FactCheck.org corrects story alleging Rep. Walt Minnick falsely claimed vote against TARP

The arm of the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania called the Idaho Democrat's new TV ad "pretty cheeky," but swiftly issued a correction Wednesday.

FactCheck.org posted a story Wednesday saying Minnick was among nine Democrats falsely claiming to have voted against the Wall Street bailout.

But after speaking with Minnick's campaign, a correction was issued:

"We originally reported that Minnick’s ad said he 'voted' against the bailout. His campaign manager John Foster objected, pointing out that what Minnick says in the ad is: 'I’ve said no' to Wall Street bailouts.

"It’s true that, as a candidate in 2008, he did denounce passage of the bill. He would have been more accurate to say in his ad that he 'spoke out against' the bailouts."

In an e-mail to the Statesman, FactCheck Director Brooks Jackson wrote, "We posted a correction. We still think it's pretty cheeky to say you 'said no' to something you had no say in at the time. But as Minnick's campaign manager says, language matters."

Jackson is a prominent journalist who worked at the Wall Street Journal and CNN.

Foster had preemptively defended the ad, the first of the campaign, telling the Statesman on Tuesday, "We were very careful with the language."

Foster acknowledged Minnick was not in Congress until 2009, after the Troubled Asset Relief Program became law in 2008. "He doesn't say he voted against TARP, he says he 'said no' to bailouts."

In the ad, Minnick says, "I've had to say 'no' far more often than I've said 'yes.' I've said 'no' to more government spending; 'no' to President Obama's big health-care plan; 'no' to Wall Street bailouts."

Foster said Minnick said in 2008 that he opposed TARP. After his election, Minnick voted for a resolution to block the Treasury Department from getting the second half of the $700 billion for the bailout, Foster said. But FactCheck.org called that vote "purely symbolic" because the Senate had already defeated the resolution.

Foster said that Minnick, during a 2009 hearing with Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, strongly objected to the then-proposed bailout of AIG and opposed bailouts for other industries.

Foster said he provided the following statement to FactCheck.org: "Walt has a consistent and clear record against Wall Street bailouts, even going so far as to publicly denounce them in a statement to the Treasury Secretary during a hearing of the Financial Services Committee. For Walt this is about more than just a vote. It is about making it clear to the people of Idaho that he has always stood against these kinds of bailouts. His record has always been clear on the issue, and the ad properly reflects that." 

The corrected story did not include the statement.

Foster also cited three news releases from Minnick in 2009 to bolster his case that Minnick has "said no" to bailout, from January, March and April.

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Another reason they should be SlowCheck, not FactCheck.


"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne

Minnick is promoting

Minnick is promoting conservatism as the enforcer of social order and the moral distributor of wealth and power downward as they deem equitably for society.

Minnick ideas promote militarism, traditionalism and white supremacism, not freedom. In Minnick’s world you need to look a certain way, act a certain way and believe as he does.

Minnick continues to promote repressive methods and stoke the right-wing’s passion of living in fear of their traditional values are under attack: the family, God, marriage, America, private property, law and order, and freedom itself.

This bridges the ideological gap between the wacko religious right and the fake free market right.

Idaho democrats must stop support IDP until Roark and the old school elitists dem’s have the guts to remove Minnick as a democrat, anyone who votes for Minnick is hypocrite.


Minnick is one of the first locally grown, non-politicians to come through our legislature. He doesn't fight for the wacos on the right, or the left -- he is a true representative of Idaho.

You, mister i83701, are the problem - not Mr. Minnick. All you do is complain against the man instead of getting a job.

You may want to adjust those meds

You have crazy all over your face.

You are out of your mind

The Dems are the ones who give money, power, tax breaks, perks, contracts, etc... based on how you look, how you act (the more militant Unions got a bigger piece of the pie). Republicans say, cut taxes for all, not MY favorite, or just these people.
Race bating, just good ole Liberal Campaigning. When you have nothing, go for race.

I've got some rich Corinthian leather for you...

after I destroy you and your dammed starship!


"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne

FactCheck has about as much credibility

as Snopes. In otherwords, hardly any on matters of faith and politics.

You are so wrong

When was the last time you checked facts through one of these websites? Time and time again on politics I have found factual responses.

Depends on what your definition of the word NO is

What else did he not say no to? Another beer? That wasn't in the TV ad. One of the 3 points in the TV commercial is that he said no to Wall Street bail-outs, right as his ad shows the Capitol of the United States. It is called parsing. It's a word we all learned when Bill Clinton also taught us about the additional uses for a cigar. Why is Popkey letting Foster off the hook with a few quick words? This guy just tried to bamboozle us all. It's shameful BECAUSE WORDS DO MATTER ESPECIALLY IF YOU CHOOSE THEM IN A MANNER DESIGNED TO DECEIVE. As if Grandma Betty will understand the difference when she sees the ad. Totally slimey.

Why is Popkey letting Foster

Why is Popkey letting Foster off the hook - that's a rhetorical question, right.

AS IF...

Otter's ads haven't gotten an endorsement from George Bailey yet.

Google it if you have to please as no further explanation will be offered.

One would think that best advertisement is no advertisement at all...

Everyone is going to wail about you anyway.


"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne

Sounds like Factcheck got it

Sounds like Factcheck got it right. Minnick campaign making an overstatement. There is, of course, another word for that.

Facts are facts

Makes no difference how it "sounds" it is the facts that speak for themselves.

A tempest in a teapot

Representative Minnick is against the bailouts - that shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. If you're dumb enough to not know the difference between a candidate for office and an office holder, that's not Minnick's fault. I knew what the ad meant and I'm not a rocket surgeon.

FactCheck.org got caught in a mistake and they're pulling a Tyrod Taylor - "We weren't wrong, they just didn't say what we think they should have said." Let's be clear: The Hokies lost and FactCheck.org got this one wrong.


I'd rather see football brought into politics than politics into football.


I'll second that one!