Boise State backup quarterbacks factor into the game plan this year

By Chadd Cripe
© 2010 Idaho Statesman

The Boise State football coaches long have bemoaned the fact that quarterback is the only position where the backup doesn’t get to play.

That’s changing this year.

Senior Mike Coughlin and freshman Joe Southwick, the co-backups, each have gotten into a game this season to run an option play. Offensive coordinator Bryan Harsin hopes to give each guy at least a play a week that could be called in the game.

“They’ve been practicing well — just throw them a bone,” Harsin said. “… They deserve to be in there.”

Coughlin and Southwick are splitting the second-team snaps in practice and competing for the backup job each week.

Coughlin entered for a couple running plays with the first team at Wyoming. He carried four times for 26 yards in the game.

Southwick came into the Oregon State game to run the option near the goal line. He was stuffed.

Both backups are strong runners — a component missing from starter Kellen Moore’s game.

“It was cool to get in there,” Southwick said. “Unfortunately, it didn’t work out the way it was drawn up, but it was exciting to get in.”


Boise State has been the most-penalized team in the WAC so far this year with an average of 77.7 yards per game. The Broncos’ opponents are the third-least penalized at 42.7 yards per game.

The Broncos were the fourth-most-penalized team in the WAC last year at 55.9 yards.

Coach Chris Petersen has said he wants high physicality and low penalty totals, but he also points out that penalty yardage is not an indicator of success.

“Play aggressive, smart, clean football — that’s the goal right there,” he said. “But some things are going to happen when you play that hard.”


Before D.J. Harper’s injury was diagnosed, I asked Petersen if he worried about Doug Martin’s health given the tailback’s hit-everything-on-the-field running style.

“You’ve got less of a chance of getting hurt if you play with that style and that attitude than if you’re going to lay back,” he said.

good for southwick and coughlin

anyone here think coughlin will start on senior day?

Good idea.

I think he's earned it.

I dunno

ask Bush Hamden about his Senior Day experience!

oooohhh good point

Bush was a class guy who really understood the concept of "team" I knew him well when he was at BSU and he never had a problem just being a class guy.

Mike's Bush

and Bushy Hamdan are two different QB's I say let him play. USU is doing good this year so maybe if BSU is up by 30 let him paly the whole last quarter.

Or the "team" decides to give Kellen a thank you gift

and pads his Heisman stats...... Just sayin.

pete makes the qb sub decision.

He won't run up the score or pad Kellens numbers. Buy a clue. Everyone knows that.

What? you've never seen

Rudy? cmon man!!!!!!!!

I think its smart

to get these guys real game experience even if the role is limited.


...Coughlin and Southwick start throwing the ball, you might as well throw away the downs that they are in the game.

The defense knows they are in the game for one reason...for the option. I have confidence the coaches are just setting up the defenses so that later in the year Southwick/Coughlin can throw the ball, but against VT/ was pretty obvious they weren't there to throw the ball.

All that said...I also realize the coaches are far smarter than this guy. :)

Oh yeah... Hey guys

I just heard that ESPN game day is going to be here in Oregon this weekend. No one here is peeing in their pants over the shear thrill of the event.... we've been to that rodeo before... several times.

Oregon --- the media darling scoring a ........

point every minute. So.....Oregon 60 -- Stanford ?

Omilkey - Team Ropin' and Duck Bustin'

Is that the rodeo that the Broncos roped, branded, defeathered, deloused, and then castrated the Ducks, several times?

Ouch. MMMM

Roped and branding part was sexy... In case you all don't know, VNDL has a stimulating touch.


Better an 'o' than an 'a'.


I'm still working on that one... O than an A ? Hummm.

on the

word roped........


Tater2: Merry Binary Day, buddy!

10 01 10


I should of left that one alone... my bad.


you are proud of the fact that no one is excited about football over there? Nice. Duck pride!!!

Sorry Omikey.

The Ducks will drop this one. Stanford is more physical on both sides of the ball, up front, and they will not overcome that.


I'm "over here" too remember, and yes, people on local blogs are very excited about game day, but not as much as Bronco nation. Oregon has had game day 7 times before, so not as much of a deal. Bet they won't have more than 13,000 people show up. I will be at the game. Got a free box ticket from an old friend. Any questions you guys want me to ask the AD? (he is not the old friend, but will be in close proximity).


You are one lucky dude. I need to hang around you, maybe some luck will rub off. Got any Loto numbers for me?

The game day excitement has worn off... Eugene is a college town... everyone sleeps in til noon.

Yah patch

The old AD made it clear they would not be playing the Broncs again anytime soon. Is that still the case with the new AD?


That was on my mind too... I'll see if I can get that in. I'm out till Monday. Talk to all later.

Have a good patch

and tell Erin that I found her ear-ring..................

Easy Funky...

She has an army of lawyers these days.


nothing personal, but i hope stanford beats oregon like an old stray dog.


I have a 6 year old stray dog that sleeps at the foot of my bed. I always give him clear warning that I'm heading to the head. That's so I make it there in one piece.

It's going to be nasty but I believe the outcome will be.... I don't know, guess I'll have to watch.

I don't make predictions, that's for fools (no offense). I cry when we lose and and scream Hallelujah ! when we win.

Who do the Broncos play this week?

Anyone we know?

yes, a close relative of the team you played(?)

in weak 1.

Supwitchugirl's new vid.

God I wish I could go back to College... live it all over again.

O'well... I'll just watch and tap my toes.

Go Ducks.

Now here is a typical Oregon Duck in action

Go Ducks



4 minutes of my life I'll never get back. Did those guys get each other roses in the beginning?
That is a pretty good reason to not send your kids to the UO right there...... Some parents got hosed on tuition......

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Omilkey's choice of music videos is questionable at best. That is because he is a Duck.

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Do the Ducks not have internet over there?

Why do we even have ducks on a BSU blog..... shouldn't that be beneath them? Don't they have a game this week..... yet they are always on the BSU blog...... Let it go people!!!!

One Potatoe Three Potatoe

If your comments were funny it would be enjoyable to interact with you... however since you are not funny or readable, I just put up with you.

Is it your rule that the bloggesphere is segregated? That's rather Idahoan of you.

It's likely I was born and raised in Idaho before you gained you inferior Idaho education.

If you truly roamed the BSU boards more you would

know I was educated elsewhere. So, you describe the state in which you obviously have some attachment too as segregated? You are truly as masochist. Again, you are not a BSU fan, you are an Oregon fan..... what gives bro, are you a member of the Hawaii talk boards because you once vacationed there too?
Careful with your O face there bro, time for you to get back to spiking trees.

Thanks for making my point.


You are welcome you

winner you!

I apologies to all my Boise friends

It's just that I don't like Potato2.

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You always on these boards or you thinking what you said was so hurtful to your "friends" that you needed to apologize or that you think you have all these "friends" on the Idaho statesman website... I am actually embarrassed for you.

Don't be embar..assed

People who don't get it... like you, are always making stupid comments on a blog.

Tater Bin Ali Blobi

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I do like bacon......

But don't you see my point. there are no VT fans talking in here everyday, no Oklahoma fans.... no TCU fans...... Why, they have moved on, they have a football team they enjoy and root for each week. they do what they should do when getting shamed by BSU they shut up. But these O fans come in here all the time with this elitist attitude and snotty comments... It is just so stupid! Seriously, with gameday coming to town, Stanford coming to town and a National Championship just as much a possibility for them as it is us.... they are on a boise state board.....
Hey, I think I am going over to the ISU board and talk down to them! That will make me a winner too!