Broncos on Sports Illustrated cover; Boise State-Nevada almost sold out; Big East interested in TCU, newspaper says

By Chadd Cripe

The debate over whether the Boise State football team should be able to play for the BCS National Championship Game has reached the cover of Sports Illustrated.

The Broncos are the cover story this week — the first time they have appeared on the national cover of the sports magazine. The Broncos were featured on a regional cover for SI's college football preview in August.

The photo is of the Broncos taking the field before Saturday's game against Oregon State. Defensive players are at the forefront — particularly linebacker Byron Hout, defensive tackle Billy Winn (who is the only player with his helmet off), defensive tackle Chase Baker, linebacker Aaron Tevis and cornerback Josh Borgman. Borgman is from Centennial High.

Sports Illustrated writer Austin Murphy spent much of last week in Boise to report and write the story. Two SI photographers shot the game Saturday.

The story focuses on what needs to happen for Boise State to play for the national championship — and the Broncos' insistence on staying out of the debate.

This week's issue hits newsstands Wednesday.

The SI cover is the third major first for the program stemming from Saturday's game, which the Broncos won 37-24. ESPN's "College GameDay" originated from the blue turf for the first time and the contest was the first Boise State regular-season game to air nationally on network television (ABC).


Boise State has sold its 4,000 tickets to the Nov. 26 game at Nevada, ticket manager Anita Guerricabeitia said.

Nevada only has a couple hundred $60 tickets left to sell, according to the Reno Gazette-Journal. They can be purchased by calling 775-348-PACK.

Both teams will be favored to win all of their games until then.


The Big East Conference is interested in adding TCU, the New York Post reports. That would be a brutal blow to the Mountain West, which add Boise State next year but already has lost Utah and BYU.

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the curse! the curse!

not the cover!

The curse?

LOL. The curse is on Alabama now.... They are scared!!


I am sure Alabama is not scared of BSU I assure you.

Good we like it when people aren't scared

Its fun that way, think VT was scared? The next week they couldnt even play d2 ball. bring on bama, its as much of a win as new mexico state on saturday....


The curse if for the pre-season cover. And why don't you Bronco fans cool it. I mean really if I told you 18 years ago (all 10,000 fans) when BSU went D-1 that they'd finsih the season in the Top 5 and play in the rose bowl, you would have called me crazy. Just enjoy it, relax and let us non-Bronco fans have a break.


We are relaxed... And we are enjoying it. All the way to the BCS championship game... :-)


Even BSU did make the title game when they get beat I will be laughing.

LOL....!! haven't laughed much in the last 10 years, eh?

me olive needs more popeye

and less brutusk.

The curse is real.



Any reason you're posting on an article about the Broncos being on the cover of S.I. if you want a break from Bronco mania?


Did S.I misquote Kellen Moore? I believe he said " I dont really care" after people will be loving on us a little more not "I dont really know". Did they try to get the comment a little more optomistic or something????

Don't worry...

Blue Voodoo easily overpowers the SI curse.

The Cover..

Not too worried about the curse. The last BSU cover on SI did not seem to jinx us. I think BSU is not worried about childish superstitions. I think all of the national attention is great.

Go BSU!!!

wow...You really buzz killed

wow...You really buzz killed a comment that probably wasnt to be taken too seriously.


That is why I did not make this a reply to anyone’s comment. This is just how I felt about the curse, did not mean to insult anyone.

Regional Covers

don't count. We're doomed!

Oh Yes They Do...

Look at Oregon last year. :)

Play for the national title?

If undefeated this season, of course they should be able to play for the title. And if they play for the title, they WILL win it!

what if

What if Ohio St. and Alabama are undefeated? Should they not play for a N.C? One is the returning NC and the other beat Oregon worse on a neutral field than Boise did at home-last year.

For the first time ever, I'll be a Gator Fan on Saturday!

If they can knock of Bama, hopefully we'll be able to slide into the #2 spot, but then again, we do play New Mexico State, while #4 Oregon plays #9 Stanford, so I guess Bronco fans will be rooting for a 60 point Bronco victory along with Gator AND Cardinal wins this weekend

Orange and Blue!

Yes, I think we'll all be rooting for the southern version of 'blue and orange' on Saturday!

Boise will get jumped

Boise will get jumped if florida beats bama i bet. why? because its florida. stanford has the possibility of jumping boise as well, although it probably and hopefully won't happen. i don't like it, but thats the way it is right now. we're gonna have to hope florida loses a game also. maybe we don't want bama to lose this early in the season. that gives them too much time to climb back up and hop boise.

I Don't Believe You Kid.......

Gator fan, 1st time ever? I doubt it. You're always posting your SEC/Love comparison posts..

You're not a Bronco fan. Look at your say " so I guess Bronco fans". Why not say "WE" like ALL the other BSU fans?? You don't need to answer that..proofs are in the posts...

who cares if you believe me or not? .....I certainly don't!

actually whoever you are

you kinda do...... Its sad. but true.

No..I really don't care

and have no clue who I am


your claim of apathy would be more believable if you quit posting about it. Me thinks thou dost protest too much!

always learning never understanding

Do you seriously think I care if Wis thinks I am or am not a Gator fan?

I continue to respond because his obsession with TBK intrugues me

Take it easy on the guy,

Take it easy on the guy, Slim...he's a fair weather fan just like yourself I'm guessing. Isn't it like 95% of the fans only like being fans if they are winning and on the front page of the Idahostatesman day in and day out?

That Might Be A Good Guess, Chump,...

'cept we know yours are usually wrong, like your GUESS in your post...

Fair weather fan?

Well then, it's been balmy in Boise for decades. Apparently you've become accustomed to the frozen tundra in your backyard. Sorry, not every team can be hot and sunny like Boise State.

truth is

As a season ticket holder and fan from birth....If Ohio and bama are still undefeated, they should play for the NC. If Oregon jumps us and Ohio or Bama loose one then the ducks deserve it. See Idaduck that is how you handle things with class. If BSU goes undefeated and is moved to the #2 or #1 spot then we deserve the NC.

tOSU vs Oregon

How is Ohio State's 9 point win "beating them worse" than Boise State's 11 point win? How is scoring 60% of the points in the game (Ohio State), better than scoring 70% of the points in the game (Boise State)? How is allowing Oregon 10 first half points (Ohio State) better than not allowing Oregon any first half 1st downs or points (Boise State)? How is allowing 179 rushing yards and 260 total yards (Ohio State) better than allowing 31 rushing yards and 152 total yards (Boise State)?

Please, take your time. I'm sure you have a reasonable and logical explanation for your claim...

Please, take your time. I'm

Please, take your time. I'm sure you have a reasonable and logical explanation for your claim...

My take - in most respects Boise did beat Oregon worse than Ohio State did, although there is something to the fact that Ohio State took the ball with a lot of time left and never gave it back, whereas Oregon was still in the game and threatening late versus Boise State.

I think the more important distinction to make in this comparison is that Ohio State played a much better Oregon team - the starting OL versus Ohio State had in the 63-67 total starts compared to the 6-7 it had going into the Boise game. That unit got tremendously better over the course of the season (the unit really struggled versus Boise State, Purdue and Utah).

I know Ohio State gets a lot of flack for losing some big BCS bowls, but I do think they're pretty darn legit this year and I don't think any team on their schedule will beat them. If Oregon played them next Saturday on a neutral field I think Ohio State would probably win.

More excuses...

Using the o line excuse again, I see. And how do you figure the Ducks were threatening late versus us Broncos? Oh ya, my bad, forgot about that 11 point touchdown that doesnt exist.


meaning mid 4th. A TD and FG could have tied it.

And I'm not making excuses. Only an idiot would say an OL with 60+ starts is no better than an OL with fewer than 10, and only the biggest idiot on the planet could watch Oregon's first few games and compare that to their games mid and late season and conclude it didn't improve dramatically as the season progressed.

Sure Idaduck

Whatever you say man. Our team switches its offensive line around every game. And who wouldnt call 2 time Coach of the year Chris Petersen an idiot? What is your excuse for a Freshman QB throwing for almost 400 yards in Autzen in 2008? And the Broncos won I think that one, right?

What on earth

does Petersen have to do with Oregon's OL in 2009?

Good lord, dude - you can't buy a clue.

Heres a clue duck

Boise State changes it offensive line week to week. To say you guys lost because of o line starts is a pathetic excuse. Only losers have excuses.

Tell me about that game in 2008 the Broncos played in Autzen....


Beside the point. Much like your argument about Oregon's OL.

Oregon's OL started the same 5 guys all last year (other than missing a game here or there because of a nicked up player). A line that has playing together more and more, at least with good coaching (Greatwood is among the best OL coaches in the country, btw), improves with experience. I realize you probably didn't watch very many games, but if you did you would see significant improvement as the season wore on.

You lose, and I'm done wasting time on this - next time you want to pick a fight about something, try picking something where you'll have a leg to stand on.


he's a troll what more do want to know?


Well. the odss heavily favor OhSt as oregon has never beat them in 7 opportunites...

I only say probably

because I think this Oregon team is better than it was last year (we'll know more Saturday) and the Rose Bowl was actually a pretty competative game despite a costly fumble, an LMJ injury, one of Masoli's signature WTF performances, and the best game of Pryor's life.

Some Teams OWN Others, OHIO STATE OWNS ORE..Like BSU

owns Oregon. There are other examples. USC Owns UCLA. OKlahoma Own OKST. UC Davis Owns Sac State. Everyone Ownsn U/I....

Just messin with ya man.

That Rose Bowl game was very competitive. It seemed like OH St just cranked it up a notch in the 4th. I thin Ore wins vs Stanford. I don;t think Stan can score as much on the Ore D as they will need to. I do think this years Ore Team is I think their team speed is as fast as I have ever seen it. We'll see.

My Stanford Concern

Oregon's pass protection hasn't been great and Thomas has taken a lot of shots. Luckily he isn't Katz as it relates to pocket awareness, but still - that's not a good thing. Stanford has a lockdown corner that could abuse Thomas, and their linebackers are very good. They also run a 3-4 which may give them an edge defending the option (although I think Thomas only really ran the option for part of the UT game and maybe once or twice versus ASU - otherwise he's just been handing off everytime).

It will be a difficult game for the Ducks to win. My hope is that the defense steps up behind a rabid Autzen crowd - that place will be rocking on Saturday.

More excuses for idaduck

Why would it be a difficult game for the Ducks to win? They are an 8 point favorite and are at home. Their offense is extremely faster than Stanford's defense and the o line of Oregons has had um a few more starts under their belt. Do you ever say anything remotely true duck, or do you just pull stuff out of thin air?


are truly an idiot.

I have no further comment.

Stay classy duck

Looking forward to calling you out on your BS in the future.

Play for National Title?

It would depend on who they would play for the National Title. They did not look like a #3 team to me Saturday night. I was there. It was a good game.
I have never saw so many Attention STARVED Fans.