WAC to consider Texas expansion; Idaho getting healthier

By Brian Murphy

WAC commissioner Karl Benson said Texas State and UT-San Antonio will make presentations to the league's membership committee at its Sept. 28 meeting in Dallas. The membership committee is comprised of the athletic directors from the six remaining members of the WAC (Idaho, Hawaii, Louisiana Tech San Jose State, New Mexico State and Utah State).

Benson said he has met with representatives from both schools in the last 30-to-45 days.

Benson said he expects no decisions at the meeting.

Other potential expansion targets are expected to participate as well.

"There are other schools that have confirmed their participation," Benson said. "Until they acknowledge their participation, I will defer until they make public that they're meeting with us."

Benson said he expects the WAC to have at least eight members for the 2012 football season.

The league is losing Boise State to the Mountain West Conference after the 2010-11 academic year. Fresno State and Nevada are leaving the league for the MWC in 2011 or 2012.

Idaho gets healthier

• Starting nose tackle Jonah Sataraka missed the UNLV game with an illness. He is expected to play against Colorado State on Saturday, coach Robb Akey said Monday.

• Guard Tevita Halaholo (stinger) also is expected to play this week.

New Coach Pete ad

• Boise State coach Chris Petersen is featured in another ad for ESPN's "College GameDay." Watch it here.

Listen to Coach Pete

Here is the audio from Petersen's press conference.

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make sure the schools don't have to pay 5 mil to exit...make sure they give proper notice and stay in their league as long as their bylaws require....make sure some other conf doesn't snag em out from under your nose and make a fool of you again...take your lawyers with you to Dallas.....


As long as Benson and his lawyers go only to Dallas, ok. I don't want them taking a detour to Fort Worth and tainting our city.

Houston would whup him.


"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne

No wonder I couldn't find anything ...

... on UTSA either on ESPN or Fox. UTSA doesn't have a football team!! Not until 2011, anyway.

How would this work for the WAC? Both are I-AA in the Southland Conference.

An earlier article

mentioned that Karl Benson was considering expansion to include non-football schools.

several months ago

I read an article describing the process UTSA has been conducting to expand its athletics and the article described a lot of state and local support along with a large amount of financial backing to make it happen.


I just looked up what it means to have a "stinger" and it sounds like a painful experience. I hope Halaholo takes the proper amount of time to heal and doesn't come back to soon.

Yeah but The Most Painful Stingers ....

occur when YOUR team loses for a decade to its in state, in conference rival....



I don't think so...I'd rather lose every game than see somebody have permanent injury.

Your Stinger post...

indicates you never played football and know very little about it..

your post

indicates you don't know anything about me.

Nobody does. You're another doohickie among widgets.


"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne

And your comment

indicates that you've only been a BSU fan for a decade, which is only a fraction of the time these teams have been playing each other. Why all the hate?

Wrong on Both Counts....

If you've seen me poast much, then you'd know I cheer for Vandals except 1 game a year and compliment them whenever possible.

Sportsisfun is a welcome, good poster and there are little digs that go around...thats it..

Chill out

There's no hate...I've been BSU fan since the Camellia Bowl except for one game a year so don't take my posts personal. If I make a jab its all for the fun of it.

camellia bowl

one of the top 50 sports finishes of all time. great game by a great team. a championship team. not that the vandals know what that is.(kidding, sort of)

I don't know to much about

the history of the bowl and can't recall the year they played but I remember them playing Chico St and it was my first time watching them on TV.

I was living on campus...

...Boise State was losing badly, and it was dinner time, so a bunch of us walked from the dorm to the student union to eat. In the time it took us to walk over there, Boise State had taken the lead with just a minute or so left in the game. One of the greatest finishes and we missed all the scoring. :(

Vandals have 3 to 1 more Camelia Bowl Experience

BSU has played in only one Camelia Bowl - 1971 and won.

Idaho has played in three Camilia Bowls - 1982 (lost), 1988 (won), and 1993 (won).

I hope this information helps you appreciate Vandal football history better.

Thanx for your interest in getting to know the Vandals.


PS - You are correct, BSU played Chico State in the 1971 Camelia Bowl.

1988 Camellia Bowl...

I was there. Vandals beat someone (NWU?) like 40-30. It was a seesaw deal till the end I believe. I was kinda drunk and inebriated. I remember it cuz it was a year that The PIG Bowl in Sacto came under fire...the annual battle of Sac City Police vs County sheriffs...

vndl does not like facts

december 20, 1980 sacramento california. hughes stadium. boise state vs eastern kentucky. camellia bowl. the game pitted western champ against the eastern champ. we beat grambling at home to get there. we beat eku on a drive from deep in our own territory with less than two minutes on the clock. joe alioti led us down the field with everyone contributing. we won the national championship for DI-AA. Idaho State won it the following year. Idaho has never won a national championship.


does fine with facts, just ones that we would call "nuggets" like he likes to point out that UI has never lost a bowl....meanwhile BSU is playing for a shot at the NC game.

Ahh Alioti

Remember him, me and a couple of buds tangled with him, Cannon and cronies in a bar in GC in 79 then ran into him in 81 at the Special Olympics where he put a blue ribbon around my daughters neck. He's a cool guy.

I think

all of old guys tangled with someone on 1979.......

Dates us doesn't it.

At least me anyways.

I feel dating yourself is an off-list subject.


"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne

Just trying to keep it simple to understand was all

I was talking about the Camellia Bowl history from 1948-1979, and from 1981-present. I didn't include 1980, as I did not think that it significantly strengthened or supported my discussion of Vandal football history and it just added another, possibly, needless and extraneous layer/year of 'fluff' to the statistics, fostering confusion of the reader. If you think it is really all that important; go ahead and include it, if you want.

I like to keep it easy to understand and believe in brevity in written communications.


bah, vndl and brevity

have never been in the same post. glad to see you are on your toes.

BSU is actually 4-0 in Camellia "Bowl" games

We can argue semantics all day long as which Camellia Bowl games were actually "bowl" games and which games were national or regional "championship" games, but whichever "Camellia" incarnation you want to use, BSU has played in total of 4 of em while Idaho has played in 3

BSU in the "Camillia Bowl"

1971 win vs Chico State
1980 win vs E. Kentucky
1990 win vs Middle Tennessee State
1994 win vs Appalachian State


great job of undercover work, exposing the OrSt blue paint job...


hey, did you ever swing by for that free ice cream?

Naw...I couldn't remember how many...

flavors.. 31? 33? 36? Maybe...."41" ??

McDonalds only has vanilla.


"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne


Kid, pay attention.

Like I already said, I left 1980 out for brevity's sake and because it didn't add to what I was positing. I didn't mention I left 1990 and 1994 out, for brevity's sake, also. I thought to not mention that I left them out would be even more (double) brief for brevity's sake; than if I had mentioned that I left them out for brevity's sake, just once. Just trying to break it down for the reader and make it better, was all.

Sometimes, to get the color you want you have to add just the right shades, from the color wheel - not all of them of course, but certain ones you select to get the color you want.

Musical renditions of the same original piece, can be different, too; but you don't use a color wheel.

You have to train your mind to be flexible and adapt to new ways of looking at stuff.


You wrote that there was a 3 to 1 difference

nuff said

Yes, I wrote that

nuff said

here's your post

Vandals have 3 to 1 more Camelia Bowl Experience

Submitted by VNDL on Mon, 09/20/2010 - 5:03pm.

BSU has played in only one Camelia Bowl - 1971 and won.

Idaho has played in three Camilia Bowls - 1982 (lost), 1988 (won), and 1993 (won).

I hope this information helps you appreciate Vandal football history better.

Thanx for your interest in getting to know the Vandals.


PS - You are correct, BSU played Chico State in the 1971 Camelia Bowl

VNDL, You claim that you left BSU's Camillia Bowl wins out for brevity's sake, but in reality, you left them out because you wanted to cherry pick historical fact to make it appear that as if the "Vandals have 3 to 1 more Camelia Bowl Experience" when they don't. So go ahead and talk about musical renditions and color wheels all day if you want to, but it doesn't change what you wrote nor does it change historical fact

The Georgia Bulldogs have never played in a Camellia Bowl

Yes, it probably does not change anything. But, it is not significant if it did nor did not.

Cherry picking is not for the timid nor faint of heart. The dynamics of the moment dictate the appropriateness of cherry picking. Don't you know that yet - you suppposedly work in the BSU Athletic Department office - you should know all about cherry picking and its various nuances as a work study intern - unless you have cherry picked on those details, to this board!!

It is important to understand that the main thrust of my seminal post was to discuss the football history of the Idaho Vandals, with any discussion of the Broncos as being secondary to that of my main thrust. Where in my title did I reference the BSU Broncos? I did not. I ended my post with an appreciative ending concerning interest in getting to know the Vandals.

The BSU Broncos were simply not the thrust of my posting, the Vandals and the history about Vandal football in relation to the Camellia Bowl, were. I could have just as easily used the Georgia Bulldogs instead of the Broncos as a comparative base. In which case, I could have stated, with 100% accuracy that the Georgia Bull dogs have never played in a Camellia Bowl. But that would have been blatant cherry picking and not subtle. Again, you need to know the dynamics and appropriateness of cherry picking.

I merely thought analogies with musical renditions and color wheels would make it easier for you to understand my thoughts.


blah blah blah

It's kind of funny that on a BSU centric discussion board and within a thread about BSU playing in a Camellia Bowl, you take a shot from left field and inject Idaho into that conversation by stating that the Vandals have 3 to 1 more Camellia Bowl experience than the Broncos. That was your main thrust, that was your intended message considering that it was the title of your post.

Your little Vandal football history lesson was secondary to that and during your trip down the historical timeline, you blurred historical fact in order to make your history lesson support your erroneous statment claiming that Idaho has 3 to 1 more Camellia Bowl experience when in fact, history shows that BSU is 4-0, while Idaho is 2-1 in the Camellia Bowls, be it the actual "bowl" itself, or the regional or national championship associated with the Camellia Bowl.

As far as Cherry Picking is concerned, perhaps you need to be enlightened as to what it means. Cherry picking is the act of pointing at individual cases or data that seem to confirm a particular position, while ignoring a significant portion of related cases or data that may contradict that position.

As you can see, you are clearly guilty of cherry picking and I'm sorry, but your Georgia Bulldog comparison doesn't hold water and is in no way cherry picking as defined above. What it is, is delusional and pathetic. Why don't you just admit that you were wrong? Furthermore, you're also wrong about me working for the athletic department. I work in an ice cream joint that wisdomman likes to frequent, remember?

Kid, You Are Sooooo Wrong Again.....

1) I never said you worked in an ice cream joint, I said you met your scrubby G/F (tracy59) there.
2) I do not frequent the House of "41" flavors, just happened to be there. 1st time there, actually

Please get the facts straight.

Kid - are you even connected with BSU?

Kid: Blurring historical facts is what historians do.

You say you do not work for the BSU Athletic Department. I thought you had referenced that you did, in past posts of yours. Maybe I misunderstood you.

Do you work for BSU in any cpacity and/or are you associated with BSU in any way, as either a student (current or past), alumnus, faculty, staff, and etc.?


PS - Are you a graduate of any academic program (high school, vocational school, community college, college, and/or university?


Re: kid, 41 or fellow vandal fan or whoever.
1) I dont think it is kid, where is is arrogance? claim of inside info and always and I mean ALWAYS taking a different thought process to try and seem so much smarter than everyone else. (on the other hand it is the same screen name)
2) Kid said he was never coming back, then all of the sudden he is here? with no defense or will to fight? (OTOH he may have just learned his lesson and matured or been a little scared.)
3) Dude actually is dissing you and the vandies which is unlike kid because he is a vandie fan and BSU hater. (OTOH he may now hate you more than the Vandies because you caught him trying to sabotage himself with brocnokid)
4) Kid is a notorious whiner, he would have been all over these boards and especially me for turning him into BSU.
(OTOH he could just be a board addict who is trying to downplay his role at BSU so he doesnt get in trouble.)
5) Kid obsesses on one subject for months, his hatred burning deep into his soul, it is all he can concentrate on and he cant leave it alone or move on. (OTOH Tracy could actually be his scrubby sister and helping him learn how to deal with life via the internet, toning him down and talking him though it..) As an aside, I just cant imagine kid having a girlfriend (even a scrubby one) who would think that whiny and elitist were such attractive qualities.... And both of those are MAJOR aspects of 41's personality.

I may not know if it is actually the same DB that has haunted these boards for months but, GAME ON! Our little punching bag has come home!

PS: Kid you have served your suspension and now are able to join the team again, but you are demoted to the bench for a while!

Tater2 - I want Kid back too - Kinda miss him

Good post: Lots of possibilities to consider.

There is one other possibility:

The Kid is really a kid. Maybe even the son of somebody who actually works for the BSU Athletic Department and talks to much around the dinner table at home, and the Kid picks up on it. Maybe the Kid got scared when you threatened to e-mail and call Gene's office (hence the potential of getting his Dad/Mom fired)?

I have noticed the Kid has never told us his real name and age.

Kid if you are reading this, maybe you could tell us your real name, age, and cell phone number, so we could get to know you better.


PS - It would be possible to have the same screen name, but only if the site administrator or somebody connected with the site, monkeyed with the protocols. Maybe the Kid is connected with the sports blogs of the Statesman? Could be possible, to stir up interest and controversy for people to read the blogs, I guess.

PPS - Yeah, BroncoKid and BrocnoKid were one and the same. The timeline proved it.

PPPS - Glad you are feeling better and have that anoying 'drip' under control.

Neither Do I, P2.........

I agree. it ain't him/her. Simple as that. I've noticed the same nuances and some more as well.

I have a theory on this...a hunch..someone has been the kid all along that is another poster as well. I haven't figured it out with PROOF yet, but I will. I've already got the foundation of a good case built.

In the mean time, you're right. The Kid is in waterboy/girl status......

Are you a Hardy Boy, Nancy Drew or Scoobie Doo?

looks like you gotsa mystery to solve.


A real BSU fan would know exactly how it feels since they lost to Idaho 12 years in a row! Buy a clue!

Ah How Quickly You Vandies...

forget how badly you dissed us when that was happening...beautiful!


At what point in my previous post did I say anything about BSU during that time? I was simply pointing out how terrible Donkey fans are since they were not fans more than a few years ago. That was a poor decision to talk about losing to a team for a decade, when his "team" lost for more than a decade before that. Dumb, bad, disloyal fans.

Well then you must remember...

what it's like to have a stinger wisdomman. You have streak of something on your face btw.

Go Broncos --- Go Smaller Schools

Without a doubt, it appears that Boise State has to “win out” to gain respect of the majority once again. Needless to say, along the way, the Broncos seem to have picked up a bunch of happy fans and small school believers. The big schools want to mention strength of schedule as something they have the corner on. Opening with Virginia Tech, Wyoming and Oregon State is a pretty tough opening for any college team. And, the Broncos seemed to handle Wyoming better away than Texas did at home. Great job! Now, the Broncos have to get ready for the Beavers as OSU has an excellent team also.

And, do not forget that BSU must play Idaho, Fresno and Reno this year. The WAC appears to have some very competitive teams this year and I believe those teams will be ready for the Broncos. By the time these games happen, I hope that Idaho, Fresno and Reno are getting the recognition that they deserve.

Nonetheless, regardless of winning out, I believe this is a form of discrimination as “football segregation” in the new biennium. In simple terms, the old big money schools who predesignated themselves automatic qualifiers do not want to let “any outsiders” into their year end parties. In addition, many of them simply do not want to play the non automatic qualifiers.

Can you imagine an Alabama playing Utah once again, but this time during the regular season and losing to Utah by 3 touchdowns? What about TCU beating up on Texas during the regular season? These smaller schools have also proven that they have winning programs year end and year out.

So, the old guys with their “big cigars” who hold the “invitations” also seem to “cloud” many media personnel who do not really understand that this is a new time in college sports; albeit, football or basketball. I ask that they all do their own research and make honest objective comments when asked.

As I recall, the big question after the BSU/Virginia Tech game was whether or not the winner SHOULD BE RATED #1? However, this would only work with the folks with the cigars and the invitations if one of “their own” were to win.

Frankly, I am surprised and pinch myself week after week when the Broncos continue to perform at a level that far exceeds my original expectations. And, I am having a great time watching them win. I have followed them since the early 1970's.

So, the big boys really do not want to play any of the smaller schools mentioned above in my opinion. Especially in a big bowl game. This was evident last year when the big schools seemed to accept BSU and TCU, but only if they played against each other. Can you imagine the ramifications if both played in BCS Bowls and both handily beat other top 5 teams as Utah did with Alabama a couple of years ago?

Well, I believe it is time to share the bath rooms and to share the bus. I respectfully request that the big boys acknowledge and understand the smaller schools are not going to go backwards. Instead, all of them seem to be trying to do better and improve all of their programs: both academically and in sports.

In the mean time I will continue to wait as patiently as possible. I consider myself to be a Bronco and must close with this --- GO BRONCOS!