Boise State players say they like, and helped create, new Nike uniforms; Los Angeles Times ranks Boise State No. 1

By Chadd Cripe
© 2010 Idaho Statesman

Los Angeles Times college football writer Chris Dufresne, who has rolled out his Top 25 a day at a time, just posted his story on his No. 1 team — Boise State.


About 10 Boise State football players were involved in the design process for the new Nike Pro Combat series uniforms that were unveiled Wednesday. The Broncos will wear them in the season opener against Virginia Tech. (See the uniforms here.)

The Broncos wore them for a practice Saturday night.

"I like them a lot actually," senior wide receiver Austin Pettis said.

Pettis was one of the players who met with Nike representatives. He said the players wanted more gray — last year's uniforms included several gray accents — and the phrase "Bleed Blue," which is printed in a couple spots.

The jerseys are gray, which didn't sit well with a lot of fans (see comments below).

"They asked us if we could build a jersey from scratch what would we do and we just gave them as many ideas as we could," Pettis said. "... (Gray) was definitely something that we wanted."

The players saw the uniforms for the first time about a week and a half ago. The model: quarterback Kellen Moore.

"That'll probably be the first and last time a quarterback models gear," Moore said. "... I think they look good. They're creative."

The uniforms are marketed as having better performance qualities — including lighter fabric and improved moisture handling. Junior defensive tackle Chase Baker said they lived up to that billing.

"They're pretty sweet," he said. "It's cool that Nike chose us. It's pretty special to have that going on."

Some key elements of the uniforms: The silver Bronco head logo with an orange eye is only on the left side of the helmet. The right side is blank. The player's number is on the back. There also is a touch of orange on the left sleeve. On the right, there's a Bronco head on the sleeve instead of the helmet. The uniform features some reflective touches, like the silver on the pants, that should pop under the lights. The blue shoes have orange soles. The team motto, "Bleed Blue," is on the inside of the gloves and the inside of the collar.

I talked to Julius Brown, the Broncos' director of player personnel, and Cindy Hamilton, a spokeswoman for Nike, and got a few details:

From Brown: Nike chose Boise State in late spring or early summer. Reps visited Boise once to talk about ideas with members of the staff and about 10 players. "It was a big roundtable of brainstorming," Brown said. Nike wanted to create a futuristic Bronco logo. They wanted the uniforms to be different. Nike then presented the design but Boise State wasn't able to make many changes because of the timing. The school did make a couple tweaks. "We really just wanted something that would be cool for the kids," Brown said. "I like them. I think they're different — they're totally different than I would envision." No decision yet on how or if Boise State will use them after the Virginia Tech game.

From Hamilton: The mascot was inspired by Boise State's unpredictable style of play and "the nature of an untamed horse." On the Virginia Tech game: "We like to introduce these things on a grand stage." The Pro Combat System of Dress innovations will be used eventually on a broader basis. The uniforms are 37 percent lighter than any other Nike uniforms with enhanced breathability and durability. ... Schools didn't have to pay for the uniforms. ... Schools can mix and match parts of these uniforms with past uniforms if they want. ... Silver was a big part of the uniform in part because of the reflective elements that should look good under the lights.


Here's Nike's story of the uniforms:

"UNTAMED. UNAPOLOGETIC. Boise State University.

"Boise State University’s relentless drive to win has earned the Broncos a place among the country’s
football elite. Respect for the Broncos’ rise to prominence can be seen in rankings, recruiting, media
attention, and even, in their uniforms. This year, Boise State is one of 10 top college teams to don the
innovative Nike Pro Combat System of Dress. On Sept. 6, the Broncos will open their season against
Virginia Tech in uniforms that say, yes, we have arrived.

"The Boise State Nike Pro Combat System of Dress makes a statement in Silver Wing and vivid Game
Royal, echoing the famed blue turf of Bronco Stadium. Nike designers also drew inspiration from the
school’s mascot, noting a link between Boise State’s unpredictable style of play and the headstrong
nature of an untamed horse.

"These insights show up throughout the uniform. A reflective, orange-eyed bronco-head logo is found on the right shoulder of the jersey. The same logo wraps around the side of the chrome Game Royal helmet, with the player’s number at the back lower right corner. Boise State’s incalculable style is referenced in the asymmetrical placement of motifs throughout the uniform. The cuff of the left sleeve is bound in orange. On the left knee rests a slanted block “B,” while “Broncos” appears on the side of the right leg—both in reflective lettering that will shine under the lights of FedExField.

"Corresponding gloves capture Boise State’s pride: The slogan “Bleed Blue” is used as a background pattern for a Bronco head that forms on the gloves when the palms face outward. “Bleed Blue,” a saying adopted by the players, can also be found inside the back collar of the jersey. Footwear in Game Royal and Silver Wing with orange-tipped studs completes the commanding ensemble.

"A bold expression of Bronco bravado, the Boise State Nike Pro Combat System of Dress also delivers
significant performance benefits. The uniforms are 37 percent lighter than current designs, relieving
players of extra weight in a game that demands top speed. The four-way stretch twill fabric rapidly
sheds sweat and water, ensuring that even when wet, these uniforms are lighter than their standard-issue counterparts when completely dry. Dual-density foam padding provides critical protection and
greater mobility than traditional pads for unencumbered speed. The Nike Pro Combat base layer allows for specific pad placement to suit every position, providing a highly customized solution.

"The game of football has evolved. Players are stronger and faster, collisions more forceful. For the
Boise State Broncos, the Nike Pro Combat System of Dress delivers unmatched lightweight protection
in a formidable head-to-toe package."


My post from early this morning:

The Boise State football team will wear blue pants and gray jerseys — and blue helmets featuring a large, gray Bronco head with an orange eye — for the season opener Monday against Virginia Tech.

The new uniforms were unveiled Wednesday in New York. They are part of a 10-team set of new uniforms in the Nike Pro Combat System of Dress. The uniform fabric is lightweight and flexible.

Virginia Tech also is participating. The Hokies are wearing all black against Boise State.

The other eight participating schools are Ohio State, TCU, Oregon State, Miami, Alabama, Florida, Pittsburgh and West Virginia.

The schools agreed to wear the uniforms for one specific game this year. However, they can use them as they see fit after that.

Former Boise State wide receiver Jerard Rabb, who scored the game-tying touchdown on the hook-and-lateral in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl, represented Boise State at the uniform reveal in New York. The press release says the “reflective, game royal Bronco head on the uniform echoes the famed blue turf of Bronco Stadium.” The uniforms include gloves that form a Bronco head when players put their hands in catching position and blue shoes with orange soles.

The Blue & Orange Store in Boise Towne Square is selling replicas of the new Boise State jerseys for $80. They went on sale this morning. The store also has hats and T-shirts inspired by the uniforms.

In the comments, please let us know what you think of the new uniforms. We might run a few of those opinions in the newspaper.


Travis Hawkes, owner of the Blue & Orange Store, told me last week that Nike went to great lengths to maintain the privacy of this program. He was shown pictures of the merchandise by a Nike representative but not allowed to keep anything.

He planned to limit knowledge of where the replica jerseys were located to himself and one other employee before opening today.

“I don’t want to be the one (to leak it),” he said.

Turns out, he had little to worry about — this program was full of leaks.

It started when Virginia Tech sent out the press release on the event in New York before anyone else. That release was later pulled off the Hokies’ website. Other schools sent out the Nike release over a span of several days.

A promotional poster showing the Virginia Tech uniforms leaked several days ago. The Boise State poster was on the Internet on Tuesday night, along with a picture of one of the helmets.

And on Tuesday, Miami posted the Nike release dated Sept. 1 on its website a day early — scooping Nike on the game dates and some details about the uniforms.


Virginia Tech senior kicker Chris Hazley competed for much more than a job in fall camp.

Hazley, a walk-on who already had graduated, was going to walk away from college football if he didn’t win the job.

Instead, he earned a scholarship and will continue his education.

“If I didn’t get the job then I guess I would have gone and looked for a real job,” he said.

Hazley, a longtime soccer player, only kicked one field goal in high school. He went to Virginia Tech as a student and walked on to the football team through an open tryout during the spring of his freshman year. He dressed for a game for the first time at the Chick-fil-A Bowl last season.

Now he’ll kick in one of the biggest games in college football this year.

“I’m very excited,” he said. “I’m sure it will be a little nerve-racking. I’m excited to take on the challenge. It should be a great experience.”

Hazley is somewhat battle-tested. Coach Frank Beamer runs the special teams and spends the first part of practice working directly with the specialists.

“I’ve been kicking in front of Coach Beamer for three years,” Hazley said. “I feel like that will prepare me for most any pressure situation.”

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New Pro "Combat" (it is not combat folks) unis

Frankly they are atrocious IMO. Since when did GREY become a Boise State color?

I hope that this will be a ONE time thing........truly I do.


They need to have more orange in them, and what’s with the logo on only one side of the helmet and pants?


That's what I thought about the orange, but then discovered the soles of the shoes are orange, that will look great. Also after taking in the logo, it's pretty cool with the orange eys.
Like everything new just takes a momement to digest. As long as they win doesn't really matter!

design is too active

Very much agreed. If anything, I wouldn't mind seeing some Broncos "throw-back" uniforms. Who selects these designs? I can't imagine that someone (or some committee) representing BSU is not presented with a variety of choices. I'd like to know what other options there were, especially since Alabama's and Ohio State's uniforms changed little.

here's a video of nike uniform

here's a video with a Nike Rep about the Uni's

My quarters worth.....

Where the uniform is grey it should be white. And then another uniform of the same design should be orange and white. WE DO NOT HAVE GREY AS A COLOR FOR OUR TEAM!!! WTH???


... is not a team color, either. White is used by visiting teams to make it easier on the refs. Grey is also acceptable for that purpose.


blue and grey--civil war colors? north vs. south. do we need to say more?


I think you gotta say more - cuz, I dont get it.

It might be news to the vandies up

in northern Idaho, but the North won the civil war. I know that your superior education taught which side wore which color, and I also know that much like them crazy duke boys you still have the confederate flag on your VNDL mobile.

Damn Carpetbaggers


Uh, if Idaho is North and blue - and BSU is South and grey - would not the confederate flag be with the south guys and not the Vandals?

Maybe one of your ancestors spent a little time at Andersonville?


ok bad analogy

id doesn't fit because Ui is north and BSU is south, and north Idhao has mark furhman, and the skinheads..... I was just trying too hard.....

Swap them around a bit

It's okay, try again.

Maybe, you could substitute Idaho Falls and Pocatello.

It would work then.

Typical Nike......

Probably the worst looking uniform outside of the state of Oregon! Go back to the Fiesta Bowl uniform = success with class.

Where's the B & O?

Not blue and gray. There's no orange. Looks like the Seattle Seahawks have taken over the BSU team.

Where's the B & O?

I saw the Seahawks right away, too. I can handle these uni's as a one-time deal. Any more than that and they'd start to look too cartoon-ish.

Grey is being used...

... in lieu of white. NCAA wants visiting teams to where white jerseys to make it easier on the refs. Grey is also acceptable. White isn't a team color, either, but last year their visiting uniforms were almost entirely white.


I do remember in a couple of previous games, when new uniforms were introduced, they seem to jinx the game for BSU! Hope we lost that tradition! I have to agree they're not school colors(grey), and they're a bit on the ugly side!

i feel we did.

that and VT has the new unis too, so, if anything, one of the teams is going to be snake-bitten with the new unis.

Grey will jinx us for sure

Just like how Boise State has lost every away game they've ever played, because the Broncos get confused by the white jerseys.

I presume you missed the part where the players said they were the ones who asked for the grey. Also, if you watch the video where the jersey was modeled, you'll know it's a reflective silver which is designed to look white under stadium lights.

Now I need to pack a barf bag for the game......

looking at that "uniform" for more than a few seconds and I'm gonna hurl!

i like the unis

unfortunately BSU isn't exactly rife with "tradition" insofar as jersey and color scheme goes, so, really, is this that big of a stretch?

did a lot of people complain about the new Bronco logo when it came out a few years ago? (this is a serious question as i didn't care one way or another when it was released and didn't follow the talk about it.)

Beggers can't really be choosers in this. Though i fail to see how it is indicitive of the "blue field" i like them.

the helmets are neat (though the new 'B' logo would have been cool, to me.)

just glad they didn't decide to introduce the all black look. that is the lamest scheme that's caught on right now. seems like a copout and no originality.

i'm jealous that TCU got the two years in a row.

I like them too, but I hope not all year...

I think it's going to look great Monday and VT will be white, our combat's are much better than VT's

I think they're just for 1 game, but they'd be great home uni's

I don't think that I'm the only Bronco fan who doesn't like the blue uni's on the blue turf, these combat uni's however, with a little more orange, would look pretty awesome on the blue


Puke! and Yuck! How tasteless...I'm going to be embarrassed at the game at DC. Guess I'll wear cloths that fit into the crowd so nobody will associate me with BSU.

You were going to do that....

....anyways old timer. NO ONE wants you as a fake Bronco fan. Go back to rooting for the vandals and the cougars and get off our bandwagon.

They look like T-SHIRTS.


"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne

of course...

you probably aren't going to the game anyway.

Hey Vandal

You're going to wear cloths to the game? Dish cloths, dust cloths? Or did you mean clothes? Ah, yes, the superior education at the University of Idaho.

CherokeeGuy is Wise

CherokeeGuy sez, en parte: " . . . superior education at the University of Idaho."

According to the BSU student newspaper's most recent edition, Idaho does, in fact, have the superior education;

Thanx for bringing this to everybody's attention, and providing an opportunity for BSU's ratification of Idaho academic prominence, to be discussed, per a fact based BSU cite.


Bronco Bob gives BSU students the cold shoulder & a finger

A quote from BSU's student newspaper (most recent edition):

"According to a study by the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research published on June 3, Boise State’s graduation rate ranked among the lowest among all public universities in the West, with a 28 percent, overall graduation rate. The University of Idaho, by comparison, had a 53 percent overall graduation rate.

In his State of the University Address Aug. 19, President Bob Kustra did not mention improving the graduation rate.

As of press time, the university had not responded to an email sent to the Registrar’s Office seeking comment."

BSU Student(s) Disapproval of Bronco Bob

Even BSU student(s) (no, not adult members of Bronco Nation, but actual BSU students, enrolled this Fall '10 semester)) do not agree with Bronco Bob's comments re: The University of Idaho, Nasty and Inibriated culture. Per a BSU student's opinion piece, in the BSU student newspaper's most recent edition:

" . . . President Kustra’s comments on the culture at University of Idaho. Any comment made by such a high ranking official shouldn’t be a low blow. The statements made in recent times sounded as though they came from a scorned student, not the president of a university . . . "

Pleez, just open the door a crack


Thanx for providing me the opportunity to provide a response to your posting and share in the discussion about how cloths v. clothes should be spelled. Its an important thing to you and we want to get it right.

I got a lot of other stuff, too. Just need an opening concerning education at Idaho to get it onto the blog.

So keep on posting and providing those opportunities for Vandals to get involved.

We can always use a good Hall Monitor on this blog. Keep up the good work.



Wow, VNDL...

...jealousy getting you down? I am kind of surprised to see this "heart on your sleeve" posting by you. Makes you sound more like a scorned student than a fan.

Look, I think most of us feel bad for your school's football team. I, personally, hope they do well from here on out. We can surely use two good college athletic programs in Idaho.

If you spell Bob backwards - it's stilll the same

Jefa: Apparently, you are new to reading my postings?

I am a Vandal and very proud of the superior academic prowess of the University of Idaho.

I am a Bronco and very proud of the superior athletic prowess of the Bronco football team.

I am not concerned if Idaho has a football program. I would prefer if Idaho focused solely on top tier academics, at the expense of football.

I am not concerned if BSU has any academics. I would prefer if BSU focused solely on top tier football, at the expense of academics.

Idaho is about academics.

BSU is about football.

I like quality academics.

I like quality football.

Idaoans are very fortunate. We have an instutution where we can receive a good education (Idaho). We also, have an institution where we can watch great football (BSU).

No jealousy, whatsoever. Just stating facts, is all.


PS - Bronco Bob's own students see him as out of line, for his anti Idaho hatred and derogatory public comments. Bronco Bob is not a visionary or a leader.


One university paper publishes and article on hating the other and then the other publishes a article on acting classy, which university is acting like the academic, civilized, classy university? Both BSU and UI brass have done things in the last few years that pokes the other in the eye, funny how the students are the grown ups here. good for them, now where is the UI piece about how throwing a tantrum at an airport is not becoming of a University.

Ah daniel son, the student has become the master..... in football and life.

Will college football exist 20 years from now?

Tater2: Both articles were written by students, that's true.

One article focuses on traditional learned hatred for the other school.

One article focuses on how poor the academics are at that school, how low the graduation rate is at that school as compared to the other school, and how that school's President has abandoned the acedemic minded students of that schoool.

Yes, the students appear to be the grown ups. You and I are just flotsam of a bygone era - when hating each other was expected, normal, and fun.

This summer I had the opportunity to be around students on break, from both schools. It was readily apparent to me that the students from both schools couldn't care less if the Rivalry continues or not, if they graduate in 4 years or not, if one school beat the other school in football or not, If one school's academic program was better than the other school or not, if one school received more research grant money than the other school or not. They just want to be able to go to school and get a job when they graduate.

I have been recently wondering if all this football rivalry stuff (not only Idaho/BSU, but Bama/Auburn/Army/Navy/BC/ND/USC/UCLA/UW/WSU/etc.) is nothing more than the end result of years and years of carefullly crafted marketing; and what happens a generation from now, when the 'old guard' like you and I are gone, and college football is left to the current crop of college students and what are now junior high and high school kids.

Will any college football program be able to fill seats in their stadiums to the levels they enjoyed in the '90s and '00s. Have we reached the zenith of college football? Will college football season ticket sales be outpaced by high tech video games and other devices not even invented yet?

Will fantasy football leagues and games, be just that - a fantasy?


PS - I hope you don't mind if I hate you - It is how I have been taught and conditioned, through years of Rivalry Practice.

Me Thinks you Need 2 Halloweens Every Year......'re killing me. I get that academic U/I deal with you. I get that BSU football deal with you. 2 Halloweens would allow you to 1) dress as a graduate, nice cloaking long gown adorned with the traditional box square "cap and tassle", obviously a black hat with gold tassles. The second would afford you ample opportunity to "stud up" in BSU football gear. Now your possibilities are open..Blue helmet would be the only true requirement..But any other comnination of blue, white, orange, and now even grey would be optional to suit your gridiron costume desires.

Alternating years would allow the option of, instead of "studding up", pussing down to a close facsimile of Bronco Bob. Wigs, makeup, etc should be easy to come by. I would recommend a couple of football flags in blue and orange. Likewise, instead of the Grad outfit, opposing years you could grab some black and gold body paint and pose as a drunken tailgater up North!

My gosh, I'd better quit or I could go on and on with this concept!

PS...Stop by my joint..both nights, I'll adorn your treat bag with Manly Brews, rather than Tootsie Rolls.... answer your question...Me thinks it will always exist. As long as there's a good reason for students to congregate, party, socialize, share, scream, the kids will show.

PISSS..Now..when this group grows up? Geez maybe not..the above reasons are gone...your point/question kicks in high gear...

Tailgating Space Sales will outperform seat sales in time

Wiz: I think you nailed it - the secret for the future of college football - tailgating. Totally agree with you on that one, for sure.

Unless major emphasis is put into increasing tailgating opportunities and improving the quality of the experience, an entire generation of potential fans could be lost to the wilderness.

Maybe college football programs need to begin strategic planning to make more opportunities available for tailgating.

I could envision vast parking lots replacing the traditional stadiums we have known. The parking lots would be sort of like the old drive-in movies (remember those, where we could take Sally Surething out for a Friday night date?). In the parking lots would be pop up wide screens that the fans would have to pay to watch the game, electrical outlets to provide electricity (again, pay to use), ample room to park vehicles (again, a parking fee), trash collection services, food/condiment/ingredient distribution carts (selling brats, ribs, beer, etc.), professional grilling servides - for those who dont want the hasssle of actually doin it themselves, clothing and 'gear' sales carts, and etc.

You said, " . . . As long as there's a good reason for students to congregate, party, socialize, share, scream, the kids will show."

Yep, you are right. A new way of 'watching' the game will emerge, in time; replacing the traditional experience of sitting in a stadium seat; thanx to WIFI and other high tech innovations.

And these venues can be located remote from where the games are actually played - making 'game day' activities available at more areas/regions. BSU could have venues avaiable in Magic Valley, Eastern Idaho, Northern Idaho, anywhere; thereby increasing season Tailgating Space sales.

BSU could also, even have virtual 'stadiums' with season tickets, where fans could watch a game, real time, in 3D and have all the amenities available, without actually having to drive to Boise to Bronco Stadium. These 'stadiums' could be preexisting venues, that could also bring in revenues from other events - movies -concerts - rodeos - senior citizen mud rasslin' - etc., when not used for football games - smaller 'stadium' venues for smaller towns and locales.


Awee VNDL, 'Twas the KIds Vision......

The downsizing of stadiums for the futureistic approach to games. He saw the trend long before any of us common blokes. It's also a growing trend. Heck, UT has twice reduced 2000 stadium seats in lieu of 14 additional tailgate park spaces. Cal Berkeley is doing the same thing. That's why 41 is opposed to stadium expansion at BSU at this time. There needs to be feasibility studies performed to determine the ratio of non-paid, included with tuition tickets available to students vs the number of unsold seats divided by the sky boxes minus the existing tailgate get the drift? That's probably why U/I has not added seats, they are in a 41 feasability study on the number of spaces required.

Yep, kid nailed er again. No facts needed, you are right, his opinion prevails yet again!

PS LOVE the Sally and speaker boxes !!!

PISS.. thanks for leavin a crack in the door!

FYI: There a lot of BSU tailgaters who don't go to the game

furthermore, there are more bronco fans who sit at home and at sports bars in and around the treasure valley who party hard for the Blue & Orange, than those who actually attend the games and yeah, I know that you like to make fun of my "if I called the shots" bit, but if I did, I'd hire a market research company to go out to where the fans are and find out why those people aren't coming to the games.
Why are they driving within a few miles of the stadium to watch the game at a various sports bars instead of going to the game. I would then use that data to figure out how to get them into the stadiums so I could then form a solid plan for expansion. It's nat as if Bley is Kevin Costner, and if he builds it, they will come. He already has it and they're not coming, or at least not enough of them are coming. Maybe people just like to have a beer or two when they watch football games, maybe it's something that simple, or maybe it's something much more complex, but whatever it is, the athletic department needs to find out

Wis, Why do you think that the world of college football is being dominated by TV markets right now? Why do you think that BYU would rather go Indie than be in a conference? Why do you think Texas and other schools want to have their own networks? You see, I don't need "facts" to see that the landscape of college football is changing at a rapid pace and, what was the norm was 1,2,3,4, or more seasons ago is no longer going to be relevant in the coming years. Trends are emerging and things are changing and if you can't see that,'re either stupid, blind or stubborn.

If it's at all possible for you to put an end to your petty personal attacks and simply respond to the subject matter, that would be super cool.

A study could be made

Kid sez, enparte: ' . . . there are more bronco fans who sit at home and at sports bars in and around the treasure valley who party hard for the Blue & Orange, than those who actually attend the games . . . Why are they driving within a few miles of the stadium to watch the game at a various sports bars instead of going to the game. Maybe people just like to have a beer or two when they watch football games, maybe it's something that simple, or maybe it's something much more complex, but whatever it is, the athletic department needs to find out."

Kid, I think they already know the answer to the question. Beer is not allowed to be sold at the games, per SBOE edict. Its that simple. Possibly, a lack of beer at the Bronco games does hurt attendance - it is possible - I grant you that.

Also, I believe the high cost of actually attending the games is prohibitive to many people (parking costs and hassles parking, high ticket costs, etc.).

Watching a game at Buffalo Wild Wings or the Crescent is fun, can have food and beer delivered, no need to set up for tailgating, less hassle, can have instant replay, restrooms nearby, only cost is food and beer, no parking hassles, opportunities exist to possibly get laid after the game, things like that.

You do bring up some good points, I will agree.

I believe we are at the zenith of fans actuallly going to the stadiums to watch the games. Alternative venues must be expolored and implemented - soon.

A study as you recommend should be conducted, but not by the BAA - as the results will be skewed and flawed. The study can only be conducted by objective minds - The University of Idaho Business School, possibly.

I am appreciative of your cordial response

you also make some excellent points as well, however, I disagree the beer sales are prohibited by the SBOE for the following reason. Beer and alcohol are currently being served at Bronco games in the SSC.
The SSC is allowed to serve beer and alcohol because they've been granetd a permit to do so and that it's in a "controlled" environment, which that alone, is the only reason that beer isn't sold inside Bronco stadium. Beer and wine was served last friday on the blue turf itself for high roller donors during Bleys, expansion announcement. Anyway, there's been some proposals of a "beer garden" where fans could buy and consume beer within it's confines and that may happen at some point in Bronco Stadium but it's highly unlikely. Furthermore, Beer is sold "on campus" at the Morrison Ctr and Taco Bell arena during BB tournys, concerts and other events, and as such, that would go against the theory that the SBOE prohibits beer sales on campus.

What are your thoughts?

Old Dead Eye

Kid: You are putting words into my mouth.

I never said beer sales were prohibited on campus. I said the SBOE has prohibited the sales of alcohol at college football games, on state property that is used for a public and non private function/event (like a football game).

You need to go research the SBOE prohibition. It has been around for years. Was written by very conservative, Mormon members of the SBOE, years ago. Should be changed, but no political will to do that, at this point.

There are a few loophones to the policy (i.e., Steukle Sky Center because it was not funded with public dollars. Can have alcohol at events that are not publicly funded (i.e., BAA events, Morrison Center, and etc..

This policy has been challenged and even somewhat, litigated in lower Idaho courts (Latah and Ada counties, primarily). Go do some research at the Supreme Court Law Library, next time you got nothing to do and are looking for some excitement in your life.

You can even research the SBOE policies, themselves, and read them for yourself.

In closing, my thoughts are: You shoot before you aim.

Ya don't have be nasty & inerbriated just because you're a VNDL

It has nothing to do with the funding source of a given facilty. TBA, for instance was built with student/state funds, inconjunction with private donantions, not to mention it's on state property. Were you not aware of that?Anyway, what it really comes down to is whether or not the concession vendor has an alcohol permit or not, and the concession vendor for SSC, TBA, and the MC has been able to secure those permits for those facilities, which is why they can serve alcohol. The hold up with Bronco Stadium is that it's the university and not the SBOE, who is reluctant to grant an an alcohol permit, but at some point I think it will happen simply because of the potential revenue stream such a permit would bring.

Nope - You Are Totally Wrong 41 - Totally off base

You are wrong, Kid.

Here is the SBOE policy (J. 2.):

If you cannot comprehend it, then I can always post the IDAPA counterpart.

You do know what IDAPA is, don't you Kid?

There are a lot of big words in this official policy stuff, Kid, so maybe have a dictionary handy to help you.

Have fun reading and learning.


PS - To make the link work you have to replace the '#' mark with a 'u', in the word 'doc#uments', first line of link. The Statesman does not like the word doc#uments, because it is really depraved and conjures up images of teenage boys laying on their beds, reading law books, and fantasizing about Judge Judy dressed in a skimpy Pony Girl outfit, I guess. The more this Bad Word Patrol continues, the more silly the Statesman looks.

But Vndl

dont you know that kid is superior and privy to BSU info?


I did the body paint thing once. I went as an elephant.

Good thing you're not a BCS team fan

I'd just love to see what Crimson Tide fans would do to someone who said, "Alabama? I'll cheer for them only if I approve of their jersey."