Boise State running back D.J. Harper out for year with torn ACL

By Chadd Cripe

Boise State junior tailback D.J. Harper has torn the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee for the second straight season, Boise State announced Tuesday. He is out for the rest of the season.

Harper was injured while trying to make a cut during Saturday's game against Oregon State. He immediately grabbed his knee. He went to the sideline, went through some exercises and returned to the game.

Harper also was injured in the third game of the 2009 season. He redshirted.

Having lost two seasons to injury, it's possible Harper could ask the NCAA for a sixth year of eligibility after he completes his senior year in 2011.

Harper has rushed for 160 yards and two touchdowns this season in a tailback tandem with Doug Martin. Harper also has four catches for 36 yards. He had a 71-yard touchdown run against Virginia Tech.

Senior Jeremy Avery likely will step into Harper's role. Avery, a 1,000-yard rusher last year, has been used in special packages this season while Martin and Harper handled the base plays.

Oddly, Harper is the third player in less than a year to tear the same ACL for a second time. Linebacker Daron Mackey (2008 and 2009) and offensive lineman Cory Yriarte (2009 and 2010) also did it.

So sorry for DJ

What a blow to the program, but an even bigger blow for a kid who worked so hard to get back on top of his game. Bronco Nation wishes you only the best!! We can't wait to see what you will bring in the years to come!!

Hang in there DJ and know......

that there are several thousand of us out here who love what you do for the team. See you next season!

Bummer Trails!

Had a feeling that he got nicked on that play.
D*mn! Get healed up DJ, and give some good advice to your replacement, if you will. We're pullin' for ya bro!


SI hasn't even hit the news stands yet.

I almost have your Voo-Doo Doll completed JB,

let's see which, or should I say "witch" one works the best! Gotta run, the Broom is double parked!

You KNOW you need to turn it off and save MAGIC?


"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne

Jackson Browne

I try my best not to insult anyone (although I'm sure some of my comments do). But I am a big fan of Jackson Browne. And I wish a certain person would quit using his name for his comments. I'm not sure if this person is a troll, always high on drugs, a 2 year old or just plain stupid. But I for one am getting really tired of the comments this person thinks are creative.

Then don't read them.

Then don't read them. Problem solved.

Yes, Korp ...

... I don't get the shtick, either. I've had a couple of exchanges with f-o and they seem innocuous enough ... nothing about BSU or football, though.

He does post some comments in the articles and they typically do not mirror his approach here. I don't know why anyone would post using the subject line for a cryptic comment and the comment section (nearly exclusively) as a signature, which isn't even available in this blog comment structure. That means a copy and paste every time that "signature" is used. Don't get it.

I don't think he's a troll at all, but you probably have noticed nearly all his posts are follow-ups ... sometimes very late into the "discussion". He's no weisberg or TBK, for sure.

Perhaps f-o will explain ... in plain English.


Well sometimes you have to admit you are wrong. To be honest I thought I would get a lot of comments supporting my rude comment (which I agree I should not have made). However it seems I am in the minority about this persons comments, so I not only apologize to my fellow posters but to the poster himself/herself (I'm still not using the posters name I was rude to, because I avoided it in my first post).

F-O needs to go

I've said it before - this F.O. guy is a mental case. If the Statesman actually gave a rip they would have banned him a LONG time ago. He's clearly mentally disturbed - but apparently that's okay as far as the Statesman is concerned.


The phonyoregonian is a german implant some 40 years ago that lives around Ontario or Nyssa. He actually thinks he is creative and funny. I am with you that I think he is a creeper. wouldn't give him the time of day if he was bleeding out on the side of the road.


Its been like this for a few years now. Everyone has an opinion and Im not sure one is positive.


Bet ya a dollar to a dime he's a disabled Vet...


Why would he be a disabled vet?

Could he not just be an ordinary crazy draft dodger or some other person who had a mental illness and never served his country?

Just curious why you assume he is a disabled vet, because his posts are off kilter?


Just a Hunch VNDL....

Posting Times...Attitude.."Anger"...lonely....strikes me as one on meds...not very mobile...just a hunch.
Could be way wrong on this..

I got bad feet and can't go - but I can play college ball

Yeah, considerng how only about 3.2% of mentally ill Americans, who have bad attitudes, have anger problems, are lonely, are 'shutins' and not very mobile; are veterans of military service and are disabled; I can see how you came up with it.

Geesh, what a noob.


PS - Have you ever served your country or are you just a 'taker' of the freedoms you enjoy today? Just curious.

geesh vandie.....

dont get your undies in a wad.... you sure jump the gun looking for slights to our fine men and women who serve. I'm sure Wiz likes and appreciates the military just as much as you do. But we dont always have to go out of our way to prove how grateful we are..... There can be an honest look or side comment about the reputation of the mentality of vets.... actually it says more about OTHERS apathy toward the military that some "vets" have that reputation. We should be caring for these vets long after they are done protecting us.


You posted, en parte: " . . .
we dont always have to go out of our way to prove how grateful we are . . . "

Yes, you should. You should thank God every night for the day you have had in America and ask God to protect, the military service men and women standing in harm's way, to give you the lifestyle you currently enjoy.

Yes, you should.


PS - Same question for you - what have you ever done to serve your country, other than be a 'taker' of the freedoms you enjoy?

LOL woah there big fella....

Most of the military personnel I know dont "stand in harms way" but some do. Not every serviceman gets a free pass or is even in the military for the honor and reasons that they should be. I am a taker, flat out, I do pray to God with my kids every night for our country and our military, it might seem trite and outdated but it is something we do. That does not mean that the crazy old man under a bridge that mutters to himself does not exist. To truly honor the military to love something you must be honest with it. As far as serving my country.... well it IS my vocation to raise my kids in this country to be patriots, honorable, caring, defenders of the weak, protectors of each person's freedom. I feel that it is ridiculous that some like you think that everyone must "prove" their worthiness to even have an opinion. It kind of sickens and cheapens the entire idea of the military. they are not 1st class citizens Because of their service.... WE are first class citizens because of their service, So yes, I take freedoms like some young men take lives overseas. I am granted that privilege not because buba serves but because God allows him to.


Same thing to you, as I said to Wiz:

You can make fun of the Vandals all you ever want - but - never make fun of America's Disabled Veterans.

Got it?



dont got it.... Let me tell you a little story...
I was in a grocery store with my three year old girl, (I cant say the name, it starts with an a and ends with a lbertsons back before the recession hit and everyone could afford to shop there) there was this older man muttering to himself and yelling at the machine "f this and f that, JC this and that," I said woa ther guy, this is a family store and I got a little girl here" He says " sorry I'm just a MFing Old marine who just dont know any mf better"
So in this guys mind he gets a pass in society because he was in the USMC? So I pointed out to him that any kind of marine would have been taught respect, honor and self restraint.
A disabled vet is not and should never be afforded MORE protection than a disabled criminal, that my friend is the exact principal that this country was founded upon and why men and women are sent to those front lines to die.

no one "made fun of" a disabled vet just pointed out a stereotype... you dont like the stereotype then maybe instead of touting the things you HAVE done for freedoms perhaps you should be doing more for these men so that the stereotypes dont exist.....

Should we really be thanking

Should we be thanking God for protecting us, or should we be thanking Allah for sparing us? Or should we Imagine, Imagine there's no Heaven-It's easy if you try -No he11 below us -Above us only sky -Imagine all the people- Living for today
Imagine there's no countries -It isn't hard to do -Nothing to kill or die for-And no religion too - Imagine all the people -Living life in peace

You may say that I'm a dreamer -But I'm not the only one -I hope someday you'll join us -And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions -I wonder if you can -No need for greed or hunger -A brotherhood of man -Imagine all the people -Sharing all the world

You may say that I'm a dreamer -But I'm not the only one -I hope someday you'll join us -And the world will live as one


add something thoughtful or dont post at all.....
You are making no sense weisberg......

It's the lyrics to John Lennon's "Imagine'

It's one of the most thoughtful songs of all time and I'm not surprised at all that it doesn't makes sense to you


It wasn't meant in any derog at all. If you took it that way, your choice. If I was correct, I'm actually sympathetic,,,very. I feel our Vets are way "overlooked" with their needs, our country's resources, and what we don't do for them. That's why I never repsond with offensive comments toward FO like many do.

No. I was in the 1st year of lottery numbers and drew a very high number. No, I didn't sign up to go to VietNam. I have many, many friends that came back messed up, and some that did not come back.

You have to serve or you are a "taker" ? To use your word, what a NOOB...

Don't lecture me on this.


You can make fun of the Vandals all you ever want - but - never make fun of America's Disabled Veterans.

Got it?



You're wrong. I didn't.

Got it?

My sons a Marine. Iraq twice.


Total respect for your son. He is a 'Giver' of the freedoms that you, as a 'Taker' enjoy today.

It is just that simple. - Givers and Takers - no gray area on that one, for me.


PS - He, along with all American service men and women, deployed or nondeployed, are in my nightly prayers to The Big Ranger. No gray area on that one, for me.

Givers and takers

Try to wrap your brain around the fact that Uncle Sam "takes" money from families so that he can "give" weapons to soldiers. -no gray area on that, my friend.

not taking the bait....

. no one else should either.....


I agree totally.

Just ban the dork

The guy's a dork and needs to be banned by the moderators.


Because you think he's a dork? Ridiculous.

If someone thinks you;re a dork, ban you too?

I'm sure some think I'm a dork, ban me too?

Geez, everyone would get banned eventually....

with a name like saveidaho he's probably a teabagger

We allow you to think of yourself as the post police, so if he thinks someone should be banned, so be it, let him think that.

Jackson Browne.......

was / is? a wife beater. I liked some of his music too..but...just sayin...


I deleted this comment because it looked like it was a reply to the wrong sender. I like the new format but they should give you an option to delete your comments if you want.


Wouldn't the Kid love that option?

nope, no need for me to delete my comments

kinda funny that how no matter what the topic is, you seem to work me into it.
face it.... you're obsessed with the Kid! LOL


I just know when I post any reference to you, ... you say you don't care but yet you respond..that's the funny part. You're a great source of entertainment on the blog..You prove me right daily....LOL

I respond because your obsession intrigues me

I'm not complaining about the fact that regardless of the subject matter, you find a way to fit me into your response. I'm simply pointing it out and making fun of your obsession.
BTW, it's quite humorous that you have a daily need for affirmation, but hey, I do what I can, where I can and, if responding to my posts makes you feel worthy and provides you with that much needed affirmation at the end of day, then so be it. It's a small price for me to pay to keep you from kicking your dog or beating your wife

riiiiiight kid

Our obsession.... Not the guy who said he was done posting but when the detox got too rough is back for his fix..... Yup, WE have the problem.....
Shouldn't you be at work?

Funny ya worded your post "our obsession" - You & Wis a couple?

If you want to jump on the obsession bandwagon with Wis, then by all means, go right ahead and hop on up. Didn't really have you pegged as being obsessed, but since you're evidently proclaimning yourself as obsessed or at least sharing in his obsession, I'll note that you too are obsessd with TBK.

LOL- You freaks are so obsessed with TBK that you probably know exactly how many days, minutes, and seconds TBK was absent. TBK even has you obsessed with whether or not he's working. heck, you guys even believe that TBK is a BSU employee, an ice cream store clerk and god knows what else. Truth be told, I hear that TBK is really a stay at home dad who attends BSU in the evenings.
You guys think you have it all figured out, but you don't have a clue

Are you really starting to refer to yourself as

TBK.... like in third person about your SCREEN NAME...... LOL... the potato thinks you are psycho!

Is Potato2 on your birth certificate or drivers license?

No? well why? It's because it's a screen name. Why do you or I use a screen name? Because anonymity is the concealment of identity, that's why. Usernames and screen names represent an alias or a character. I am able to make the distinction between myself and TBK, just as you're able to make the distinction between who you really are and P2. You know absolutely nothing about me, the person behind the TBK moniker and I know absolutely nothing about the person behind the P2 moniker other than the opinion I've formed based on the behavior of your online persona.

FYI: We're all psycho to some degree and if you'd like to venture into the world of cyberpsychology and behavior, I could enlighten you, as to how you use the dissociative anonymity of the internet for your own self-cyberpsychology treatment. For instance, this blog provides you the opportunity to separate your actions from the real world and your real identity, in short, your Potato2 moniker makes you feel less vulnerable because you don't have to take responsibility for your online actions, they way you would in a real environment, which is why you feel comfortbale acting out your repressed hostile feelings towards others on this blog. That's why in the past, I've brought up that you wouldn't act the same way if you and I or you and some other screen name were face to face. You claim that you would, but we both know you wouldn't, after all, that's why you use a screen name instead of your real name. You see, in psychology this is called "dissociation", so as you can see, we're all psychotic to some degree..even you

no kid it is called common sense

you dont post your name publically becasue some pyscho or even just an angry poster could make your life well, bad. But you still think I would not say the things I say in person.... actually It is what my friends and family both respect about me.
To prove it kid, I'll set up a "lunch' with you at the Ram, in public so you will be safe and we can talk in person, I'll buy.
BTW If you think I am bluffing about what I will or will not say, Randi Mcdermott is looking for you.

PS the reason you wont meet or post your name is because you will not stand behind your ridiculous comments.

Tater2 - dewsh, dewsh, dewsh - the sound the toilet makes

lolol, what a little dewsh. You are such an honest and brave man that you will post somebody else's real name publically and open them up to a possible psycho attack, but you won't post yours.

You are an azzhole, pure and simple. hahahahaha

I can't stop laughing. Christ, this is so typically YOU.

I am gonna have Janet Reno investigate you. I am gonna have Nancy Pelosi come looking for you. I am gonna have Rachel Maddow coming after you. See, I can say real names too, you syphaletic moron.


PS - After you have said the things you have said, in the past, about you being a Muslim Terrorist and Sharia Law sympathyzer and advocate; I think it is appropriate for the Boise Mall Rent-a-Cops, to investigate you.

Again, I dont know your problem today

but you are really flying all over the map here. Kid didn't believe that I reported him to the office of the Prez.... So the person I am in contact with is Randi Mcdermott in that office.... that is all, it isn't privileged info... just making the case that Kid should not be posting bad stuff about his boss at work, tho to kid's credit he has been bery quiet about BSU brass even after espn picked Gene bleymeyer as its athletic directer of non AQ teams.

you are flying off the handle today. Are you ok? cant we just talk football?



You know I agree with you that Kid should be fired if he talked trash about his bosses when he was an employee of BSU. That is settled history. You and I agree on that completely - that an employee should be totally loyal to the company line or get the axe. I agree with you that he should be investigated and/or a 'leak' investigated to determine its point of origin. We agree, totally.

That's not my point.

My point is that you used a BSU employees real name on a public forum. I have done so in the past, but I always cleared it with the person first and had that person's permission to use the real name and real duty position, in reference to what I was articulating in my post, and they had knowledege that I was going to do so on a public forum.

Unless you had Randi's specific permission to use her real name and the fact that she workds in Kustra's office, and she understood you were going to post it on this public forum, first, before you posted it. Then you are off base.

That is all I was saying.

Maybe I was a little strong in voicing my concern, though.


PS - What's with all your anger and hostility today? Is your prostrate cancer getting uncontrollable?

All good VNDL

lets make up. XOXOXOX
You are right about using the name.... sorry.
Even I could use some fraternal correction sometimes.