both major college football polls. The Broncos were passed by Oregon in the Associated Press and USA Today Coaches' polls, despite beating New Mexico State 59-0 on Saturday. Oregon beat Stanford 52-31 on Saturday night.

I tweeted this a little while ago: "Polls doing exactly what they are supposed to do — keep people talking about college football all week."

And it's true. On the final day of the baseball regular season, on an NFL Sunday, on a day when the Ryder Cup is taking place, look at all the talk about college football.

From the Associated Press

Oregon has jumped over Boise State and Texas, Penn State and Southern California have fallen out of The Associated Press college football poll.

After beating Stanford 52-31 on Saturday night, the Ducks moved up a spot to No. 3 behind top-ranked Alabama and No. 2 Ohio State in the latest Top 25.

Boise State, which had been No. 3 since the preseason, slipped a spot to No. 4. The Broncos defeated New Mexico State 59-0 on the road Saturday.

TCU was No. 5.

Texas dropped out of the ranking after losing a second straight game, leaving the Longhorns unranked for the first time since Oct. 15, 2000. Their streak of 162 consecutive weeks in the rankings was the longest active streak in the country.

Ohio State now has the longest streak at 90 straight poll appearances.

Compare the ballots

For a comparison on how the individual voters ranked Boise State and Oregon, click here.

Boise State got 1 first-place vote, 6 second-place votes, 14 third-place votes, 32 fourth-place votes, 6 fifth-place votes and 1 sixth-place vote.

Oregon got 0 first-place votes, 22 second-place votes, 19 third-place votes, 16 fourth-place votes, 2 fifth-place votes and 1 sixth-place vote.

AP Top 25

No. School Record Points Prev

1 Alabama (58) 5-0 1497 1

2 Ohio State (1) 5-0 1401 2

3 Oregon 5-0 1379 4

4 Boise State (1) 4-0 1341 3

5 TCU 5-0 1250 5

6 Oklahoma 5-0 1183 8

7 Nebraska 4-0 1172 6

8 Auburn 5-0 1045 10

9 Arizona 4-0 898 14

10 Utah 4-0 860 13

11 Arkansas 3-1 825 15

12 LSU 5-0 819 12

13 Miami (Fla.) 3-1 769 16

14 Florida 4-1 681 7

15 Iowa 4-1 670 17

16 Stanford 4-1 663 9

17 Michigan State 5-0 607 24

18 Michigan 5-0 555 19

19 South Carolina 3-1 450 20

20 Wisconsin 4-1 316 11

21 Nevada 5-0 286 25

22 Oklahoma State 4-0 173 31

23 Florida State 4-1 162 27

24 Missouri 4-0 99 27

25 Air Force 4-1 94 29

Others Receiving Votes: West Virginia(3-1) 83; Kansas State(4-0) 69; Southern California(4-1) 52; Texas(3-2) 33; Northwestern(5-0) 25; Oregon State(2-2) 12; Baylor(4-1) 10; Virginia Tech(3-2) 8; UCLA(3-2) 8; North Carolina State(4-1) 4; Penn State(3-2) 1

USA Today Coaches Poll

Rank Team (first-place votes) Record Points Last week's ranking

1. Alabama (57) 5-0 1,449 1

2. Ohio State (1) 5-0 1,377 2

3. Oregon 5-0 1,300 4

4. Boise State 4-0 1,276 3

5. TCU 5-0 1,187 5

6. Nebraska 4-0 1,176 6

7. Oklahoma 5-0 1,132 8

8. Auburn 5-0 988 11

9. LSU 5-0 930 10

10. Utah 4-0 868 12

11. Arizona 4-0 835 14

12. Florida 4-1 705 7

13. Arkansas 3-1 683 15

14. Miami (Fla.) 3-1 679 17

15. Iowa 4-1 643 18

16. Michigan State 5-0 625 21

17. Michigan 5-0 541 19

18. Stanford 4-1 448 13

19. Wisconsin 4-1 414 9

20. South Carolina 3-1 345 22

21. Oklahoma State 4-0 299 24

22. Missouri 4-0 271 23

23. Nevada 5-0 201 25

24. Florida State 4-1 164 NR

25. Northwestern 5-0 67 NR

Dropped out
No. 16 Texas (3-2, lost to then-No. 8 Oklahoma 28-20), No. 20 Penn State (3-2, lost to then-No. 18 Iowa 24-3).

Others receiving votes
Texas (3-2) 61; Air Force (4-1) 44; West Virginia (3-1) 40; Kansas State (4-0) 31; Penn State (3-2) 30; North Carolina State (4-1) 13; Virginia Tech (3-2) 10; Houston (3-1) 8; Mississippi State (3-2) 5; Oregon State (2-2) 2; Baylor (4-1) 1; Temple (4-1) 1; UCLA (3-2) 1.

Note: Arizona coach Mike Stoops did not turn in a ballot this week and could not be reached, according to USA Today.

Chadd Cripe's ballot

Statesman sportswriter Chadd Cripe is among the 60 sportswriters that participate in the AP poll. Here is his ballot:

1 Alabama
2 Boise State
3 Ohio State
4 Oregon
5 Oklahoma
7 Nebraska
9 Arizona
10 Auburn
11 Arkansas
12 Stanford
13 Utah
14 Florida
15 Miami
16 Michigan St.
17 Michigan
18 Iowa
19 S. Carolina
20 Nevada
21 Okla State
22 Air Force
23 Florida State
24 Missouri
25 Wisconsin

Dropped out: North Carolina State, USC, Penn State
Also considered: West Virginia, Oregon State

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BSU could have won 159-0 ...

... and it wouldn't have mattered to the AP. It will be interesting to see what happens in the coaches poll.


Agreed. Props to Oregon for a great win yesterday. I dont know how a team can win 30+ regular season games in a row, have 22-24 returning starters, win 59-0 and fall in the polls. No disrespect to Oregon as they are very good. So is Alabama. Just not sold on Ohio St. If all this poll stuff doesnt show a complete media bias for the traditional powers I dont know if anything will.


Agree that this poll clearly reflects media bias. We heard all last week that this would happen and probably sooner than later. Doesn't really matter since the AP doesn't count. Harris, coaches and the computers tell the tale and there is such a long way to go.

Yep, good job to Oregon. Can't take anything away from them.

What's up with the Ducks green on green home uniforms

Us Bronco fans could hardly see em!

HA...Yep the Ducks blended into the green turf for sure

no different than us with the Blue on Blue

I see your point

but regarding the drop in polls, clearly the 59-0 win over a measly New Mexico, 30+ regular season games, 22-24 returning starters, win over mediocre VA Tech and Oregon St., doesn't impress most of the nation. What it really comes down to, and it's the age old argument, is BSU plays in the WAC. Period.

Impressive, Alabama beatdown of Florida, win @ Arkansas last week. Oregon win over a very good Stanford team. I don't think most of the east coast cares about BSU at this point, with their upcoming schedule (outside of Nevada). Cmon, Toledo? A team that got beat by Wyoming! Is their a media bias towards the big programs, absolutely. But the big programs play in conferences that matter, week and week out for the most part. Not just one big game on Thanksgiving weekend.


Boise State were given their standard two weeks ago... they were supposed to give out "style points." New Mexico State is an inferior team, to be sure, but they hadn't been shut out yet this year, and Boise State's second string did better against them that Kansas' first string. Either "style points" count or they don't and we were lied to.

Style Points

Style points DO matter when you're beating a quality team. When you're favored to win by 40, style points mean nothing.

Oregon played a quality game against Stanford, and deserved to jump BSU. It was predicted, and I agree, that BSU will play Oregon in the Rose Bowl.

BSU will NOT play for a National Championship until they play better teams. BCS just will not allow for it.

BSU would get slaughtered

BSU would get slaughtered this year if they were to play a much better Oregon team

Doubt it

Ya, no point in repeating myself.

oh absolutely

just like last year, oregon was much better after we kicked their weaksauce team all over the field. lameone you are truly stupid.

training for politics

Boise St. plays in the WAC and dominates it every year. Its the schedule they have. They played a very experienced Va Tech team in their back yard and scheduled a Pac 10 team. Next year they travel to Ole Miss. Im not sure what more you can ask of them. They cant bully their way into the Pac 10 conference and dont have a billion dollars needed to instantly upgrade their educational facilities and programs to gain admittance into a better conference. You can bag on the schedule all you want but unless the Broncos play 3 BCS road game opponents every year little else can be done to earn respect. If the Broncos havent earned your respect by now, and they havent, whats winning another 30 straight games going to do?

It's not like it's any surprise that Oregon jumped us

We put 59 points on the worst team in the country while Oregon put 51 on the #9 team in the country. Ask yourself which is more impressive and if you're honest with yourself, I'm sure that your answer would be that Oregon's win was far more impressive than ours
My only complaint about getting jumped is that the voters didn't take into consideration that the team they allowed to jump us is 0-2 against us in head to head competition and 2 of their 5 losses over the past two season have been to BSU

Hmmm kid

Then explain how in week 1 Oregon beat NM (worst team in FBS) yet climbed over Oklahoma, Iowa, and Florida. Ask yourself, was Oregon's victory more impressive than the Oklahoma, Iowa, or Florida victories were?

I agree

All I'm saying is that this week, and this week alone, Oregon's win was far more impressive than our win, but yeah, it's odd how Oregon's been climbing the polls this year considering that 2 of thier wins were against New Mexico and Portland State that had a combined score of 141-0 and that they've only played 1 ranked opponent so far.

Are you kidding?

Voters don't take into account the last two years...the only season they vote on is the one we are currently playing in. If we go by your logic, maybe Idaho should get a higher rank than BSU...they beat them 13 years in a row during the 80's and 90's. Get a clue.

That's exactly what I don't

That's exactly what I don't like about the AP polls, BSU is being ranked based on the games they haven't played yet. They can't choose what conference they play in and I believe they would compete quite well in any conference in the country right now. We just won't ever know because they won't ever get the chance. That being said the votes they are getting are reasonable and a game between Oregon and BSU today could go either way but I think both teams could beat Ohio State. So far, Ohio State hasn't played a much better schedule than BSU and haven't looked as good in those games. Just my opinion.

Here's the really

Here's the really doesn't matter what conference a team plays in. Take Butler in basketball. They were good enough to make it to the championship game and they didn't come from one of the basketball powerhouse conferences. A good team is a good team and not the sum of their conference. So, if the New York Yankees were to play in the Triple A league, would they be a lesser team simply because of the teams that they would play? Nope. They're still the Yankees and still a good team. The WAC has two teams in the Top 25. Boise State may not be able, at this point, to play a week in week out schedule in of the SEC. But they most certainly could do it in the Big East or ACC conferences and they are BCS AQ conferences. There really isn't an argument here.

Cardfan - your argument sucks swamp water

Cardfan: Respectfully to you, Sir;

The biggest difference is the Yankees have 'head-to-head eliminative competition to determine the championship team, at the end of their season. It is called the World Series.

The Broncos don't have that luxury. They are stuck with a political polling process, to determine who gets to be King Of The Hill.

Maybe, try again?

Next time, think thru your analogies first to ensure they actually make sense and are not laughable. Or you could get the lable of being a 'maroon'.


Dear VNDL misspeller

With all due respect missed the point. REGARDLESS of who the Yankees play, they are STILL a good team. They are NOT defined by their competition. That is the point. Throw the World Series out. For this argument, it's irrelevant. Fact is, they are a good team. The same is true for Butler. They were a good team even though they didn't play in a powerhouse basketball conference. They were just fortunate enough to be able to display that in a national tournament. Good teams are good teams and shouldn't be defined by their conference. So, in the future, slide your Vandal bias to the side and attempt to read things through clearly. Then YOU won't appear to be a 'maroon'.

CARDFAN ain't playing with a full deck

Vandal bias? You are indeed, a 'maroon', Sir. No doubt about it.

My point was that it is imopssipblep (sic) to compare teams from sports that have two very different ways of determining championships.

The Yankees play professional baseball which determines its championships based on how many games a given team wins in head-to-head competition, and not polling.

The same with college baseball or basketball, or volleyball, or hockey.

My point, which went over your head, at the speed of sound, like a Vandal O-linesman heading for a Slurpee machine, was simply that the Broncos do not have the luxury of being judged as a top level team, based on their win-loss record; but instead fall victims to a 'political' subjective driven polling process, resplendent with fickle Bronco haters and coaches who probably are jealous of the success of the Broncos, and want to hold them back, because of their colective jealousies and resentments against the Broncos.

You couldn't see that?

Geesh, what a noob.


PS - I don't have spoll check and probably woldnt use it if I had it.


I appreciate the clarification. I see your point now. I was talking apples and you peeled an orange. Both of us have a point.


Yep. Peace.


excuses, excuses

I'm tired of hearing about how the BCS schools deserve better treatment because they play tough games week in and week out. It's true that they have a greater chance of losing within their conference, but check out BSU wins over the BCS schools over the last few years. All these teams had just as much preparation time before they met BSU. We beat them before they "got beat up by their own conference". We beat them before they got beat up by another team and usually they had some patsy to follow. The polls are not only biased but corrupt.


fininsh your first grade homework go toledo geek

razor -

The AP poll is meaningless - no impact on BCS rankings.

Oregon will get at least 1 loss in PAC play (probably OSU, but could also be USC and/or Washington and/or Arizona). Oregon could be out of the top 10 before its over.

Not a big deal if Oregon jumps BSU at this point in the season.

The Broncos will just focus on being undefeated and take care of winning games and all will be good at the end of the season.


Well Put

And very true. Oregon will stumble at Oregon State or Wahington. I acutally think Oregon should have move to #2 and Ohio State should have slipped to #4. But that is just my opinion and nothing else.

YEs Oregon did look good

But UO and OSU have very similar problems, they can look awesome one game and completely horrible the next. Consistency people....
Chip coached very well last night but he was classless about the refs at halftime.....
I'm glad our players have a better coach and better person in Coach Pete.


To say Kelly is classless is...well, an understatement and you're being nice to him, from what I saw in the 2nd quarter and the interview.

Loved the sideline reporter's

comment to Kelly, "We can read lips.", just before her half time interview.

Kelly should be suspended by the PAC10 for his halftime comments

that guy is a complete tool

Is there a place I can

hear this?


End of the season...... Armageddon!!!

Let us say BSU, after starting the season in the top 5, is bypassed for the BCS Championship and a one-loss team takes their place. Or let us say that Oregon, a team that BSU have beaten two years in a row gets the honor.
I see Congress getting involved regarding anti-trust violations etc.
This could quickly give BSU a much bigger stage and place in history that even a championship win could. BSU could possibly break the BCS altogether if everything falls into place.

I don't see nuttin' changing - this year

ThorD: Maybe you haven't heard - there is a mid term Congressional election coming up in a month or so. Prolly result in a total realignment of the stars on Capitol Hill. Prolly have an Executive and a Legislagive controlled by different factions. This will result in even more gridlock and internecine fighting over realy important stuff; health care, the economy, job creation, taxation policy, and etc. Not to mention punishing/investigative retributive measures by a Republican controlled Congress to go after 'persons' responsible for 'problems' in the Justice and Homeland Security Departments and the administration.

You really think Congress is going to get into whether or not to change how a national champion of college football is chosen?

Nope, nothing os gonna happen by Congress, to change the current BCS structure.

The only thing that will ever change it, is for the President's of the nonAQ schools to unite and litigate. I just don't see that happening. There is always a chance they would lose, and then what? They would just make it worse for their schools if they lost.

But what if BSU finished the season undefeated and actually got into the NC game? The case for changing the BCS structure would be forever moot.

Just might happen


Gee VNDL you should at least warm the water

before tossing it in his face.


I try to set the groundwork for fruitful collegial openminded discussion and the sharing of mutually beneficial ideas. It is all part of the PC process and is what 'peacemakers' do.

Were you referring to the proverbial 'a chicken for every pot' to be thrown into the boiling cauldron of innane BCS/nonBCS debate?

Just curious.


Yes..... so let's not scald the chicken.

It's ok to choke it, but let's check with Christine O'Donnal first.

Return of the Quack!

bronco natiom

you will finally lose natio

Yes, let's look at the

Yes, let's look at the coaches poll, where Oregon is also ranked No. 3 over the Broncos.

It was bound to happen

Every BSU fan should have known that playing in the WAC was not going to do BSU any reality has set in. It's only week #6, there's still a lot of football to play.

The Boise State Debate is over for now....everybody just calm down until the BCS polls come out- And Oregon will be ahead in that one, also.


When are the BCS polls coming out? Wasn't it in week 4 or 5 last year?

Never mind, found it, they start on Oct 17 on espn at 6:15 mt.

And so it begins

As promised, Boise State start their slide... the voters have already written off the VT win even though they're 2-0 in the ACC after knocking off a ranked opponent... yet people still say that Boise State is no better than James Madison.

I am excited that there's going to be some GREAT football to end the season... Fresno State and Nevada will be great games, Idaho and Utah State are stepping up, and I'll be rooting for Oregon State to win the civil war and knock Oregon out of the way.

No worries bronco fans

Chances of O going undefeated are slim as are most teams this early in the season..... BSU however has a legit shot at going undefeated, Jump us all you want but when you lose make sure your coach votes us in the NC game!

Don't you see the irony

in your statment that most teams will not go undefeated, yet "most" of those teams you refer to, come from BCS conferences where a weekly schedule likely won't allow it. With exception to BSU of course, well, because their good, but more importantly, play in a dumpy conference. I think more and more of the nation is buying into the fact the WAC is not great and isn't going to give BSU their props because of it. Even if BSU runs the table, I don't see the BCS system or the polls, putting them into the NC game over any 1 loss team from the Big 10, Pac 10, or SEC. Will be interesting to see if the slide continues, even as BSU puts W's in the column.

No I dont see the irony

the #4 or 5 team played a # 8 team and won, BSU played NMSU and lost. Oregon is where they are and It wouldn't have mattered if Texas was the one ranked above them. Going undefeated is hard but it is done most often in IN THE BCS conferences, just ask alabama. BSU is going to be fine, Oregon will have a letdown, and if they dont and go undefeated I hope they are not hosed out of a Championship game. Ohio state has some issues, Alabama has a target on their back in the SEC. There were moments on saturday when it looked like Oregon, Ohio state, LSU and many others looked less than Championship like. fact is BSU just needs to win all the games, It is possible that we could play for a NC, but we will be in the rose or the fiesta for sure, and that my friends is pretty dang good. Some schools from BCS conferences have gone undefeated and been left out, so we aren't in uncharted waters here.
But I'll say it now. BSU will play the second week in January in Glendale this year.....Enjoy the ride! this is what it is all about!

This is where we get

This is where we get slaughtered to no fault of our own.

I wouldn't say slaughtered... We will come out of OCT, ranked

in the top 6 maybe top 5 and that is pretty good striking distance when the chaos on NOV starts.....
But hosed for now will do for vocabulary.

I don't think that Oregon is

I don't think that Oregon is really a media darling. I think that BSU gets more love than Oregon does, nationally.

Well, it is all coming down to one thing and that is strength of schedule. Bash the media, the haters, the pollsters etc all you want, but the weakness of BSU's schedule is showing through.

I have taken a ton of criticism as a BSU realist, not a slanted homer. As an unbiased pollster I would give Oregon more credit for beating a ranked, hot, undefeated, in-conference opponent more than beating the 115th ranked team in the nation.

For all of the people saying that BSU does not need to take deals with the likes of Nebraska, this is your sign. If BSU wants to be in vited to the big table then they have to prove it by beating the big boys, even if it is on the big boy's terms.

I hate to say it, but I think there will be a good chance that TCU will overtake BSU in the polls by the end of the year as well.

doc, You have any idea what

the current SOS of each team?

Didn't think so



I went back and looked for your unbiased comments on how Oregon couldn't possibly have climb in the polls after beating the 138th and 155th ranked teams.......but I couldn't find them.

Do your homework, until then your opinion is like.....well you get the point.