Petersen to appear live on 'College GameDay'; producer challenges Boise State fans to break attendance record

By Chadd Cripe
© 2010 Idaho Statesman

Boise State football coach Chris Petersen will make a live appearance on “College GameDay” on Saturday morning, senior coordinating producer Michael Fountain said Wednesday.

Petersen is scheduled to appear between 8 and 9 a.m.

His players, though, won’t be anywhere near the stage in Bronco Stadium. That might be a distraction.

“You know how Pete is,” quarterback Kellen Moore said. “Trust me, there’ll be no one down there.”

Here are some other highlights from Fountain:

— The ESPN crew is excited to come to Boise and wants to see how Broncos fans respond. The challenge, Fountain said — break Nebraska’s attendance record of 15,800 (vs. Notre Dame, 2001).

— ESPN has secured a guest picker. “We think it’s someone that the crowd is going to be familiar with and enjoy. We try to build a little excitement and keep it a secret if we can. … We try to set the bar high.”

— Desmond Howard will break down Boise State’s passing attack in a virtual feature where he stands on the field surrounded by computer-generated EA Sports figures.

— Other Boise State content will include a feature on the blue turf and a story by Tom Rinaldi on the rise of Boise State.

— The stars of the show do spend some time greeting fans and signing autographs after the show.

— The GameDay stars will tape a bunch of segments Friday on a smaller set inside Bronco Stadium. Those will air on various shows. They also use the smaller set for appearances on scoreboard shows during the day Saturday and for halftime and postgame reports.

— The GameDay stage will be built overnight after high school football Friday night. That is believed to be a first for the show. “The crew will basically be there all night,” Fountain said. “It’s a daunting challenge for our tech and stage crew.” ESPN wanted to be on the field — a rarity for the show. “This is a unique opportunity with the blue turf and the country has heard so much about this blue turf — we’re going to show it off to the country,” Fountain said. “It’s always been our intent whenever we did get there, we’d love to do it on the blue turf.”

— Fans are welcome to bring appropriate signs. “We love the signs,” Fountain said. “It’s just a part of what the show is and what we do. We encourage everyone to come out and show their spirit. It’s about having fun.”

— Fans will be able to watch the show on video screens. “That’s been a focus for us the past couple years. We’ve tried to improve the onsite experience as much as we can,” Fountain said.


The ESPNU 2010 College GameDay Tour will be in Boise on Saturday as part of the “College GameDay” broadcast. The ESPNU minibus features a DJ and a body- and face-painting station. The minibus will be available from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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C'mon Bronco Fans!!!

Let's break Nebraska's attendance record!!!


Are the sheep going to be

Are the sheep going to be milling around in the background with Arlis, Jasper, and Cooter, and banjos no less. Nowhere to go but down donkey nation. Join a real conference and then we'll talk.

followers.....not leaders....

Only sheep you're going to see in Boise this weekend are going to be yellow and black from up north. And they'll be wishing and hoping that someday in the far off future CGD will visit their home. And don't DA Vandals are members of the same conference we're in. GO BRONCOS

What a blind little blorange mouse RE: College Game Day

MentalManure: Let me get this straight. You are being derisive of the Vandals who go to Bronco Stadium and participate in CGD? You think Vandals are sheep because, they go there for this event? You think it is in the Bronco's best interests to not have them in the bleachers and 'On The Blue' during this event?

Dude, you are a moron and can't see the Big Picture and be appreciative of each and every Vandal that goes to Bronco Stadium for this event.

Sheesh, what a noob.


PS - You ain't got a clue of how Vandal participation is so critical to this event for the image of Bronco Nation.

PPS - Maybe the 'DA' Vandals should just stay home? When Vandals read sentiments of Broncos like you, they just might possibly reconsider their attendance to this event. Think about it.

you might be overstating the value of vandal fans at this event.

while i expect to see quite a few fans making the show, i doubt it's going to be the numbers you're anticipating.

though i could be wrong on this (and most likely am).

And i think you know that a lot of BSU fans support Idaho when it's important (see '09 Humanitarian Bowl).

incidentally, i've spoken with a few people who went to that game. and they mentioned that a few Vandal die-hards showing up in purple and black with TCU on their chests. i hope they were a minority of fans that rooted for TCU in that game. Mark Schlereth sure rooted against BSU.

what a jerk !

all I can say is what a jerk this lando1 is, bet he's a vando fan.

Hold one for me guys....

As a season ticket holder I missed the last two times OSU was here, I was in the mountains filming so we had no contact with the game and we blew them out both times. This year once again I am working out of town and will not be able to attend AGAIN! But I will have access to the game but for only part of it. I love my job but this really SUCKS that I have to miss this big day with ESPN Game Day and the big game. Yell extra loud for me Bronco Fans, I will be screaming from the woods!


Hey can i have your tickets? answer is prolly a no but it was worth a shot right.


It was spoken for already!

A real Bronco fan would......

quit a job like that! (sarc)

look at it this way:

you have a history and tradition of not being here.

maybe it's just the cosmos' way of ensuring a BSU victory?

eh? eh?

That's mean

But, as a superstitious baseball fan, there is prob a lot of merit to the claim. So, I suggest Patmac1 not even watch the game or he will "lose it for us". Hehe.

IPTV what ya have to do

where are ya'll filming?

Iowa ? Ours is IdahoPTV!


"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne


sure you were nerd


Are you typing this from a Junior High computer lab? Why would you say that to someone who was just rooting on his team?

What might be cool ...

... is if the people who do the Bronco game DVDs could do one focusing on GameDay and ABC. Trucks rolling in, techs and others setting up, interview some of them (given time), maybe getting some interviews (even just snippets) with Brent and the other personalities, all the fans showing up at daybreak, the face painting and the DJ van, etc. ... the behind the scenes stuff you know goes on but never see.

Might not get another chance anytime soon.

That's a fantastic idea

Hold one for me guys

hey patmac1 can i have your tickets then? Answer is prolly no but its worth a shot right.


Hey I'm in California... But I wish I was there with my poster!!

this is going to be fun.

i plan on being there with the family.

nothing like trucking them all on a saturday at 7 a.m.


Get the word out to the

Get the word out to the ladies participating in the Women's Fitness thingy and if just half of them roll out of bed early enough to get there before the race, the record will be broken.

attendance record

do not break record nerds still a wac always a wac oregon state will finally win one in boise go beavers you know bronco nation once this silly team loses the talk will all end nerds


Did you read that the NC trophy will be on display this week and you can have your picture taken with it? A chance to have your picture taken somewhere other than on Barrister.


go to some kind of class and educate yourself is this not fun talking about bronco nation

It rubs the lotion

.... ewe wiestard is back, notify the FBI and clarice!

If only you had attended Boise State

They would have taught you the nuances of capitalization and punctuation. Sorry, I mean big letters and dots after words.

Nice, Bonwell

"... big letters and dots after words."

That was good for a mid-afternoon chuckle!

Here's my sign:

No 100,000 seat stadium
No $5 mil. coach
+ No $50 mil. athletic budget
No Problem

Go Broncos!


I like


go beavers go tcu so long bronco nation whatn would boise do when the nerds lose


Wouldn't your time be better spent cutting more anti-BSU youtube spots?

Now get back to it...


this is a academic school not a football school so long the nerd of nerds or i should say geeks

A Academic? Weisturd...

AN student at A Academic school should know better, weisturd..

Your dial up connection sucks...with DSL or cable you only need to push the button once..(holding up 1 middle finger for ill-ustration purposes, hope you can count)..suggestion...mow more lawns and pony up the diff to mom to upgrade your connection...


this is a academic school not a football school so long the nerd of nerds or i should say geeks

You're on notice weisberg.,....

Put your money where your mouth is. Spew your drivel to any member of Bronco Nation IN PERSON and see what happens. It would be recognized as being just what it is....bovine manure. And the person listening to it....if you can find anyone....will just consider the source and walk away. You are such a loser. GO BRONCOS

Tater2 and a 12 step program

Does this mean that the Broncos who have been down on Vandals, will now kiss their azzes to get them to go to this event and increase the numbers to try and break Nebraskas record?

I can see it now: Tater2 walking around his subdivision, knocking on doors, and begging his Vandal neighbors to go to it. Here's a snippet of what the conversation is prolly like;

Tater2: Good morning, remember me?

Vandal: Yeah, you are the guy that spray painted my Grandpa's wheel chair and oxygen tank, blue a couple of years ago, and then set them on fire, whadda ya want?

Tater2: Well, I just wanted to make amends and say how absolutely sorry I am for doing that and stop by and beg for your forgiveness.

Vandal: Are you a recovering drunk or druggie or something?

Tater2: Nope, just feel bad about it is all. Don't drink or do drugs at all.

Vandal: Well, Jesus said to be forgiving, so I forgive you, I guess.

Tater2: Thanx. Oh by the way. Have you heard about the big Game Day clebration down at Bronco Stadium this Saturday morning?

Vandal: Sure, who hasn't.

Tater2: You gonna go?

Vandal: Of course I am going. We got like about 5,000 Vandals going. Can't miss this one. It's gonna be huge.

Tater2: Hey that's great, you all going into the stadium to sit in the bleachers and be part of it all.

Vandal: Oh yeah, gonna make Idaho proud. BSU is an Idaho team so we are gonna show that we are Idahoan Vandals.

Tater2: Wow. You are an okay dude. I guess I have been wrong about Vandals all my life. You guys really are the salt of the earth.

Vandal: Hey, you want something to drink, like some lemonade?

Tater2: Please, that would be great.

Vandal: Here ya go. Drink up.

Tater2: Glug, glug, glug. This is great - a little warm and salty, but still real good. Where did you get it?

Vandal: From my Grandpa.


you are back scary go beavers

What weis....

I do not even understand what you are trying to say.... get some new software!

Weisturd has an upset stomach.

;(*sob*) It'll be ok Miss. You just want to be heard. That's all you ever wanted. ;(*sob sob*)

After that expansive project ...

... "ring, ring, ring" might just go to part 4.


That's sick just plain sick but I've heard it before. You know I just watched Hot Tube Time Machine and you know when he pulled that key out of the dogs butt and threw it to the dogs owner, that there one upped your grandpa pee story.

Just spit my warm

beer all over evvvvvvverythiiiiing.

Pretty funny VNDL

Its more like this,
tater2: Knock knock
Vandie: hel.lo?
tater2: remember me....
Vandie: SLAM!
Tater2: knock knock
BK: hel.lo?
Tater2, hi buddy, I was wondering if you and your incredibly hot GF want to go down to gameday with me?
BK: Uh, sure, let me ask my mom to borrow the buick....MOM!
Tater2: we have to pick up VNDL on the way, do you have bail money?
BK, naw his UI lawyer got him out last night.
Tater2: he has football field shaped vandal flag that will cover the blue, my sign, says "5 stones, one dead giant." what does your sign say?
BK: "gene must die"
Tater2: ok lets go!

Tater2 cruises Nursing Homes for hot dates

Kock Knock.

Whose there?


Tater who?

Tater2, I wuz here last month.

Oh, Christ, not you! Martha, put Grandma in the basement, she's in heat again.


my wife is young.... grandmas are out!

It's More Simple Than That....

Door opens by any Vandie
P2..wanna hit the game? There's a section dedicated for drunken inebriated Vandies..
Any Vandie: Sure,,can I make 8,000 calls 1st?

( A big hug from Kustra follows)


get a job for once in your life unemployment checks how many left

me and vandie down by the school yard

P2: knock knock
Vandie: Hello?
P2: want to go to gameday, we cant get enough fans of our own and you guys will never have the chance so.....
Vandie: gameday?
P2: yeah, its a football show on saturday mornings.....
Vandie: football? saturday mornings.... I didn't know either of those things existed? I'm real drunk right now dude.....
P2: I know its noon....
Vandie: yeah, good morning....
P2: So, you up for it?
Vandie, well this Saturday may frat boys and I are reliving this little trick where you pick a cherry up with your behind and drop it into each others mouth....
P2: Didn't you graduate like 20 years ago?
Vandie: uh, maybe, its all been a haze....
P2: never mind, I'll get back to mowing your lawn.....

The Kid and his big concern for Vandal Cherry Pickin'

The Kid just got a chocolate covered one from Julio.