Boise State earns high TV ratings, praise from around the nation for Monday's thrilling victory

By Brian Murphy

2:10 p.m. — Another flaw in the argument against Boise State: College football fans want to watch this team.

ESPN averages a 6.8 overnight for Boise St win over Virginia Tech; highest rated Labor Day night game since 1990, according to ESPN spokesman Mike Humes.

Here's more information on the television ratings, including this nugget: The the most-viewed college football game ever on ESPN -- USC/Ohio State last September -- drew a not-much-higher 7.2 overnight.

2:00 p.m. — In the wake of Boise State’s thrilling 33-30 victory against then-No. 10 Virginia Tech on Monday night, praise for the Broncos is pouring in from all over the country.

From South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier:

“Boise State last night, I heard the announcer say that over the last five years or something they’ve been ranked 75th in recruiting, so that tells you that recruiting is important but it’s not everything. You’ve got to give great admiration to Boise’s guys. They play football year-round there. They love lifting weights. They take their sport very seriously and that’s why they’re damn good. Give Boise, their coaches, their players the credit for their commitment they’ve had there. And that’s how you do it. You don’t always be a big state university that has all the facilities. You can do it the way they do it. Give those guys credit."

(Thanks to friend of the blog, Charleston Post and Courier beat writer and Top 25 voter Travis Haney (@GamecocksBlog) for the above quote)


From’s Pat Forde, the self-appointed driver of the Broncos bandwagon bus:

“Now it's time for The Establishment to acknowledge the Broncos, after their steely rally for the winning score in a thrilling 33-30 victory over the Hokies on Monday night. Time for The Establishment to realize that Chris Petersen (4) is one of the five best coaches in America -- and spell the last name right, please. Time for The Establishment to slow down the puzzling fixation with cannon-armed Jake Locker (5) -- last seen leading Washington to 17 points in a loss at BYU -- and embrace the coolness, brains and accuracy of the physically unimpressive Kellen Moore (6) -- last seen playing Joe Montana in the two-minute drill on the road against a top-10 opponent.”

Read the entire Dash here.

From the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, which named the Broncos as its National Team of the Week.

From voters in the AP poll, where the Broncos gained seven first-place votes, and the coaches, who moved the Broncos up from No. 5 to No. 3. View the polls.

Boise State coach Chris Petersen insists his team will not be swept away by the praise and feel-good stories. Or by the fact that the Broncos are THE story in college football.

"We live in such a cocoon anyway. We don't even know that for the most part. We'll go back and our guys will go be in class tomorrow. They'll be there by 10:00. They'll come in and watch the tape and the coaches will go recruiting and we'll go practice again. I don't think they are going to be distracted by it. I think we've got enough maturity around here. I think they understand if they pay attention to that, we'll get beat."

Moore, Brotzman named WAC players of the week

From Boise State:

Boise State University quarterback Kellen Moore and kicker/punter Kyle Brotzman have been named Western Athletic Conference (WAC) Players of the Week following the Broncos 33-30 win over Virginia Tech (Sept. 6).

Moore won the offensive award after throwing three touchdown passes, including one with 1:09 remaining in the game to give Boise State its final margin of victory. Moore completed 23 of 38 passes for 215 yards and no interceptions. Trailing 30-26, Moore led the Broncos to a score in the final minutes by completing four of five passes for 56 yards and the winning 13-yard pass to Austin Pettis.

Brotzman made two of three field goals and punted twice for a 45.0-yard average. He made a 47-yard field goal late in the second quarter, which was the longest field goal by a WAC player this past weekend. He also added a 52-yard punt late in the fourth quarter that backed Virginia Tech up to their own seven-yard line.

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i love boise state

work hard, do things the right way and good things will come of it. what a concept. are you here broncokid, jokedoc and the other detractors?

The Left Hashmark

Kyle Brotzman still has a little bit of the old left-side jinx left, but that fourth quarter punt made up for it - that was a clutch play in a game full of clutch plays.

The way that Kellen Moore keeps his cool when the chips are down is extraordinary. When I was his age, I'm positive that I would have been in pure panic mode.

One other very positive thing that wasn't mentioned in Murph's article is that VT only fell 7 spots in the coach's poll. Ponder that!

Left Hashmark

On the missed field there was a poor snap that rolled on the ground that could've very well thrown Brotzman's timing off. I think Brotzman will have an excellent year and go back to his freshman ways. Bullseye Brotzman will be back!


I think they are that good. Holding Williams to 40 some yards was the key (and coach knew it), even though Taylor had a good running game. And the D did it with 4 lineman...incredible. Hopefully they get it together and run the field, only makes us look better. BTW everybody else note the 'trickeration' by VT on their first play? Absolutely cannot overlook the Cowboys, I remember them in their day.

Panic knows no age

"The way that Kellen Moore keeps his cool when the chips are down is extraordinary. When I was his age, I'm positive that I would have been in pure panic mode."

Heck, I'm old enough to be his grandfather, and I'll guarantee that I was in pure panic mode last night. That's why he's the QB and I'm the hoarse old fan.

right on the money

chief. completely agree with you.

They wont show

Those clowns are gone. Theyll show up next week saying we never play anyone tough blah blah blah.

Murph, nice to welcome you to a already full bandwagon. Its cool to be late to the party, as long as you are the HOT girl. Or come WITH the HOT girl. Um, ya.

Never play anyone tough

Tired argument, but they keep trying, don't they? Last two games: beat #4, beat #6.

Just one thing to add: Beat

Just one thing to add:

Beat Wyoming!

(Broncos can't afford to look past any opponent this year.)

Brotz missed

Brotzman missed one! Pretty sure you have to go 100% as a kicker to get any credit...Cmon WAC!

Right, but...

Brotzman misses those left hash mark kicks regularly.


He was named one of the WAC players of the week...gofigure.

Great Party

But let's not get too carried away with it all. Enjoy it for a while by all means but keep it in perspective. Boise almost lost it. They would have too if VT had not shot them selves one too many times. Even allowing for first game sluggishness, Boise was too shallow in the depth chart to sustain the game in the third and fourth quarters. Cramping due to heat was a problem that almost cost them the game. Add to that the D was just about done in and played only marginally for the fourth quarter. VT's physicallity really outmatched Boise late in the second quarter when we should have put VT away. Boise just couldn't control the short run game when they had too. Penalties can be over come and improved upon with time but we just don't have the tough disciplined second and third level depth on both sides of the ball to be considered a top five team let alone a national contender. If you think VT was tough, just watch Ohio State, Miami, Bama, Florida, Michigan and Notre Dame once they gel. I haven't seen Texas yet but you can bet they are in that mix too. Don't let the cupcake games some of these teams played last week end influence your thinking. Wait until they play in the next few weeks and then reevaluate Boise. We have some serious ball players no doubt. But we don't have enough of them. Pete out-coached Beamer and Kellen was way more cool and efficient when it counted that the other guy. Also, we had some excellent receivers and were lucky a few times. That is why we won.

good post jlf

luck runs both ways though. we had good luck last night and we had a run of bad luck. winners come out on top. imho, that is why we won.

Understand your point...but

Understand what you're saying but we beat them basically on their field, in their weather on their terms. The only thing remembered will be the W.

Still want to hear from Mark May.

Too bad ...

... there isn't a college game on ESPN today. I'd like to hear what that guy has to say now.

We won't hear from May until this weekend. No BSU game, so he might dodge the subject entirely. Lou might get after him, though.


We like the Doctor, but May sucks bigtime!

Mark May

I'll lay odds you'll not here him say a word this week about that! Wish I knew where to send him some crow pie! They both said before the game, that they'd be there after the game to respond! No disappointment in losing ESPN when BSU moves to the MWC! It'll be there loss! I have Versus, Mountain and CBSC from Direct!

Most surprising, JLF?

What are your thoughts on the way VA Tech came out? It sure looked to me like they weren't ready, particularly on offense ... where they had most of last year's starters back.

Pre-game preparation? Perhaps buying into whatever hype was floating about ... burying the upstarts from some little town in the Wild West? Wide-eyed and overly affected by what looked very much like a bowl game atmosphere?

Whatever the case, the argument could be made that VA Tech lost that game in the first five minutes.

BSU Depth

JLF--I don't buy into your depth arugment at all. Titus Young and Pettis are better than anybody they have. They had one stud back (41 yards on 21 carries), we have three solid ones. We have a great QB. They have an athlete playing QB. Look at the box score. It's not like BSU won this with smoke and mirrors. This isn't '05. We outrushed 'em, outpassed 'em, and outplayed 'em on special teams. We overcame 2 turnonvers to their 1, and were penalized for twice as many yards, and still won. Everyone made the same argument last year about Oregon. I wathced most of that game at field level. BSU physically dominated Oregon on both sides of the ball. One team had better athletes and more of them--and it wasn't Oregon. I think VT was a very athletic team, but BSU puts plenty of high caliber athletes on the field.

"Tough schedule" quiz

Question 1.) does this appear to be a "tough" schedule?
Question 2.) what team is this?

Week 1: At home against a team that finished 10-3, won a bowl game, ranked in the top 10, that final spread was 10

Week 2: At home against a non-BCS D1 team that finished 3-9, the final spread was 26.

Week 3: At home against a non-BCS D1 team that finished 2-10, the final spread was 46.

Week 4: At home against a 8-5 conference opponent that won a bowl game, the final spread was 28.

Week 5: On the road against a 7-6 conference opponent that lost a bowl game, the final spread was 18.

Week 6 On the road against a 9-4 conference opponent that won a bowl game, the final spread was 19.

Week 7: At home against a 7-6 conference opponent that lost a bowl game, the final spread was 14.

Week 8: At home against a 7-6 conference opponent that lost a bowl game, the final spread was 2.

Week 9: Open Date

Week 10: At home against a 9-4 conference opponent that lost a bowl game, finished in the top 20, the final spread was 9.

Week 11: On the road against a 5-7 conference opponent, the final spread was 28.

Week 12: At home against a 6-5 D2 (FCS) opponent, the final spread was 45.

Week 13: On the road against a 8-5 conference opponent that won a bowl game, the final spread was 5.


Guessing...but FLA plays all OOC at it them? If not, I'll do some homework teach...

But is it

a "tough" schedule?

(it's not Florida)


Moderate, whithout knowing the conferences and the who's. 81-70 is not tough...

interesting, i'll be looking for the answer

along the same line, here are some notes about alabama's tough schedule. san jose st, duke and georgia st for ooc games. 3 automatic wins. miss state and south carolina for 2 more automatic wins. ole miss & tennessee for 2 more highly likely wins. 7 automatic wins. legitimately tough games include penn st and maybe florida although even the broncokid would have to admit they don't look too tough at this point. lsu has troubles, auburn & arkansas don't frighten anyone. that tough sec.

It was ...

... Alabama, 2009. Clearly, BSU doesn't belong.

What do I win?



Can't have Oregon as long as I live here.


"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne

Nevada Cheered for BSU

BTW all bronco fans. I was in Reno last night watching the game at the Lil Waldorf (the bar that has been the most popular gathering spot for students for probably the last century) and bronco fans will be pleased to know, the place was packed with Nevada students who were cheering for BSU. Just thought you might like to know that...

That's cool

We will be rooting for them when they play CAL!

Beat Cal ...

... and begin the climb into the top 25. You bet we'll be rooting for Nevada in that one.


Very classy. Can't wait for Nevada (and Fresno) to join BSU in the MWC. Hope it's 2001, not 2012.

These people yammering about long-standing rivalries (mostly the TV talking heads) and how the western upstarts don't belong sometimes don't look at the fierce recent battles that Nevada-Fresno-BSU have waged.

Hurry up and get Kaepernick graduated already!!

So did Oregon

Not Ducks fans, mind you, who have a fierce and childish hatred of the Broncos (IdaDuck excluded), but so many Broncos fans showed up in blue and orange where I watched the game that they had to close off the part of the restaurant closest to the bar because people couldn't focus on their meals from all the cheering.

No forking kidding?

Can't handle the utensils amidst bedlam? Boise State fans in a bar? Going nuts? Doesn't add up!

Not even if you spoon. Cuts like a knife, doesn't it?


"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne

Bama is it,

also, in 2007, the top 6 teams in the final AP poll had 2 losses each and the National Champion lost twice to "unranked" teams during the year

broncos vs hokies

congratulations MEN..........


GOOD game --I thought they were going to loose...


I think your thot process is a little loose myself.

Never cross the players of Fantasy English Class!


"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne



Every Which Way ...

... But LOSE

That is PG with...



"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne

Some sort of tang

My orangutan doesn't mind!



"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne

I was needling you ...

... on the spelling. Clint told me to do that.

I was punning...



"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne


Gotta listen to what Akey has to say about the Huskers.

off topic but

just saw an item that uc davis & cal poly are going to join the big sky. there may not be any room at the inn for the vandals.

Just want the record to show BSU did not play on a .........

neutral field. The stadium announcer was the Hokie home stadium announcer. The player intro's before the game were video's of each offense and defense starter for VT. Our players names were read - no photo's. They kept running a sign across the jumbo-screen (biggest I've ever seen) "Make Some Noise" when BSU had the ball on a 3d down. They would pipe in the VT fight songs over the PA and to top it all off --- they gave the "Catch of the Game" award to some VT receiver who made a routine catch -- no mention of BSU's Tommy G. and his one handed TD grab. 86,587 in attendance - it was a "home game" for VT -- BSU showed great poise on the "neutral field". Just goes to show: on any given game day, on any given field...... Go Broncos!