Nebraska says it didn't want to pay Boise State's price; Duke coach says Virginia Tech was 'clearly' better than Boise State

By Chadd Cripe
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An old story made waves on Twitter on Friday morning — a Bowl Championship Series-conference school claiming it won’t play Boise State because the Broncos insist on getting paid a high price for those games.

This time, the reports are based on stories out of Nebraska that the Cornhuskers were willing to play the Broncos but not for the $1 million Boise State wanted. Boise State athletic director Gene Bleymaier told me last year he was looking for a minimum of $900,000.

Boise State did get $1.25 million to play Virginia Tech this year and will get $900,000 for playing at Mississippi next year.

Those payments are part of the business of college football. BCS-conference teams buy opponents for home games. Other recent examples include Alabama paying San Jose State $1 million, Ohio State paying Colorado $1.4 million and Nebraska paying Idaho $800,000.

Boise State — and all WAC teams — count on that money to help offset the huge funding gap that exists between BCS-conference schools and non-BCS schools. The Broncos, in particular, are chasing big-money games to pay the rising costs of funding a Top 25 program while playing in a 33,500-seat stadium.

The problem for the BCS teams is that these games have long been known as “bodybag” games. Boise State, however, doesn’t give those teams what they want most — a guaranteed win.

Here are some comments on the topic from Twitter:

Brian Murphy, our columnist: “I have no problem with Broncos' $1 million asking price for true road game. Gotta pay the bills in addition to scheduling games.”

Stewart Mandel, “Boise in tough spot. It wants better games, but its still got an athletic dept to fund, and relies on those checks if giving up home game. … I don't blame Boise for asking $1M from Nebraska, nor NU for saying no. NU can sked someone weaker, cheaper and still fill stadium.

Gregg Doyel, columnist: “Dare you to root for Boise State after you read about the Broncos' greed. $1 million? Really?”


This quote from Alabama coach Nick Saban is being circulated as a slam against Boise State, but his point is fair — that Boise State doesn’t face the same level of opponents every week as the Crimson Tide but that doesn’t mean the Broncos wouldn’t survive that situation.

“It's the full body of work," he said on the radio recently. "It's not just that you can beat one team, but if you have to beat six or seven other teams and have to play with consistency to do it, I think that goes a long way in saying a lot about what kind of football team that you have. And that's no disrespect … because they may certainly be able to do the same thing if they were put in that circumstance."


This quote from Duke coach David Cutcliffe, also said on radio, is much more inflammatory about the Broncos’ 33-30 defeat of Virginia Tech, Duke’s fellow ACC member:

"You can't make mistakes in the kicking game, nobody emphasizes it more than Frank [Beamer]. But they were clearly the best team, guys. Anybody that watched the game could tell that Virginia Tech was the dominant team physically. …

“They didn't win but this stuff about we can't compete with the best. ... You know, Boise's a good football team. They're not a dominant physical football team. Gimme a break on some of the publicity. …

“Real well coached, good team, got some great skill players. Not as good a football team as Virginia Tech. Virginia Tech just blew the ball game."

Strange comments considering Boise State outgained Virginia Tech 383-314, outrushed the Hokies 168-128, absorbed more penalty yardage (105-55) and made two critical mistakes of its own in the kicking game — the missed chip-shot field goal and running-into-the-kicker penalty that cost the Broncos 10 points.

Cutcliffe, it's worth noting, is a voter in the USA Today Coaches' Poll, which is part of the BCS formula.

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HATERS GONNA HATE... I dont know what game he was watching but I thought our O and D lines looked pretty dominant esp in the first quarter... He's just mad bc he knows Boise will win a NC in FB way before Duke ever will..

Hum? Wonder what game the

Hum? Wonder what game the Duke Coach was watching?

He probably didnt watch the

He probably didnt watch the game.. thats why this system is so screwed up... I ask Bleymeier to INVITE DUKE TO COME PLAY ON THE BLUE and maybe we can show him what a Good Physical team we have...

good idea

we would whip their fanny so bad they wouldn't be able to sit down on the way home.

Cutcliffe must be a buckethead

What dopey comments to make. He must be one of those coaches that doesn't watch games and then tells the SID to cast his ballot each week. "Oh, be sure not to rank BSU higher than 11th." Duke, huh? Another 3-8 year, no doubt.

Same goes for Doyel: "Dare you to root for Boise State after you read about the Broncos' greed. $1 million? Really?" What does he expect BSU to do, pay $1 million? Another foolish sentiment.


But they pay Idaho $800,000....I would say Nebraska could pony up another $200,000..unless they wanted a sure victory....makes you wonder.


Maybe Boise could of played for 800,000 instead of complaining that no one want to play them... Talk about sure victories Wyoming and Toledo. You may want look at you own schedule before knocking on other. One thing that is a bummer is scheduling Virginia Tech who turned out to be a flop. Not BSU's fault.

Duke Of Hurl


"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne


Interesting comment from Cutcliffe.....He coaches one of the worst 1-A college teams around, and he's gonna make comments like that?

BSU completely shut down Ryan Williams, and outgained VT on offense. What game was he watching???

Probably wasn't watching

Maybe his side job is runnin' a little moonshine. Don't suppose that '63 Chevy pickup has video.

That's EXACTLY what I was

That's EXACTLY what I was thinkin'.

It seems the better team should know how to win...

I suppose Cutcliffe thought they were the better team when they lost to Virginia Tech.

Cutcliffe's a funny guy!

I guess when your football team is as irrelevant as Duke's, you've got to do something to keep it in the news. I guess it's better than being the punching bag of the ACC! Now, they did beat the 7th ranked Elon University Phoenix in a powerhouse Division I vs. Division I-AA game.


His record, on Dukes website, is a total of 9-15. The previous 5 years before him was a combined 8-50. Yup, he's the guy I'd be listening to...not. Well, in his defense, he is 1-0 so far...probably makes him think he's a winner.

Saban just positioning...

...for when 'bama loses a game.

And, let's give Cutliffe a break. His team was coming off a huge win over Elon and the emotions just took over.

I agree that Saban is probably just positioning his team but

you have to admit that scheduling a bye the week after VT is a bit suspect and plays right into the critics argument that BSU couldn't win big games week after week.
It'll be an interesting weekend of debate if PSU beats Alabama and Miami can beat Ohio State. If that happens, does BSU move into the #1 spot in a bye week or do they get jumped by multiple teams?

BSU didn't schedule a bye week

The VT game was originally scheduled for Oct. 2, which would have been a week after Oregon State. ESPN moved the game, thus the bye week.

don't forget the conflicting date with toledo.

bleymaier (or coach pete?!) didn't want the short week.

VT, on the other hand, does have the short week versus James Madison.

There's a huge difference...

in having a short week and playing a home game and having short week and playing a road game. There's also a huge difference in playing a home game against a 1-AA school when you are a BCS school and playing a road game against a FBS school.


The excuses, people will come up with, when they're scared to play BSU! And the comment the "Dukey" coach came up with, what would he know about football? I didn't even know they had a football team! Is it an all-mens team or a coed!?

Fodder for the locker room!

Coach Pete needs to hang these quotes up on the players lockers for them to read before each game!

Chadd, you blew it

You most certainly must have known that this blog-starter would be greeted with a collective YAWN!!!!

Kinda like poking a stick into a hornet nest.

I don't have any problems with Saban's comments

We do have an easier schedule. Not much we can do about the level of play in the WAC. However, our record against the top teams is pretty good. Cutcliffe is probably just upset that he got beat by V. Tech.

Hey Duke

Stick to basketball and strippers and shut your trap!

So, Cripe, What You Are Saying is

Big time programs are willing to pony up $1 plus million (the Colorado game) if they can be assured of a win? We keep kicking this old dog and kicking it and kicking it. But the bottom line is, what do we have to do to get a fair price for ANY game. We have proven that we bring fans and collect millions of TV eyeballs. The convoluted story we get from Bleimeyer doesn't help especially when we get conflicting stories elsewhere. The Nebraska story was last year's. Gene ought to tell us who he has contacted and what they said. If legit negotiations are ongoing then he should say so. But if we get some more of the Nebraska double talk he should name names. It is time to show these people up for what they are. We have done our part. They should do their part or people should know the reason why they won't.

Sounds Like Cutlippe....

must be friends with Akey.....

Do you mean ...

... that he's running moonshine using donkeys?


is just looking for a reason to hate on BSU. If these comments had signatures, mine would read: Haters gonna hate.

duke football

Didn't know they have a football team.
Thought they were all basketball.



...girl's volleyball (which ain't a bad spectator sport, really. From which is derived the expression, can I touch your Daisy Dukes?)

Dodging Nebraska?

It may be old news but I just happened to see the article re: Nebraska/$1million on this morning. Came here to hear from the horses mouth; the article states that BSU turned down the opportunity for a "home and home" with the Cornhuskers. Please tell me that this is not the case. I can't or don't want to believe that any of our WAC/MWC brethren would balk at such a deal unless there were some ridiculous strings attached. Any insight?

i believe that at most

it was a 2-1. read my comments below.


There is no way that Bleymaier turned down a home-and-home with Nebraska....unfortunately, he doesn't talk about specific scheduling negotiations, though.

any chance of finding out the price tag Neb was willing to pay?

seems that the pros of high profile national media exposure game vs Neb could bring would outweigh the cons of BSU not getting the full $ 1 million.

If Nebraska....

ponied up 900K for one and done..or even 2 for 1...we shoulda jumped all over that....fact that they gave the Vandals 800k but wouldnt (?) give us more says volumes...

Tom O is jockeying as well. He wants in with a 1 loss (Texas) record...

Osborne is smart

I'll bet he wanted very little (as in nothing) to do with BSU. He saw what happened to Oklahoma and TCU.

i believe that they did offer a 2-1 earler

but (as far as i can tell) BSU has been mum on it.

so i couldn't tell you what's with THAT part of it.

but the fact that NU won't pay up to at least $900k is ridiculous.

My Nephew is a Husker...

grad, season tix holder, and resident of Lincoln. He has always told me, from day 1, the perception back THERE is that we didn't want to play them. He doesn't believe it b/c he follows us closely, but that's what he says Husker fans are led to believe...

aside from Bleymaier coming out and "naming names"

with very specific details anything less won't put this to rest.

i bet he can't out people because he doesn't want to endanger future contracts. by doing it, it may have a "chilling affect" on other head honchos and they just outright won't come to any agreements with BSU.

talk about collusion: teams just WON'T schedule BSU, then turn around and say BSU doesn't play anyone.

Agree with that

"... talk about collusion: teams just WON'T schedule BSU, then turn around and say BSU doesn't play anyone."

We must be kept in our proper place.

I agree...

would be dumb for him to do so.

I find this logic rather

I find this logic rather ironic. Only in the Boise market do things get twisted to seem like "nobody will play BSU". Outside of this area (including Nebraska) the thought is that BSU will not play anybody else.
My uncle is a sports writer for a news papaer in the midwest and he is constantly calling and emailing me about BSU and their conference/schedule. He (and most outside of the Boise area) don't understand why BSU would not take the Nebraska game (or any other) regardless of the financial parameters. He has said that he wants to give BSU more respect, but BSU is not stepping up to earn respect by playing any and all competitors that are willing to play BSU.

Guess what, Nebraska does not need to play BSU to fill the stands, for TV revenue, or for strength of schedule! BSU needs to play the likes of Nebraska for TV money, potentially fill Bronco stadium, and to gain a respectable strength of schedule.

Nebraska is clearly in the driver's seat and it will come back to bight BSU in the A**. If BSU finishes this year undefeated, or even with one loss, the national media will dicect all facets of BSU's schedule and their system. Although Nebraska would not have been on the '10 schedule, the overriding perception of BSU refusing to step up and take on the likes of Nebraska will just add fuel to the fire.

BSU in the rankings is similar to women in the work place. Women can do just as good of a job as their male counterparts, but often have to do it better than the men to prove that they belong or that they have earned it.

Won't it be funny if, not taking on Nebraska, ends up keeping BSU out of a national championship game in the future because BSU wanted another 200K?

JocDoc..I'm glad you don't manage...

my money. Yeah, take a Neb game for $800k (and no one is sure they offered that) instead of Ole Miss for guaranteed $900. Or..take a 2 for 1 with them and lose the home date that gets close to 2 mil. You have no clue what it's REALLY all about...

Really, wisdomman? You would

Really, wisdomman?

You would rather have one million dollars in your pocket with a #3 ranking at the end of the year because your team had a weak schedule? Beating Nebraska should look a lot better on the schedule than beating Ole Miss!

The alternative would be making even more money because your schedule is strong enough to put you in the NC game. You don't think that a national championship is worth an investment of 200K?

That is the problem with BSU. They are too busy whining about lack of respect nationally, when they should be doing whatever is in their power to play stronger teams to earn the respect.

Take the game with Nebraska even if it means a bit less money or "giving in" for a 2-for-1. It will go a lot further with the voters and national fans than whining about not being able to play anybody.

Obviously you haven't

done much homework. Respect is growing rapidly, there are numerous articles you could read. Your arguments are the same as 2-3 years ago and they don't hold water
Just google BSU football and click on SEVERAL writers opinions..You'll find 5 positives for every neg. We'll take that...

I suppose they also drink

I suppose they also drink the Obamaaide also.......



in a thread about football?


must all be liberals then

They must all be liberals then, just drink your kool aid and follow the pipe piper over the cliff.

Boise shouldn't be looking

Boise shouldn't be looking for paydays or 2 for 1s. At this point it should 1 for 1 or nothing, the Broncos have earned that respect. Their fans should feel the same; belly-aching about how much the Vandals got is embarrassing.

i don't think it's belly-aching

it's pointing out the hypocrisy and the double standard. (because, really, you're telling me NU can't afford to poney up a measly $100k more to play bsu?!)

like cripe pointed out above, the one thing BSU doesn't guarantee is a win.