Joe Satriani: Boise guitarist Ned Evett is a ‘monster’ player

ImageNot everyone is able to grasp the creative playing style of Boise guitarist Ned Evett, who invented the fretless glass fingerboard and creates sounds with it akin to alien love making.

But the people who do get it tend to be people who matter.

Evett and his latest band, pop-rockers Triple Double, will headline Sept. 15 at the Linen Building in Boise before heading out on a four-month tour of Europe and the United States opening for guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani.

It isn’t the first time Satriani has taken Evett on the road. I reached out to him earlier this week about his relationship with Evett:

"Ned Evett is a monster player/writer/performer,” Satriani explained. “I've had him on tour as a solo act, as well as with his different band lineups, and he always puts on a great performance. He has a good time with the audience, as he uses his unique personality to guide them through his music and his one-of-a-kind guitar style.

“He's a very creative filmmaker as well. I love his robot series of short films. I guess I like having him along for the ride too, as his sharp wit and good humor go a long way on the road."

Special guest artists are slated to perform with Evett throughout the show at the Linen Building, an all-ages venue with a full bar available at 1402 W. Grove St. Pick up tickets for $10 at the door.

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Second time I've seen text widow around an inage today

the other was ZIMO


"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne

Joe knows good!

Joe is a God in the guitar world, if he says your good, your good! he opened for Joe at the Big Sleazy and people didn't get him...too bad.