Cable One negotiating to add CBS College Sports in Idaho

By Brian Murphy

Boise State's game with Wyoming on Saturday will be televised by CBS College Sports. The network airs on DISH Network (channel 152) and DirecTV (613), but not on Cable One.

Cable One general manager Celynda Roach said the cable provider is in negotiations to add the channel in time for Saturday's game.

"We are in conversations. We have an offer to make it available to our Idaho systems," Roach said.

Cable One has six systems in Idaho, stretching across the state. CBS College Sports, Roach said, wants the channel offered on all of Cable One's systems nationwide — 47 systems in 19 states.

"We'd really like to add it. We're especially thinking about next year," Roach said.

Boise State joins the Mountain West Conference next season. CBS College Sports airs MWC games.

If Cable One is able to secure an agreement this week, the game will be available on channel 17. CBS College Sports would then move into the cable provider's digital tier.

"Like any kind of negotiation, there's a lot of back and forth," Roach said. "We're negotiating in good faith."

It was the Wyoming game in 2006 that resulted in Cable One picking up the Mtn.

Who gets what?

• CBS College Sports (38 million subscribers) is available on Dish Network (152) and DirecTV (613) but not Cable One.

• Versus (74.1 million) is available on Cable One (326), Dish (151) and DirecTV (603).

• The Mtn. (8 million) is available on Cable One (329) and DirecTV (616) but not Dish.

Boise State news

Check out Chadd Cripe's blog for news about WR Kirby Moore and the potential of ESPN's College GameDay coming to Boise.

What does Virginia Tech's loss mean for Boise State?

Here are a couple of national perspectives on what Virginia Tech's loss to FCS James Madison means for Boise State — the Los Angeles Times and

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It would be a shame if they didn't add the HD version at the same time, but then again this IS CableOne we're talking about. They only added NFL Network HD three years late.

Cable One has NFL Network?

Cable One has NFL Network? News to me - I don't seem to have it on digital cable...

They JUST added it in HD

They JUST added it in HD (doesn't even have a name in the guide, but it's there). Not sure if it's in the Digital Package or HD Only.

NFL on cableone

It is 331 on digital and 411 in HD. Right now it doesn't even show a name just the channel.


Any forward thinking exec would of had this contract inked the day the schedule was announced. Sounds like our regional Cable One contract guy needs to be shown the door.

Good advice!

That's what we did, years ago! Then we went to Dish, same story, second verse! Now we have Direct and are happy with the sports coverage! They do have other issues but they are livable!

Worst in the Nation

Cableone continues to offer the fewest HD channels of any major cable provider.

It is just plain crazy to Cableone rates and get so few channels.

Check it out here:

It just amazes me that

It just amazes me that anyone with an HDTV would still have Cableone as their provider. As you correctly stated, they have the least amount HD channels for the most expensive price compared to both Dish and DirectTV. It's not even close.

Does Dish Network...

carry The MTN MWC network?

No ...

not at this time.


Thanks Murph...DirectTV?

Should have asked about DirectTV? I'm wanting to dump cable..want to make sure I get the games in MWC next season.

TV channels ...

... I've added them to the blog post.

-- murph


Get Direct TV and the College Sports plan, it's what we have. The only games I didn't see something of this wknd were UI/NE and VT/JMU.

Right on!

Good advice, same here!

Dish does not, yet

DirectTV does.

Explanation here:



Direct TV

Direct has the Mtn. Network, Versus and CBSC, which are crucial if you want to see BSU Football games, or any number of college games! Especially with the move to Mtn. West Conf. Cable is in the 19th Century with their service and Dish hasn't a clue where they're at, believe me, I've had all three! Direct has it's faults, but for sports you need to have Direct TV!(And as mateo says, you need Direct's college sports plan package!)

So what are direct TV's

faults? I really want to know, I have dish and am happy with it but would consider the switch if the sports is better but everything else is pretty much the same.


who does your i/net and how does it perform?

Clear wire

The internet preforms awesome! Its the computer that sucks.... Very happy with Clearwire.


We had clearwire, but there again, it sucked for us! Now we have cable one, and it's down a lot and not much better! Any other suggestions?


CTC if you're in the West Central but I know you're not.....soooo never mind...

When we first got CL

It was down often. But since they put a new tower right near my house I got 5 green lights and it hasnt gone down in about 7 months.

I thought you meant Craigslist...

Remenisces: Ah yes, I can remember when the sex worker ads hung the moon and I could buy crap...progress? The good old days sucked a lot better!


"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne


sure it isn't OE.........

the computer that is.


Yes its a little of both, It an old dell tower. And I am an old fat tower... so....
OE= I really dont know that much about computers... CE= My computer is making a funny growling sound at me as we speak....



"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne

Potato 2@Direct's down side!

The rest is pretty much the same, channels, etc. Their dvr options are not as good as Dish's! It's really not a huge deal, unless you use your dvr a lot! We do record the programs we enjoy ahead of time, so we can skip thru the commercials!

Realize that DirecTV may

Realize that DirecTV may have more sports channels, but you do have to pay for it. So it's a question of price. Best value for the price is probably Dish, but DirecTV gives you more channels (including more sports channels).

Where in town

So which places use Cableone in town?
ie where not to plan on watching the game?

Thanks Red & Mateo

I've been cable for years but we live in an established neighborhood with many many huge trees. The internet goes down now 2-3 times a week so we're gonna dump it all and move on...

Virginia Tech/James Madison Game

Craig Christon
Wilmington, Ohio
I re-watched the Virginia Tech/James Madison game on ESPN-3. Somebody called me and told me he thought the game was fixed. I told him Frank Beamer would never do that. After I watched the game again, I could see some really fishy plays, especially the two Tyrod Taylor interceptions. It would be the easiest way to get rid of the Boise State National Title talk. I think they did throw the game now. Their is great hidden power in the FBS and they are getting really tired of teams like Boise State. I would not put it past them to pay Virginia Tech, to throw the game; to throw Boise State under the bus. Virginia Tech was out of the hunt anyway, after the Monday disaster. In the post-gmae interviews, the players were not that upset about the loss to James Madison!

Is This the Radio/DJ

personality in Wilmington?

Delaware has little personality so Washington didn't stay.


"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne

You have

way too much time on your hands.........

So did STYX...


"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne


...are the voices get louder or softer? Do you hear them in the car, or only in your back yard? Who is it, again, that's trying to get you?



"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne

Cable one is trying to charge us a fortune to follow BSU

I noticed that they would add CBS sports to their high def lineup, that costs extra, please do us all a favor and add it to the normal lineup not all of are made of money.


The local cable providers here are screwing us. You dont realize just how bad until you se how good it can be. When I travel back east to visit family, they have all the channels we have on basic cable, yet many more channels that are extra here-lame! The only reason I have not jumped to direct TV, is because I can do cable for 6 months(football season :) ) and then end my contract during the summer (Who stays inside watching TV?) They only stick you with a 6 month contract, which is nice...but....

But Jdog

Middle of the summer, livestock is fed, the wife has gone to bed, sun is down...and...I watch reruns of college/bowl games that I've forgotten the scores of...or blank them out and entertain myself with the game.



"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne


Any update on this???