Boise State president Kustra says Mountain West 'caught off-guard' by BYU; says Fresno State and Nevada provide stability

By Chadd Cripe
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Boise State president Bob Kustra said Thursday that he learned of BYU’s interest in becoming a football independent Tuesday morning during a Mountain West conference call.

“I think the entire Mountain West membership was caught off-guard by the first teleconference,” Kustra said. “… (BYU president Cecil Samuelson) explained his frustrations over the (TV) access issue and asked for some redress of grievances.”

BYU’s desire to leave the Mountain West stems from unhappiness with the league’s TV contract with Comcast and CBS, Kustra said.

BYU, of course, helped create the unique deal when the Mountain West decided to split with ESPN. Mountain West games air on Versus, CBS College Sports and The Mtn. The Mtn. is co-owned by CBS and Comcast.

“It all has to do with the media contract,” Kustra said. “They’d like to have more visibility.”

The Mountain West presidents spoke again Wednesday to discuss what the TV partners said could be done to accommodate BYU, Kustra said.

Samuelson didn’t participate in the decision to invite Fresno State and Nevada, Kustra said.

“Dr. Samuelson still seemed to be concerned about the commitment that he was getting from the media companies and still was feeling that he wanted to explore other options,” Kustra said, “so he left the conference call and at that point there was discussion of what other options were viable — that it appeared BYU was leaving the conference.”

BYU, which had plans to join the WAC in all other sports before Fresno State and Nevada bolted for the Mountain West on Wednesday night, still hasn’t decided its future. However, athletic director Tom Holmoe’s comments Thursday make it sound like the Cougars still would like to go independent in football.

"We have some incredible options available to us because of BYU broadcasting and the friends that we have across the country,” Holmoe said, according to the Deseret News. “We're going to look to make sure that we build on those things and take advantage of those things. We're trying to put ourselves in position to be the best we can, which is exposure across the country, letting our kids shine in the bright lights."

If BYU follows Utah out the Mountain West door, that would be two high-profile departures from the league since Boise State accepted an invite in June.

That’s why Kustra was pleased to invite Fresno State and Nevada — two of the Broncos’ rivals in the WAC. He said those schools were identified by the conference and he wasn’t involved in their selection or recruitment.

Kustra, as usual when discussing conference, emphasized the benefits of the Mountain West’s tight geographic footprint.

“I’d like BYU to stay, but am I comfortable if they leave? Will it still be a good conference for Boise State? Yes,” said Kustra, who was allowed to vote on the invitations even though Boise State doesn’t join the league until July 2011. “… The addition of Nevada and Fresno State really makes it a very comfortable conference for us.

“I think the presidents of the Mountain West wanted to make sure they had stability, make sure they had strength.”

Mountain West commissioner Craig Thompson said Wednesday the league would help Fresno State and Nevada financially during their transition to the Mountain West. The schools owe the WAC $5 million each, WAC commissioner Karl Benson said, and usually would pay an entrance fee of $1 million or more to join the Mountain West.

Boise State expects to receive the same assistance — likely a cut in the entry fee — as the other two.

“I have been assured we will be treated equally,” Kustra said.

Here are the highlights from Benson’s media teleconference Thursday.

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Here you go, this sums it

Here you go, this sums it all up....

Sit down

After Kustra's, "inebriated" statement, me thinkth he ought to sit down and rest for bit with his mouth shut- happy that BSU is moving.

Sure you're happy...

...ask yourself that again when Idaho and what remains of the WAC are playing new conference foes Succotash State, ITT Tech, and the Northwestern Technical School for the Deaf and Blind in football. Bad things happen when daddy goes bye-bye.


already plays one truck driving school (BSU) a year, what's a couple more...

wow, U of I is worse than I thought

...U of I got beat 63 - 25 by a bunch of 3rd-string Truck Drivers last year? I guess you had just better practice a little harder in your Kiddie Dome.


first time I've heard a BSU fan refer to his team as a bunch of 3rd string truck drivers, kudos to you. Perhaps you and some of the fan base, can move off the UI bashing and put your focus where it should be...9/6/10. For such a big time program, fans sure seem to love the focus on their northern neighbors? We know UI has an inferior football program compared to BSU. We know BSU is lacking in the academic field and has a 85% student commuter rate.

All facts that get rehashed night after night, doesn't it get old? Take a note from your coach and display some self respect. The more you continue to bash UI, the more some of us continue to hate your fan base. Same can be said for the Vandal fans. I can admit I've jumped on the anti-BSU train before, but really, the 9 articles going on the statesman right now, all with the same, boring, moronic rhetoric is pathetic.


are you!

Which part

about inebriated was a lie??? Which part about nasty was a lie?? Do you feel a man who has done so much for the University should be told to shut up when he only says what he feels is the truth?? Have you been to a game in the Kibbie Dome? Do you like the way Bronco fans are treated there? Do you feel that is right? I'm not talking about booing the team when they come out, or cheering for your team. I'm talking about how Bronco fans are treated from the moment they enter the area to the moment they leave.

I guess you've never been to an SEC rivalry game.

All you have to do is multiply your Moscow experience 100 times over. Some of those games make the Vandal Bronco game look like a swim meet, and hate week goes on all season long. If Kustras comments didn't embarass you then you are clueless and must be drinking the same koolaid as some of the others. For a man of his position to lower himself to the level of a bunch of college kids is despicable. He has hurt our reputation on a national basis and the damage done is not finished yet.

You truly are a joke.

You truly are a joke.

Hey Pot, this is Kettle

I guess the BJC fans are the kindest, most congenial hosts ever when Idaho shows up on the smurf turf, right?

oh wait, maybe not. Forgot about the a-holes that harassed my brother and his wife at the last UI-BSU game down there.

What I also can't stand is the allegation that BSU did their part in wooing Reno and Fresno State over to the MWC. Just another reason to hate Boise State. The donks are going to do all they can to torpedo any sort of success the UI as a whole, and the Vandals in particular, might enjoy. They continue to have an inferiority complex regarding Idaho (as they should), so they are doing all they can to reduce Idaho’s size and relevance, and they figure they might as well start with athletics, football in particular.

Inferiority complex, that is

Inferiority complex, that is really, really funny. Thanks for the great laugh, that is one of the best so far.

Don't like it?

Look on the front page of the Statesmans sport section (Friday). 'The haves, and the have nots (vandals)'. Clear enough for you? You can now cry on ol' 41s shoulder.

Whoa dude

areaman, jealous much? Go cry on broncokids shoulder. You guys are done. The vandals relevance in the world is close to zero, and this will about be the nail in the coffin.

The Progessive School wins!!!

Ya, you got it all right! a bjc, and now all grown-up and kickin vandal B U T T! We were your 'cash cow' and now we've moved to greener pastures. You just kept tryin to milk the cow and kept gettin kicked in the head....You are what you are. Kustra doesn't need to "torpedo" your sucess. You do that pretty well by yourselves!!! btw, can I put ya down for a donation to improve the Kibble dome???

I've sat next to...

BSU fans in the Kibbie Dome several times and I've NEVER witnessed the alledged behaviors being used in these posts to rationalize the current direction of the Bronco football program. Bronco Bob has tarnished BSU's image across the country and I'm satisfied with this consequence because until there's an apology the damage to BSU's image will be permanent.

oh the damage, will they

oh the damage, will they ever get over it. You guys are so funny, it just keeps getting better.
Would you please tell me the damage they need to get over, so far I have not seen anything other then a bunch of vandals get their feelings hurt. Where else have they been hurt?

So Kustra is Rocky Barber's dad?

Did BYU have to brand their long time feelings on the commissioner's tush to get anybody to notice?

This is all so much bad acting.

Worse than Star Trek.

The Borg wear what are basically BLUETOOTH HEADSETS. They haven't implanted the devices or otherwise dramatically IMPROVED the setup in SIX HUNDRED YEARS!

There's your sign.


"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne

Give it a rest

This has nothing to do with the Idaho/Bsu rivalry. Stay on topic for once, People!!


People, Idaho does not figure in this story. This is all about the movin' on MWC, not the woeful WAC.

Fresno St and Nevada are showing genuine wisdom by bolting a sinking ship while there is still somewhere to jump to. With them joining the Broncos in the MWC, the conference is stronger and better because the two newcomers strengthen the middle of the pack in the MWC, which actually helps its bid for BCS AQ status. Now, if the MWC can just convince the Y to stay put . . .


go continue to succeed in football bsu, and idaho will continue to succeed in academics.

just as BSU took you over in

just as BSU took you over in football, with more time they will take you over in all things. So hold on to that thought as long as you can, should make you feel a little better.

So Why Does Magic Valley Hate The Broncos So Much ?

The following was a poll that appeared in this morning's Twin Falls Times News, online edition.

How will the Boise State-Virginia Tech game turn out?

Boise State wins by 10 or more
Boise State wins by 1-9
Virginia Tech wins by 10 or more
Virginia Tech wins by 1-9
Total Votes: 578

I got the sense a couple weeks ago that Bronco Bob did some real damage to BSU and Bronco athletics, over the long haul; but I never thought I would see residents of Magic Vally turn against BSU so fast.

If Bronco Bob does not issue an apology to Vandals and the State of Idaho pronto, it will just errode further. Bronco Bob needs to 'man-up' and admit that he was wrong - or it is gonna really hurt BSU, over time. This little poll is just an example of how people are starting to turn their backs on BSU.

PS - I voted in the poll for BSU to win by 10 or more points. I tried to vote more than once, to give some more percentage to BSU winning by 10 or more points, but, I could not - can only vote once per computer, I guess.

PPS - I have pretty much sensed that Bronco Nation's Eastern Idaho Boundary stops at Mt. Home. But, now I am not even so sure about that (it might be Blacks Creek or Mayfield now), cuz when I was on the Air Force base last Friday, I did not see nearly the BSU decals and stickers on cars that I have in previous years, nor many people wearing blue and orange stuff at the Snack Bar, Community Center, BX, or Commissary. Maybe the Air Force folks figured out they got 'used' by BSU during Operation Bronco Storm, and are not as enamored with BSU as they once were? I am guessing it is the sense of fair play in most humans, and how Bronco Bob totaly destroyed BSU's image with his Nasty and Inebriated comments about Idaho Vandals. People like the Little Guy - and BSU is no longer a Little Guy - and - Bronco Bob appears to be a Big Bully. Its a crying shame, too. Mountain Home Air Force Base used to be a good little bastion of Bronco Nation. - Not anymore - thanx to Bronco Bob. A real shame.

Sorry VNDL

not buying the "Bronco Bob" effect. If I recall the TF paper did a poll last year before the Oregon game and the majority picked the Broncs to lose that game as well.

Bronco Bob's comments were ill-advised and a mistake on his part. But his comments will have no lasting effect on the BSU football team or program. It got it's 15 minutes of bad press and everyone outside of Idaho fans and alumni have all but forgotten about it (it will get another 7 1/2 minutes during hate week).

I think you would agree that Idaho has some far more pressing issues than Bronco Bob quotes (like getting the $3K in stolen football gear back).

Tried to Vote More than Once?'re pretty slick..Your purpose in that phrase was to, in advance, cut off ballot stuffing accusations. Tip of the ole camo bball cap sir..

Tfunk..It will get a lil exposure prior to hate week..I'd bet it gets a blurb on the TV during the VT game....

Gotta give the Vandal Gang credit where credit is due..Their communications network is stellar. How else would a Vandal spot that poll, vote, and send a rapid fire email to 432 other Vandals up north with the url and a summons to vote?

Not a chance wiz

Nations capital, Redskins stadium, #5 vs. #6, NC implications, Conference realignment, Heisman candidate, etc etc.

Bronco Bob's comments on Idaho fans won't see the light of day.

Remember this only made a blip at ESPN, it was the "other guys" that wrote a feature on it.

But I could be wrong......I'll put a round of golf on it, you in......

All In....

The Giant Killer and Little Guy...Who will play us? will lead into it. Any mention qualifes, correct?

FORE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We're good at stuff like that Whiz...

Never underestimate the Nasty Vandal network. When not inebriated or toe tappin in stalls, we're behind the scenes making sure U of I's hidden agenda is Operation BSU hinderance. Its a Vandal thing,and it works in funny ways. Loud n' Proud Y'all. Loud n' Proud.

Oh bout Bronco Bob. I think he missed the mark by trying to create a 'wedge'. When that happens, ordinary folks who wouldn't normally take sides like to side with the little guy. I like to believe one can be a Bronco and a Vandal, and that no one makes the rules, especially not Bronco Bob.

I mean just imagine something like an inebriated Joe V. riding off to battle on Buster B. You could sure slaughter a lot of Hokies for the upcoming Thankgiving. Thats all I'm saying...Bronco Bob missed the mark on that one.

Silent Sleuth...

The press doesn't bother me. Me thinks in large part, outside of this locality, it's forgotten. The part that bothers me is the silent sleuth effect. You go to a car dealer and have a bad experience. You never go back and tell them about it, you just tell everyone you know about it. sound like VNDL in that post. Man, 1 smelly sock is bad enuff, we don't need 2! (juss kiddin).....


Every since Boise State University has been winning games on the football field and gaining in academics on the Land Grant Institution up north Imaho fans have been screaming and crying like little children.

Yes, Idaho has a great academic record, and while they were 1-AA they were a darn good program that never won a National Championship. Yeah, that's right. The only football playing 4 year University in the state of Idaho that has never won a National Championship!!

Now that the school in the south, Boise State University has a better engineering program and a better football program the Imaho fans can't let the fact that Boise State is headed in a better and bigger direction. Imaho no longer has the State Board of Education to cry to when it comes to Boise State's growth and they can't handle it!

Myself, I think it would be better for the U of I fans and administration to start concentrating on themselves and stop whining every time Boise State moves one step closer to areas that Imaho may never step. I understand the Big Sky has asked the WAC to merge with them and form a mega FBS conference? That would be the best thing for the Vandies.

Now back to the real subject. With this move I don't think BYU will be leaving for the WAC. I like the ESPN TV exposure that Boise State has received from that TV deal. It has led to some great recruits like Kyle WIlson. If the MWC were going to make a substantial change it should be with the TV contract. BYU can play on days other than Saturday!

Mega Conference?

D1 or D2??

Nevada and Fresno to MWC

Kustra is right. Nevada and Fresno State do add stability to the MWC. In addition, Nevada brings academic stature to a conference that is losing two academically ranked institutions.

Big Sky

is big time for U of I. Really just think - you could get back to that ever-so-thrilling rivelry w/ Idaho state.

It's good for the state of Idaho.

Welcome back - Go Bengals!

The Vandals and The WAC...

ain't going anywhere.. I've thought about this a lot and I admit I had some quick reactions re future WAC. The WAC has been dealt a blow but they have many, many schools to solicit. UC Davis, Cal Poly, Sac State, Portland State, Montana, Utep, NDState, we could name more. I dont think Hawaii goes anywhere. LaTech may leave but thats a tough road to what they want to do and they've wished that for a while now. If you think anout it, there's a couple pretty decent TV markets out there...Portland and Sacramento. The WAC has a couple of years to hook some schools up and I think they will. Life goes on. They've been down this road before.
The Vandals? We all pick on Vandal FANS but the facts are Spear is committed and Akey is committed to D1 success. They stopped the bleeding. They had a winning season, They won a bowl. They return some people. They are not ruled out of a second winning season yet. The have an upcoming crop that looks good (on paper) so there's optimism in their camp.

I don't think the WAC folds nor do I think U/I heads to D2...

Voice of reason in a sea of ____...

For real. Good analysis of the situation for the WAC and the Vandals.

wisdom is wise

while the sacramento & portland television markets are relevant, the teams in those metropolitan areas are not. portland state, davis, sac state & cal poly would take a pounding in the wac. hawaii and la tech are in tough situations geographically. montana makes perfect sense for the wac but will they pull the trigger and move up? i thought nevada & fresno were solid additions to the mwc and thought they should have been in the original deal. i am enthusiastic about the mwc but i will be very curious about the future of the wac. one must admit however that it will be humorous if the vandals still cannot win the wac. draft is saturday, are you ready?

Do you think BYU....

would have done their back door if UNR & F/St were in the orig deal? The V's have been given new life and their fans don't realize that. I haven't seen one of them point it out.
I have 5 drafts starting Sat thru the 8th. 4 pro. I am not ready but will be. Thats why I'm on this d--- terminal so much today...

i'll be ready

i suppose. just hoping to get broncos and have fun. not at all certain that byu would have made that move. it puzzles me. glad that unr & fresno are in though.


ESPN made Boise State a brand name. Period. The Broncos would NOT be where they are now without ESPN. Exposure is everything. BYU's frustration proves it. Kustra doesn't seem to be concerned with this variable or if he is, he isn't saying.

Hey rocky, a couple of questions

* Do you really think beating LaTech on a Tues night by 4 touchdowns is really exposure BSU needs?

* What network did BSU win it's 2 BCS bowls on?

* I stopped counting at 17.... the number of teams who have been on ESPN as much or more than BSU and are nowhere to be found in any top 25 poll, how can that be?

BSU is where they are today for a lot of reasons, ESPN is just one of them.

Never said

Never said ESPN was the only reason. I said they made BSU a brand name. That is a fact. A brand, along with great coaching and a relatively easy schedule gets you into conversations about going to a BCS game. It's a recipe with 3 main ingredients. Get it???

Who cares what channel those BCS games are on. How many BYU games did you run across while channel surfing last year? Weren't they #1 in the nation a few years ago? We need to continue getting exposure no matter who we play.

Just sayin'

Again, ESPN did not make

BSU a brand name. But you believe want you'd like.

Also, on the channel surfing BYU thing. Comcast and DirectTV were in a contract dispute over Versus all last year, that is why you didn't see BYU games. New contracts were signed just prior to the NHL playoffs this year. Expect to see many MWC games this year while channel surfing.



The rat crawls out of his

The rat crawls out of his hole to give us nothing. Thanks Rat

harley the coward returns

speaking of giving nothing. that is your life's work.


WAC = Was A Conference

Nevada to MWC

Adding a Tier 1 national university will bolster the stature of the MWC academically. Not only does Nevada provide stability, they bring the nations top rushing offense and tier 1 academic standing to the MWC that is losing two top tier universities.



"Say a prayer for the pretender..."-Jackson Browne