WAC membership committee to hear presentations from five schools, including Montana, on Tuesday

By Brian Murphy

WAC commissioner Karl Benson and the league's membership committee, comprised of the six athletic directors from the remaining schools, will hear formal presentations from five schools Tuesday in Dallas.

Benson said football-playing schools Texas State, UT-San Antonio and Montana along with non-football-playing schools Seattle and Denver will make presentations to the committee.

"All the schools have expressed interest in the WAC in one shape or form," Benson said. "It's a very, very preliminary meeting between ADs to hear about the plans of the five schools as to where they want to be, what they want and whether a WAC partnership is beneficial to both parties."

Benson reiterated that the WAC will be an eight-team league for the 2011-12 academic year with only Boise State leaving. Fresno State and Nevada have accepted invitations to the Mountain West Conference, though Benson expects them to remain WAC members until July 1, 2012.

Idaho, Hawaii, Louisiana Tech, New Mexico State, San Jose State and Utah State are the current WAC members who have not accepted invitations to another conference.

"All of this is to put a plan in place for what the WAC will look like on July 1, 2012," Benson said, adding the league definitely plans to add at least two football-playing members. "We're either going to be 8, 10 or 12 in 2012 and maybe a combination of football-playing schools and non-football-playing schools."

Benson said no invitations will be extended at Tuesday's meeting. It will be up to the league's presidents to extend membership offers.

"This is simply to gauge whether there's a potential partnership between any of the schools and the WAC," Benson said. "We are not in a sense of urgency. This process may take 30 days or 60 days or 90 days. We want to make sure that once we make decisions that we get it right."

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Wait a minute

I have seen reports that UT-SA is preparing to launch a football program at the school in the near future. Are they scheduled to play their first season before the WAC would need to add replacement teams to keep the league alive?

True that...

UT-SA Alumni, the community and other donors have invested money into developing the program. They hired Larry Coker as both the AD and head football coach and are modeling their plan after the South and Central Florida programs.

Montana should be a shoe-in

in my opinion. I remember our humble beginnings when playing either Montana school scared the bjeezus out of me. And look how far we've come. Both Montana schools might eventually do the same. But was MSU not invited?? I'd love to see San Jose play in Bozeman in December...Sunny...

I Agree Sunny.

When those teams came down, they always brought an a** whoopin', (or something very close to it) with em. Did ESPN even exist then? Wow.


I think our (my) age is showing. But even when we beat them, we paid the price. And I think ESPN was still in the "think tank" at that time....Sunny...

Lmao, yep, "Our"

age. Ya had it right! Yes, this program has come a Looooooong way!

Nevada has already stated they are leaving beginning

2011...so I don't know what Benson is referring to. Nevada has already decided.

I am certain Fresno has as well.

Benson needs to get real.

That's his story

and he's stickin' to it.

Benson is a legend in his own mind.

His panties are shrinking, and he's getting desperate....Sunny...

Wasn't too long ago

when BSU and Nevada were "too small to make it" in the big, bad 1-A world filled with real football schools. I would love to see MT make the jump.

If UofM comes to the WAC...

they will dominate it within a few years.

Get it right this time WAC

The WAC should have invited Montana instead of New Mex St before. Like some of you I can remember playing Montana in football and basketball. They beat us in 80, year we won NC if I remember right. Montana would have been a WAC power by now if invited sooner.

Theres a lot of fans and rich

boosters from Montana who dont want to move to Division 1. They like being the big dog in the Big Sky. Brent Musburger is one. I am a huge fan of the Griz from afar. I think they have always been formidable and I remember the cold cold game days when we did battle against each other. Im rooting they get to the WAC but it might be a tougher road because of the inner influence the alum have.

Montana Sucks

They lost to E. Washington last week. GO Bobcats!


It has been noticed that you are a loser virtually every time you post.

red field

Yea, it was the RED field... couldn't keep track of the players.

No No Montana

Both Montana schools need to stay in the Big Sky. There is no disgrace playing there. Montana is the 4th largest State in the union with less then 1M people. Where is the revenue going to come from? Montana has a very good program. I remember the old days and the Idaho - Montana games and those games were like the superbowl. Idaho should have stayed in the Big Sky. Would you rather be the little fish in the big fish bowl or the big fish in the little fish bowl? The Griz and Bobcats play very competitive football and should be very happy to stay with their family.... and a good family it is.


Montana is still conducting its feasibility study about the move up. How much of a sting would it be for the WAC to issue a formal invite to Montana, only to have it say, "no, thanks."

WAC will not issue a invite

WAC will not issue a invite unless the conference is certain Montana would accept.

Yeah, they are careful

just like they were when they tried to get BYU to join. Just another in a series of well thought out chess moves....


Benson will be very careful of this. He does not need another BYU fiasco.

Don't do the crime if you can't do the time...

And keep your eye on the sparrow when the going gets narrow!


"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne