WAC commissioner demands $5 million from Fresno State, Nevada, says they must remain in league until 2012

By Brian Murphy

From the WAC office:

DENVER - Western Athletic Conference commissioner Karl Benson announced today that Fresno State and the University of Nevada must pay $5 million each for failing to abide to a corporate resolution they both agreed to earlier this month that called for both to remain members of the WAC through June 30, 2016. Fresno State and Nevada announced on August 18 that they would join the Mountain West Conference. Both schools were notified on August 27 with a "demand for payment" letter and have 60 days from that date to make payment. The two schools are also required to compete in the WAC during the 2010-11 season and the 2011-12 season as neither school announced their decision to withdraw from the WAC prior to the June 30 deadline as required by WAC Bylaws. Both schools were also notified of this on August 27.

"The WAC fully expects to receive the $5 million from both Fresno State and Nevada and will take legal recourse if necessary to obtain the money," said Benson. "As for the termination date, WAC Bylaws make it very clear that Fresno State and Nevada must remain in the WAC through the 2011-12 season unless the WAC authorizes an 'early out.' Fresno State and Nevada leaving the WAC following the 2010-11 season would cause irreparable financial harm to the remaining WAC members in terms of football scheduling and potential loss of revenue from television and bowl games. The damages that Hawaii, Idaho, Louisiana Tech, New Mexico State, San Jose State and Utah State would incur could exceed as much as $2 million per school."

Here is the link.

Fresno State and Nevada have each sent letter to the WAC indicating their intention to leave the WAC after the 2010-11 school year. Both schools have also indicated that they don't plan to pay $5 million.

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Good luck in court

It sounds to me like that $5 million buyout was under false pretense. I also understand it stated that once one team left the WAC the buyout was void for other teams. That means only one team would need to pay the $5 mil or it would need to be split between Nevada and Fresno. The whole contract was under very shady circ*mstances.

Lol, I had to remove the "u" in circ*mstances becuase that made it a dirty word per the Statesman.

Good Luck with that Benson

This is headed to court and I doubt it sticks. BYU never joined the conference and that was the reason it was signed. Benson is still crying over milk he spilled himself.

This is my understanding of

This is my understanding of everything that was reported too. Sound slike the only thing he can enforce is when they can leave, or a penalty for leaving early. This could get ugly.

This may hasten ...

... the demise of the WAC. One could assume that both Nevada and Fresno State were well-prepared for this "demand" prior to making their intentions known. Bring on the litigators.

ps - you can always go with "circúmstances"


Five million dollars translates: Please, oh Please, don’t leave me!

oh yeah...

KB is dreamin again. Like he thinks anybody is listening to him? Or cares at this point?

He had one purpose in his charade from the beginning. Destroy the MWC and hurt BSU in the process. Now it's backfiring.

I want five million

too. I'll bet we have the same odds getting it.

The 2011 year will be ugly if it even exists in the WAC....

unless BYU joins the WAC is dead.

Benson gambled and lost,

and now with an attitude that is a combination of sore loser and "by God I'll show you who's the boss", he's trying to save what little face he has left. I hope his shady deals and secret conversations lead to his demise....Sunny...

My prediction

The lawyers are the only ones who will come out ahead in this case.

That's the way it's almost always is.

Karl, stop your making a bad situation worse.

Its all about money

Football is all about money. It is big business. Let this funny game just die. Big boys bumping into each other on plastic grass. How fun it is!

What isnt about money?

Does it cost money to rent the art and/or controversial films you like? You are a fake elitist. No ones buying it. Just go away.

I'm glad you are paying

I'm glad you are paying attention to something besides football.


It is about the money. everything is. THAT IS WHY PEOPLE GO TO COLLEGE IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!! but to you, I suppose money is bad, and dirty, nothing an elitist like yourself would bother with.....

you are absolutely right!

I am glad that someone has the guts to come here among the wolves and out the conspiracy! As a BSU alum I am ashamed at the current state of affairs. I mean FOOTBALL?! Really? Just big guys running into each other. Run ten yards, fall down, get up and do it again.
Kustra is evil...
Blaymeir is horrible...
Peterson is nothing more than a stock broker in young human futures...

rlmanwar you should be honored for your drive and compassion for your fellow Boiseans. Your heartless desire to help us out of the dark and into the light. Because of you and your brave attempts to help me see the light my children will not be allowed to go to any university in the US. I will do what it takes to send them to Europe were they can study in the truly sacred halls of academia.

In honor of this epiphany I will go home and delete all of the BSU games I have on my satelite receiver! In fact I will get rid of this sin entirely by cancelling my subscription to direct TV. I will only read books from now on. And not any of these American books. I am only reading European books from now on.

In Humility I ask please continue your quest to help more of our neighbors out of darkness!

As for me... consider me one of your faithful warriors here to END BSU FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!


Go Broncos!

Good grief! TVCC killed football in 1975. We lose a lot.


"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne

Get up and do it again

I like your reply. At least I got a rise out of someone. I think you miss my point, but by all means delete all those games from your memory.


2: trenchant wit, irony, or sarcasm used to expose and discredit vice or folly

Montgomery Wards has a dictionary?


"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne


Another one bites the dust. Hmmmm.....let's see now. That makes.......one!!! How about that? This guy is some kind of an idiot. And we certainly don't need him in the Bronco Nation. I just feel sorry for his kids. One more thing to add. If you think America is so bad why don't you leave. Try China or Russia or some other place with all those personal freedoms such as a free high school education.


Hey don't get rid of your DirecTv, keep it so you can get some Vandal games!! Oh that's right they don't have any games televised unless they're playing the Broncos!!!


Benson is just posturing to try and bring out some kind of settlement.

He will need it

I cant figure out tho, if he knows he has BYU or if hes demanding the money because he will need every dime of that 10 million to help the remaining WAC members stay afloat. If he demands the money how can he also demand that they stay until 2012? Thats like paying rent on a home when you own a home across the street from it.

Settlement? Sure thing!

How about, "You'll get nothing ... AND LIKE IT!"

Certainly the lawyers will

Certainly the lawyers will come out ahead. But, just for the sake of argument....Whatever agreements, back door or not, were made with BYU...Fresno and Nevada were part of those agreements and were certainly involved in sculpting them. They agreed, one in writing and one verbally to the buyout clause. Why wouldn't they expect to be have to live up to the buyout clause.


I guess they will argue BYU never made it into the conference thereby nulling the contract. Thats just reaching however. I didnt get a law degree from the University of Idaho.

Hey, just wondering

Do you have a job or is this your job?

SHHH...Dave he'll lose his food stamps.


"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne

You make too much sense Bystander...

Bystander....you gotta get out while you can. All the regular fellas here seem to be developing a blue and orange puddin'-like filling in their heads...they just can't understand that someone might have to own up to their word or agreement.

So yeah its pretty simple to me. No one made these guys sign the agreement (or verbally agree to it). These school prezs all agreed to eachother that whomever broke their word and left owed money. Two schools left...so now someone owes money. You can argue semantics, BS loopholes, etc...but at the end of the day there was an agreement, there was an understood consquence of breaking the agreement, all schools were onboard, and someone broke it.

So are these guys gonna act like honorable presidents of universities, or white trash fellas in Judge Judy's courtroom?

I vote for Judge Judy


You would man...you

You would man...you would...

You making it out this way for the game?


I dont get there till Saturday tho. Ive heard its been pretty hot there. Hows the humidity? We have to be breaking record weather for cold here in Boise. Yesterdays high was 66 I think.

You know how bad a homer I am and getting worse every day, but this is a stiff test. This isnt a bottom dweller ACC team. And I think Bronco fan, in general, doesnt quite get this. Whats more popular where you are? The 'skins or the Hokies?

Judy will slay.


"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne

The Contract

Are we still allowed to have indentured servants in America?

There are so many loopholes in this contract, it isn't even funny. I would think the fact that this $5 million payout didn't apply to Louisiana Tech would make it null and void for the others. How can you pick and choose which schools follow which rules?

If you don't like

If you don't like somethin'...you don't sign it. Kapish?

The Contract

Just like Nevada's president didn't sign it?

You'd make a fine lawyer...

And I guess Fresno's prez was just test driving his new cherry wood pen? Suppose the Nevada president could always take the 'my words were taken out of context' route, seems to work for a lot of politicians these days.

You guys are something though. Where's common sense and honesty these days? If you don't like it, don't agree to it. And if you choose to agree to it, man up if you break it.

I'm amazed that you fellas can harp on BYU all day long for 'going behind the MWC's back' (even though its no secret that BYU isn't exactly happy in the MWC), yet give these schools a free pass.

Not disagreeing with you Galena

However, if honesty and integrity meant anything in the world we would have no need for lawyers and contracts. Obviously, that isn't the case. I'm guessing honesty is more of a noble standard than a reality. If you sign a contract, you should be held to the terms, but if the contract is poorly worded and not well thought out, it shouldn't have been presented in the first place. Unfortunately this is business today. Did you hear about the banking crisis? Yeah, integrity and honesty are for other people. Humans lie. A lot.


Is it possible these people are destroying football???? I know the NFL is just pure greed now-a-days....Is college turning into pure greed too?

This isn't new

Major college football has always been about money. The NCAA has tried to tame it, but it has always been this way. The only reason former D1AA teams like Boise State, Nevada-Reno, and Idaho wanted to be in Division 1A was the hope for more money. Even worse, it is 75% ego and 25% money. Very few football programs actually make a profit, no matter what the athletic departments tell you. The only difference from the pros is that the players (except for USC and the SEC) don't make the money. It all goes to coaches and unnecessary facility upgrades. The outlandish TV money has made it worse, but it is nothing new.

What a mess;

Im sure Nevada, Boise and Fresno are going to get all the calls going their way this football season.
Bensons an idiot.
Nevada and Fresno, like Boise, have for years wanted to move to the MWC.
Benson was just too stupid to know that this whole BYU fiasco would start a Power Struggle between the WAC and MWC.
With boise allready gone did he not think tha WAC was slowly dying.
Of course Nevada and Fresno made the move.
With the WAC taking on water the BYU deal was only a life boat whereas the MWC was the deal they wanted in the 1st place.
The 5mil deal is going to get ugly.

Karl is Posturing

I say let it go to the courts and we'll see what the judge rules. It could take years before a ruling takes place and even then, I'm sure there will be a boat load of appeals by either party that could take another couple of years.

Bye-bye WAC...

Re: What a mess

It's going to get ugly and could be drawn out. There is evidence that Fresno State has wanted admittance into the MWC, just like Louisiana Tech wants into Conference USA. Whether they all signed or not, you can't decide to enforce the contract to some and not others based on La-Tech's past desire to get into Conference USA.

My guess at this point is that it will go to court, with the WAC spending conference money in an effort to collect the $5M each and enforce the departure date. Fresno State and Nevada will fight as well, and eventually we'll come to a compromise -- the Bulldogs and Wolfpack will be able to leave the conference when they want to but will also pay a settlement to the WAC (I'd be surprised if it was the full amount).

MSP I agree:

Benson has come out strong in demanding his 5mil from both schools. Nevada has today said they are not going to pay.I think they are both posturing.
At some p[oint they will cool down and start to talk.
Alot depends if BYU stays commited to the WAC and the deal would then be enforceable.
I agree that that neither school will pay the full amount.
I read Nevada people did not like the buyout being 2mil for BYU and 5mil for Reno and Fresno. My guess is that is why they did't sign the deal or smarter people then thier president wanted a longer look at the deal.
My guess is that Nevada could show Benson the Finger and say sue us.
I write construction contracts all the time and people say i'll sign it and send it over. Per our lawyers that is a worthless statemant without the signed contract.

UTEP & SMU ????

I'am happy to see both teams follow BSU but Nv and Fresno St agreed to 5 million deal both oral and written----so pay up
Both teams agreed to WAC bylaws on leaving so----stay till 2012
I could see UTEP and SMU coming back to WAC just to play basketball with BYU and use BYU tv for more money for other sports. Does anyone really think they will play for football championship or bcs bowl any quicker in Conf USA? Either conference takes winning against couple good teams and staying unbeaten.

What we know, don't know, and want to know...........

If, If, If, the media reporting is accurate, the agreement was null and void to remaining members ONCE ONE left. Therefore, 1 school owes and that's it. So...why is Benson after both?

We know everyone is lieing, Benson, Thompson, Kustra, Albrect, minimally.

What we don't know is if the whole agreement was predicated, in writing, or contingent upon BYU joining. My guess is it went like this...Benson told everyone that BYU was a done deal, and this agreement needed signed before they would join. If that's true, all WAC members that signed/agreed are STUPID. The correct answer should have been..Well Karl, ink them and we'll sign. My institution is not hooking up a liability for 5 mill to a conference in trouble without them being ACTUALLY hooked up.

What we want to know is who else is lieing and how many more lies are yet to come. We also want to know if Bneson coerced the agreements under false pretenses, ie BYU is DONE, they're IN. We want to know what language addressing that is IN the written contract.

Reno and Fresno still hold some cards. They DO NOT HAVE to AGREE to play BYU in football, and Benson can't force them to schedule them. Don't be surprised if these 2 schools announce this to further power play BYU into staying in the MWC AND helping their case on the 5 mil.....

Benson's mind is rotting...it's the syphilis of greed & avarice


"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne

BYU should pay

It was their idea to begin with and King Karl was dancing with joy. Now that the Y is gone and he's a sad delusional boy.