Cable One will not carry Boise State-Wyoming football game

By Brian Murphy

The Boise State-Wyoming football game on Saturday will not be available on Cable One. Cable One does not carry CBS College Sports and will not add it before the game.

The channel is available on DirecTV (channel 613) and Dish Network (channel 152).

Most — but not all — restaurants and sports bars in the Treasure Valley will carry the game. Check with your favorite establishment to see if they will be carrying the game. We have confirmed the following places will carry the game:

— The Ram, Boise and Meridian

— Muggsy's Sports Bar, Meridian

— Busters, Boise and Eagle

— Legends Sports Pub & Grill, Boise

— Players Pub & Grill, Garden City

— Rudy's Pub & Grill, Meridian

— Crescent Bar & Grill, Boise

— Buffalo Wild Wings, Meridian and Nampa

From Cable One:

CBS College Sports Does Not Reach Agreement with Cable ONE

September 17, 2010 – Cable ONE will not be carrying CBS College Sports on Saturday for the Boise State, Wyoming football game. The two companies had been in negotiations in hopes of reaching an agreement in time to air the game. At issue is a fee of approximately a half million dollars that CBS College Sports is demanding Cable ONE pay to carry the network. Saturday’s game is the only Boise State game CBS College Sports is airing this season.

“We are very disappointed we can’t show the Boise State, Wyoming game,” said Celynda Roach, General Manager of Cable ONE. “However, we have to be financially responsible and do what is best for our customers in the long run. We did not take a rate increase this year nor do we plan to. If we were to agree to the CBS College Sports fee, Cable ONE would be forced to raise our rates at a time when we’re doing our utmost to keep prices reasonable. The half a million dollar fee is just too high for essentially one game featuring our home-town team.”

“We hope to reach an agreement with CBS College Sports for future seasons in anticipation of the network providing more comprehensive coverage of Boise State football. Aside from the Wyoming game, for the remainder of the 2010 season, Cable ONE will be carrying all currently scheduled televised Boise State football games.”

Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona and owned by The Washington Post Company, Cable ONE provides basic cable, high-speed Internet and phone service. Cable ONE operates 52 locations and serves 690,000 households in the United States.

Wow, does that suck

Hard to believe that Cableone won't pony up. Their fees are so high you'd think they could be magnanimous. Think of the great PR they'd get from pulling this off - what an opportunity wasted. And missing the game just PISSES ME OFF!

So..How Do You Really Feel?

Yeah, it sucks. Combined with internet down waaay too much and unreliable, lack of HD, excessive charges for extra DVR's for additional sets, I'm a goner. End of the month is it.


So, they should really pay half a million bucks for 1 are nuts!

They weren't in negotiations

They weren't in negotiations to add the channel for the 1 game. CableOne was looking to add the channel full time. IF added in time for this game they were going to put it in as channel 17 for the game, then bump it into a more expensive price tier.

Thank You Cable One....

For not charging your customers extra to carry yet another pile of crap BSU game. Real football fans everywhere thank you for not offending our senses with yet another cupcake game scheduled by the perpetually chicken Broncos.

"Cable ONE ... serves

"Cable ONE ... serves 690,000 households in the United States."


Didn't seem like service to me, when I had it.

Cable one thanks for proving me right for dropping you again

Between terrible signal, lack of programming, high prices, and internet that is 1/5 of what one pays for I cannot believe they have any customers. I was a loyal customer for years, but switched to the dish and Quest internet a while back and love the perfect pictures, wide assortment of programs, and internet that works like it should, rather than the 5 pm dial up speeds I used to get on the supposed 5 meg connection. It is hard to support a local business when they have such poor service.

You Are Right

DirecTV does a much better job. I tried cable twice but will never go back. (No, I don't work for them - honest.)

Qwest Internet is even WORSE than Cabal One

I'm a POW of Qwest


"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne

Thanks a lot

The broncos might as well not have a game this week because i sure as heck ain't gonna be seeing it

Holy Cow

Bronco Nation, bunch of whiners. Apparently those that do or don't have Cable One, have no friends with Dish or DTV and can't figure out how to drive to one of the local establishments carrying the game. Gosh forbid you head to a local bar/restaurant, spend a few bucks, and cheer on your loyal BSU tomorrow. It's one game folks, not the end of the world.

It's a business decision and frankly, I don't blame Cable One. Why pay a hefty fee, for 1 game, to televise a blowout that most people will turn off by halftime anyways.

Read my other post

Often, this isnt about ONE person trying to watch a game.

Re: Holy Cow

So far you got the solid Hindu vote.

My only consolation is that the Eagle sounds like the old Channel Six Audio and I get all NOSTALGIC.


"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne

knucklehead Vandal fan

Go root for your wanna be vandals and get out of this conversation.. We are fans who want to see our team play and heaven forbid we'd like to do that in the comfort of our own homes... what a moron.... last time I checked we were ranked pretty high and the Vandals...??????????... anywhere..?????????? nope, AGAIN!!!!! The biggest "blow out" of the year will be the BSU.idaho game... then we'll see who's whining!!!!!

strumherhymen - Phantom Vandals Are Nasty and Inebirated

I went back in the chronology of the posts to this blog (conversation), and for the life of me, I just can't see where any Vandal(s) have said anything (one whit) about anythign connected with Vandal stuff. Especially the post you replied to nor the post that preceeded that one, and so on and so on, in ascending order of posted posting.

How did you arrive at the conclusion that Vandals are in 'this' conversation.

Who is this 'Vandal Fan', you are replying to?

I am baffled. Possibly you got your threads and blogs mixed up?

I can understand where you might have picked up your reading retention and reading comprehension skills from, though.


PS - Are you a Six Percenter, or a Ninety Fourer?

VNDL/Fish Out of Water

Always easy to draw you "guys" out of the closet... get over it and move on (you guys don't care about tv coverage because you may not have a team to cover in a year or two.... this time you guys can't pull the strings to just follow us along to the next conference.. talk about whining... whine your way into oblivion VNDL... make a point that has some validity... not knowing you, I can't attack you personally as you tried to do to me... utterly entertaining to all of us who enjoyed your spelling and sad attempts at humor... but then, you are VNDL.... so as we "whine" about our tv coverage or lack thereof for one game... remember who YOU are before you join a conversation which is so far beyond your reach.... you have made all of us here at Bronco Nation glad we get one last hammering of Ewe of I. Congrats, on what's to come your way in the next couple of years....... Just wanted to go "fishing" for a vandal who hated the Broncos today to draw him out of the water and WHAM.... you took the bait... :) ..... enjoy your Cable One, but many of us have made the move today and in the week to come...

You want to play catcher on my mortar team?

I don't hate the Broncos, lolol.

Maybe you should read posts on this blog more often and get to know me.

I guess you didn't catch your fish today, as I am not a Vandal who hates Broncos.

BSU has a wonderful football team and for the most part Bronco Nation is composed of very good people.

You on the other hand, as a representative of Bronco Nation - not so much.

I am guessing you are not connected with BSU as either a current student or an alumnus. You might be faculty, though; as you don't appear to be very bright. Prolly, tenured and a nationally recognized expert in Spark Plug Gapping Theory, having been published several times in Motor Oil World and/or Internal Combustion Engine Digest.

But you are right, I don't know you. You might be infected with beri beri, leoparsy, syphilus, HIV, Heppa C, Dengue Fever, TB, and Drip Dik; and go to Bronco home games and sit in the middle of Bronco Nation, shaking Broncos hands and coughing alot, for all I know.

What say you?


PS - Possibly, you are the speech writer for Bronco Bob?

The heck with your mortars ...

... I'm only good at catching javelins.

You only catch a javelin once

Idaho high schools used to have the Javelin Throw as a field event at track meets. However, at a state track meet in Boise, at the old BJC track (I think it was 1958 or 1959 - something like that), an errant javelin skewered a college girl's foot.

That was the last time a javelin was thrown in Idaho High school athletics.

The moral of the story is: If you are in high school and you are going to skewer a college girl, for God's sake, use protection, and make her wear boots.


If you are sending a javelin on an "errant", though, what do you yell? Probably not "FORE"? If it's heading for a foot, then "FIVE"? Good thing Rodney isn't around ... sure wouldn't want it to be "TWO!"


If I was a high school boy, skewering a college girl, the only think I am going to yell is - "thank you Jesus!!"

Stop it ...

... you are making me into a Hungarian.

Shark Circlin in The Water Again...


You don't know VNDL... He's a regular poster. He roots for the Vandals and the Bronco's. He's an Idahoan.

He's pretty sharp so be careful leaving "wholes" in your posts.

He's also prone to false accusation so be careful of that one too...

can't have it both ways

Hey, Wisdom, thanks... I do appreciate what seems to be a friendly comment and good advice... I most likely won't post here anyway, I am just upset by the blatant snub from Cable One... for some reason, VNDL, the Vandal / Bronco fan.... that's an oxymoron by the way... seems to want to put his nose in where those of us who are frustrated want to vent, but he wishes to impose himself into the conversation, and of course, since his opinion is different, Bronco Nation is a bunch of whiners...that was his words. Sorry dude, he really isn't a Bronco fan... he may disguise himself as such, but ..... I don't care who he wishes to engage in conversation with, he is NOT a Bronco fan and casually throwing it in that he is doesn't cut it... AND VNDL, my uninformed acquaintance, be careful, how you talk to people, you may be going a bit too far in your "disease" comments.. tone it down, or you may find yourself in a very embarrassing situation. How I support BSU compared to how you do is a subject you may very well wish to avoid. And who I help in this community and at what dollar amount my company does so would probably leave you in a very humbling state. Move on with your life. This was all about Bronco FANS... talking to each other. You may have a few cronies and groupies here, but in the big world you are still just a blogger.

Ukalele Boy

sturm sez, en parte: " . . . Bronco Nation is a bunch of whiners...that was his words. . . "

Where did I ever say that Bronco Nation is a bunch of whiners?

Please be accurate with the information you post on this thread. You lose credibility by disseminating lies.

I never said that. Go back and read what I have posted, and you will discover that you have falsely accused me. Oh, the horror of it all!!


PS - RE: the possible diseases you might potentially have - one quick question for you. Have you ever had sex with sheep all you ever wanted?

PPS - What say you?


I grow weary of baitin your hooks for you.....

I don't blame Cable One!

Half a million......that is ridiculous!!!!!!

Everyone stop complaining get off your butts and go find a place to watch the game. You might surprise yourselves and have fun some where else.

Easier Said Than Done.

It's hard to find a public venue with a child in tow. Most places listed above are bars, and all serve alcohol. Alcohol results in an edipedic of stupidity. I shouldnt be forced to bring a chid into a place like that. This is why I got cable tv in the first place: so I watch the game. And its not even being televised by CableOne? You would think CableOne had set this up once they saw the broadcast listings. This was pretty stupid by CableOne.

And not get anything done at home while at it.


"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne

Verizon Fios

CBS sports channel 94 in HD. I guess if your in the treasure valley and a cable one customer, you can always tune into Bronco Vision and watch on your computer or listen on KBOI. What if 50,000 bronco fans dumped cable one and got dish?

I am dumping them...

end of the month. Not really anything to do with the game, I have friends with satellite and I'll probably take the wife out anyways. Their internet is not advertised speed, is down a lot, and they have repeatedly lied to me about it. I know this b/c I got a loose mouthed tech on the phone last month (AZ), and he told me all kinds of stuff they don't want people to know. Factor in lack of QUALITY, not enough HD, and lower channel counts, expensive up and above equipment, I'm dust. Made that decision a week ago. Trying to decide Dish or Direct this weekend and doing Clear I/Net. Saving some dough overall too. I've been with them 8 years and I'd bet a dollar to a dime they won't care in the least when I return the boxes to the counter.

DirectTV is a better way to go...

We were loyal CableOne dupes,er, customers for nine years. We had all the problems everyone else here is talking about and endured the lies and the insane price increases, etc. My husband did a lot of research and we went with DirectTV and clearwire. Absolutley NO PROBLEMS with tv or internet since the switch. NONE. We had CableOne phone, which was poor quality and problematic from time to much so that I would not let my mother switch her phone service to CO. Of course we dumped that, too.

Anyway, our dish has done great through bad weather, storms and mini-hurricanes, etc. The picture we get with DirectTV is amazing! I was surprised at the quality of the picture compared to CableOne. Don't know's just that much better.

We are very happy we made the switch.

Dump Cable One

DirecTV rocks.

690,000 households?

And they won't pony up for CBSCS? Absolutely insane, there is a football fan in most every one of those households who would love to watch games that aren't on the ESPN family or the affiliates. Bad business decision.

Yeah, cause I'm sure that

Yeah, cause I'm sure that their customers in Alabama, Arkansas, Louisana, Mississippi, Oklahmoa and Tennessee want to watch the Broncos play...and all of their customers all over the United States as well as us in Idaho would have increased rates just so us Bronco fans can watch ONE game.....yup, that's a bad business decision alright, I wonder why the didn't do it?

It is.

I've seen a lot of Bronco gear in that part of the country and as rabid of football fans as they are, yea they want to see it. But then if they're really rabid they aren't messing with Cable One, even the hotels I stay in around the SE carry DTV and one of the reasons is the sports offered. Cable One is blowing it.

you seen?

SEC territory still thinks bsu is a joke, i live in atlanta and go to games around the area. you dont see blue n orange


Do you work for cableone?
Ever occur to you there are other sports presentations cable doesn't offer, that cbssports does, across the nation, other than this one game?

No I don't

I don't work for them, but know people who do. Just don't like seeing so much stuff posted on here that isn't true.

What exactly is SO GOOD about them to leave me on OTA 10yrs?


"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne

I Understand That...

but didn't you do the same thing? Stating half a rock for 1 game? That wasn't true...

The half a million dollar

The half a million dollar fee is just too high for essentially one game featuring our home-town team.”

Read more:


They said "NETWORK"..say what you will... the network was intended to show the game and then move it into a tiered package for good. Benefits are games all around the country cable cistomers would not have the OPTION to pay more to see. Plus other sports year round. So why don't you quit trying to CHIT us about 1 game..They just didn't want to pony up and upgrade a premium package...simple as that.

Agreed wisdom

BSUalum1992 just got his feelings hurt cus his family works for crap_p_y cableone and people are PEEVED. I dont blame them. We dont live in the freaking Stone Age. I dont know who should get blamed for this nonsense but someone or some CO. dropped the ball. Big time. If you dont like the Broncos, thats cool. If you dont watch football, thats cool. But to not have the valley able to watch a hometown sporting event is disgraceful.

Volkssport, YA!


"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne

So what isn't true?

They blew it for their customers, they weren't intelligent enuff to go after the audience and they can't keep their cable internet up and on line like other providers (so others say). You don't stay in business with one time customers, it's the satisfied customers that keep you going.

Kaspernik 24 Cal 14 at the half.

Yes, they want to watch.

There were more households tuned into BSU vs Va. Tech from Alabama, than any other single region. So...

Firehouse Bar & Sports Pub - Nampa

If you live in the Nampa area the Firehouse Sports Bar & Pub will have the game. 7 Flat Screens (HD) and an 8ft Projection Screen (HD). It's a great atmosphere with drink and food specials plus a ton of give aways!!

Dutch Goose...

I dont live in Nampa but I think The Dutch Goose in Caldwell and Nampa as well have many TV's and they advertise they carry ALL BSU games.

PS - try the clams...

PSS - Wash em down with Manly Vandal Beers...

Reno & Cal.

15 minutes on ESPN2. 209 on DTV.