Boise State remains No. 3 in both polls, gains points

By Chadd Cripe
© 2010 Idaho Statesman

The Boise State football team remains No. 3 in both major polls, which were released Sunday, and gained some points.

The Broncos received 1,333 points in The Associated Press Top 25 on Sunday. That’s a 27-point increase over last week. Boise State retained its one first-place vote.

The Broncos received 1,291 points in the USA Today Coaches’ Poll. That’s a 13-point increase.

Boise State beat Wyoming 51-6 on Saturday night.

The Broncos open their home schedule Saturday night against Oregon State. The Beavers (1-1) are No. 24 in the AP poll but unranked in the USA Today poll.

The full polls and my AP ballot are later in this file.

By the way, ESPN tells me Brent Musburger, Kirk Herbstreit and Erin Andrews will call the Oregon State game.

Here are my day-after-game notes:

Boise State’s often-criticized offensive line was terrific Saturday night. The Broncos pushed the Cowboys off the ball, ran the ball at will and rarely allowed quarterback Kellen Moore to be harassed. The group should get better as the starting five build continuity and some other players get healthy to provide depth.

Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore, on the underthrown touchdown pass to Titus Young: “That was a duck. Somebody should have shot it.”

Boise State has held its opponent scoreless in the first quarter of five straight games. In fact, since the beginning of last year, Boise State has held Oregon, Fresno State, Nevada, TCU, Virginia Tech and Wyoming scoreless in the first quarter — a collection of some of the most productive offenses in the nation.


My game story.

Brian Murphy’s column on the defensive line.

My sidebar on the defense forcing turnovers.

My notebook leading with notes from Mountain West commissioner Craig Thompson.

Shawn Raecke’s photo gallery.

At, you can vote in our poll and visit the Kellen Moore Watch page for his updated stats.

And go here to listen to postgame interviews and Murphy’s take on the game.


Here’s one take on Saturday’s game from a Wyoming perspective.


The AP poll:

1 Alabama (53) 3-0 1492
2 Ohio State (5) 3-0 1435
3 Boise State (1) 2-0 1333
4 TCU 3-0 1280
5 Oregon 3-0 1238
6 Nebraska 3-0 1175
7 Texas (1) 3-0 1164
8 Oklahoma 3-0 1114
9 Florida 3-0 1044
10 Arkansas 3-0 903
11 Wisconsin 3-0 803
12 South Carolina 3-0 739
13 Utah 3-0 703
14 Arizona 3-0 663
15 LSU 3-0 654
16 Stanford 3-0 606
17 Auburn 3-0 600
18 Iowa 2-1 482
19 Miami (FL) 1-1 472
20 USC 3-0 414
21 Michigan 3-0 291
22 West Virginia 3-0 258
23 Penn State 2-1 198
24 Oregon State 1-1 75
25 Michigan State 3-0 45
Dropped from rankings: Houston 23
Others receiving votes: Air Force 44, Nevada 41, Pittsburgh 40, Florida State 40, Fresno State 35, Missouri 30, Oklahoma State 22, Clemson 14, North Carolina State 14, Georgia Tech 14, James Madison 8, Kansas State 4, Arizona State 3, California 3, Northwestern 3, Notre Dame 1, Temple 1, Texas A&M 1, Houston 1.


The USA Today poll:

1 Alabama (55) 3-0 1470
2 Ohio State (3) 3-0 1410
3 Boise State 2-0 1291
4 Texas 3-0 1251
5 TCU 3-0 1188
6 Oregon 3-0 1181
7 Nebraska (1) 3-0 1135
8 Florida 3-0 1092
9 Oklahoma 3-0 1060
10 Wisconsin 3-0 884
11 Arkansas 3-0 846
12 LSU 3-0 801
13 Utah 3-0 693
14 Auburn 3-0 655
15 South Carolina 3-0 612
16 Arizona 3-0 610
17 Stanford 3-0 541
18 Iowa 2-1 463
19 Miami (FL) 1-1 418
20 Penn State 2-1 335
21 West Virginia 3-0 315
22 Michigan 3-0 255
23 Michigan State 3-0 125
24 Missouri 3-0 123
25 Oklahoma State 3-0 103

Others receiving votes: Nevada 58, Florida State 56, Oregon State 53, Pittsburgh 30, Georgia Tech 24, Clemson 17, Northwestern 15, Air Force 15, Boston College 12, Fresno State 7, Houston 7, North Carolina State 7, Temple 5, Texas A&M 4, Kansas State 4, Texas Tech 2, Virginia Tech 2.


My ballot:

1 Alabama
2 Boise State
3 Ohio State
5 Oregon
6 Nebraska
7 Oklahoma
8 Texas
10 Arkansas
11 Arizona
12 Stanford
13 S. Carolina
14 Michigan
15 Florida
16 Wisconsin
17 Utah
18 Auburn
19 Miami
20 Iowa
21 USC
22 Penn State
23 Oregon State
24 Nevada
25 Air Force

Dropped out: California, Houston, Pittsburgh, Fresno State
Also considered: Oklahoma State, Fresno State, Pittsburgh

Look who is 2nd in the nation

in rushing defense....................

Going alone? actually shows them at #1 based on total yards.

Did you notice which team was dead last (total rushing yards over 3 games)?

What a coincidence

This one shows the Broncos # 2, too:


Thanks for Recognizing, Chad...That

Florida is not a top 10 team, at least not right now.

Vandals are cherubs. Bronco Bob don't have a clue

I see James Madison University (JMU) received votes per the AP poll. Did a little resarch about JMU. Bronco Bob does not know what Nasty and Inebriated really is:

"Reputation as a party school: JMU's reputation as a party school also further strains its relation with the community, as student housing surrounding the university has long been a mecca for underaged drinking. Many in the community stereotype the students because of this reputation, leading to further strain between each group.

Riots have broken out twice within the student housing area of Harrisonburg during large events involving alcohol.

A riot took place in August 2000, when about 2500 students clashed with police at a block party at the Forest Hills townhouse complex on Village Lane.[36]

On April 10, 2010, during the annual (non-university sanctioned) Springfest Block Party, a group of 8000 college-aged individuals were gathered in the townhouse development on Village Lane, just off campus. JMU sent out an emergency mass text message warning students to "disperse from social events in that area immediately for safety reasons."[37] Police also reportedly relayed the message via loudspeaker, and thousands heeded the warning. A riot developed when fire was set to dumpsters and some people threw beer bottles at police officers. It is not clear whether JMU students or non-JMU students were responsible for the initiation of the riot and ignition of the fires. Moments later, Harrisonburg Police and Virginia State Police in riot gear moved into the crowd, launching tear gas grenades and shooting rubber bullets at the crowd.[38] The crowd moved to another apartment complex and riot police followed. They released tear gas on the crowd once again. Police helicopters circled the city with spotlights for much of the night, trying to locate any other unlawful gatherings. Between 30 and 35 people were arrested,[39] both JMU and non-JMU students, and over fifty people were injured by flying glass bottles and went to the hospital for treatment. Countless others were injured by the effects of the tear gas. Several injuries were severe enough to warrant the need for patients to be airlifted to the University of Virginia Medical Center in Charlottesville.[40]"

So why is it

VNDL that when I talk trash about the joke of a team up north that you get all hot and bothered and say I am obsessed, but you cant go 5 minutes without writing a novel on Bronco bob and some comments! Comments. SHut up already stop whining you baby have another vandal brew and get inebriated....


Tater2: Where did I talk trash about the Broncos in my post - the one you respoinded to, that I am responding to? Please go back and copy it and post for me to see again. For that matter, where did I say anything derogatory about Bronco Bob. Please go back and copy the derogatory words I used to reference Bronco Bob.

The mere fact that you jump to conclusions and reference, as you put it "the joke of a team up north", is dispositive of your Vandal obsession and leaping to wild conclusions about what I was saying, without actually parsing my words, first.

Go Broncos

Go Vandals



PS - You really need to slow down and read more carefully.

I didnt say you did. I just pointed out that your

Obsession with bronco bob and some lame comments that happened before the season is approaching "kid" proportions.

Tater2 - Bag and Tag him boys - he's 167/54

You need a Time Out.

You are losing it.


PS - They got automatic blood pressure cuffs on sale right now at WalMart. Also, they got the real big hefty garbage sacks, too - in case the pressure gets too high and you tip over.

Perhaps VNDL

... I need some sleep!

DefCon 1 ...

... pending.

Tater2 - Sweet Dreams Li'l Buckaroo

Good nite, sweetie.



Perhaps VNDL

That is why BSU wont go there to play.... I bet BYU wont either... Hey how come that gets swept under the rug. All bronco bob did was make a comment BYU went out of their way in contract negotiations to specifically and publicly say they would not play at Idaho!

Tater2 - a request for information - pleez

Huh? Are you drunk?

My posting was about James Madison University (JMU). I said nothing about BYU in my posting. Nor did I ever say anything about Bronco Bob making a comment BYU went out of their way in contract negotiations to specifically and publicly say they would not play at Idaho.

I did not know that Bronco Bob had said this publicly. News to me. It sure isn't reference on the BroncoCountry or OBNUG smack boards - where I am sure it would be within about 8 minutes after Bronco Bob saying it.

Could you please reference a cite where I could read what Bronco Bob said about BYU.



PS - Are you getting enuff sleep and taking your meds? Kinda worried about my old buddy.

Um vandal I think it is pretty clear

you were citing JM for being a "nasty and inebriated" type of place. Obviously those silly comments hurt you bad from bronco bob. My point is that BSU isnt the only school that would rather not go up to UI......EVER. Why did the WAC schedule every game with BYU home and home except Idaho? Because BYU said, "we dont want to go up there" Kind of embarrassing for you, but still you must understand it isnt because you are a tough place to play , but because that tipped over trashcan and the idiots that are in it are just not ever going to be part of "football culture".... you all better paint your field yellow or something fast!

Tater2 - Another request for information

Tater2 sez en parte: " . . . those silly comments . . . from bronco bob . . . we dont want to go up there . . . it isnt because you are a tough place to play , but because that tipped over trashcan and the idiots that are in it are just not ever going to be part of "football culture".... you all better paint your field yellow or something fast!"

Pleez provide a cite, that he actually said this.


If the MWC's TV contract is going to stay with CBS, et al,......

the MWC Commish ought to demand better quality from the announcers CBS hires for the MWC games. Those guys last night weren't any better than KTVB. The Commish can't control the AQ - non AQ status of the MWC, but he could demand better quality in the TV booth from CBS as part of contract negotiations. Upgrading the conference should be done at every level - don't accept the standard displayed by the announcers at the BSU/WYO game - that was pathetic.


The lack of knowledge those two displayed was ridiculous.


did i beat you in fantasy football? last glance, i was up despite having kevin riley at qb with 11 points.

By 3 points!

The last FG by Brotz doomed me........


and how many people would have taken brotzman for their kicker? just checked, the margin was 2 points.

If I would have used the

Bronc's D instead of Oregon, I would have beat you.

Well..Better than My Coaching...

error..26 QB point differential ona bench and I take a loss..

Congrats b81


Don't suppose my diatribes here last week had anything to do with it, but had a Bronco fan on the Oregon blog saying some good things about nonconference, though our games were definitely weak. Congrats on the win over Wyoming. They can be tough to play. Especially good luck against the Beavers. Be careful, though. Like some other furry little rodents, they can be pests.

Hey Hemi...

Thanks. We'll be well prepared for St..and help your cause too in the process.

It's the "hater" fans we all detest. Plenty of them, everywhere.

We pick on Ducks here so hard b/c they were here dishin hard before both our games with Ore.

Good Luck in your Pac2 schedule, we want to see you again in bowl season LOL.

I agree...

Too much trash talkin on every blog you go to. I'm more interested in comparing notes and finding out about different teams. The Tennessee fans were generally a very classy bunch. I guess there is something to Southern hospitality.

VNDL....How is

Galena these days?


Don't know, haven't seen one of his posts for a couple of days. But, I have been busy and not spending much time on these boards lately. So maybe he has posted and I just missed it/them.


I'm wondering

If the coaches poll rumors are true and they dont want BSU playing a top 25 team so they kept OSU out.

I wondered that too...but

seems like all 1 loss teams that were ahead of OrSt won and are still ahead of them. It could hurt BSU if coaches started tossing around individual #1 votes indescriminately, evidenced by the 1 for Nebraska.

Congrats to the Vandals.

Like the Boise State team, you made Idaho proud.

Here's an Article by BSU's AP 1st Place Voter.....


Pete DiPrimio ...

... cites all the reasons necessary that back his conviction. He also mentions a few of the worn out SEC / establishment / BCS protectionist arguments that we've been hearing for eons.

Good for him to be holding his ground. Like he states, it really doesn't matter in the grand scheme, especially because it's the AP. All that howling, just because Pete doesn't want to sing the same old song.

Good article, wiz. Thanks for the link.