Oregon State painting a practice field blue; watch Chris Petersen's latest College GameDay ad

By Chadd Cripe
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Oregon State is painting one of its grass practice fields blue this week in preparation for its game Saturday night at Boise State.

Here’s a photo.

The Beavers’ defense and special teams, at least, will use the blue field. The scout team will wear blue jerseys to simulate the blue-on-blue of Boise State.

The field was painted white first, sort of a primer.

The cost was covered by an anonymous donor. The project has been in the works for at least a month.

Boise State coach Chris Petersen started laughing when he was asked about the blue field.

"Perfect," he said. "We've got them right where we want them if they're painting their field."


ESPN has released its second College GameDay promo featuring Petersen. Petersen makes fun of analyst Lee Corso, who is moisturizing with a blue mud mask.

View the ad here.


Boise State sophomore wide receiver and punt returner Mitch Burroughs will be out for a while with a high ankle sprain, Petersen said. He still hopes to redshirt wide receiver Kirby Moore.

Defensive end Shea McClellin is day to day with a concussion.


Boise State’s internal players of the week: tailback Doug Martin (offense), nickel Winston Venable (defense), Burroughs (special teams), defensive tackle Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe (linemen), nickel Hunter White (Hammer), tailback Drew Wright (scout offense), linebacker Dave Cushing (scout defense) and linebacker Travis Saxton (scout special teams).


Oregon State coach Mike Riley said Sunday that his team can’t allow Boise State to go on the scoring runs that have fueled the Broncos for years.

Boise State has jumped out to a 17-0 lead against Virginia Tech and 31-0 lead against Wyoming this year. The Broncos scored 42 straight points in their 42-14 defeat of Oregon State in 2006.

“You’ve got to keep your hands around the game,” Riley said. “You can’t let it get away like that. If they punch you, you’ve got to counterpunch. If they get a stop on defense, we have to get a stop on defense. If they score, we have to score.”

Riley expects a huge challenge against the Broncos. He also has told his team to expect an “electric” atmosphere. “It’s going to be an awesome game to be involved in,” he said.

“Our guys know enough about Boise State to know this is going to be (difficult), even before they start watching film,” Riley said. “… They are so efficient offensively, and defensively you combine their fundamentals with the passion they play with and it’s very impressive.”

Riley has brought the Beavers to Boise twice — in 2004 and 2006. The Broncos routed them both times.

Still, Riley likes playing the Broncos. Boise State goes to Corvallis in 2012.

“It’s great for the fans, and with what Boise State’s done nationally, it’s just gotten bigger and bigger since the first time we’ve played,” Riley said. “It’s awfully tough to do this, and sometimes I shake my head at our non-conference schedule, but in the long run I think this is going to be good for us.”


Petersen on Oregon State: “It will be a tremendous challenge. Coach Riley does a great job over there year in and year out. We’re excited to be at home finally. It seems like it’s been forever. … We expect a very close, hard-fought game.”


The WAC players of the week are Nevada quarterback Colin Kaepernick (329 yards of total offense, five total touchdowns), Idaho defensive end Aaron Lavarias (three tackles for loss, forced fumble) and Idaho kicker Trey Farquhar (3-for-3 on field goals, including a 50-yarder).

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Seems like one of those guys who has given consistent respect towards the Broncos and Bronco Nation. Also seems like a shame to beat them again.

Is that a threat??

I'm concerned about these teams from Oregon and their "punching". /sarc....Sunny...

You Are

an idiot. The "punch" was from Oregon not Oregon State. Learn a little geography.

He was being sarcastic!

He was being sarcastic!

And obviously

you lack a sense of humor, but excel at name calling. But I do give you credit for knowing how to spell geography....Sunny...


in only 4 years.


he said, "teams from oregon".

he didn't say "team from oregon".

Where are you BSUniversity?

I'm waiting for one of your brilliant comebacks.


As in brilliant grunting like a chimpanzee?

what's with "(difficult)"?

What did he really say? :)

College Game Day.. Bring your "A" Game Broncos

If BSU brings their "A' game like they did against the Cowboys back to the blue... Then this will be one heck of a game! I'll be there with my Bronco Bells on! Good luck Boise!


And not a Duck Punch either! GO BLUE!

Agree with JLandon

Mike Riley is one of the class acts in college football, and reminds me very much of Coach Pete. He does things the "right way", has his players' best interests as priority #1, and doesn't bring an inflated ego to his work.


I have a lot of respect for oregon state. Not only will they play bsu, but they'll play them on the blue. They're a good team every year and its going to be a fun game to watch

Congrats to Lavarius and Farquhar...

Man, why did that hurt to write that?

WTG Vandals...

OSU painting a field blue?

this has to be a joke or hoax right? Dont they have some xs and Os to worry about?

Sick The EPA on em...

that paint will leach into the ground, contaminate the groundwater, kill earth worms, make humans sick, cause cancer, and ultimately support more Vandal lawyers by creating cause for class action suits against the paint and paint ingrediant manufacturers....

Had to check their schedule

That building next to the blue practice field looked suspiciously close to the Kibbie Dome, but they don't play the Vandals this year.

It is called

the Truax Indoor Football Practice Facility.

They could certainly save the downtime for PRACTICING.


"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne

You're choice.

Either the ultimate in respect or sarc. Could be another media thing, could be something to try to drop the Broncos intensity, could be etc etc...won't work. Bronco mania is going to rule.




painting your practice field blue to prepare for boise. thats different.

Maybe ...

... Oregon State should paint their scout team blue, too. Work in that "invisibility" factor.

From another story I read...

...they are doing exactly that. Well, not "exactly." The practice squad will wear blue shirts.

I have a feeling that all the players that use that field will look like they were painted blue, though.

I posted that wisecrack ...

... before Chadd updated. You had to figure there was more to it than just a blue surface.

Know what I'd like to see? Broncos wear white pants and run (as they've done so far) none of those dastardly unfair trick plays. "Here we are ... see us okay? Now let's line up."

Practicing on a Blue

Field is not going to help OSU get a win although it is pretty ingenious. Can't wait to see what BSU cooks up to defend the run against those two speed demons The Rodger Brothers.

If Phil Nike --

If Phil had graduated from Oregon State rather than Oregon: they'd have a blue practice field and a green one full time by now. After all this is getting to be quite a westcoast institution, these BSU - OSU bashes. Not quite the civil war but not throw away games either.

I've Always Admired...

a nice Beaver.....



I don't know if

any of you have seen "Blue Man Group" down in Vegas. But I thought it would be cool to get them to do the guest pick..........

Will NOT suprise me...

...if you get your wish.


Colin Kaepernick must be eating his Wheaties or something. Wow!

FSNetwork commentators

Last night the FSN commentators predicted that "win or lose" that after the Broncos play Oregon State that pollsters will be second guessing the Broncos # 3 ranking.

I agree....

second guessing...that means they will be guessing whether to move us up to second or not...

What, no thirds? fourths?

Those "orators" have been making those so-called "second-guessing" predictions (as if they say it the pollsters will hop right to it) for years. Blah, blather, "mute".

Everybody's ranking is susceptible. Lose and you are scrooged. Win in a decent enough fashion and the pollsters generally don't demote you.

Talking heads...

Everybody is just trying to get ahead of the others. They end up sounding like idiots. So they are saying that if we beat Oregon State by 7 points or less that people are going to think about voting us lower than #3? And who would they move ahead of us? TCU? They barely...and yes I say barely because it came down to OSU's last drive of the game (kind of like how we barely beat VT), beat OSU despite 2 turnovers. Texas? Compare the Wyoming games and try and prove Texas has been a better team than BSU this year? RUTS University? Please, let's wait until they play someone before we annoint them the heir apparent to the throne. They looked awfully suspect against Tenn until mother nature gave them an extra 2 hours to game plan in the middle of the game. Nebraska? Maybe, but do UW and UofI really count as stiff competition either?

Of course, at 2-0 Boise State's opponents have only beaten themselves anyways...according to the brillian commentators on CBSC.

I'm not saying we deserve the National Title game after two games (or even beating OSU), but we definitely don't deserve to be losing ground. Especially after such a complete domination of Wyoming on Saturday. Problem is that noone saw it because it was on CBSC. I guess we should get used to that.


They sound like even bigger idiots for saying "or lose". Really? People are going to question whether BSU should be ranked #3 if we lose a game. Wow. Shocking. Who pays some of these people to comment on sports?

Good posts and good points

Heard some guy on Rome today crowing (think it was an e-mail) about how Nebraska was all the way back and would be hammering Texas when they meet.

You are right on the mark in stating that Idaho and Washington are hardly valid tests. Way to go by that guy calling out Texas. Surefire way to get shot down.

And, as far as "Who pays some of these people to comment on sports?", good question. Guess if they can audition without every third word being "like" or "yaknow", that's good enough. Look decent, don't mumble, sound authoritative ... the viewers won't know the difference.

The second guessing

will continue until BSU loses or January arrives.

The only ranking that really matters for BSU is staying ahead of TCU, though. The NC game isn't happening, but stay ahead of BSU and the Rose Bowl is a good possibility (*shudder*).

For what it's worth

IdaDuck hasn't been right on anything!

Hes been wrong

for over two years. To think he still posts! (shudders)


who wins, St or BSu....who do Duck fans want to win?...State?....Quacks look past ASU to Stanford?

So much for Da Bears D, eh?


The Oregon-OSU rivalry isn't as ugly as some (such as Oregon-Washington), and I think most Oregon fans realize this could be a big statement game for the conference. Although I think most Oregon fans also expect OSU to lose pretty badly.

ASU is legit, and I think Oregon knows it. They played sloppy versus PSU and the post-game comments were all focused on ASU and the fact that the real season is finally starting.

Cal looked terrible. Ludwig is the worst OC in the country and Riley is shockingly bad for a senior with experience.

"I think most Oregon fans

"I think most Oregon fans realize this could be a big statement game for the conference"

Shows how far we have come when beating Boise State from the WAC would be a big statement game for the PAC10. :)

You have

nailed that one...

I would sudder too

if it meant Oregon had to play BSU in the Rose Bowl...and get humiliated that much more.



I'm shuddering

at the notion of seeing a WAC/MWC team in the Rose Bowl.

Watching Texas play there in '05 was hard enough.

you'll hate it far worse

if boise state goes and beats the dux for the third time in a row. of course, there would be an excuse.